Uncle Silver Wolf's Forest Lore

This collection is, a long series that has been regrouped under a common banner, Uncle Silver Wolf's Forest Lore. For those who do not know Silver Wolf, he is a werewolf, and he is now babysitting the children of the Clan Short Compound, where he is busy telling them stories about the forest, nature, and supernatural things, mimicking every character as he spins his tale, to the enjoyment of the kids. I undertook the difficult (no, impossible) task of transcribing the stories as he tells them to the angels of the Compound. He seems to be able to change the endings endlessly, add and change the storyline on the fly and make each story unique as it gets told over and over. The problem with the written word is that it immobilizes a story, taking a snapshot of what any good storyteller is saying in time. It's Charlie Chaplin in still photos. All I hope is that the Compound Angels will be able to sleep after he's done! Please do tell me if the stories are of interest, and, remember, they are for kids.