Current Events Page

Folks we are excited to announce our latest Short Story Events! Yes, you read that right I said Events, plural.

The First Event is the Parody Event, you can parody any published story on any of the Fort Family Sites. The standard rules apply, with one additional MANDATORY Rule, you must have written permission from the author whose story you want to parody and that permission must be submitted along with your Short Story. No Permission, No Story!

The Second Event is the Fill In The Blanks Event. You will get the opening paragraph and a middle paragraph and you fill in the rest. The opening paragraph will revolve around the first day as a Senior in High School or a Freshman in College. The middle Paragraph revolves around a party that the main character went to and the morning after when he/she wakes up in their bed in someone else's clothes. The rest of the story is up to you, I will supply the paragraphs to any author that wants to enter this event.

Both Events will end at Midnight PDT on June 30, 2018. All entries will be posted on July 1, 2018, here on F.R.E.D.
The short stories must be between 500 words and 15,000 words,
This event is open to all readers and authors.
Authors must authorize the Fort Family of Sites, by written permission to host their stories.

All submissions and requests should be mailed to Summer Short Story Parody Event, or Summer Short Story Fill In The Blank Event

Happy writing,