My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 22 - The First Steps - Private Parts

Aidyn's POV

It's New Years! Aaron, of course, is having a party at her place to celebrate. Noah got wrapped into the whole 'cleaning up afterward' that Aaron always tempts him with. This time Aaron was getting drunk so Noah and I were going to be the acting responsible persons.

We were hanging out in Noah's gaming room. “You and I have to look after the entire house by ourselves.” I looked over at Noah.

He nodded. “Yep, no doing anything fun tonight for us.” Noah pouted. I wonder if he means sex, games or both.

Aaron came into the room. “You guys ready for tonight?” Behind her entered an older kid. “This is Leo, you know the new kid?”

“Hey.” Leo had a mess of blonde hair on his head. He was taller than the average guy in the senior class, and his bronze eyes actually made him kind of cute.

“Hello,” Noah and I said at the same time.

Aaron continues her explanation. “I managed to convince Leo to help you guys out! Isn't that right Leo?”

He laughed. “You practically forced me.’I'll be a good way to meet everyone' and all that mumbo jumbo.”

Aaron rolled her eyes. “Whatever have fun making sure the house isn't a mess.” She bolted off out of the room, prancing as she went.

“I guess this is your space?” Leo looked over at Noah.

He nodded. “Ya, my room is down the hall. How are you liking our or not liking our little town?”

“Well, it's much bigger than home. The less taxes part is a bonus though.” We all had a laugh. “It's just sucks, the whole moving thing.” Leo seemed to zone out on something.

Noah caught on to it too. “What's up?”

Leo shook his head. “It's nothing... Look I'm gay, and when I moved, there was a sour note until the last second with my boyfriend. I worry about him.”

“How about we get ready for the night?” I headed out of the room with Leo behind me. “It's nice that you trust us that much and I feel for you. If you need someone to talk to, just tell me.”

“Thanks, Aidyn.”


The night was going okay, I guess. There was a couple of people who started to get rowdy. Leo or I quickly got them under control or out of the house. Noah kept to himself in his room.

It was about eleven when Noah came rushing around the corner. “Aidyn, come with me, now!”

I started to follow him out of the room. “What's going on?”

“Skylar and Greyson are here and Skylar is wasted out of his mind!”

“Excuse me!?”


Greyson's POV

“What are we going to do?” Skylar was spending the night at my place. We were enjoying some baking and some shows.

I think he was lying on my bed. “Well, I'm stuffed from cookies. What do you want to do?”

I shrugged. “We should go out and do something for a change. I hate being stuck all the time indoors.”

Skylar moved, and my bed squeaked, definitely on my bed. “There is Aaron's party going on tonight... We could go to that.”

“Sky, I'm not sneaking out to go to Aaron's party.”

“We could ask your parents. Aidyn is there as someone who isn't drinking we'd be in good hands.”

“My parents would never say yes to that.”

“Then let's just sneak out. It's not far away; we'll be back before anyone knows we're gone!”

This sounds like a really bad idea... “Skylar I don't think we should, I'm worried.” I almost never use his full name; let's see if he noticed that I used it this time.

“Everything will be fine I promise! Let's go!” Nope. My bed squeaked again and then Sky grabbed my wrist. We quickly but quietly made our way downstairs and to the entrance way. “Here's your jacket and shoes.” He handed me my jacket and placed my shoes on the tips of my toes.

I didn't want to tell him no... I didn't want Sky to be mad at me. So I went along with him. I held his hand the entire way there. I might be blind, but it's true when they say you hear creepier things at night.

Sky stopped walking all of a sudden. “We're here.”

“Okay... now what? I've never been here before; I don't know where anything is. You need to stay with me Sky.”

Arms wrapped around me. “I'll stay with you, I promise.” He let go and grabbed my hand. The more we walked towards the house, the louder the music became. It was blaring as we got inside.

We walked around a bit in silence. I tried talking to him, but the music was too loud for him to hear me. Then suddenly I felt him jolt forward dragging me with him, just for a moment.

I could hear his voice faintly as he went away, “Greyson!” He was pulled away from me into, what I would consider the abyss of this house.

All around me voices, music, people touching me. The smell of alcohol was most prominent. I was able to pick up some cologne mixtures through it all. I fumbled as I came into contact with almost every piece of furniture there was.

I couldn't find anything, anyone. There wasn't anyone I could trust here. There wasn't a way for me to find anyone I knew. Damn it Skylar, I'm scared!

Tears began to fall down my face. A hand caressed my shoulder. I shot back, falling over something in the process. The voices turned into laughter. “He's wasted!” One voice stood out from the rest.

The hand, who I assume is the same one, pulled me up. It started to drag me somewhere. I tried to escape his grip pulling back against his grip. There was no escape from it. They must have gotten tired of my resistance; I was thrown over their shoulder, his shoulder.

I started squirming even more. I threw my legs back and forth and hit his back with my fists. He was definitely a senior, or a really buff junior... Soon I gave up; I was going somewhere out of my control.

The farther we moved the quieter the music became. Soon it was just background noise. “Can you put me down, please? I can walk you know?”

“You're drunk kid.” The person spoke. Senior boy for sure!

“I'm not drunk! I'm blind! I was bumping into everything because I have no idea where I'm going.”

He set me down; I could feel him staring at me. A brief whiff of wind passed by my face. “Blind as a bat, sorry man. What are you doing here then?”

“Me and my friend snuck out... He was guiding me when he got pulled away. I don't know where he went.” I leaned against the wall, sliding to the ground. “I don't know where he went.” I hugged my knees as my eyes began to water.

“Well, what's your friend’s name?”

“Skylar Scott.”

The guy seemed to go quiet. “Skylar Scott, as in Aidyn's little brother?” I nodded. “Oh shit, here take my hand, I'll go find him.”

I took his hand as he led me back towards the party. “What's your name?”

“Leo Penner.” The new kid is helping me out? “Noah, Skylar is at the party somewhere.”

“How do you know...” I guess he didn't see me get pulled into the room. “Greyson what are you doing here?”


Skylar's POV

One of Aidyn's soccer buddies pulled me away from Greyson. I lost my grip and left him behind. I couldn't shake the grip the older boy had on me, I lost Greyson.

“Is it true your brother is gay?” Jackson, the team captain, asked me once we got away from the music.

“Well, what did you hear?” I didn't want to just tell him. This was one of the things Aidyn worried about the most. His soccer buddies hating him because he's gay.

Jackson rolled his eyes. “That he shouted his love to Noah Wesley in the middle of the hallway the Monday before school went out for the holidays.” That is true he did do that.

“He did that, ya. That doesn't mean he's gay though.”

“What does it mean then?”

“That he likes Noah... It doesn't necessarily mean he's gay. Maybe he's bi-curious or something...” No, he's gay, just trying to help him out here.

Again Jackson rolled his eyes. “Seriously kid, if he confesses his love for a kid he's at minimal bi, not bi-curious. Every kid is bi-curious at some age, hell even I had a slip. Your brother is gay.

I said nothing. “Prove to me you're a man, drink this.” He presented me with a small glass filled with what looked like water placing it down on the table in front of me.

“What is it?”

“Vodka, hard alcohol. If you can drink that then you're a man.” That didn't make sense to me. How does alcohol make you a man? “Drink it!”

I backed up. “No, I don't want to.”

“Drink it and I'll leave you alone.” I took the glass and downed it. God did it taste horrible. “Now you're a man! Want another?”

I shook my head. “No, you said you'd go away if I drank it.”

“Drink two more and I'll stop bugging you for the entire night.”

“I'm not drinking two more Jackson!” I shouted at him. A couple of people looked over but didn't take a second thought to what was happening.

“I guess you’re a pussy then. Must take after your brother.”

“My brother is not a pussy!” I screamed at him. Why is Jackson being such a dick right now? I mean he was never nice but right now he's meaner than usual.

“Sure, but you are. I mean what's three shots of vodka? I can down four no problem!”

“Then do it!” I challenged him.

“If I do will you take two more?”

“Only if you leave me alone for the rest of the night.”

“Deal little man!” He reached out his hand; I shook it. This was a deal I quickly regretted. Jackson took out three more glasses similar in size and filled them all up. He downed them like they were water. “You're turn.”

He filled up two of them and passed them over to me. “And as soon as I'm done you're going to leave me alone right?”

“A deal is a deal, little man.” I downed one pretty quickly. I got half the second one down when I choked, and most of it spat back up. “Okay, refill. You got to get the whole thing down for this deal to go off.”

My head felt funny but as he filled another glass I grabbed it and downed it no problem. I stumbled back, lost my balance I guess. “I have to go now.” I stumbled away from Jackson.

“Have a good night Skylar.” There was something sinister about his voice. I didn't care; I had to find Greyson.

I continued down the hall, using the wall as support. My stomach hurt like I had the flu or something. My eyes couldn't focus on much for long, my mind was everywhere.

The new kid, Leo? “Skylar, there you are. Are you okay? You don't look well.”

“I'm...” Nope, not fine! Not fine! I needed to barf, and I needed to barf now! “I need the bathroom!”

A door opened the bathroom really? How am I this lucky? I rushed to the toilet and shot the contents of my stomach into the bowl. Fuck alcohol... I'm so done with this party now.


After a few minutes of me at the toilet, Aidyn appeared at the doorway. “What the hell are you doing here!?” He was angry at me.

“I don't know... I wanted to know what Aaron's parties were like.”

Aidyn huffed and puffed. Greyson came into the bathroom. “Sky are you alright?” Concern was written all over his face.

“Ya, how are you doing?”

“I'm fine, why are you sick?”

Aidyn answered that. “How much alcohol have you had Skylar?”

“Only four shots...”

Aidyn went from mad to furious. “Of what and from who?”

“Jackson's vodka.”

He let out a huge breath. “Jackson gives everyone doubles. You had eight shots worth of vodka in you. What happened to staying at Greyson's tonight?”

“I can get back there.”

“Not in this shape you're not!” Aidyn wasn't going to let me leave... I am so in trouble. “You and Greyson are staying here tonight. I'll call Greyson's house telling his parents where you guys are and that you're safe. Leo can you get my brother some bread and water, please?”

“Of course.”

“Greyson, do you want to stay here or go back to Noah’s room?”

“I'm going to stay with Skylar till he gets better.” Greyson sat down placing his head on my shoulder.


I nodded, keeping my head in the toilet. “You have to tell mom and dad. I'm never having another drink again!”

“Glad you know that. Now feel better okay?” again I nodded and my brother went off. I was in that bathroom for probably an hour. I puked once more, that time with pieces of bread too. It was nasty, Greyson should be happy he's blind. I am so grounded for life for this.

Chapter end.


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