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January 2, 2021: 1 Million Total Views for the Annex
Posted by Brynmor of the North Pole

Today the Annex has reached:

One Million Total Views for the stories contained on the site.



To all the Authors for your great content, 

And to our Readers for reading with us at The Annex!

Thank You


January 1, 2021: Chapter Detected !
Posted by Brynmor of the North Pole

Happy New Year




"Chapter Eight: Beware the Dragon" from Life Renewed


As We begin the new year the best thing someone posted on a billboard today says it all. 


First new rule of 2021,

We don't speak of 2020!


However, as this year draws to a close. We must remember even at six feet apart to stick together to make it through.

Let our hearts guide us through everything going on in our world.

Remember to care for others. But don't forget you must take care of yourself as well.

Remember a Mask isn't just for Halloween, but to help keep everyone safe.


December 25, 2020: Updates!
Posted by Brynmor of the North Pole

Happy Holidays!


Jeff P.

"Joey's First Christmas Tree, A Clan Short Christmas & A Trip to Denny's 


Joey's First Christmas Tree, A Clan Short Christmas & A Trip to Denny's


The Story Lover & Jeff P.

"The Night Before Christmas TSL, JP" from The Night Before Christmas 2020 TSL, JP


The Story Lover

"Is Santa Claus Real? TSL" from Is Santa Claus Real? TSL


Myke D.

"A Touched Christmas" from A Touched Christmas ~ MD

"Chapter 5" from The Lost Souls


Zarek Dragon

"Christmas with Charlie ~ 2020" from Christmas with Charlie 2017-2020


Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the latest additions at Brynmor's Annex and check in with our Fort Family Sites for even more stories and updates!

Happy Reading!




December 21, 2020: Christmas 2020 Short Story Event Deadline Update
Posted by The Story Lover :-) of the North Pole

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Attention Everyone,

Due to my throwing my back out loading Santa's Sleigh, I have moved the Deadline to Wednesday, December 23rd at Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). That way my Elven Editing Team and I, will have time to finish their edits and for me to make sure that all the stories get posted on time. Christmas Morning that is.

Have fun writing,

Fred The Elf JPG

December 20, 2020: New Chapter
Posted by Brynmor of the North Pole


"Chapter 31 The Trap" from Dante, My Inferno





December 13, 2020: Mid December Update!
Posted by Brynmor of the North Pole

"Chapter Seven - Brother in Arms" from Life Renewed - Revised by ACFan


"The World Of Gray" from The World Of Gray: Prose by The Story Lover


"Chapter 4" from The Lost Souls by Myke D


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