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May 25, 2020: Scheduled Server Maintenance Notice!
Posted by JeffsFort

Between 2am EST and 6am EST on May 26, the wizards who provide our hosting will be casting a new integrity spell on the rack-mounted totem that contains all of our characters. This is done to ensure not too many of them escape or cause too much havoc on our realm. It may be difficult to reach the sites with your computer as they perform this ritual but if you are able to peer into ethereal realms, you shouldn’t have a problem. If not, I'd suggest you use your own wizardry and save a few chapters locally to get you through.

This ritual should take about 30 minutes for most of our sites. Maybe about a DAY for The Story Lover's Home as Dragons are much more difficult to contain and really do like messing with the wizards. <snicker> 

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, both in lost reading time and should you become overrun with the group who plans out this time of year to escape normally. Our hopes and gratitude go out to the wizards tasked with this responsibility!

May 24, 2020: Checking in.
Posted by Brynmor

Just checking in. 

   This has been a crazy time between working from home, to having a small stroke over the past week. I am fine but it is taking some time to actually get past not being able to clearly say what my mind is thinking or understanding what people are trying to convey. Like everything in life nothing is guarenteed so remember to step out of the comfort zone and meet new people when its safe to, learn to laugh at mistakes and errors, and learn we are together in life.


May 24, 2020: May Updates
Posted by Brynmor

May brings wonderful things. 

Warmer weather

and new


"Chapter Ten: Shakedown D2" from Voyagers Book II by Voyager Authors

"Chapter 2" from The Creator's Intent by Boudreaux

"Chapter 23" from Project New Dawn and Project New Horizon by DarkHuntsman

"Chapter 40 - ... and a step to the right" from Memories Part 3: And A Child Shall Lead Them by ACFan



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