My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 21 - The Holidays - Another Rock and Roll Christmas

Aidyn's POV

The week before Christmas break was kind of rough. I must have answered “Are you actually gay?” like a million times! By the end of the week, I was sick of hearing those words.

Every time I walked into a room the whispers would stop, and everyone would stare. After a bit, they would start talking again but I could tell most of it was about me. The ones that were talking would keep looking back at me as the class went on.

Luckily I had a doctor's appointment on the last day, so I got excused from the day of school. It got the chills of everyone talking about me out of my spine. It helped that some kid named Leo showed up the day I outed myself. He took some heat off me too.

Right now though, it's Christmas Eve dinner. My family doesn't like to have dinner the day of for some reason; we've just always done it the day before. This year though was a little extra special. Noah and Greyson's family were at our place for dinner too.

So that meant that we had 11 people sitting at the table tonight. Mom, Dad, Sky and I from the Scotts. Greyson and his mom and dad from the Payne's. Noah, Aaron, and her parents as well. It was a big turkey, to say the least.

Currently, we kids were downstairs watching a movie while the parents talked about who knows what upstairs. For dramatic irony, we were watching 2012.

“You know you were really worried this would happen,” Aaron spoke from her seat in front of the couch.

Noah rolled his eyes. “Could have totally happened. Maybe we're just in a simulation.”

` “Well Aidyn did shout he was gay in the middle of the hallway.” Sky smiled towards me. I did want to lightly smack him, but Noah would have had to move from snuggling me. I didn't want to make him move.

Greyson smacked him for me though. “Be nice to your brother!”

“But it's so much fun bugging him.” Greyson hit him again. Man he's got good aim for a blind kid.

Aaron smacked everyone on the couch. “Shh! I want to watch this not so accurate movie!”

We continued to watch the movie until it finished. It was perfect timing too since dinner was ready as the movie ended. We all got washed up and joined the grown ups for dinner.

Dinner was eventful. With conversations going here there and everywhere. Pretty sure I had a full conversation with everyone at the table. Mostly Noah though, I mean who else would I talk to.

Greyson's dad was the first one to talk about my sexuality. “So you've told the public that you're gay?”

“Yes sir,” Was all I could say. I was unsure how else I should react.

“Good for you Aidyn.” He smiled, which made me blush. “I'm happy for you. The courage that it must have took... You're truly an amazing young man.”

“Thank you, Mr. Payne.” I wish I could hide under the table.

Aaron spoke up, “You should have seen it. He shouted it in the middle of the hallway.”

“You did?” Mom questioned. “Why haven't I heard of that?”

“Can we change topics, please?” Under that table looks REALLY good right now.

“I CAN!” Greyson yelled from across the table. “This dinner is amazing!” I couldn't help but laugh as Greyson took over the spotlight. He spoke loud enough that no one could really continue the conversation with me. I greatly appreciated that.


After dinner, I pulled him aside. “Thanks Greyson for changing the subject by talking loudly afterward.”

He smiled. “I may be blind but I can still feel things. It's weird I can kind of feel like an aura around people. That aura tells me how you feel. That and who wouldn't be embarrassed when my dad singles them out.”

“Again, thanks.”

“Anytime!” Greyson went on his way downstairs.

Noah was waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. “Ready?”

I raised an eyebrow. “For what?”

“Your gift silly!” Noah grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs. I looked back downstairs, and Dad was looking up from his newspaper as we went upstairs. We got into my room, and Noah closed the door. “You ready?”

“It better not be anything sexual Noah. There are nine other people in this house right now.” I gave him the most serious face I could. There is no other way to show how serious I was about this.

“I promise you it's not. I know how much it would worry you too much and to do it with too many people in the house. Even I would be nervous.” He smiled and picked up a bag from beside my door. “This is yours!”

He handed me the bag. “Oh, what is it?”

Noah rolled his eyes. “Just open it you fool!”

I pulled the cloth stuff out of the way to see what was hidden. It was not only in a bag but wrapped as well. “Damn it Noah.” He laughed as I continued to unwrap.

I opened the small box to reveal a golden chain with my name on it. In each letter, there was a stone matching the birthstones of myself, my Mom, my Dad, Skylar, and Noah. In that order.

“Do you like it?” Noah asked quietly.

“Do I like it? Of course, I like it! This must have cost a fortune!”

“It's a gift from all of us... Aaron, Auntie, and Uncle, helped me.”

“I didn't get you anything this great.”

“That's fine...” Noah walked over and kissed me. “You did something just as good for me. I can finally be myself with you in public. For that, you have done more than enough to deserve this.” He grabbed it and wrapped it around my neck. “Merry Christmas you big lug.”

I rolled my eyes and picked him up. “Merry Christmas little runt.” Noah giggled as I tossed him onto my bed. No, we didn't have crazy hot sex. Snuggles and falling asleep because of the turkey was on the agenda tonight.


Skylar's POV

“This is for you.” I handed Greyson his wrapped present. “It should be easy for you to open.”

And just like that he had it opened and pulled out the shirt. “Aaron made me feel this fabric like a week ago... You got her to do that didn't you!?”

“Maybe... Want me to tell you what it says?”

Greyson smiled, “You got me a shirt that says something... You know the likely hood of me finding this shirt is like bare minimal.”

“Well, Aaron chose the fabric that you liked the best... and I may have felt almost every shirt you owned... You don't have another shirt that feels like it.” I hope that doesn't sound creepy.

His smile grew. “You went to all those lengths to get me this shirt?”

“Ya...” He waited for me to continue talking. “It says 'I can't see how blind jokes are funny.'”

Greyson burst out laughing. “Oh my god, that's amazing! I love it Sky!” I'm really glad he does. I was kind of worried that he would think it's stupid. “Ummm... Do you see my gift bag for you anywhere? I brought it down just don't remember where I put it.” I burst out laughing.

We looked over the entire room, even went into my room. Turns out he put it behind the couch so that I wouldn't be able to see it. Such a butt. “Who picked it out?” I mean he's blind he couldn't have picked it out by himself.

“Dad took me shopping and helped me find it. I knew what I wanted to get you though.” I tore the paper off the present. “Do you like it?”

I opened the white box to find a Legend of Zelda wallet. Zelda was my favorite game series, and the wallet was perfect! It was plain brown with the Zelda symbol on it.

“I love it Greyson.”

“I'm glad you do. It was the only thing I could think of... You always complain about not having a wallet.” It's true I do complain about it a lot.

“Want to watch a movie or something?”

He sat down beside me on the couch. “Sure. Your choice!” When wasn't it my choice?

We ended up just watching some movie or another. I don't remember I fell asleep snuggling into Greyson. When I woke up, there was a blanket on me and the TV was turned off. Greyson had his arms around me holding me tight. I couldn't get up out of his grip. I fell back asleep in his arms... I could do this every night if I could... Not just Christmas.

Chapter end.


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