Life of Phoenix

Chapter 10 - Lakota's Courage

Current Time: Lakota's POV

Come on, you don't want to be late for your date!” Lyric taunted me. I was going to the movies with Oliver, and Lyric wasn't letting me hear the end of it. “If I have to drive you, I'm going to make sure you make a good first impression.”

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever Lyric. I'm not even into guys; I'm not Nix.” Him knowing feels weird right now, so let's not tell her.

Okay, lover boy, let's get you some English ass!” I sighed as we left the house. I turned to lock the front door and apparently took too long. “Hurry up Lakota! Theo is waiting!”

I thought you were my ride?” I taunted her. She has her license but can't drive by herself yet.

When I looked back, she had her hand on her hip and eyebrow raised. “You want to taunt me, boy?” I just giggled and made my way over to the car.

The ride to the theater was pretty quiet. Until Theo had to opened his mouth. “So who are you going to the movies with?”

My friend Oliver. He was John in Peter Pan. We're just friends; I'm not into guys.” Theo looked into his rear view mirror and raised his eyebrow at me. He knows I'm lying, but Lyric doesn't need to know.

What movie are you seeing anyways?” Lyric continued the conversation oblivious.

Divergent. Oliver has read all the books, so he wants to see the movie. I watched some trailers and thought it looked cool, so I'm joining him.” It looked pretty good, and it was a nice way to spend more time with Oliver.

The rest of the ride was pleasant. I mean it's kind of awkward knowing that you've sucked the same cock that your sister has... and maybe more. Oh gross, why did I think about that?

When we finally got there, I hopped out of the car and said my thanks before quickly leaving them to do their couple stuff. Oliver hadn't arrived yet, so I stood outside waiting for him. It felt kind of awkward waiting for him. I couldn't tell you why but it is.

Lakota!” I got really excited, thinking that it was Oliver calling my name, but when I looked up it was just Cooper. Max's little brother and one year older than me. “What are you doing here?”

I'm seeing a movie... at the movie theater.” We hung out a lot when we were little since our families and Nix's hung out a bunch. “What else would I be doing?”

You know what, you're an ass.” Cooper rolled his eyes. “I meant what are you doing outside and not inside?”

I'm waiting on Oliver to get here. We're seeing Divergent together.” I could feel my cheeks heat up. Why am I embarrassed about this? It's not like Cooper knows I'm into guys or Oliver for that matter.

Even when we hung out as kids nothing ever came up between us. We'd just hang out together and play games. Nothing like doctor, just like tag and general kids games. We were friends but only hung out when our families were together. Not like Lyric, Nix, and Max. They were best friends.

You and Oliver are seeing a movie together?” Cooper seemed really confused about something. I nodded. “Seriously, you are the one he was talking about in gym class today?”

What was Oliver talking about in gym class today?” This doesn't make sense to me. Why would Cooper know about Oliver going to the movies but not that I'm going with him? I don't get it.

He said he was going to go to the movies tonight, and he was really excited because of who he was going with was super cute. He didn't say any names, and now that I think about it, he didn't use 'she' either. Just 'they' and 'them'.” Cooper started to head into the theater. “Sorry if I made things awkward for you!” He waved as he headed off.

So does this mean that kiss in the change room...? I mean it hasn't happened since, nothing even close and we've been hanging out more and more often. He always likes sitting really close, and I like it when he does it, but he hasn't done anything to show he's into me besides that kiss.

I really like Oliver and would love to do more. My horniness knows no bounds. I've already thought about what his cock might look like. What his ass could feel like, how perky his nipples are. These are all in my daydreams as I jack off too. And of course, in the midst of these thoughts, I get a boner, great.

Hey, Lakota!” Oliver's voice broke me out of my train of thought. “Been waiting long?”

I looked at my phone for the time. “Naw, just like 7 minutes.”

His hands went up to cover his mouth. “I'm sorry I made you wait. I didn't think you'd get here so early. Let's get you out of the cold.” Oliver grabbed my arm and pulled me into the theater. “I'm paying for the movie and snacks; I did drag you along.”

You don't have to Oliver. I can pay for myself.” I tried to insist to him but from the look on his face, it wasn't going to work.

I'm paying for you to get into the movie and you can't stop me.” Oliver ran up to the counter. “Two tickets for Divergent please!”

Oliver!” I yelled at him as the person working the till smiled.

Oliver handed them the money and turned and smiled. “Told you!” And then he stuck his tongue out at me. When he got handed the tickets he smiled again. “Thanks! Come on Lakota, let's get snacks.”

You're not paying for my snacks!” I tried to push passed him, but apparently he's stronger than I am. “Oliver this is not a date!” I stomped my foot down when I said it.

I regretted it immediately. Oliver's bounce disappeared from his step, and his shoulders slouched. He really did think of this as some kind of date, and I ruined it with that comment. Oliver was looking forward to all of this... and I swept it out from under him.

I, I didn't... That's not what I wanted it to look like. Sorry if it did.” Oliver didn't even look at me when he said it. “You can pay for your snacks if you'd like.” His head lowered as he went into the line for the snacks, me right behind him.

Nothing else was said really. I killed the mood, and it was too awkward for either of us to say anything. We bought our snacks and made our way into the theater. He sat down at the very back; I just followed him. We sat there watching the pre-movie commercials.

I ended breaking the silence. “I'm sorry I freaked on you, Oliver.”

It's water under the bridge. No worries. I should be apologizing for making it seem like we were on a date.”

No don't be Oliver.”

He looked at me again. “Why? I made you think I was considering this was a date when it obviously wasn't.” His tone of voice, you could tell he was heartbroken. I couldn't tell you what exactly but there was something about him that I could just tell.

The movie previews started, but who watches those anyways. I sure didn't! The only way my head could get around proving Oliver wrong was well... the most severe. I kissed him, this time, we kissed on the lips, though. I closed my eyes and pushed my lips against his.

I could feel Oliver smile and poke his tongue to try and gain entry. I backed away before anything else could happen. The look on his face, he was embarrassed. “Cooper told me about the locker room today.”

Oh... Ya, I guess I shouldn't be surprised you know about that by now... I guess that means Cooper knows I'm gay.” Oliver looked at me. “Are you...”

I don't know Oliver... I know I like you right now, but that's it.”

Okay. That's good to know. I've liked you for a while Lakota.” He got all flustered and hid his face behind his hands.

Same here...” The sign for you to turn off your cell phones went up. “We should watch the movie now I guess.”

Ya...” Only a couple of minutes into the movie Oliver had his head resting on my shoulder. I mean I was leaning towards him the entire time sooo I guess I was asking for it.

Oliver and I snuggling in a theater, public. To say I'm not scared of what is to come would be a lie. A big fat lie.


Nix's POV

It was the day of Max's big game! Today was the final match of basketball before regionals. The regional matches are going to be held in another town, so this is the last home game as well. Which is why it was such a big deal.

I promised Max I'd be here, and here I am. The game is pretty boring, except for the sexy... I mean, except for Max being on the court. The game isn't too bad, just not my thing. Though it does get Braxton away from me and with his friends.

Lyric came up holding some snacks in her hands. “Hey loser, how is Max doing?”

He's scored a total of 10 points.” It was 80-92 in our favor, “and yes I took into consideration the one shot equals 2 or 3 points.”

Lyric laughed. “Good! You may flunk at gym, but you know the rules!” I sighed, she was absolutely right. “So where's Braxton?”

I pointed towards a group of kids. “With his friends thankfully. The kid only leaves me alone when his friends are around.”

Aww cheer up Nix, it could be worse.”

Ya whatever...” Lyric and I watched the remaining 10 minutes of the game. Our side scored two more three pointers which basically was the last nail in the coffin. We had won our last home game, and everyone was happy.

When the buzzer went the team celebrated on the court and hugged each other. Eventually, their girlfriends got out there and got a kiss from them. Lacey was trying her best to get one from Max, but she wasn't getting any. It was quite a funny sight.

Imagine a girl throwing herself onto a guy, who is clearly not having any of it. I'm sure you've seen it before. The swooning, and puckered up lips. Hands on their chest and flickering eyes. Lacey 100% right there.

When Lyric and I made it to the floor, and Max noticed us, he lit up. He basically let Lacey fall to come over to us. “Ummm....” I pointed to Lacey, who barely caught herself.

You did come! How was it?”

Sporty.” I smiled. “You were good from what I can tell. How well do you think you did?”

Well I fucked up a few times, but overall I did about an 87%.” Max seemed really proud of that; I'm happy for him.

Lacey ruined the moment, though. “I think you did 100%! You were perfect!”

Lyric shook her head. “No, he was not. Because of a penalty, they got a free shot and got the other team a few points. Which could have been avoided.”

Lacey just glared at Lyric. “I'm sure he didn't mean it. Did you Maxie?”

Lyric and I snorted at the sound of 'Maxie'. The one thing you don't call Max is Maxie. “Please don't call me that Lacey. Anyways, I got to get changed. I'll see you guys later.”

Of course, Lacey had to get the last word in before he was out of earshot. “Don't forget to pick me up for the party!” Lacey turned to us and got all her prep attitude out. “Give it up Russell, you are not getting him.”

Excuse me!?” Lyric and I said together. I continued without her, though. “What even makes you think I have a thing for Max?”

The way you look at him. It's clear that you like him. Just an FYI Phoenix, he's straight and a night away from being my boyfriend. So stay clear of him, thaaaanks hun.” And with the clicks of her heels, she was sauntering off.

Lyric and I couldn't believe it. We just laughed it off and continued like nothing happened. We just made our way outside to wait for our ride. Seriously, who the hell does Lacey think she is?


Even with the party going on right now, I'm still at home. Lacey had been shot down by a drunk Max. She had a Facebook status: Boys are just dumb when there drunk. #losers

I know, it's bad. She doesn't even know the 'their, there and they're' rule. But this was my clear indication that Max finally shut her down. Not going to lie, super happy about that. Lacey is very much an attention whore who wants all eyes to be on her 24/7. It's very annoying.

I had sent Lyric a message as soon as I saw it.


Me: Seen Lacey's status yet?

Lyric: Oh hell ya, Max musta shot her down HARD!

Me: I love it! I wonder what he actually said to her!

Lyric: Probably “I'm in love with Phoenix! Leave me alone!” or something like that.

Me: Oh ya, I'm sure that's what happened.

Lyric: YUP! 100% what happened. Anyways I'm going to sleep. Night~

Me: Night


Lyric is one crazy girl. There is no reason for Max to say he loves me over her. I don't think he has it in him to say it anyways. I just shook my head and put my phone down.

Only a few minutes later it went off again. A text from Max?


Max: Can I come in for a moment?

Max is at my house? When I looked outside, sure enough there he was. I opened the front door and waved him inside. “Just be quiet, everyone is sleeping.”

Ya of course. Sorry, I'm coming over so late,” I could smell a little bit of alcohol on his breath.

Did you drive here?”

Ya, why?”

I smell alcohol on your breath!” I yell whispered at him. “I don't care if you've had 'just one or two drinks,' you shouldn't be driving!”

Max smiled at me. “Which is why I can't go home yet. The alcohol is from 2 hours ago; I had one drink, but it was strong. I don't want to risk having my mom find out about me driving with this breath.” Still upset with him.

Fine come to my room, we can... do something at 1am.” Seriously what can we do that won't wake up the entire house? I guess we'll find out.

Max and I quietly made our way to the room. I closed the door and turned around to talk to him... when cliche moment happened. That's right; Max placed his lips on mine and pulled me in close to him. I got so caught up in the moment; I didn't want it to end.

There was little movement between us. Our bodies barely even moved. When he backed away from me I looked down at the ground, what else do I do. Max grabbed my chin in lifted it up. “Why so down Nix?”

This feels like it's because you're drunk... Like I'm taking advantage of you.”

He just got a smile on his face. “I promise, one drink, two hours ago.” A smile crept onto my face. “To be honest, I'm tired. Got room enough for two on your bed still?”

Of course, there is.” This just took a major turn for the better.


Past Time: Grade 8

Nix sat on his friend's couch. He was spending the day at Lyric's house hanging out with Lyric and Lakota. Spending time with his best friend was just one simple pleasure in Phoenix's life.

What girls do you like Nix?” Lyric asked her friend innocently.

Nix shrugged, not knowing how to tell his friend he didn't find any girls attractive. “I don't know; none really catch my eye. What kind of guys do you like?”

Lyric looked up as she thought. “Theo is pretty cute.”

It's about more than appearance, Lyric!” Nix protested.

Ya, but it's a definite factor.” Lyric smiled. “I mean would you want to be with someone you didn't find attractive?”

Ya!” Nix replied without thinking. “Well... If I found them ugly, I would still give them a chance after getting to know them. If their personality were super great, I would date them.”

Okay, fair point. But who on earth would you date Nix?”

That question was one Nix knew the answer to, but didn't want to admit it. He had two people he would accept invitations from, Max and Keon. Either one of them Nix would love to kiss.

The problem he was facing though was letting people know he was into boys. It was the norm for boys to like girls and girls to like boys. As far as he knew he was the only boy at their school who liked other boys. Letting people know was something he didn't know if he could risk.

What's going on in that head of yours?” Lyric poked at her friend's side.

Nix giggled in his attempt to escape the assault. “Nothing, stop it!” He tried blocking her fingers, but Lyric always found an opening. Nix rolled onto the ground to try and get away. Lyric was right behind him, though.

Tell me Phoenix!” She laughed as she continued.

Squealing from the touch and rolling around on the ground, Nix gave in. “I don't like girls!”

Lyric stopped as soon as the words escaped his mouth. Once Nix realized what he had said he grew embarrassed and didn't want to look at his friend. The judgment that could come from her it was too much for him to bare.

I got to go to the bathroom.” Nix got up in an attempt to defuse the situation. Lyric grabbed his ankle. “Lyric let go!” It was clear by just the sound of his voice Nix had tears forming. He had said something without thinking and regretted it.

Lyric let go of her friend as he ran upstairs. Once alone in the bathroom, Nix turned on the shower in hopes that no one would hear him crying. He sat there alone wanting the world to end.

Lyric sat back against the couch thinking to herself out loud. “Phoenix Russell is into boys... my best friend is gay? He wasn't ready to tell me, and I forced him to. Fuck, I screwed up bad!” She got up to apologize to her friend.

Meanwhile, upstairs Lakota heard the shower go on. Wondering who it could be taking a shower in the middle of the afternoon, he got up and made his way to the bathroom; knocking on the door, he went to speak. “Who's...”

Nix interrupted him, sobbing. “Go away Lakota!”

Lakota heard Nix's sobs and opened the bathroom door. “What's wrong?”

Before he knew it the closest thing Nix could find, which happened to be a toothbrush, was being thrown at him. “I said go away!” Lucky for Lakota, Nix was pretty far off with his aim.

Lakota locked the door behind him but stayed in the bathroom. “Not telling anyone what's wrong won't make it any better. That's what mom tells me when I keep secrets that make me sad.” Lakota stood staring at his pained friend.

Unwavering in his conviction, Lakota stood in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes before Nix even laid eyes on him. The two boys stayed quiet in the confined room, Lyric waiting on the other side of the door, listening to the silence.

Nix, after almost 20 minutes of silence spoke. “Thanks, Lakota...”

Anytime, are you going to tell me now?”

Nix let out a huge sigh. “I like boys more than I like girls.” More confident in himself now, he smiled. “Ya... That's all.” That was the moment Nix realized and accepted his preference.

Lyric and Lakota kept it a secret between them until Nix was ready to tell others. The first people he told were his parents, who had already accepted the idea of their son being gay. When someone asked him at school, he told the honest answer, and the news spread like wildfire.

To Nix, it didn't matter who knew. It would make no difference; he would still be gay with or without their approval.

Chapter End.


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