Little Life of Nolan Parks

18.5. The Trial - I'm Not Jesus

Henry's POV

Today is the day of Nolan's trial... On Friday after school Nolan and Liam came up to me in private.

“Nolan has something he wants to ask you,” Liam told me. Nolan was hiding behind his hair like usual.

Mostly hiding behind Liam, he spoke. “My mom called yours last night... and asked if you could come to the trial with us. Your mom said she would allow it if you wanted to...”

That was his way of asking me to go. I, of course, said, “Of course, I want to be there to support you!” and that brings us to today.

Nolan and I have sat outside the courtroom the entire trial. He didn't want to be in there for anything besides his testimony. He was to be the second witness for the crown; his mother being the first. Ms. Parks took up the entire first day and a good portion of the second.

Liam was in the courtroom for most of it. He came out sometimes, muttering to himself. He'd check how Nolan was doing and then go back inside. The next time he came out he wasn't muttering though. “Hey, we have a quick recess for lunch, and then it's going to be your turn, okay?” Nolan only nodded.

The three of us grabbed our lunches we brought and started to eat. Well, I say that but Nolan barely touched his food. I can't blame him, he's probably nervous as all hell for this.

Lunch was over faster than I thought. Nolan and I joined Liam in the courtroom.

The lawyer representing the crown stood. “I would like to call Nolan Theodore Parks to the stand.” Nolan stood up and walked over to the stand. The cop guy swore him in and then the lawyer asked his first questions.

They were basic questions, your name, where you live/lived, and how long he'd known each of the defendants. Stupid stuff that I guess the court needed for something.

The first serious question was asked quite suddenly. “At what age do you allege the rape began?”

“When Paul was 13... I would have been 10? Almost 11, I think.”

“And when did Mr. Wells join your brother?”

I could see Nolan shaking from here. “Two years later...”

“Could you describe what they did?” Nolan remained silent. He closed his eyes and just shook. Tears flowed down his cheeks. “Nolan, I did not ask that to be answered. I asked it to prove a point. This child is scared from the actions of Mr. Parks and Mr. Harrison. Did anyone else do things like that to you?

Nolan could only nod. “And who constructed these endeavors?” Nolan pointed towards his brother, barely opening his eyes as he did. “How many others did those type of things to you?”

“I don't know...” Nolan shook his head furiously. Once he stopped his hair covered his eyes perfectly from my position.

“Could you supply the jury with, an estimate?”

Nolan turned his head towards the jury. “I honestly can't tell you how many.” The jury started muttering to themselves. The judge called attention to the court.

The Lawyer continued. “Mr. Parks has admitted to his actions towards Nolan here. It's not him we're trying to prove guilty here, it's Mr. Wells. So, Nolan, I ask you this; how many times did Mr. Wells touch you inappropriately?” I couldn't hear what Nolan said, he was too quiet. “To the jury, he said 'every time he came over'. Every time Mr. Wells entered the Parks household Nolan was violated. Your honour, I have no further questions for this scared young man.”

The guy took a seat. The judge looked over to the defense. “Does the defense wish to cross-examine?”

“Yes, your honor.” The other lawyer got up and walked into the middle of the room. “When you say, my client, Mr. Wells, touched you inappropriately, how did he do so?”

Nolan's eyes searched the room. He stopped when he was staring at Liam and I. “You honor, may I step down?”

“Answer the question young man.” Was all the judge said.

Nolan was trapped, and there was nothing I could do for him. His line of sight remained on Liam and I. “He would grab my butt. I would find my face pressed against his crotch. He would put his hand down my pants...”

“And you say this happened every time Mr. Wells came over... Where was your mother?”

Nolan got up and bolted out of the room. Liam, his mom, and I got up and followed him out. We barely saw him enter the restrooms as we got out of the courtroom.

Liam and I ventured in, leaving Mrs. Parks outside. We could hear him breathing heavily as he cried. “Nolan...” Liam spoke softly. The door to the stall he was in was locked. “Can you unlock the stall?”

“GO AWAY!!” He was hysterical. Nolan couldn't even tell it was Liam.

“Nolan its Liam.” He tried to tell him.

“GO AWAY!” Was the only thing he got.

I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the stall. Nolan noticed and tried to get away. I stayed down on my knees. “Nolan, It's me... Henry. What's wrong?”

It took him a few moments, but it finally registered that it was me. “Henry...” He looked at me... there was nothing but sadness in his voice. “I remember the day... the day Paul and Harrison got caught. All of it.”

He shot forward hugging me against the stall door. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing his forehead. “I'm sorry you remember... Liam and I will protect you though. I promise. I'll protect you always.”

I heard Liam walk away from the stall. Nolan and I stayed in that stall for who knows how long. We stayed until he had calmed down enough to leave. When we got out Liam was standing by the bathroom door. “I got kicked out of the courtroom...”

“Why?” Nolan asked.

“I swore to kill your brother and Harrison if they ever got near you again.” Liam smiled and removed Nolan's hair from his face. “Henry and I got you. You're safe with us.”

Nolan smiled, letting his hair fall in front of his face again. “I know... and I love you both for it." Nolan just said he loved me... He loves me. HE LOVES ME!!!

Chapter End.


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