My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 23 - Confrontation - Can't Go Back

Skylar's POV

I woke up on Noah's couch. I felt normal until I started to sit up. NOPE! That wasn't going to happen. My head was pounding, my body ached. Never. Drinking. Again.

After I had got some water and bread in me, my stomach settled down. Leo's little brother and Greyson helped me to the couch. Noah kept an eye on me until I fell asleep. Guess I should be glad I have amazing friends.

Greyson was fast asleep on a recliner. I got him in so much trouble... Why did I have to be so dumb? If we just stayed at Greyson's, I wouldn't feel this shitty.

Aidyn walked by sitting down in a chair. “How do you feel?”

“Like a truck hit he, then backed up and hit me again.” Aidyn smiled. “I guess it's what I get...”

“I've called mom and dad; I also called Greyson's parents. I told them you were fine, but you both are in some deep shit.” He didn't need to tell me twice. “Greyson's parents will be here shortly to pick him up.”

“We should wake him up then.”

Aidyn laughed. “By that you mean me.” He got up and gently shook Greyson. “Hey, buddy it's time to wake up.”

Greyson's eyes opened up. “Where am I?”

“You're at Noah's. Your dad should be here shortly to pick you up. Is there anything you need?”

“A bathroom.” Aidyn led him away to the bathroom.

I was left alone in the room. Greyson was mad at me, no doubt of that in my mind. If he wanted to talk to me, he'd just tell me how stupid I was. I knew how stupid I was last night; I didn't need a reminder. The guilt was already burying me.

I laid there for a few moments; there was something I had to do. Greyson's dad was going to be here soon; I had to tell him everything was my fault. Greyson won't tell him even if he is mad at me.

In the attempt to get up I lost my balance and fell to my knees. Using the couch as support I brought myself up and started to walk. I had to use something as support the entire way to the front door.

There was Greyson's dad talking to him. “What were you thinking, sneaking out to go to a party? What's gotten into you Greyson?”

He was looking towards the ground, ashamed. Greyson might be blind, but he still acts like a normal human being. “I thought it would be a good idea... I was wrong. I'm sorry dad.”

“Greyson, I don't know what to say... I'm disappointed.” His dad shook his head.

In my attempt to get closer to everyone, I stumbled and fell. Aidyn came up beside me. “What are you doing up?”

“I needed to talk to Greyson.” When I got up, with Aidyn's help, Greyson looked as if he hadn't heard anything. “Well.. more his dad.”

“Greyson told me everything Skylar. You don't need to tell me anything.”

Leaning against Aidyn for balance I continued to speak. “Did he say it was his fault?” Mr. Payne nodded. “He's lying sir; it was my idea. I practically told him we were going and dragged him out of the house without much of a word. Greyson doesn't want for me to get in trouble, but I don't want him in trouble either.”

Mr. Payne turned his attention to his son. “Greyson?”

“He's telling the truth...” I could barely hear him. “Can I go home now?”

His father spoke sternly as he grabbed Greyson's hand. “Yes, we will right now.” Greyson was still in trouble, less maybe, but still in trouble. “Thank you, Skylar for being honest with me.” I nodded as they walked off.

“I'm sorry Greyson...” Aidyn tightened his grip around me. I feel so bad about last night. I don't know how I can make it up to him.


Greyson's POV

I sat in the awkward silence that was the car. The radio might have been playing, but that doesn't stop the awkwardness. Dad was in a mix of emotions. Anger, disappointment, and who knows what else.

The car slowed to a stop. “We're home?” was all I asked.

“No, Greyson, we're at the lake right now.” Dad was serious. He got out the car and came over to my side and opened my door. “We're having our chat down here.” I got out of the car and grabbed his hand.

Ever since I can remember dad has been like this. Even when he's angry at me, when I've done something wrong, he feels even gentler. He never yells, never groans or moans. He remains calm and explains things to me. Dad is a pretty good dad.

We sat down on what felt like a log. I started examining it through my hands. Knots, splinters, and cut markings were all over it. It's been here a long time. The general feeling of the log was smooth; it was nice to the touch.

“Greyson...” Dad spoke. “Tell me, what you are thinking right now.”

“I'm thinking about how the log feels...”

“How does it feel?”

Where is he going with this? “It's smooth until you reach the knots, splinters, and markings. It's nice to examine with my fingers.” Dad didn't reply. “How in trouble am I?”

“Less than you would be if what you told me was the truth, more because you lied to begin with.” That's what I thought. “Why did you lie to me Greyson?”

If it wasn't already obvious. “Cause I didn't want Sky to get in as much trouble.” I was no longer examining the log we were resting on. “I thought that maybe if I told you it was my idea, Sky would tell his parents it was my idea also, and his punishment wouldn't be as big.”

“That wouldn't have help Skylar, Greyson...”

“I know... I just thought maybe it would.” As much as I'm mad at Sky, I still care for him. I don't want him to be in major trouble.

“Greyson let me be completely clear with this: Lying is never the best option.”

“I know...”

Dad's hand rested on my shoulder. “Let me finish.” I nodded. “Lying is never the best option. Even where telling someone the truth will hurt them, postponing the truth will hurt them more. The truth is a very powerful thing.

“With that in mind, tell me how you feel about Skylar.” I remained silent... I didn't know what to say. Dad went from talking to me about what happened to talking to me about Skylar? How does someone change the subject like that? “Greyson...”

“I don't know. He... when I'm around him I'm happy. I want to know what he's doing, what he's seeing. When he explains something to me, it's like I can actually see it. Touching him sends a spark through my body. I could pinpoint him in a room by just his sent.” I stopped it there; I wasn't going into the way he tastes. Not that I've tasted him or anything. Seriously I promise I haven't.

“Sounds like you have major feelings for him.” My face felt like it was burning up. “Greyson, I know all too well, the feelings you have for Skylar. I know why you did what you did. But like I said, it's not okay.”

“Ya...” Dad pulled me in for a hug. I snuggled into his shoulder. “Why did you bring me here?”

“That's simple Greyson, to make sure your mother is calm when we get home.” Mom does worry a lot, and I'm sure I'll be getting my punishment from her. “She should be good by now. I told her what the plan was, ready to face your punishment?” I gave an awkward smile and got up holding out my hand. My dad's gentle grip came, and he led me back to the car. I love my dad.


Aidyn's POV

Mom had come and picked us up. She's already given Sky a very stern talking to and told him he was grounded until further notice. Which was never a good thing to hear in our house.

Skylar was well enough now that he could walk on his own. Slowly he made his way to the front door. “Come on Sky; get inside and straight to your bedroom.” Sky had some more bread and some water. Mom was sure to go down and check on him though.

Skylar did as mom commanded. I leaned against the counter waiting for the inevitable talk to me. I figured it would be from mom, dad should have been at work today. There he was though, walking into the kitchen in normal, nonuniform cloths.

“How come you're not at work?”

He was clearly pissed off. “Cause my son gave us a call last night saying my other son was piss ass drunk and not with his friends like he said he was.”

“You make it sound like it's my fault.”

“Well, if you didn't go to these parties...” He would not have gone there.

I kind of cut him off. “You can't get mad at me for something Skylar did. He went there of his own choice. I didn't know until it was too late. I was doing my part there. Neither Sky nor Greyson were in my sections of the house.” I ignited like a match. Dad wasn't about to get mad at me for something I didn't do.

“You will not talk to me like that Aidyn.” Dad stared at me dead in the eyes.

“But you can blame me for someone else making bad choices?” Dad shook his head. “Seriously, you've never had a problem with me going to Aaron's parties. You can't get mad at me because of something I didn't do. That's not fair.”

“Aidyn...” Dad started up again. It was that tone that told you he was going to shut you down, and you were going to let him talk. That tone of 'I'm the parent, and you're going to listen to me'. I fucking hate that tone.

“No!” I interrupted him again. “You're not going to pull an 'I'm your father' on this. I've done nothing wrong here. The moment I heard about it I made sure he was okay and then called you guys.

“There is nothing that I did that you could get angry at me with. There will be no 'if you did this it wouldn't have happened because I'm sorry I can't read Sky's every thought. Mom has already talked to Sky, so go talk to her if you have a problem.” I marched out of the kitchen towards the stairs.

“Go to your room!” Dad's booming voice echoed through the house.

“I was going there anyways!” I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door. There is no way I was going to sit, well stand, and let my dad say this was all my fault. Skylar acting stupid isn't my fault; I have no control over my little brother.

I sat there and stewed in my anger. Music was blaring from my room; I'm sure Dad is fuming, and mom is preventing him from coming up.

My phone went off while I was sitting there. A text from Noah.


Noah – How is everything at home?

Me – Dad is being stupid about it. He's blaming me

Noah – How does that work?

Me – 'If you didn't go to the parties then he wouldn't have been tempted.'

Noah – that logic is messed up

Me – thank you for agreeing with me

Noah – How's sky taking it?

Me – Not well, he's really sad looking

Noah – Try cheering him up... I have got to get back to cleaning now. Ttyl <3

Me – ttyl <3


Well... I guess I just have to wait until Mom or Dad comes up here to talk to me. Woot...

Chapter end.


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