Once in a Lifetime

Chapter 6: This House is Not a Home

OILT – Chapter 6 – This House Is Not A Home


“Wait, so what happened?” Kaige asked his younger cousin.


Kieran's squeal made it hard to understand the reply, “We had sex in the back of his car!” The older boy's face stayed emotionless as he listened. “Logan was the best!”


Seeing his cousin raise his brow, the younger calmed himself and waited for the response. “You had sex with him once, you're barely not a virgin. Give it time, you'll find someone who better understands you, Kieran.”


“How would you know!?” Kieran yelled at his cousin


“I am two years older than you, Kieran... And I've been in three relationships with boys.” He smirked, seeing Kieran blush crimson. “Each one better in someway than the last, and yes, I mean sexually. Logan is probably a fine guy, just saying he's not perfect.”


“Fine, whatever. When are you going back to your mom?” Kieran's expression changed, his embarrassment turned to concern and sadness. “I hate when you go back there.”


“It's fine, this time will be just fine. She's moved in with a friend.” A sigh informed Kieran of his cousin's own concerns. “I'll be fine, I promise, Kieran.”


“You better be, Kaige.”


Kaige Walker had spent the weekend at his cousin's so his mother could move their things into a new home. Kaige spent most of his weekends at his cousin's, as he despised being at home, feeling more connected to his aunt and uncle than his own parents.


The Walkers were just Kaige and his mother. His father was never in the picture. His mother spent a night out partying over 15 years ago and became pregnant. For all of Kaige's life, he'd never had a home for more than a year.


Miss. Walker had spent the weekend moving into her friend's home. Also a mother and son family, Kaige would have to share a room with the other boy. There was almost nothing that made Kaige excited about this move.


“Ready to go, Kaige?” Kieran's father, Kaige's uncle, appeared in the door way.“It's just about time to get going.”


Kaige nodded before getting up from the bed, “Ya, I'm basically ready. I'll see you later Kieran.” Giving his cousin a wave, he left the room and grabbed his bag from the living room. “Thanks for letting me stay here again, Auntie.”


“You are always welcome here, Kaige. See you soon,” her smile made him warm, the smile of a true mother. Something Kaige had only experienced from his aunt.


The hour-drive to his new home was too short for Kaige's liking. As he made it into town, Kaige's mood changed form indifferent to annoyed. Music playing through his headset changed to heavier songs.


When they pulled up to the house, Kaige was distracted. His uncle managed to get out of the car, grab his nephew's bag from the trunk, and open the passenger door without notice.


“Here, bud,” his uncle said. Kaige took the bag and took off his head phones. “Want me to walk you inside?”


Kaige shook his head, “Mom's probably not even here right now.” Tossing his bag over his shoulder, he got out of the car and gave his uncle a smile. “Thanks for the ride.”


His uncle nodded, “Remember, I'm just a phone call away.”


“Will do!”


“Love you, Kaige.”


“Love you, too.” The house was larger than Kaige remembered, but not by much. The two-story house had white siding and a flat face. Kaige couldn't help but feel bored at the appearance of the house. “Can't get any worse than this.”


Walking into the house, it was exactly what Kaige expected. Photos of the family were everywhere; mother, son, and grandparents. Most of the photos were of Kaige's new roommate, Jamie.


Jamie was a skinnier boy but still had a little bit of fill to him. His brown hair counter acted his light grey eyes. Jamie often got compliments on his 'white' eyes, he always corrected them politely.


Music was blasting from the upper floor in the house. Kaige used the directions his mother left him to get to the room that he would be sharing. When he got to the room and opened the door he found his new roommate occupied.


Face down, Jamie's ass was being assaulted by an older boy's cock. The slaps from the trusts was just audible over the music being played. Jamie was very clear with his words though. “Oh Master!!” Jamie grabbed the bars of his bed and pushed the cock deeper into him. “Faster, harder. Please master!”


The other boy pushed Jamie back down before spanking his bare ass. “Sluts don't get to demand anything from their master.” He pushed his cock deep into his bottom as punishment.


Kaige went over and turned down the music. The two didn't notice, as they were too into their fun. “Hey...” Kaige's voice surprised both boys but they did nothing to cover themselves.


The top didn't seem to care they had company, he continued thrusting but slowly as he spoke. “Oh hi, I'm Robin, you must be Kaige.”


Robin was clearly older than both Jamie and Kaige, but not by much. His hair was dyed white with his black roots showing through just slightly. At first glance, you would say both Robin and Jamie shared an eye colour, but Robin's were a shade darker.


“Jamie,” He got up pressing himself against Robin. Jamie's uncut, precum leaking cock was in clear view for Kaieg to see. “I thought you weren't going to be here for another hour. Sorry?”


“Whatever,” Kaige rolled his eyes and set his bag down.


Robin grabbed Jamie's cock and started to stoke it. “You're welcome to join us if you'd like.”


Kaige didn't acknowledge the offer. “I'm going out.” He took his backpack and left the two in their current state to finish their business.


The one redeeming factor for this new house for Kaige was how close it was to his best friend's. His walk dropped from forty minutes to just ten. He considered this place home, a place Kaige could walk in and be always welcome.


And he did, Kaige walked right in with a smile on his face. “Hello.” He called out loud enough for the house to hear.


A head poked out from the kitchen. “Welcome back, Kaige, how are you today?”


“Good afternoon, Mrs. Lawrence, I'm fine thank you,” He lied, he almost always wasn't fine when he came over. Mrs. Lawrence knew this but never pushed the issue. She was happy to provide the teen with a safe haven. “Anyone over?”


“Kaylen. They're upstairs preparing to go outside, I think.”


Kaige headed straight up to his friend's room. “Thanks!” Taking two steps at a time, Kaige found himself in front of his friend's room in no time. “You two better not be doing anything nasty!”


Opening the door, he found his friends playing video games together. “Kaige!” They spoke together.


Kaylen got up first to welcome his friend. Kaylen was 15, just like his friend, with medium brown hair pushed off to the side. His bangs went just perfectly around his green eyes. He hadn't quite worked off all his baby fat yet but according to his mother, 'it made him look even cuter'.


“What's up, dude?” Kaylen asked.


Kaige shrugged, “Just got back into town, mom wasn't home so I came here.”


To him, he made no signs of anything bothering him, nothing to suspect there was an issue at home.


“You're not telling us everything, Kaige,” The second friend stared blankly at him. “I've known you since we were five, what's going on at the new place?”


Kaylen giggled. “Man, Ryder, you're a sniper aren't you?”


He shook his head, “Nope, just know when my best friend is leaving something out.” Ryder and Kaige looked each other in the eyes. Kaiges diverted his gaze only pushing Ryder's point. “You are aware that Jamie has been asking for my cock for over a year right?”


“Yes, I know...” Kaige set down his backpack and closed the door. He went on to tell the two boys the sight he saw when he got to the house. Kaylen and Ryder listened intently. “So this should be interesting, seeing as I now have to share a room with this slut.”


Kaylen stuck out his tongue, “No slut shamming Kaige. He's just a horny beyond belief and will take who's ever cock he can get in his ass.” Ryder shook his head. “Face it, Ryder, you know you're a hot piece of ass for other gay boys.”


“Thanks?” Ryder gave Kaylen a confused look. “Anyways, just don't let him take advantage of you. Make sure you jack off in the shower or something so you're never horny around him.”


Kaige snorted. “Ya, thanks for that.”


“Anytime, Kaige!”


The boys began an afternoon of games and fun. They even spent some of their time outside after Mrs. Lawrence came up and made them go out. Kaige enjoyed his temporary exit from reality, forgetting all his problems currently going on.


All that came to an end when Kaige's phone went off.


“Who's calling you?” Ryder asked.


Kaige took out his phone and checked, “My mom, apparently.” Each of the boys looked at each other worried before the phone was answered. “Hey.”


“Where are you?” Kaige's mom snapped at him. “You are supposed to be at home right now.” Her tone was serious, Kaige knew not to be smart with her.


“I went over to Ryder's, sorry.”


She let out a huge sigh, “Just get your ass home. See you in a bit.”


She huge up leaving Kaige with just the dial tone in his ear.


“I gotta get going home. My stuff is still at your place though.” Ryder nodded and the boys started their way back. It was a silent walk back to the Lawrence household. When they got back Kaige quickly grabbed his bag. “I'll see you guys later.”


“Hold on!” Kaylen called out before Kaige got to far away. “I'll walk home with you, I will probably get the same phone call pretty soon.”


Ryder shook his head, “I'll see you two at school tomorrow then.”


“See ya!” The two leaving spoke together.


Though Kaylen lived close, he didn't exactly live in the direction of Kaige's new place of residence. He didn't let that stop him from walking with his friend. Kaige appreciated the company, no matter how silent it was.


Kaylen cleared his throat before speaking.


“I know this is probably inappropriate to ask right now, but can you do a guy a favour?”


Kaige turned to his friend, “No girls are falling over for your adorable face right now?”


Kaylen blushed, “Well ya, there's some, but none of them are willing to do stuff like you.” He avoided eye contact. “You're already late, what's another ten or so minutes?”


Kaige gave his head a shake, giggling. “What's in it for me Kaylen?”


His face turned bright crimson. “Next time you sleep over I'll bottom for you.” Kaige perked up. “On the condition you bottom for me too.”


“So you get two pleasures and I only get one?” Kaige teased his friend.


Getting nervous someone would hear their conversation, Kaylen lowered his voice, “You know it's two and two! I hate being bottom!”


“You've done it once, and you moaned like a bitch,” Kaige kept his voice up, not caring who heard. “Where we gonna do it?”


Kaylen smiled. “Follow me.” Leading Kaige off towards the back sidewalks, they went into a patch of trees a few metres and stopped behind a tree. “This good?”


Kaige looked at his tense friend and grinned, “Sure, lets see that cock of yours.” Kaylen undid his jeans to reveal the jock strap he was wearing, which did nothing to hide the full-mast erection in them. A dark, red head poked out, precum leaking from it. “You sure do love wearing jocks, don't you?”


“If P.E. isn't happening, then I wear them everyday. Wedgies are the worst.” Kaige grabbed Kaylen's ass cheeks, letting a finger slide between them just rubbing over the hole. “Can we just do it? I'm already so nervous and shaky.”


“As hairless as ever. Yes we can just get to it,” Kaige dropped to his knees and pulled the jock strap down with him. Grabbing hold of the shaft Kaige licked up the precum. “Hmmm delicious.”


Kaylen took a deep breath as Kaige took his cock deep in his mouth. Half of his attention was on the sensations his cock was having, the other half was keeping an eye out for people.


Kaige would admit that Kaylen is a guilty pleasure of his. He enjoyed how his friend hadn't started to grow much hair anywhere. The pubes Kaylen did grow, he shaved off, enjoying the smoothness that was left behind. His uncut cock was almost 6 inches in length and had a decent girth, which girls and Kaige alike enjoyed.


The two trusted each other completely. Kaylen, along with Ryder, were the first people Kaige told he was gay. He's only ever experimented with Ryder and Kaige, but he let Kaige top him. Ryder had offered but Kaylen turned him down hearing stories and knowing how big Ryder was. Even though Kaylen was the only non-gay of the three, he always felt the three shared a powerful bond together.


Kaige also preferred Kaylen's cock to Ryder's. It was like forbidden fruit to him. He knew Kaylen would never get feelings for him, so it felt perfect to mix pleasure with friendship. It helped that Kaylen took exceptional care of himself.


When Kaige started deep throating, Kaylen's attention was fully on his cock. Kaige managed to slip a hand around to grab an ass cheek. A finger teasing his hole. Kaylen started moaning uncontrollably as the finger pushed it's tip inside.


“Kaige, oh god,” His fingers entangled themselves into Kaige's hair. He started thrusting his cock down Kaige's throat. Kaylen took control over the situation and Kaige loved it. Having a cock forced down his throat, he started playing with himself. “I'm gonna blow!”


His cock twitched and his load started to shoot into Kaige's mouth. Kaige took control of his friend's groin and pumped his cock for all it's milk. Kaylen loved being milked and shivered as he let out the last of his cum.


Kaige cleaned up the cock up and let it go. “You're welcome horny boy.”


“Thank you!” Kaylen panted as he pulled his jock back up. “I was gonna do stuff yesterday, but she ditched out on me. And no, I can't tell you who it is.”


“That's okay, this just means I get to play with your ass again,” Kaige gave his friend a wink, then a quick spanking before bolting away.


Kaylen's face turned crimson once more, “No spanking this time!!”


“But you loved it last time!” Kaige teased his friend. They laughed and joked the rest of the way to Kaige's.


“I'll see you later Kaylen. And that ass of yours.”


With one more wink, he went inside.


He wasn't in that much trouble for taking so long and was quickly sent up to clean up before dinner. Kaige decided to take a shower and take his friend's advice and jack off in it. When he got out of the shower Kaige unconsciously went to his new room to find clothes.


Jamie laying on his bed, in just his briefs, looked at the half naked boy entering his room. “Ooo, very nice Kaige.”


“You're not getting any.” Kaige grabbed a fresh set of clothes and went to leave the room. “Nor are you seeing it.”


Jamie pouted. “No fun! I just want a peek!”


“Never happening.”


Chapter End.


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