Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 7: A Promise is a Promise

“Hey silly!” I was woken up by a barely-clothed Jamie over me. “You gotta wake up, school is in an hour.” He winked, then walked to his bed.

  “Put on some clothes, why don't you?” Kaige tossed my blanket off, showing Jamie his pjs.

  Kaige didn't trust his new roommate enough to not wear clothes to bed.

Jamie's face turned sour at the sight of pjs, “You're lame, learn to sleep freely! No clothes is the best way to sleep.”

Kaige grabbed his blanket and covered himself entirely with it.,“Leave me alone.” He growled at his roommate, before curling up into a ball, “Go away!”

Jamie giggled, “Silly boi, it's time for school!”

Kaige did not respond. Jamie quickly put on his clothes for the day and skipped away downstairs to their mothers.

“Kaige is like a little monster hiding under his blanket.”

Ms Walker, Kaige's mom, got up from her seat and marched upstairs.

“Get out of bed, now!” She tore off the blanket from the bed. “Now, Kaige!”

Kaige rolled over and off the bed, landing in a squat,“Fine I'm up.” Kaige stood up looking at his mother,“Can I get changed now?”

“Hurry it up,” She turned and walked out of the room, leaving the door open.

Kaige rolled his eyes, “Could've closed the door behind you...”

He spoke mostly to himself as he started to get ready for school. He skipped breakfast, having a large glass of mild instead.

Jamie insisted they walk to school together, but Kaige didn't wait for him. By the time Jamie was ready, Kaige was halfway there already with earbuds in blasting his favourite tunes.

Kaylen spotted Kaige when Kaige passed his street. Kaylen rushed to his friend to make his walk to school a little less or a trudge.

“Dude!” Kaylen increased his volume to get the attention of his friend.

Kaige turned and removed an earbud, “Hey, what's up?”

“Walking to school, what about you?”

Kaige smiled, “Same! Who knew!” He spoke sarcastically, but that didn't stop both boys breaking into fits of laughter. “Did you spend the whole night playing with yourself, thinking about being fucked.”

Kaylen rolled his eyes, “Can't believe I agreed to that. I was so horny I was aching. Guess I'm literally fucked.”

“Yep!” Kaige laughed as they continued their walk to school.

Ryder sat on the steps waiting. When he saw the two of them approaching the school, he walked over to them.

“Welcome to hell, I'll be your chauffeur. Please take off all clothes at the gate, this is a nude tour.”

“I like this school already,” Kaige smiled at his friend's joke. “Seriously though, what am I walking into?”

Ryder sighed, “Most of the teachers have little to no tolerance for shit. Some of the non-teacher staff are pretty cool though. So just stay cool in class and you'll be fine.”

“Okay, let's go in before Jamie...”

“HEEEEEYYYY!” A familiar voice came from behind him. Kaige rolled his eyes and turned around to see his roommate, “You left without me this morning.”

“Was kinda the point...” He coldly replied.

“Harsh, Kaige. Here I am, trying to get to know my new roommate and he's ditching me for his cute friends,” Jamie winked in Ryder's direction. “Why don't we walk to class together!”

 Jamie grabbed Kaige's arm and started gleefully walking into the school. Jamie's hold made it impossible for Kaige to get away from him. The two, with completely opposite attitudes walked into the school together.

  For the whole school day, every time Kaige thought Jamie couldn't find him, there he was. Kaige's patience grew thinner and thinner as the day went on. He never lost his temper though but his face showed his rising anger.

  At the end of the day Jamie was right outside Kaige's classroom when the bell went, smiling.

  “Ready to go home?”

  “I'm going over to Ryder's or Kaylen's,” Kaige didn't even look at him.

  Jamie followed him down the hall, “That doesn't sound very planned. Who's place are you going to?”

  “Don't know, don't care. As long as it's not with you I'm fine.” Kaige glared at Jamie.

  Jamie's smile dropped, “Why do you hate me so much? I'm just trying to help you Kaige.”

  “Think about what you and I have been though the past day and answer for yourself.”

  Kaige had lost his patience and marched off away from Jamie, not caring where he went.

  When Kaige found his friends they noticed his rage.

  “Jamie finally broke you?” Kaylen asked.

  “Yep!” Kaige took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “All I know is I'm coming over to someone's place now, and I don't care whose.”

  Kaylen raised his hand, “You can come to my place. Ryder has to do stuff with family.”

  “Would have you over but mom insists family stuff is just family,” Ryder sighed. “She's super strict about it.”

  “It's fine. As long as I don't go home right now, I'll be fine.”

  Ryder quickly took off heading for home. This left Kaige and Kaylen to walk to Kaylen's place. They made sure to take their time before leaving, thinking that they would see Jamie on their way if they left immediately.

  Once enough time had passed, they were on their way. The two remained silent for most of the walk. Kaige was dealing with his anger, while Kaylen had bottoming on his mind.

  All Kaylen could think about was his promise he made, and how this would be the perfect time to do so. His parents wouldn't be home, no one would be. The two could do as they pleased for at least a couple hours.

  “So we're gonna be home alone for a bit...” Kaylen broke the silence.

  Kaige turned to his friend, “I'm not in the mood to do anything other than chill and video games or something.” Kaylen nodded, “Sorry, I know you're looking forward to getting fucked.”

  “Oh, ya, can't wait!” Kaylen sarcastically replied. “Wanna just play Smash together?”

  “Nothing would make me happier right now.”


Hours passed as the two played games together. Kaige's phone went off throughout their time together. Text after text from his mother, and even a few phone calls. Kaige didn't care, he didn't want to go home.

  When it came time to go home Kaige finally looked at his phone.

 MomWhy are you being so rude to Jamie?

Mom – Where are you?

Mom - ???

Mom – You're in trouble when you get home if you don't answer me

Mom – Get! Home! Now!


Kaige just rolled his eyes and walked home. Upon his arrival Jamie's mother was at the kitchen table, seemingly waiting for him.

  “Your mother isn't here but she left me to talk to you.”

  “Yea... whatever,” Kaige went to walk by.

  She stood up and walked in front of him. “You will listen to me, Kaige.” Kaige stopped and looked at her straight in the eyes. “Better.”

  “I may live here, but you're not my mother. Your son needs to learn personal space and he doesn't like that. I'm sorry if I upset him, but he needs to back off a bit.”

  Kaige then started walking up to his room.

  He opened the door and found Jamie with his legs up, fucking himself with a dildo. Jamie stopped for a moment. “Oh hey Kaige.”

  “Seriously!?” Kaige walked to his bed and grabbed his pillow and blanket and left the room. He went straight to the couch and took claim of it.

  “I'm not sleeping in there,” Kaige grumbled to himself.

  Again, Kaige got into it with Jamie's mom. She insisted he go back up to his bedroom, and Kaige didn't budge. Even when his mother got home, Kaige didn't move. He spent the night on that couch away from Jamie.

  This trend continued as the days went on. Kaige would spend a night or two in the room, find Jamie having sex or be hit on, and then end up on the couch. When the weekend came, Kaige didn't even walk into the house.

  Right after school, Kaige went over to Kaylen's with sleepover supplies ready in a duffelbag he brought to school.

  “Jamie is the absolute worst... He's the horniest dude I've ever met. Does he ever stop fucking!?”

  Kaylen laughed, “I think he just can't control himself. He needs sex to be a functional human being.”

  Kaige's expression said it all. He couldn't agree more with Kaylen's words.

  “Lets just do something to get that perv out of my head.”


The two boys spent their time playing video games like they usually do. When Ryder arrived to join in for the sleepover, they switched games for everyone to enjoy. As the night went on and Kaylen's parents gone to bed, the three boys moved into the basement and out of earshot.

  “I'm going down to my underwear,” Ryder spoke as he stripped on his shirt. “You two don't care do ya?”

  Kaige laughed, “We've both seen you naked, we don't care.” Kaylen shrugged and stripped his pants off. “We just dropping clothes then?”

  “Yep!” Kaylen and Ryder spoke together.

  Kaige rolled his eyes and sat down fully-clothed. “You two are crazy. Whatever, I've played with both your bits.”

  He stuck out his tongue and grabbed the tv remote.

  Ryder took of his pants and looked between his two friends.

  “You two have done stuff?” Kaylen nodded. “When did you two...?”

  “It doesn't matter...” Kaylen replied sharply, then added under his breath, “I owe him a bottom, though.”

  Ryder's eyes went wide. “Wait really? You actually agreed to bottom?” Kaylen nodded. “Oh man. This, I gotta see.”

  Kaylen's blush was growing increasingly crimson. “You're not watching, Ryder... it's bad enough that it's happening.”

  “Is it gonna happen tonight?” Kaige asked.

  The tent in Kaylen's pants was evidence enough.


  He didn't fool either of his friends, who were sporting the same situation in their pants.

  “And I'm left to myself? How is that fair?” Both boys looked at him. “Okay, fine, I got some ass yesterday, but that's besides the point. You two go get this over with so we can just hang out!”

  Ryder went over to the private room and opened the door. “You're booting us into the room to fuck?” Kaylen looked to his friend.

  “YEP!” Ryder went over and pulled Kaylen up. “Get in and get it over with. The longer you wait, the more that boner will leak.” Kaylen looked down to see a wet spot in his underwear.

  Kaige rolled his eyes, “We can't force the guy...” Before Kaige could finish his sentence, Kaylen got up and walked towards the room. “We'll be back, I guess. See ya in a bit Ryder.”

  Kaylen closed the door as the two boys entered the room. Taking off his shirt, he started walking over to the bed.

 "Lets just get this over with.”

  “You have lube down here?” Kaige looked around the nearly-empty room. Kaylen went over to the vent in the floor and lifted it. He took out a small box with a tube of lube and a few condoms in it. “Oh, nice hiding spot.”

  Kaylen shrugged. “Not mine, they are my brother's. This was his room before he went off to collage to be fair.” He tossed the box to his friend. “You'll need these more than me.”

  “Ya I guess.” Kaige proceeded to take his clothes off. Kaylen took notice of the flaccid cock in front of him and took it upon himself to harden it. In one motion, he grabbed Kaige's cock and pushed him against the wall. It only took a few moments Kaige was fully erect and ready. “That's one way to do it.”

  Kaylen let go, walking back over to the bed and dropping his underwear to the floor. He bent over the edge of the bed, spreading his legs. “Don't be rough.”

  Kaige rolled his eyes and took out the lube. With a bit on his fingers, he pushed a finger inside. Kaylen let out a small moan as his ass was played with. Two fingers were easily accepted inside, three took a little bit of pressure.

  Putting on a condom and lubing it up, Kaige positioned himself. He slowly pushed his cock inside his friend. Kaylen moved away in reaction.


  Kaylen nodded, “A little.”

  Kaige went back to fingering a little but more before trying again. When he tried again, Kaylen was much more accepting of the invader. This time, Kaylen wasn't as tense as it slid inside.

  “Is that all of it?”

  Kaige grabbed the ass he was fucking, “Hell ya it is.” He proceeded to give Kaylen's bottom a spanking. The moan told Kaige he enjoyed the humiliation, “You ready for a good fuck?”

  “Slow at first, please.”

  As he was asked, Kaige started off slowly, every so often picking up the pace. Kaige pushed Kaylen onto the bed, forcing him into doggy style. As he pumped his cock into Kaylen, Kaige also played with his friend's cock.

  “Fuck yes!” Were Kaylen's only words.

  Kaige couldn't contain himself as Kaylen became more and more vocal about the pleasure he was in. His thrust quickened and Kaylen started to bounce off them. The two found a motion both of them got pleasure from.

  Before long, Kaige started grunting trying to hold back his impending cum. Kaylen swatted the hand away, replacing it with his own.

  “I'm gonna cum!” Kaylen spoke louder than he should have.

  “Me too.” Kaige grabbed both hips and started to plunge deep inside with all his might. In a few thrusts, his load shot into the condom wrapping his cock. “FUUUUUUCK!”

  Kaige left the tight hole behind and dropped to the floor. Kaylen flipped onto his back and let loose his load all over his chest. His groan taking over after Kaige's.

  One more groan could be heard from outside the room. Ryder had gotten off by the sounds of his friends having sex. After the third groan the three boys laughed. “You're a pig Ryder!” Kaige spoke through the door.

  “It's not my fault Kaylen sounds so sexy when he moans.”

  “Hey, fuck you, man! I've heard your girly-ass moans too!” Kaylen joked to his friend.

  “I might take you up on that if I'm horny again later!”

  Kaige rolled his eyes, “Not while I'm around. I would sooner not have to see that.”

  Kaylen got up from the bed, “You'd love it and you know it.”

  “Sure, lets go with that.”

  All three boys took their turns in the bathroom to get cleaned up. That would be the end of the sexual activities for the night. The three of them would watch some action movies before falling asleep in various states of dress spread across the couches.

 Chapter End.

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