My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 24 - Disbelief - New Modern Love

Aidyn's POV

I stayed in my room for the rest of the day and night. Mom brought up some food for me to eat for lunch and dinner. She told me that I can't talk to dad like that, but I wasn't in trouble. That was good enough for me.

I ended up doing a whole lot of nothing. Well... I complained to Chance and Bryce, but I mean what do you expect? I am I teenager after all. When shit goes wrong in your life, don't you go bitch about it to other people?

Though with Bryce I got into a more personal discussion.

Me- I'm going to kill Jackson

Bryce- Ya I mean what's up with him getting Skylar drunk?

Me- I KNOW!!! Seriously WTF!?

Bryce- Have you done anything to piss him off?

Me- I don't think so. He hasn't mentioned anything.

Bryce- Maybe it's something he just hasn't brought up

Me- He usually talks to me, that can't be it

Bryce- Weird then... You think? No that's dumb

Me- What? Bryce what are you thinking?

Bryce- What if he's doing it because you came out???

Me- That sounds fucking stupid

Bryce- Which is why I said it was dumb

Me- I guess I just have to ask him myself...


Sadly, I don't have Jackson's number. I do, however, have his facebook. I sent him a quick message... which I may have rewritten a few times. Once to make it less angry, then again to make it more. I settled on one that was kind of between:

Me- If I find out that you give my brother eight shots again I'm going to have to do something about it. He's a fucking kid, Jackson. Whatever you have a problem with me about, deal with it through me not my little brother.


I thought it was nicer than he deserved, but we're teammates, I can't get too hostile. I messaged around to other members of the soccer team, no one knew anything. A couple of them asked why, I told them, and few of them ended up asking about Skylar. Overall, I learned nothing.

The next morning, well afternoon, I went downstairs and grabbed a glass of milk. Sky was sitting at the table fiddling with a bowl of cereal. “Hey Sky, how are you feeling today?”

“Worse...” He sounded really sad, rather than sick. “Greyson won't answer my phone calls. He must hate me now...”

I sat down beside him and ruffled his hair. He didn't move or say 'stop it,' this is serious. “If that were true he wouldn't have stayed in the bathroom with you or lied to his dad. He's just mad; you got to give him some time. I know you're sad about it, but there isn't much you can do right now.”

He set out a large sigh. “I'm a horrible friend...”

“No, you're not Sky. You made a mistake; everyone does every once in a while. You feel guilty, which is a good thing in a way. It means that you know what you did was wrong, and you're going to learn from it.”

“You sound like mom...”

I rolled my eyes. “It's cause mom is right. You just got to give it some time. School starts up in a few days; you'll get to see him then.”

“Ya... I guess you're right.” Skylar looked up at me with a smile. “Thanks Aidyn, you're the best.”

Sky and I hung out for the day. Watching TV, playing some board games. Wrestling and shit, you know brother stuff. It was a pretty good day. Sam thought I was actually hurting Sky and took his side in the wrestling. It was pretty cute until I got bit. He's still only a few months, he'll learn.

Mom had gotten home around 4pm and started dinner. It was practically ready by the time I heard the door slam close. You could hear him from where we were sitting “For fuck sakes.” It was dad. Skylar shrank in his seat beside me.

Before I could see dad, mom spoke up. “Bad day at work dear?”

His voice came just before I could see him. “Couldn't concentrate at all. Got little to nothing done today. The boss gave me an up and down about it.” He sounded irritated.

“Take a seat and settle down dear. Is there anything I can get you to drink?”

“A coffee please.” Dad's attention turned to the living room. “Sky, shouldn't you be in your room!?” His voice boomed over the TV.

Sky didn't move; his hair covered his face. “I allowed him to come up. He feels incredibly guilty and knows what he did was wrong.” Mom explained.

“I want him down in his room,” Dad spoke bluntly. It was the same attitude from yesterday; he was having none of anyone's shit. What he said goes and no one was going to say otherwise, not even mom.

And for some reason I decided I was going to get involved. “He's not doing anything he couldn't do in his room. There isn't really a difference and plus from here you can actually keep an eye on him.”

I knew I shouldn't have said anything but fuck; it's my little brother. I might be a jerk to him at times, but I'll protect him when I can. “No one was talking to you Aidyn.” Again with his bluntness.

I'm a hormonal teenager that being said what I did next... I really shouldn't have. I stood up and looked directly at my dad. “Last night and now today you're treating me and now Sky like shit. What's your problem?”

“What's my problem? What's my problem!?” Yes, I should not have done this. Dad started to walk over to me as he continued to talk. “My problem is I have two rebellious teenagers who won't listen to a damn word I say. My youngest got so drunk he couldn't walk without help, and my oldest is talking back when he should keep quiet.”

“I'm not going to let you blame me for something I didn't fucking do. Sorry if that's not okay with you.”

“Watch your mouth, boy!” Dad was furious at something; it wasn't this party though.

Mom walked in between dad and me, pushing us away from each other. “Both of you calm down. You,” She looked at dad. “Go take a shower and cool off. You,” She looked at me. “Watch your mouth and look at who you're talking to. Yes, he is not returning the generosity but you could at least make an effort.” Yes, mom was angry, but she has this soothingness to her anger that somehow settles me down.

Dad turned around but continued to talk. “I'm just saying if Aidyn never went to Aaron's parties my life would be perfect right now!”

Mom spoke with daggers. “Tristan!”

Dad turned around and looked at mom. I could tell, from the look, he wasn't about to stop his stupidity, and off he went. “Are you telling me I'm wrong? If Aidyn never went, Skylar would never have gone. He wouldn't have gotten drunk. He would have stayed at Greyson's and had a sober night. Now I have two kids who've fucked up!”

Wait, two fucked up kids? Mom spoke before I could. “Shower, now!” She pointed roughly to the upstairs.

I wanted to know what the fuck he was talking about though. “What the hell do you mean by 'two kids who've fucked up'?”

Mom turned around, “Nothing, now sit down.” Again with daggers.

Dad spoke like she had said nothing though. “Yes, two fuck ups. Drinking and who they choose to date!”

So if mom's words were daggers, his was a shotgun blast at point blank. 'Who they choose to date' has to refer to me dating Noah. Which means he doesn't approve of it? But he didn't say anything about this before... Why?

“You have a fucking problem with me dating Noah!?” I was furious. Like I could have been on fire.

Dad stood there in his uniform, still as provoked as he's been this entire conversation. “Yes, I do. I have a problem with my son being gay. There I said it; everyone knows now! At least I can expect grandchildren from one of my sons.”

He turned around to walk out of the room. Words just rushed out of my mouth. “Sky actually thinks he has feelings for Greyson, so I guess you hate the both of us.”

Mom turned around and glared at me. Once I realized what I had said, I turned to Skylar. He was gone; the door to the basement slammed shut. I turned and started to make my way downstairs.

“Aidyn!” Dad spoke up.

“No, you and I are going upstairs and having a fucking conversation right now!” Mom never swears... this shit is serious.

I put dad behind me and rushed downstairs, Sam in tow. Sky had closed his bedroom door, but you could still hear his sobs from the other side. I slowly opened the door; Sam sprinted in, jumped up on Sky's bed and tried to get to his best friend’s face.

Skylar shooed him off. “Go away Sam!” He pushed him away, more than once.

I'm sure Sky noticed I was in the room; he tried to settle his crying down. I sat down on the bed and rubbed his back. “I'm so sorry Sky... It just slipped out in the moment. I don't know what I was thinking...” He said nothing. “Hit me, yell at me, do something, I deserve it.”

Skylar had settled down a bit. He was still crying though. “No... I don't have it in me. He had to find out sooner or later anyways.”

Sky moved over and let me on his bed more. He snuggled into my side, not letting his face be seen. I continued to rub his back and every once in a while give him a little squeeze.

About an hour later mom came downstairs. She saw us and stopped for a moment before talking. “I know there is a lot to talk about right now, but it has to wait for another time. What I can tell you is your father has been going to meetings with parents who had and are currently having trouble accepting their children LGTB status. He is currently on his way to one as we speak.

“I have called and checked with Aaron and Greyson's parents; you two are spending a few nights there. I know you must have a lot of questions but for now if we could just pack a few days worth of clothes. We can talk once we've all settled down and had time to digest what happened tonight.” We were ready in a few minutes.

Mom dropped Sky off at Greyson's first. I had turned around from my front seat before he got out of the car. “Good luck buddy.” He gave me a faint smile before he went on his way. He's been in far too much drama the past few days... he just needs a break from it all.


Greyson's POV

“Greyson, Skylar is going to be spending a few nights with us.” What!? Aren't he and I like super grounded? Why is my dad telling me this now? “There's been a bit of drama at home and his mother thinks it'll be good for him to get out of the house for a few days. He'll be staying in the guest room. I thought I would let you know.”

“Okay... Thanks?”

I don't know if I am ready to talk to Skylar. I don't hate him, just mad at him. You know what that's like right? When you're mad and just don't want to talk to someone.

There wasn't much to do until Skylar arrived. I joined my parents in the living room while we waited. They were watching some cooking show or something.

A while later there was a knock on the door. Mom got up. “I'll get it. It's probably Skylar.” She walked towards the front door. When she returned, there was another set of footsteps. “Skylar is here Greyson. Why don't you boys go up to your room and do something?”

Mom sat back down; Sky didn't move. Dad elbowed me. “Greyson, go.”

I sighed. “Okay, come on Skylar.” As I made my way upstairs, footsteps followed me. I sat down on my bed with my arms crossed and a scowl on my face. Sky sat down on my desk chair, neither one of us said a word.

Minutes flew by without much more than a squeak. Sky sighed a few times, an attempt to get me to talk or something. His sighs though... there was something more to them then just what was between the two of us. They sounded like he was crying.

Then there was a hiccough; he was definitely crying. “Are you crying Sky?”

“No.” It was one of those trying to sound normal no's. Trying to hide that he's upset. “I'm sorry Greyson; I never meant to leave you there.”

“I know you didn't. What happened at your place? How come you're spending a few nights here?” I might be mad at him, but he's seriously upset about something and I can’t put my feelings on the back burner.

“My dad... he...” Sky began sobbing. Before I knew it, his face was against my chest. I was stunned, what do you do in this situation? I just hugged him and waited for him to calm down.

He told me everything that happened over the past day and a half. Once he finished he quickly fell asleep. Sky was emotionally exhausted. It wasn't much longer until I fell asleep with him on my chest. Poor Sky...

Chapter End.


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