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April 24, 2019: Still more Pre Wednesday Updates! Sheesh
Posted by Brynmor

Voyagers Authors Update



  1. "Aliens Encountered" from Voyagers by Voyagers Authors 
  2. "Duty Roster~ SS Sooloo" from Voyagers by Voyagers Authors

Stand by for more updates!


April 23, 2019: Tuesday Pre-Humpday(Wednesday) Update
Posted by Brynmor

Pre Wednesday Update

"Chapter 15 Meeting the Parents II" from Dante, My Inferno by BillyYes

"Words To Live By" from Societal Commentaries by The Story Lover

Remember to send a email to our authors,

Letting them know how much you like

Their Story's. Encorage them to 

write more or let them know

How much you appreciate


Have a Great Day!



April 20, 2019: Saturday Update
Posted by Brynmor

   It's that time again, time for another weekend update. Who should start the weekend update off? Thats easy, The Story Lover has kicked off the update for this weekend. 

"Who Will Answer?" from Societal Commentaries by The Story Lover

"Chapter 9" from Fantasy Faire by Boudreaux

"Chapter Thirty-Four: Returned" from Voyagers by Voyagers Authors

"The Families Aboard" from Voyagers by Voyagers Authors.


April 17, 2019: Wednesday Morning Post
Posted by Brynmor


April 17th


Updates for the week. 

"Chapter One" from The Music in the Painting by Juju

"Duty Roster ~ SS Sooloo" from Voyagers by Voyagers Authors

"Chapter 14 Oh So Serious" from Dante, My Inferno by BillyYes



April 9, 2019: Monday Night Update
Posted by Brynmor

Monday Night

Nothing like Monday Night Updates

"Chapter Thirty-Three: Communications" from Voyagers by Voyagers Authors

"Chapter Fifteen" from Project New Horizon by DarkHuntsman

"Glossary" from Voyagers by Voyager Authors


Time to take a break from real life.

Sit back and relax



Read these delightful updates. 




April 7, 2019: Weekend Update!
Posted by Brynmor

Time for another weekend update!

This weekend brings us more to read from BillyYes and Juju.

BillyYes - Dante, My Inferno - "Chapter 13 Did I Say Yes"

BillyYes - Dante, My Inferno - "Chapter 14 Oh So Serious"

Juju - The Music in the Painting - "Chapter Twenty"

Juju - The Music in the Painting - "Chapter Twenty-one"


Have fun.



April 2, 2019: Spring Short Story Event ~ A Story Mashup:
Posted by The Story Lover :-)

Posted by Fred DeElve

What is it? Well, you take two different stories by two different authors (The Fine Print - They can be the same author if you want.), put them together and run with it. As always, you must have permission from the authors involved to use their story and characters. For Example - Sentenced to Haven, Dragons Across Space, The Operant Unconscious Memories, Another Priorities, or you can create your own title. However, you do need to give attribution to the authors whose stories you are combining. Have fun go wild and crazy. Did I say have fun yet? Yeah, do that!

I will post stories Monday, May 27, 2019, on Memorial Day.

  1. All entries should be in by Friday, May 24, 2019, at 9:00 PM PDT (give or take a day or three.)
  2. Entries should be between 500 to 15,000 words give or take.
  3. Send all submissions to Spring Short Story Event.

Happy Writing,

Fred De Elf JPG

April 1, 2019: 400K Views
Posted by Brynmor


I want to give all my Readers and Authors a big Thank You. 

All this in less than 19 months since the update of the site in 2017. 

Thank You


March 31, 2019: Fort Family Announcement
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi Family!

As one of our favorite holidays is right on top of us, I'm afraid our plans for it have been unavoidably put off. We got an announcement from our hosting service that there will be some much-needed maintenance being performed on the machines that we rely on for hosting. Which means we can expect intermittent outages throughout the day. Now at first, we thought "Hmmm... Maybe THIS was intended as an April Fool's joke..." before we considered how serious our hosting service takes their job. So, even though all year long we have been planning something a bit out there to make up for missing past April Fool's opportunities, we regretfully need to let it go this year. For those of us who think THIS is an April Fool's joke, we have trained you well but, this year that training will not serve you as well as it should. <giggle>

I also want to remind you all that tomorrow, our hosted author "Garrett D.M." ships out to boot camp with the United States Army. I hope you all were able to send him off with good wishes and I personally can't wait to hear some of the stories he comes home with. Those of you who would like to send him a quick message to wish him luck, you can reach him at his listed email: I'm sure he would appreciate knowing that we are all with him in spirit.

Til the next update,
- Jeff P. -


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