Little Life of Nolan Parks

18. Crash and Burn - Burn the Evidence

Liam's POV

Nolan's trial date was coming up soon. Like super soon, as in next week. Nolan has been avoiding TV in general for a while now. Well, mostly just news channels. He's afraid that it'll show Paul and Harrison.

And a few times it has. “In just one week the trial against Harrison Wells and an Unnamed youth will begin. The two are charged with the rape of a 14 year old boy. The unnamed youth has stated that these activities had been going on for a few years. It's expected that the court case will be settled swiftly as the youth has admitted to the police of his actions. Harrison, however, still claims innocent on all claims.”

There is more, but I couldn't watch it, I turned it off. The things that people report on... get a life.

I found Nolan in his room laying on his side in his bed. His legs were pulled up to his chest. They weren't quite touching his chest but still pulled up. “Hey, how's it going?”

Nolan didn't move. “I'm fine.”

Sitting down at the foot of his bed, I could tell he wasn't fine. He looked at me and then turned away. “You know it's okay to be scared?”

“I know... but I don't know what I'm feeling right now. There isn't a way to describe it.” He turned to lay on his chest. “Liam... can we do something?”

“If it's possible to do, of course. What do you want to do?”

Nolan looked at me, eyes hidden behind his hair. “Can we do something to make me forget that I have a trial to go to in a week?”

“Of course Nolan.” I grabbed him picking him up.

There was that smile that I love seeing. “Put me down, Liam!” He managed to get out while laughing.

I placed him down, and we couldn't stop laughing. It must be the tension that we were releasing or something. Either way it was a good laugh. “How bought we go swimming? We can get some of the others to go too.”

“That sounds perfect!”


“Wait you and Nolan aren't going to be here next week?” Henry asked at our meeting place at school. We just told them that we'd both be gone all next week.

Nolan was with his mom in the principle office currently. “Ya, it's no big deal we'll be back before you know it!”

Everyone had mixed reactions. Connor had this look on his face like he knew something but wasn't saying anything. Tobi seemed indifferent to the news. Dylan knew something was up, by the look of him, but wasn't asking questions.

Tobi turned the topic of conversation. “So where's everyone else?”

Dylan smiled. “Randy and Richie are busy with Randy's art competition. He's got a few pieces to bring in. Justin is wooing Grace currently.”

I chuckled. “Of course he is.”

Connor looked at me for a moment. “Can I talk to you in private Liam?” I shrugged and walked off with him. We walked outside and to a corner that no one really goes to. “Does yours and Nolan's going away have anything to do with Nolan's brother Paul?”

“Just ask the full question, Connor, don't beat around the bush.” I quipped out. Connor's face turned red as he flinched slightly. “Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you.”

“It's okay...” Connor lowered his head as he started to walk away.

I sighed. “Ask your question Connor... Please.”

He stopped and turned around. “Is the case about a boy being raped about Nolan?” I stood there in silence. What was there to say to the question? “I'll take that as a yes then. How is Nolan at home?”

“He usually ends up snuggling up to me in my bed. I don't think he's had a full nights rest since he's been in the hospital.” Connor bit his lip. “You don't need to worry Connor; he's doing better now.”

He shook his head. “I am worried about him. If it weren't for Nolan and Henry, I would still be sitting alone at lunch time. He's the best person I've ever met, and I can't help but worry about him!” Connor had started to cry. “Why didn't Nolan tell us?”

“You have a deep secret correct?” Connor nodded. “Well, how hard is it to tell someone that secret? Now on top of how hard that is, add bringing up painful memories time and time again. That is why Nolan hasn't said anything.”

Connor wiped his eyes clear of tears. “Okay... I get it now. Is there anything I can do to help him?”

“Keep continuing being this kind of friend. You're one of the people that Nolan needs around.” Connor had a small smile growing on his face.

I was about to go back inside when Connor continued to speak. “Can I tell you something? Something you can't tell anyone?”

“You trust me that much?”

“Well, you kept Nolan's secret for so long...” True enough.

“If you want to go ahead. If it's something that puts you or someone in danger though, I am telling someone.”

“Fair enough.” Connor sighed. “Things Sterling says are true... I like boys more than girls.” His face went scarlet red, and he couldn't keep eye contact. “I don't like you though... I'm not saying there is nothing to like but well.”

I stopped Connor right then and there. “Thank you but I, sir, am most certainly straight.” Connor laughed it off. “You have my word though, I will not tell anyone.”

“Thanks, Liam.” Connor gave me a hug, and we went back inside. Nolan seemed happier than he was when I left him at the office. What is with me and having that 'big brother' aspect? Good thing I enjoy it right?


Nolan's POV

“I understand Nolan and Liam will have excused absences while they are away.” Mom explained briefly that we had a trial to go to, and it was mandatory for us and handed the principle an authorized letter from the court. This school has strict attendance policies.

“Thank you, I hope you have a good day.” My mom offered the principle a smile.

He returned her gesture. “Same to you Ms. Parks. I'll see you around Nolan.” I gave a small wave before following my mom into the hallway.

“See you mom.” I went to walk away before I heard her clear her throat. “Yes?”

“Are you sure you'll be okay without Liam?” Mom still worries about me. She has a really good reason to though.

I pointed towards the group. “My friends are right there, I'll be fine. See you after school.”

“Love you.”

My face heated; I was blushing. “Love you too.” I turned and quickly made my way away from my mom. Saying 'I love you' in public is embarrassing okay?

When I reached my friends, mom was still there, looking down the hallway. I gave her another wave before she went on with her day.

Henry interrupted me watching her walk away. “How's the mommy?”

“She's good. Worried about me like always.”

“Aren't all moms like that?” Dylan added to the conversation. “What did you have to go to the office for?”

“Mom had to tell the principle that Liam and I would be going away next week.”

Liam and Connor came up the hallway towards us. Wonder where they wondered off to. “It went well then?”

“Yep!” I smiled. “We're good to go!”

“You're going to leave us behind?” Henry asked. He looked sad about it. Henry knew why I was going away; he had to know. I wish I could bring him along.

“HELLO, BOYS!” The only person that could be that obnoxious is Sterling. Sterling and a few of his friends came up to the group. “Awww Dylan where's your boyfriend?”

Dylan smiled. “Richie is with his brother.” Richie kissed Dylan at school last week. Since then they have been the spawn of the rumor mill. “They are setting up Randy's art display.”

“Sounds faggy.” Dylan and Liam's eyes narrowed. “Anyways, I'm here for Nolan.”

Liam moved in front of me. “The hell do you want with my cousin?”

Sterling put his hands in the air backing up. “Whoa calm down there Liam.” Liam continued to glare at him. “I was wondering if you could just get Justin off my sister. They are getting way to close for my comfort.”

Henry laughed. “First of all, Justin won't just back off. Second, you can't control who your sister dates.”

The guys Sterling were with laughed. “Oh, you have no idea what I can do to guys who want to date my sister. Now, tell Justin to back off or shit is going to go down.” Sterling went to walk away but stopped at Connor. “Looser.” He pushed Connor towards Dylan, who caught him.

Liam looked like he was about to punch Sterling. Tobi held him back before following Sterling down the hall. Tobi grabbed Sterling shoulder, turned him around and slapped him across the face.

Everyone stood there in awe. Like EVERY ONE in the hallway was staring at Sterling and Tobi. We stood there as Tobi went off on Sterling.


Tobi's POV

“Why can't you just leave Connor alone!? He's never done anything to you, and yet you torment the kid daily for what reason? Because you are insecure about some shit!” Fuck this man, boy, THING! “Connor has never said one bad thing about you and yet you continue to harass him day after day.

“You're the worst kind of person!” I screamed at him. That was an explosion if I've ever seen one.

Sterling just stood there looking at me. He was as shocked as I about what I did. Not knowing what to do, he just turned and walked away. Leaving his friends behind for a moment before they realized he walked off and they followed him.

He couldn't say anything to me, like always. I know he likes guys; he likes me for goodness sake! But he can't own up to it! God I'm pissed.

I took a couple breaths before turning around and heading back to the group. They were standing there waiting for someone to break the silence. Luckily for me Connor did. “Thanks, Tobi...”

“It wasn't for you, but you’re welcome.” My hand kind of stings from slapping him. “How hard did I slap him?”

Dylan snorted. “Dude the impacted echoed through the halls. You slapped him hard!” Well... I don't know if that was good news or not.

Connor remained looking at me, confused. “Yes?”

He shook out of his trance. “You just said it wasn't for me... but you mentioned me a lot. If it wasn't for me, who was it for?”

“Just never mind, okay? It's nothing.” His head dropped, but his eyes kept looking back up at me. It was annoying, but at the same time cute.

Henry and Nolan looked around the group awkwardly. Liam had his hand on Nolan, like always. I made Connor feel bad, and Dylan is thinking about something. The typical group things to do.

I interrupted our awkward silence. “How bought we go check out Randy's display now.” I started walking off towards the gym. The others followed closely behind.

Man, why did I have to freak out at Sterling? I'm never going to hear the end of it now. Not from my friends, or Sterling himself... Fuck me. Not literally.


Randy's POV

“Does this look good here?” I was looking over my display with Richie. I had five pieces to arrange on a table. I couldn't help but feel like they weren't looking good where they were.

Richie took a step back and looked at the display. “Maybe switch the field with the waterfall.” Thinking about that option, I had to agree with him.

I swapped them and took another look. “I guess that's as good as it's going to get.”

“It looks fine Randy. Nolan is going to be mad at you though.” Ya, he is. A drawing of him was the centerpiece of my display.

From left to right it goes Waterfall, Fish, Nolan, Dog, and Field. Don't ask me why I didn't think of swapping them before.

The waterfall was one that I saw during a trip through the Rockies. The car had broken down, and we were waiting for a tow truck, and I was just drawing this waterfall. It was off in the distance, but I got a good enough look at it. The result was a painting of it that I considered my best waterfall I ever made.

The fish was just a simple fish, well kind of. Richie not only loves to swim in the water, but he also loves to fish. On top of that he's part of the LGTB community, so this fish with rainbow scales was made for my brother. I couldn't help but put it in the display.

SKIIIPING Nolan, the Dog, was me drawing/painting our old family pet. He is a beautiful husky dog, and this was my favorite picture of him. Shylo was just super awesome, and that's why it's there.

The field is just a simple field with grass flowing through the wind. The art teacher said I should enter it though, so I did. That's really all there is to it.

With Nolan, it's my best picture of a person I've done. Done in just pencil, it was a black and white drawing. I'm fairly decent at doing people, but this was an exception. I got Nolan down to a pin! Like honestly, it was way too good and once again the art teacher was like 'PUT IT IN' so I did.

“Shut up Richie, he'll love it.”

“Well don't hold your breath here he comes.” I turned to see the group, minus Justin, heading over. I bit my lip in nervousness. “Hey, guys!”

Henry smiled towards me. “How's the display?”

“It's good... I guess.” They reached it and took a look. I could tell Nolan's eyes were locked on the picture of him. “Do you mind Nolan?”

He shook his head. “No, if you think it's good then use it.” Awesome! YES!

“I actually think it's my best work regarding drawing someone.” I awkwardly giggled.

Connor was in awe. “You're great Randy!”

“Thanks, Connor.” His smile... it's so cute. Okay, why did I say that? Why why why why why?

Okay, let me actually explain why. Even though I'm not gay, Connor makes me want to try things with boys. Specifically him. Like I want to see what is in those pants and maybe play with it a bit... Only Connor though!

“These are pretty good.” Tobi interrupted my dirty thoughts. “Have you scoped out the competition?”

“No, some of it isn't even here yet. It's a school district wide competition after all.” Nolan had a smile on his face. A great smile, similar to the one he had in the picture. “Nolan can I talk to you?”

Nolan looked back at Liam and Henry. “Uhhh sure.”

We walked over to a display that no one was standing around. It was a good display too; luckily it was in a different category than I was. “You really don't mind that I used the drawing of you?”

“No, I don't mind at all. It's your picture after all.” I nodded. “This isn't what you wanted to talk about though is it?”

I'm caught. “Well... I wanted to ask you about the mall the other day.” Nolan shivered and turned away from me. “If you don't want me to ask, I won't.”

Nolan was quiet, not saying anything. We had stood there for a few moments before he spoke. “Is it about Tracy?”


“Just leave it at that okay? Yes, I can't look at him but I don't want to go into it.”

“But it's not just that you can't look at him...”

Nolan cut me off. “Just stop Randy.” He was on the verge of tears. “Please.”

I gave him a hug. “I'm sorry Nolan.” Nolan hugged me back. “I won't bring it up again, I promise.”

He lightly whispered, “Thanks” When he let me go I could see it... his facade. His smile, how fake it was. Nolan went from almost crying to smiling, looking like nothing is wrong with him. Wow...

We returned to everyone and Nolan was normal with them. I watched as he smiled and laughed with everyone. It was astounding.

With a glance at the drawing, I saw the same smile I saw just now. Fake. Nolan has been in pain for the entire time I've known him... and I didn't know. I guess it isn't just black and white.


Justin's POV

So here I am wooing like the hottest chick in my grade. But man, why does she have to be Sterling's sister? Grace is smart and nice... Sterling is a dumbshit and a bully. How does one family make that?

Grace and I were standing by a tree outside the main entrance. Kids were passing by, some even taking a glance at us. We were kind of holding hands sooo.

These kinds of things are fun for me though. Just hanging out, by a tree... Fun. Nope can't say that this is kind of boring, but I'll manage it for Grace. We've been talking about school mostly, and classes and shit.

Then out of nowhere Grace asked me. “So you and Henry are best friends right?”

I nodded confused.. “Ya since like second grade.”

“How come second grade, why not first?”

“We didn't go to the same school in the first grade. Ever since second though, we've been thick as thieves!” And I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Grace looks so pretty... maaaan she is pretty. “What if he was gay, would that change things?”

Okay, what? “Ummm... no? Why would you ask that?”

She shrugged. “I don't know; I've heard stuff through the grapevine.”

“Like what?” What has made it through this grapevine of hers?

“Oh, just that Henry, Tobi and Connor are gay. On top of Dylan and Richie.” Ummm... Henry is, Tobi... more than likely. Connor, I don't know. “It's just weird that so many of your friends are gay.”

“You don't have any solid ground that any of them are gay Grace.”

“Well I do with Tobi, but that's it. The other two it's just grapevine.” She looked over at me and kissed me on the cheek. “I'll see you after class Justin.”

“Ya... see ya...” SHE JUST KISSED ME!!! Kind of.

She turned around. “Oh and I hope you know I'm going to investigate on these theories of mine. I will find out Justin.” I don't know what you plan on getting out of it Grace, but good luck?

Chapter End.


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