Life of Phoenix

Chapter 12 - Nix's Plan

Current Time: Nix's POV

I nominate Nix for being in charge for the prom.” Lacey raised her hand and spoke way too loud for her own good. Also can she not call me that?

We were in the middle of figuring out prom this year. It's like a month away, and Student Council is just starting on it. Yes, I realize how dumb that can be, but it's a thing. “Why me? What makes me better than anyone else in here?”

Lacey shrugged. “You're gay; you've got to have a good sense of style.”

I glared at her. “Because I'm gay doesn't mean that I have a 'good sense of style.' That is prejudice, which is rude. Like me saying you're a dumb ass cause you're blonde, for example.” Death stare down has started.

Ms. Payne, the teacher representative of the SC, cleared her throat. “Excuse me you two, that's enough. Phoenix, do you think you could do prom or no?”

Sure I could, but there are...”

I got interrupted. “Then you're in charge. What Phoenix Russell says goes!” I have all the power? Awesome! “As long as we stay in budget that is.”

Lacey's jaw dropped. I think her plan backfired. “Why does Nix get all the power? Shouldn't there be consultants and stuff!?”

Don't call me Nix,” I growled at her.

Ms. Payne just smiled. “Well you nominated him, I trust you, and your choice, therefore, Phoenix is in charge. Unless anyone wants to nominate someone else?” No one said a word.

I retract my nomination then.” God Lacey, have a plan will you. Like if you want me to have the job, just give it to me.

too late now, Lacey. If you didn't mean it when you said it, you shouldn't have said it.” I wish she hadn't of said it. I have no idea what we're going to do for prom. “Well Student Council, it's time to start the planning process, and it's Phoenix's floor now.” Thanks, Ms. Payne.

Everyone had their ideas on what the prom should be themed. Lacey thought it should be the most formal thing since weddings. A few others thought it should be decorated a specific way. Video games, or like a board game. Ideas that could take forever to get done. We have a month people.

I was thinking to myself the entire time people were suggesting ideas. “I've got it! Why don't we have a club theme!” Everyone just looked at me bewildered.

That's your great idea? You're a genius Nix.” Lacey rolled her eyes at me.

Just listen before you judge. We can have 'bartenders' that serve drinks. We can use the new lights the theater has that change color and have tables for a small menu of food.” Everyone in the room seemed pretty okay with the idea, other than Lacey of course.

And then she opened her mouth. “Who would be serving the food? There is no way in hell I'll be serving food to people.” She's above that apparently. “I'm an executive in Student Council; I will not be serving others.”

Some kid in the back raised his hand and spoke. “We could have a portion of the gym floor as a designated as awesome dance moves.”

And what if no one has 'awesome dance moves'?” Lacey was having nothing to do with my idea. It figures, it is Lacey we're talking about here.

Ms. Payne appeared to have enough of Lacey's antics. “Why are you so against his ideas Lacey?”

It's not that I'm against them, just thinking about the possible issues.” Oh ya, of course, you are. Pretty sure you're just shitting all over my ideas.

It was your recommendation that put Phoenix in charge. Personally, I like all the ideas so far and see that some ideas may not go over well, but the dance floor idea is going to go over well.” HA in your face Lacey. Ms. Payne is the best! “You've got a lot of work to do, continue with the class.


Later That Week:

Max and Lyric were looking over the plans for prom and were quite proud of it actually. “You are in charge of this?” Lyric kept looking back and forth at me. “Seriously!?”

Ya, is it that hard to believe?” I mean really? I had help it's not like it was all me.

This prom looks amazing Nix.” Max kept looking at the plans. “You're amazing!”

I couldn't help but smile. “Thanks.” I blushed and turned away. Max complimenting me is by far the best thing ever. “So this looks super good?”

I think you might make my grad.” That's good. “Ya did good kid.” Max ruffled my hair; I glared at him before fixing my hair. I'm glad this is a good plan.


Max's POV

Man, how do you counter plan if the one you're making plans for is organizing the plan? I mean Nix is planning prom, and it makes things really hard to surprise him.

Well, there is that and Lacey being attached to my arm 24/7. “So what are you doing later tonight?” Lacey attempted to flirt with me.

I shrugged. “Nothing really. Probably going to just chill out in my room.”

She spun around blocking my way from continuing down the hall. “Why don't you and I do something then?” God is there still a way to tell this chick I'm interested and have it not go through to her. “We could see a movie, or go out for dinner.”

When I said I would 'just chill' I meant with my brother.” Ya, I was snarky about it, but seriously, how do you get a point across to someone more clearly than 'I'M NOT INTO YOU!'

She got this face like I was crazy. “Why would you want to hang out with your brother? Brothers are so gross.” She looked like she was about to be sick.

I don't live in the same house as my little brother. So I'm sorry that I want to hang out with my brother outside of school. I don't get the chance often, and it's happening, so I'll see you later.” I turned away down the hall towards the theatre wing.

The only way to outsmart the person designing the event is to go to the person who will be setting it up. The technical director of the theatre is always involved with the dances on the technical front, so if I'm going to talk to Charlotte to see how I can surprise Nix.

When I walked into the theatre, Charlotte was busy looking over something. When she saw me, she smiled and put down her iPad. “Hello Max, how can I help you?”

Well, I have a situation.” She raised her eyebrow. “It's nothing bad. Nix is in charge of prom, and I want to give him a surprise at it.”

I'll help you, on one condition.” She waved her finger to follow, and I did. We went all the way to the booth, and she closed the door. “Tell me, are you interested in Phoenix Russell.”

Why does that matter?”

She sat down in her chair. “Because I care about the kid. He's a good kid. I want to know why you want to plan something in advance. That and I'm curious.”

Yes, I'm into Nix. I want to do something to tell him that I'm okay with us publicly.” Charlotte smiled. “So can you help me?”

I've got just the thing in mind!” Perfect! Maybe I will be able to surprise the party planner.


Lakota's POV

I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up. I fucked up.

How could I do something so stupid!? Like I know Oliver likes me, I highly doubt that if I asked him he would say no. And yet I let Theo seduce me and fuck me in his car. Theo is with my sister’s boyfriend, and yet he's fucking me. Why did I fuck everything up?

Here I am lying on my bed practically crying from what I've done. Seriously, how can I speak to Oliver and Lyric without feeling insanely guilty about it? Who the hell do I talk to about this?

That's when my ring tone went off. I received a text from someone. “Who are you? What do you want? Why shouldn't I kill you?” Answers: Oliver, to hang out, Cause it's Oliver.

Oliver: Hey, want to hang out?


Do I say yes? I mean I've practically torn his heart out. Sure we're not dating, but that's no excuse. We're seeing each other basically, and I go and let a guy screw me! It's not okay in my books, but I let it happen.

Me: Maybe another time.


I can't hang out with him. I feel way too guilty. My phone went off again.

Oliver: Well... I'm outside, so 'another time' isn't really an option right now.


Wait he's outside!? Oh god, oh god, oh god! What am I going to do? This is insane what the hell do I do?

I heard the door open. I'm home alone, so this is going to be insane. What do I say? What do I do? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M GOING TO DO!?

Moments later Oliver opened the door to my room. “What the bloody hell is going on!?” Okay, I'm scared, but he sounds a whole lot like Ron Weasley. “You've been avoiding me like I'm the black plague. Every time we try and hang out you have some kind of excuse.”

I know, I know. I just can't...”

Oliver interrupted me. “Belt up!” I'm guessing that's a British thing? “I am brassed off! I want to know what's going on!”

I don't speak British slang...” I honestly have little idea what he said.

I said shut up, and I'm pissed! Now talk.” Okay, I get it. I know what he said now. “Speak up, I can't quite hear you.” Oliver placed his hand behind his ear.



Oliver yelling at me frightened me, so I covered my head and yelled out, “Theo, and I did it in his car!” The room fell quiet, I expected to be hit, smacked, something to show how stupid I was. I slowly looked up. “Nothing? You're not going to hit me?”

Sure you've cocked up, but that is no reason for me to hit you.”

Wait... what? “Cocked up?”

It has nothing to do with what's between your legs. It means you made a mistake ass.” He rolled his eyes. “That was an American one. Do you really think that just because you had a bonk doesn't mean I don't like you anymore.”

Do you mean that?”

Yes, Lakota, I mean it. But isn't Theo your sister’s boyfriend?” I nodded my head. “You are going to be in deep trouble with her, aren't you?”

More than likely. “I don't really want to know what she's going to do. I have a feeling it will be by far the worst thing she'll ever do to me.” And I'm scared shitless for it.

Well for now then...” Oliver came onto my bed crawling over top of me. “I feel like we should do something.”


He just stared at me and smiled. “I don't know, why not play a video game or something?” He got up and skipped off out of my room.

I followed him as we went out into the living room. Oliver already had the TV on and was searching through channels. You think this would be a good a time as ever? Right? “Oliver, would you like to date me?”

Yes, I would.” He looked over at me and smiled. “So I guess we're boyfriends now then.”

Ya... I guess so.” I went from being yelled at to be officially dating Oliver. There is still the whole Lyric thing that I am scared out of my mind about, though.


Past Time: End of Grade 8

It was an important night for Phoenix and Keon. At least, Phoenix knew it was going to be an important night. Phoenix had plans to spend the day with Keon, and while hanging out ask him out. It was big for little Phoenix.

When he got up to the door of the Starling household, he looked at the intimidating door. “It's okay Nix; you can do this,” he spoke to himself.

He knocked on the door. Within moments, you could hear the stomping of running feet. Nix found himself giggling as the stomps got louder and louder. When Keon opened the door, he saw Nix in the middle of a giggle fit. “What?”

You're stomping, I could hear you from out here.” He continued to giggle.

Keon rolled his eyes. “Ya, whatever. Get inside!”

Nix continued his giggles as he made his way inside. The two boys spent the afternoon playing games and enjoying themselves. Nix cuddled into Keon, which neither boy minded. They enjoyed the contact and closeness.

In the middle of a round, Nix paused the game. “Keon...”


Nix sighed. “I was wondering if you want to get a little more serious than we are right now...”

Keon thought he knew where this was going but wanted to hear it from Nix's mouth. “What do you have in mind?”

Nix swallowed and just let it out. “Would you be my boyfriend?” Keon smiled and grabbed Nix's chin, planting a kiss as he moved the boy's face. Nix blushed and hid behind his hands. “Is that a yes?”

Yes, sir. We're now officially boyfriends!” A smile spread across both of the young boy's faces.


As the days past Nix informed his parents and sister of the status of him and Keon. Keon came out to his mother, who was completely supportive of the lifestyle of her son.

The boys told Lyric together who barely spoke a word. “'Bout time,” was her only reply before stealing Nix away. “Sorry, stealing your boyfriend, it's our time to hang out!”

Nix mocked fear before following her. “See ya, Keon.” The two waved as they said goodbyes.

Lyric and Nix spent their afternoon at a mall shopping. Even young Lyric wanted the best of the best of everything. “How does this look?” She posed in one of her many outfits.

Shirt yes, shorts specific times.”

Got it, both!” Nix rolled his eyes as she returned to her change room. “So who did the move? You or Keon?”

I did.”

Lyric opened the change room door. “Seriously? You had the balls to do it?”

Nix was offended by his friend's comment. “What you think I wouldn't be able to do it?” Lyric nodded back and forth with a thinking face. “Whatever, just get changed I want to get out of here.”

Okay lover boy!” Lyric barely dodged a pair of underwear Nix's mother was forcing him to get. “You missed!” She taunted.

I won't next time!” Nix threatened his best friend.

Once they had finally paid for their clothes, Lyric made Nix carry most of her bags like usual. She skipped down the halls of the mall like any girl who had gone on a shopping spree. Eventually, the two did make it to the food court and took turns looking after their swag and getting food.

When Nix returned, Lyric was in the middle of a New York Fries poutine. “You should be careful, you know.”

Nix raised his eyebrows before taking a bite of his KFC. “Careful of what?”

Well, you and Keon have done things right?” The blush on his face gave it away. “So he might want to do more now that you're boyfriends.”

Like what?”

Lyric stopped eating for a moment. “Just be careful. Don't do anything that you don't want to do. Just promise me that, kay?”

Okay, I promise Lyric. Now clean the poutine off your chin.” Nix pointed to where the gravy cheese combo was on his friends face. Lyric quickly cleaned it off with her arm. “You may be a girl who likes to go shopping. But you behave like a boy.” Phoenix kept quiet after his comment and returned to eating his popcorn chicken.

Late one night in the Russell household, Keon was spending the night in the living room with Nix. Everyone else had gone to bed, which left the two boys alone watching a movie together. An action film of course, what's more, lovey-dovey than an action film?

Keon placed his hand on Nix's thigh earlier in the night and now had started raising his hand. When Nix pushed the hand away, Keon looked at his boyfriend. Nix was too busy watching the TV to notice.

When Keon tried again, Nix paused the show. “Keon, I don't want to.”

But why? We're boyfriends now.”

Nix pointed to the wall behind them. “My parents are right behind that wall.”

Just be quieter than you normally are.” Keon continued his advances.

Nix pushed Keon back. “Stop or I'll sleep in my own bed alone.” He threatened Keon with a completely serious expression on his face.

Keon laughed and played it off like it was nothing. “What's up with you tonight?”

Nix huffed. “Keon, when I want to do stuff I'll do it. Right now is not one of those times, so you'll have to live with it.” Nix turned the movie back on and returned to watching the show.

Koen's mood was ruined, though. He bitterly sat there with his arms crossed as the movie continued. When the two boys went to bed, Keon slept on his side away from Nix. Something he normally doesn't do. Nix knew why he was doing it, and it hurt him a little, but he fell asleep shortly after his friend.

Nix dreams were filled with what would be his first time. The pleasures he might feel the feeling of being dominated. These things turned him on the most. When the dream was coming to a close, though, it wasn't Keon performing the act, it was Max.

Nix woke up with a wet spot in his PJs. He lay awake looking up at the ceiling thinking about his old friend. Wondering what he was doing at this moment and if he felt the same way.


Chapter End.


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