Life of Phoenix

Chapter 11 - Preperations

Current Time: Nix's POV

I woke up to my face against a chest. I was... snuggling someone? The only thing I felt on my body was my boxers, and even then I was pressed up tight against this other person. When my vision finally cleared, all I could see was Max lying on my bed.

Oh man.... That's right. Max stayed over after he left the party.

The Night Before:

We reached my room when Max closed the door. “You're sure you want to?” I didn't want to get myself into something to be disappointed again. “You're not drunk, right?”

Max's hand went up my arm and to my chin. He raised my face up so that I was looking at him. “I'm certain, that I want you.” It was so hard to believe him, but the way, he said it, sounded so sincere and so truthful.

This is the guy who helped me on my first day of school... he was my best friend and my first experience with a guy. He and I did so much together, and then he abandoned me... Can I really go through with this?

Max leaned in for another kiss. I couldn't, I backed away and shook my head. “Max I can't. It just feels wrong to me now.”

What about what happened before?” Max's confusion was clear in his voice.

That happened so long ago, Max. Things have changed since then! We've grown up, what feels like worlds apart, we've become different people. It feels almost wrong to do this.” Max kept his eyes on me; I backed away not wanting to make eye contact.

The fire burning inside me told me I wanted him, my brain wasn't so sure of it. The fire wanted me to jump on him and kiss him. Get him out of those clothes and just feel his everything! My brain, though, it wasn't sure, I was afraid. I don't want to get hurt again, for Max just to leave me again after he was done... I couldn't take it.

What's going on in that head of yours Phoenix?” He moved so he could look at me. I turned away from him. “Talk to me Nix...”

It hurt... It hurt when you left me. I didn't get it, why you'd just stop hanging out with me.” My heart ached for 13 year old me.

Max seemed to understand now. He backed off and lowered his head. “I get it now. I never wanted to leave you behind Nix. Friends who I met in high school always wanted to hang out. They'd always make fun of the elementary kids. It's not a very good excuse, but it was all peer pressure.”

I know, but I can't escape the feeling like it will happen again.”

Max wrapped his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder. “I'm sorry you feel like this Nix; there is nothing I can see that will separate you and me.”

What about College? You're going to move away for it.”

That's different Nix. Think about it, you're not afraid of me physically leaving you, it's mentally leaving you. If I go off to school, as long as we stay in contact you'll do fine. I know this, you're a tough kid.” He gave me a tight squeeze. “I won't do that to you again.”

Thanks, Max...” Max yawned right beside my face. “Wanna go to bed now?”

He nodded. “Yes, by the way, I sleep in my boxers and not changing that now.”

I giggled. “So do I.” I could feel the smile on Max's face. “And like you, I'm not changing that now.” We both undressed and got into my bed together. Before long I had fallen into dreamland on his chest.


Current Time:

Max looked so calm while he slept. I slowly moved away from him, my bladder was telling me I had to go! After relieving myself, I made my way back into my room. An awake Max was lying on his side. “Bathroom?”

I nodded. “Morning piss is always the worst.”

I'll be right back, don't go anywhere!” Max shot up, morning wood showing from his boxers.

Where am I going to go? It's my house!” I called at him as he exited my room. Max, you're such a nut.

I flopped myself back onto my bed and looked at the time. 8 am really? Why am I awake at this time? This god awful hour... I threw the blanket over be curling up into a ball on my bed. I heard the door open and close before someone sat on my bed.

We both knew that the conversation needed to happen, but neither one of us wanted to start it. Max and I had something when we were little; now it's been years since we did anything and we slept in the same bed together, mostly naked!

I just wanna say; I don't regret this,” Max said to me. “I know you're worried about me being drunk last night, but it's fine.” He put his hand on my thigh. I felt my body relax at his touch.

A slight smile grew on my face. “Thanks... I'm glad to know that.” I lifted up my blankets. “Join me?” Without a reply, Max was once again pressed up against my body. His arm rested around my body.

Nix... I really missed you.” I just pressed my body harder against him. “I wish this could be more than this.”

You don't want to go public.” It was a statement, not a question. “I understand Jock reputation and stuff.”

That's not it.” He tightened his arm around me. “I don't care what people from school think of me, it's my family. I don't know who I'd lose from this. It frightens me, the thought that I could lose family over this.” That’s fair, when I told some of my relatives, their manner changed around me. They seemed to distance themselves from me. In turn, I have lost my connection with them.

Max loves spending time with his family. All of his grandparents are very close to his heart. If they distance themselves from him, Max would feel so bad. I would hurt for him if that happened, even Lyric would.

I've got your back no matter what.”

Max snuggled his face into my neck. “I know you do.”


Oliver's POV

Please don't be home, please don't be home!

I am at Lakota's home but don't want him to be here. I want his sister to be here, so I can talk to her about something. When the door opened, and their mother answered the door, my worry didn't change.

"Oh, hello Oliver. Lakota isn't home right now.” YES, PERFECT!!

I offered her a smile. “That's okay; I actually have a matter to attend to with Lyric. Is she in?”

Their mother seemed to be taken back by my comment. “Yes, she is. Come on in.” I stepped into the house and removed my shoes and waited for Lyric to be called. “Lyric come here, please!”

A groan filled the house. Moments later Lyric came around the corner she was shocked to see me. “Hey, Oliver, Lakota isn't home right now...”

I know I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Lyric looked at her mom; they shared a confused look before she turned back to me. “Okay, sure come with me.” I quickly followed Lyric to a family room off to the side of the house. Lyric sat down on a chair and me on the couch. “What can I help you with Oliver?”

I want to tell you something, but you have to keep it a secret.” Lyric's eyebrow went up. “You have to promise that you won't tell a soul!”

She rolled her eyes. “Ya, whatever. I promise not to tell a soul.”

Seriously, it's important.”

Okay, I get it, Oliver. What is it?”

I sighed. “Lakota is more than a mate to me... I have feelings for him.”

Lyric got his huge smile on her face. “That's adorable Oliver. Have you told Lakota about this?” I nodded unable to put it into words. I could feel my face blush as I did. “And how did that go?”

Ace!” I shot out. Lyric seemed confused. “Awesome, it went awesome. It was at the movies the other night...”

I KNEW IT!” Lyric shouted out. “Anyways, why do you have to talk to me about this?”

I want your help with something... I want to show him how much I like him.” Lyric got this grin on her face, and it kind of scared me.

She leaned forward placing her hands together. “You know his birthday is coming up right?” I nodded. “Well, I can help you get the perfect gift for him!”

Okay...” Why do I feel like consulting Lyric was not the best of ideas? But I mean, who knows Lakota more than his sister? Probably no one. So I'll have to deal with the devil inside this girl to get what I want.


Lakota's POV

I was just waiting for my ride to show up. I had to get some things for a school project. Some constructing paper and special pens. The hardships of school projects are so true.

Theo was going to be picking me up and driving me home. He was heading over to our place anyways so Lyric got him to take the long route home. I wonder how Theo is today...

I was waiting for only about 10 minutes when Theo's car showed up. I got in it pretty much the moment he stopped. I hopped into the front seat, and we set off on our way home.

How was your school shopping?” Theo asked me.

I shrugged. “It was okay. Buying stuff for school always kind of sucks.” It's kind of awkward sitting with Theo in his car alone. Like he's nice looking and all but ever since we... did that it's weird.

Then Theo grabbed my thigh, and I tensed up. “You don't have to be tense Lakota. Chill out”

Theo...” I tried to move his hand but didn't succeed. He pushed down and tightened his grip. “What do you want?”

Theo turned off from the route that would take me home. “Well, Lyric is in the middle of her period.”

Gross, don't need to know that.”

And I'm fucking horny for a tight hole. And you could help me with that.” Theo's hand went up my leg until it grabbed my crotch. “Wanna help me?”

Fuck I'm hard now. I'm hard and HELLA horny. The way he moved his hand around my cock and balls makes it really hard to make him move away. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving me.

Before long I felt the car stop and the engine turn off. When I opened my eyes, we were down a path into a forest area. No cars were around, and it was perfect for what Theo wanted.

Theo, you're dating my sister...” I tried to protest. His response was to undo my fly and grab my cock through my underwear. “FUCK!”

You want me to fuck you don't you?” Theo reached over me and pulled the lever, so my seat fell back. Next thing I knew he was over me lifting up my shirt. “Why don't we get you naked?”

I tried, I really tried to resist him, but the wrong head was in control. Before I knew it, my shirt was off, and my pants were at my ankles. I finished getting my pants off and kissed him. Theo actually kissed me back pulling his pants off as he did.

He turned around and opened his glove box, revealing condoms, and lube. “Say it Lakota, and I will.”

Fuck me, please!” I pleaded with him. I was so horny it was the only thing I could say.

His grin was from ear to ear. “Turn around, I'm fucking you doggy style!” I followed his command.

The next thing I felt was his hands pulling my boxers down and rubbing my hole. There was some liquid on his fingers, lube. Then he pushed his finger into my hole, and I let out a moan. I didn't want to moan, but it just came out.

Oh fuck it; I'll be gentle at first.” Theo took his finger out of my ass. Then I felt something thick position itself at my whole. Slowly he pushed his way into me, there was more lube on his shaft making it enter easier.

Then I felt a sudden pain. “Ow! No, no, no stop!!”

Got farther in than I thought I would. You're nice and tight Lakota.” Theo grabbed my ass tight. “You want me to pump your ass now?” I could barely nod my head.

Theo pulled out just a little bit and then pushed his way back in. He pushed in more than before and it kind of hurt. Every time he pushed in it hurt a little bit less. And then I felt it, his body against my ass. He had pushed himself all the way into me and was fucking me as hard as he could.

As he fucked me, I got pushed forward. Theo would always follow me and fuck me harder. Panting and moans were all I could hear in the car. I got up to the back seat, and Theo grabbed my sides. “Get against the seat!”

Theo pushed me against the seat and started pounding my ass as hard as he could. He spread my legs as far as he could, even though my ass was giving my pleasure, my legs were in pain. Before long though Theo's cock pulsed and I felt something warmer. He came, into a condom in my ass.

My body couldn't handle the pulsing cock, and my load shot out against the back seat of the car. Theo leaned in against me; he was still wearing a shirt. Both of us were panting.

You have one damn fine ass kid.”

Thanks...” We stayed like that for a few minutes before he grabbed some paper towel and cleaned up the mess I made.

When we finally made it home, Oliver was there. The moment I saw him, I felt guilty about what just happened. I sorta wanted my first time to be with him... but I guess that's not happening anymore. I really got to sort this whole thing out with Theo before it gets into anything too serious.

Well... more serious than it already is...


Past time: Grade: Summer before Grade 9

Nix was hanging with Keon alone. The two have spent many times alone, which usually end up with Keon going and finding porn. Every time Nix would get fixated on his friend's body and ignoring the video or images on the computer screen.

This time, Keon had a different idea. As he was finding something to watch online, he placed a hand on Nix's thigh. Nix tensed up at the touch but did not want the hand to move away. “I was wondering... If I could pleasure you today.”

Pleasure me how?” Nix knew the answer but wanted Keon to say it out loud.

Keon's hand went closer to Nix groin as he leaned into Nix. “Rubbing and sucking your dick.” His hand grabbed at Nix's growing cock, and Keon pressed his lips to his friends. Keon's hand massaged his friend as their lips mashed together.

The boys suspended their kiss. “We should go to your bedroom,” Nix suggested.

Keon grinned at the idea. “Sure!” The two got up and made their way quickly to the room. Keon had barely closed the door when he grabbed Nix's hips and pulled him closer for another kiss. The two boys began grinding against one another as they collapsed onto the bed.

Nix's legs wrapped around Keon's hips and pulled him even closer. Both boys pushed their tongues into the others mouth at the same moment. Their lust made them so focused on one another.

Keon wanted more; he wanted to touch and feel his friend's boner. His hand moved from Nix's side to the fly of Nix's pants. It came undone without any issues, and he opened it up pushing his hand in.

Nix gasped throwing his head back. “Keon!”

Do you want me to stop?” Nix shook his head. “Good, cause I want to do even more.”

Keon grabbed Nix's underwear and shorts and positioned himself at the end of the bed. Without any hesitation, Nix lifted his hips before Keon pulled everything off. Lying before him was Nix embarrassed by his undressed state.

Hiding behind his shirt, Nix looked up to his friend, and Keon offered a gentle smile before advancing. Gently pushing Nix's legs apart Nix spread them, so Keon to begin his assault.

When his hands touched Nix, a groan escaped Nix's mouth. When Keon began rubbing the shaft, whimpers filled the room. But when Keon took the shaft into the mouth, a moan filled the house. Nix pushed his hips up and his head back as he screamed in pleasure.

Keon took his entire friends cock first try, and began to massage the balls hanging below. Legs spread apart Nix grabbed hold of the blankets on the bed. “Oh god, fuck!”

His head going from top to bottom over and over. The only thing Nix could do was gasp as he was being sucked. Nix felt a pressure build up in his groin. The pleasure was beginning to be too much for him to handle. His hips began to push against Keon as if by themselves.

OH GOD!” Nix screamed as it became too much. His cock exploded with his juices shooting into Keon's mouth. Shot after shot made their way into Koen's mouth and down his throat. He swallowed every ounce of cum Nix pumped out.

Once the ejaculation had settled Keon looked up to Nix's beat red face. “You're amazing Nix; I hope you know that.” Nix could barely nod. “Would you like to do this more?”

Ya, another time, though...” Keon laughed at his friend.

Keon came up and pressed his lips to Nix's. Nix could taste the difference in the kiss. He could taste his cum in Keon's mouth. When Keon backed off, he didn't go very far. “Will you be my boyfriend, Phoenix?”

Nix looked into his friends eyes. Seeing Keon's lust above all else, in his state he didn't care. “Yes Keon, I will.” He looked down to see the bulge in Keon's shorts. “You need some help down there.”

Keon grabbed at it. “Ya, I guess I do. Will my new boyfriend help me?”

Nix smiled. “I want you to cum on my chest.”

Okay.” Keon stood up and dropped his shorts and kicked them off. Placing himself on Nix's hips he placed his hands on the bed on either side of him. “Go for it, it won't take much.”

Nix grabbed hold of the cock before him. He could feel the veins pumping blood through it. When he pulled back Keon's head went with it. Nix steadily sped up his movements as the cock began to harden more and more.

Oh god yes.” Keon moaned. Nix went faster and harder. Before long Keon's hips began to match the movements of Nix's hands. “I'm gonna blow!” Keon warned his boyfriend as the cock became the hardest it has been.

Nix felt a pulse go through the cock and then Keon moaned the loudest Nix had heard. Cum shot out of the tip and shot all the way up Nix's body. The load covered Nix's chest with seven shots of cum from Keon's organ.

When Keon finally finished his climax he fell over to Nix's side. His breath heavy after the experience that had just finished. Nix took his fingers and scooped up a small amount of juice on his chest, and ate it.

MMM, you taste good.” Keon laughed. “Next time I guess I'll have to suck you off.”

Keon just rolled his eyes. “You can do that whenever you want Phoenix. I'll be up for it.” The two looked at each other and smiled. “My cum towel is just under my bed.”

The two boys cleaned up their mess just in time for Keon's mom to get home. Both boys acted as if nothing happened between them and they seem to have been believed. Both of them had the same thoughts after though. We have got to do that again!


Chapter End.


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