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April 19, 2018: Last minute chapter alert
Posted by Brynmor

Chapter Alert


William King - Neon - Chapter 5


Read on my friends.


April 18, 2018: New Chapters Found
Posted by Brynmor

Before I announce the current chapter additions, I need to say something. 

I am dealing with some personal issues behind the scenes. Unfortunately those things have cause me some issues some small, some large. I will not be running away from the site. However, I might be a little slow to respond. 

Ah, now to the better things. 



Nick Brady - Goats & Bugs - Chapter 19 + 20

Stannie - The Others - Chapter 11 + 12

Nick Brady - Carhops - Chapters 1 + 2

Six chapters before we hit the weekend.  Wonder where the weekend will take us?

Other news: King Verse has been removed from The Annex. There is no need to hide from the elephant in the room. Please understand it has been a hard and trying time for all involved. 


April 17, 2018: Under Temporary Management
Posted by The Story Lover


I will be temporarily managing The Annex while Brynmor is away, don't worry things will keep on running. Hopefully, things will work out and he will be back real soon.

Take care,


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