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December 4, 2019: 2019 Christmas Short Story Event ~ A Treasury of Christmas Stories ~ Official Announcement
Posted by The Story Lover :-)

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers and Authors,

The Themes for this year's Christmas Short Story Event are as follows:  All I Want For Christmas Is, What Christmas Means To Me, and My Favourite Denny's® Christmas.

The Guidelines are very simple as usual:

  1. Stories should be between 500 and 15,000 words give or take a million words.
  2. All Submissions should have the author's initials appended to the end of the Filename.
  3. All submissions are due by Sunday, December 22nd at Midnight PST.
  4. This event is open to any reader or author that wants to enter, Non-Fort Family Authors are more than welcome.
  5. Have Fun Writing!
  6. All submissions should be sent to 2019 Christmas Short Story Event.
  7. If you need suggestions just email ACFan

As always this event is open to all readers and authors. 

Happy Writing,

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November 28, 2019: A Brother For Thanksgiving Short Stories & More Now Live!
Posted by The Story Lover :-)

Originally Posted by Fred DeElve

Dear Readers and Authors,

Thanks to all of you that submitted your Short Stories including a  first time F.R.E.D. submitter Talo Segura.

We have submissions from Crazy Cajun, Talo Segura, ACFan, Art  West, Ilúvantír, Paul Shroder, JeffsFort, Zarek Dragon, True Fan, Jonah Timoty Campbell-Forte & Timmy Short, and  Neal Richards & 'Goos'. Those were the authors that stayed within the guidelines, well sorta.

With a little bit of electronic trickery, we also have 'Welsh' versions of ACFan and Ilúvantír's stories. We can't guarantee the accuracy of those versions.

It seems that Mr. TSL decided that it wasn't Thanksgiving without a, Denny's® Story so he submitted one. However, it isn't included in this year's Fall 2019 Short Story Universe as it doesn't fit the guidelines by a country mile.

Before I forget this is ACFan's first solo Event Submission and it is one that you won't easily forget.

Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving,

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Folks what Fred forgot to mention was that this was the second-largest event in Fort Family History! Thanks to everyone that submitted a Short Story.

All of the submissions and a lot more are available at F.R.E.D. so don't forget to visit him. ;)

Happy reading,


November 28, 2019: Back to local notifications
Posted by Brynmor




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