My Life Started After High School

6. When You Love - High Above the Ground

Aidyn's POV

Sadly I had to get back to school, so my time with Noah was short but sweet. We had a good time together when we were together, so that's a plus. We did manage to have sex on Sunday afternoon, so that's nice.

Right now, though, I'm in the middle of woodworking. To build a set, you've got to know how to work wood. I just got to learn how to work this kind of wood. It's a smaller class, mostly filled with kids looking to start up their carpentry careers.

I was in the middle of working out some legs on a table when I got interrupted. Well not really interrupted but there were a couple of guys standing with ear muffs on the other side of the sander waiting for me. When I finally looked up, I turned off the machine and took off my muffs. “Hey, sup?”

I had seen one of them in the theatre when I was in class a few times. Gage, I think his name is. “Hey, I'm Gage. You might have seen me in the theatre a few times.” He extended his hand for a handshake.

I gave him a firm handshake. “Aidyn, but I'm sure you know that already if you're here.” We shared a little laugh. “How can I help you, Gage?”

Well, I'm here for two reasons actually.” He sounds like a salesman, but one that you want to listen to. “First: I was just wondering if you knew about the GSA in the school.”

I did actually, just haven't gotten to seeing what it was all about. “Yes, I do actually. Haven't had the time yet, though.” Does he think I'm gay? He's not wrong but seriously?

Gage gave off an awkward laugh. “Sorry, that seems kind of blunt. I saw you on Grindr the other day, and I remembered who you were when I was sent here.” Well, that makes some sense. “I'm Bi, and have a boyfriend so that you know.”

Gay, have a boyfriend back home.”

Must be tough. Anyways, I wanted to go over plans for the set for the performance.” Wait why am I the one he's being sent to? “There is a reason Mr. Director likes to see resumes. On yours, there was 'set building' so you have been put in charge of set building.”

And what are you in charge of?”

Gage scratched the back of his head. “I am kind of the stage manager/Director. I'm going to school to become a teacher, majoring in Science and Theatre. So I'm a mini director.” That's cool. “Have you heard what play we're doing?”

Not yet. What are we doing?” So after a very lengthy conversation about what play and some basic ideas on the set, Gage and a few of the other tech with him were all pretty satisfied at the direction we were going.

Just as Gage was leaving, he turned around. “My boyfriend isn't back home, but he's pretty far away still. We chat every day and night.” With the silence that was now the workroom, his pocket vibrated. “This is probably him now. What makes it easier to handle is that contact and knowing when we're going to see each other next.”

Ya, I agree. I saw him this weekend. I surprised him.”

Surprises are nice, but it's nice to have a plan. I find at least.” Gage shrugged. “Nice start on a table, though. I'll see you later Aidyn.” I chuckled as he left the workroom. That was when I realized that class was far over, and the professor was just about to leave.

Ya, I think he's right. I think having a goal in mind for when we're going to see each other next would work. That would mean Noah and I have something to look forward to. It'll help Noah keep his head up; according to Tiz he's been having a hard time with that recently.

Yes, that's right I keep tabs on my boyfriend. I do it because I care, though. Noah was entering an unknown when I was leaving. I wanted to know he was going to be looked after. It was Tiz's idea to do this. He knew I'd be worried and predicted the same thing I did, that Noah would enter a hole of sorts.

Why are you harboring a criminal? Hey Nathan, how come?” I was knocked out of my thoughts. Nathan was trying to pass by someone and was being pushed back. Nathan isn't the biggest guy in the world, but the guy asking him had some heft to him. “Come on, answer me, Reynolds.”

Nathan got pushed back again, this time, his headphones fell off his head. Luckily he caught them. “I don't know what you're talking about. Now can you please move?”

The guy chuckled. “That kid has been all over the news, and you know it. He's been stealing phones and shit, probably selling them to get money for drugs.”

That was when I saw it click in Nathan. He went from trying to be passive to venomous almost. “Don't try and tell me you understand Carter's life, Kadin. You have no idea what he's been through and what he does.”

Why don't you just let us pass, Kadin was it?” I stepped up behind Nathan catching him off guard. “I don't know, nor care, what your beef is with Carter or Nathan. I do know though that you have no authority to handle this so screw off.”

Kadin huffed. “My dad's a police officer I can do what I want.”

I grinned. “So is mine,” and stared him down. It wasn't long before he rolled his eyes, waved us off and went on his way. That was when Nathan finally breathed. “You okay?”

He nodded. “Ya, thanks.”


Is it true, your dad's a cop?”

Ya, he is. Is Carter really getting into that kind of trouble?”

Nathan shrugged. “I don't know, but I'm not going to lie, it looks like it. I wish I could help him more than what I already am doing.” I get that feeling from him. The feeling you're just not doing enough, it royally sucks.

Come on, let's get food. I'm starving!” Just to take our minds off of our stresses for a moment. The problems won't change between now and after.


Skylar's POV

No dude, it's going to be great!” Booker was wearing a Deadpool hoodie he got while he was on vacation in the summer. He hasn't been able to stop talking about the movie that's coming out next year. “It's gonna be amazing! I just have to convince my parents to let me go.”

I could always ask Aidyn to take us.” I'm sure he wouldn't mind going. He's into superheroes and their movies.

Booker got really excited when I said that. “REALLY!? That would be amazing! Aidyn would be my hero!” I couldn't help but laugh at his excitement. Booker is easily excitable, especially when it comes to comic book movies or TV shows.

Booker is my best friend, has been since we were little. He's a little taller than me now but I'm right behind him! He's still not Aidyn’s height, though. Booker is just getting over the awkward stage in puberty. You know the one where your arms and legs look less proportionate than usual.

If Aidyn has the time I'm sure he will. It's a while away though and who knows what'll happen.”

Still, if he does he's a god!” Aidyn went from a hero to a god in mere moments. “Anyways, how are you and Greyson doing? Gotten to the nasty yet?”

And this is typical Booker. I tell him a lot of things, like Greyson's and my sex life on occasion. He doesn't completely hate it but doesn't like to talk about it much. Lately, though I've been wanting to take things a step further with Greyson but he hasn't been up to it, and Booker knows that.

It's good... No, we haven't gotten 'nasty' yet.”

Have you at least figured out what's holding him back?” If only it were that easy Booker. “I take your silence as a 'no' then.”

I gave him a weird ass smile. “Ya, I don't know. Greyson is the one who made the first advance towards kissing, but won't go towards anything else first. I don't know what's holding him back. It's hard to read him when he's blind.”

Hard to tell when he's thinking hard or just listening to you rant.” I do rant quite a bit. But I can usually tell when his interests go somewhere else. I've become quite good at telling that. But when it's about sex, god, Greyson has been bewildered.

Like Greyson will be all for snuggling, and even kissing. He's doing blow jobs and stuff now but back there is a 'no fly zone'. Every time he says he's not ready, and I don't want to be pushy, so I don't go any further.

Then on top of it all we have Greyson going all 'I can do things myself.' He's striving to be so independent and do things all by himself. Sure there are plenty of things that he can do by himself, but when he's out walking all by himself, I worry. I get that the stick thing is supposed to help him and make sure he doesn't walk into the street. What if someone doesn't stop, though?

Skylar?” Booker waved his hands in front of my face. I must have zoned out. “You doing okay?”

Ya, I'm fine. Just thinking about Greyson.” I sighed.

Booker grabbed my shoulders. “He'll be fine, Greyson's a big boy.” And then he smacked me. “And he can handle himself. Now we're going to my place and playing a game or two. So get your stuff and get going!”

I laughed as Booker marched towards his locker. I shook my head and followed him shaking my head and laughing as we went. I guess I'm just going to play my games and stop worrying about Greyson... At least for a little bit.


Noah's POV

Isaiah smiled as I sat there and let him play with my hair as we waited for the gang to all show up. “Why do you do nothing with your hair? You can do so much with this.” Isaiah, the guy who can barely look at a person without judging their hair. He's been gaga over mine since we met.

Anyways, we have a walking home gang that do exactly what it sounds like. Isaiah, Edea, Tiz Ashton and I are all part of this group. It has been a thing for a while but when Aidyn got his license I usually got rides from him.

Yes, and I like it just the way it is.” Isaiah smiled and moved away from me. “What would you do with it?”

Well, I would add streaks into your hair. That's about it.” He looked at my hair intensely before continuing. “I'll get back to you on that.”

Isaiah, stop playing with Noah's hair,” Edea called out from down the hall. Tiz and Edea were coming up the hall together like they usually do in the afternoon. “You know how Noah gets awkward when you get that close.”

Edea gave Isaiah a kiss on the cheek before grabbing hold of his right hand. “Noah let me, I promise.” Isaiah defended himself. “Right Noah?” I nodded in agreement.

Edea and Isaiah have been dating for a while now. But before that we were friends, and she was helping me with the grief I was going through. She's become kind of like Aaron to me, an older sister figure. Aaron was very grateful for Edea.

Where's Ashton?” Tiz looked up one hallway and down the other. “He's usually here before us.” It's true; Ashton is usually the first one here and gets mad at the twins for being late all the time. It's really weird that it's opposite today.

I'll go look for him.” I offered before heading off. “I'll be right back.”

It didn't take long before I heard Ashton's voice in the male’s bathroom. He was talking to someone. “...won't happen. I'm not doing that stuff again.” Ashton made himself very clear in the tone of his voice.

Well, why not?” Kayde? Why is he talking to Kayde? “You've done it before, we could do it again, no one would know.”

Ashton's voice transformed from forceful to flat out angry. “I don't care if no one knows about it. I am straight Kayde; I know that now. There is no regret in my actions back then, but I don't have any interest in doing them again.”

That was when I decided to turn the corner and look into the bathroom. Kayde had a very annoyed look on his face while Ashton was trying to push past him. They both saw me and Ashton took this as an opportunity to get past him.

What are you trying to do Kayde?” He just rolled his eyes and turned away.

Ashton explained it, though. “He's trying to get back into my pants. I told him no, and he can't take it.”

There is more to it than that Ashton!” Kayde called out from the back.

Ashton huffed and looked at me. This kid is the first guy I ever did stuff with. He and I sucked each other off, and he even topped me once. After that time though we didn't really do anything else. Kayde joined in a few times to do a couple of things but nothing to that extreme.

First of all Kayde, there is no 'more to it' than what I've said. I don't care if you're bisexual, nor do I care if Noah is gay. Neither of those things bother me at all. But I have moved on passed the experimentation phase of my life. I like girls; I am straight.” He directed all of what he said at Kayde. “Go ahead and find a guy who wants to do stuff with you. Come on Noah, lets go home.”

Ashton pulled me away and walked down the hallway. His grip wasn't too tight, but it wasn't loose either. He was clearly upset about what Kayde was saying to him. We remained silent for the entire walk back to Tiz, Edea and Isaiah.

The walk home was quite normal, though. Ashton acted like nothing had happened and remained his risky self. Talking about how he plans on heading to the waterfall this weekend and jump into the pool of water from the top of it.

It wasn't until everyone else turned down their streets that Ashton brought up Kayde. “Kayde is a real dick now isn't he?” I nodded. “You know he wants you really bad?”

He's been asking for us to do stuff since the start of school. I have the same response every time.” And I am not changing it! I'm not ruining what Aidyn and I have.

That you have a boyfriend, and he can find someone else. He complained all about it to me. I kept telling him to give up, but he was having none of that.” Ashton shot me a sympathetic look. “He's a royal pain in the ass.”

I couldn't help but laugh at the comment. “Ya, he is. Just got to set him straight... or bi or whatever.” That got us both giggling.

Out of everyone in my group of friends Ashton and I have the closest bond that's for sure. We've done stuff together that I haven't done with the rest of the group. We have a deeper understanding for each other I guess.

That being said, Tiz and Edea helped me out a lot. They are close to me too. We'll let's just be fair; I'm surrounded by good people. My life has done an 180 turnaround from where it once was.


Abel's POV

This school is still so new to me... It sucks. There have been a couple of kids who have tried to include me in things. I usually shut them down and thank them for the offer. I’m just too awkward to do anything with new people...

It sucks even more being in a Catholic school. Yes, my parents, on top of being insanely Christian, they send their kids to a Catholic school. Just to make sure we grow up believing in God and all that jazz. I love my parents and all, but it's kind of annoying being in this environment while having these feelings.

Bluntly, I have feelings for other guys. Less bluntly, I find some guys attractive, but I don't know if I'm gay or bi. There is that feeling of not wanting to be into guys... That it's 'against the bible' and how my parent will eventually react to it. It makes things confusing in my life.

Well a tiny bit more about me before we get on with it. I get my hair from my mom and my eyes from both of my parents. My hair is brown until it gets to the ends, and then for some reason, it gets brighter. It just naturally happens it's really weird. My eyes are just plain green, though; it's kind of boring.

Abel!” I heard my named called out from down the hallway. When I turned to see who it was, I wish I hadn't. Jason, the boy scout of the school, was the one to call my name. Jason is a guy with so much going on. He's probably the most popular guy in school but just not my kind of guy. He's just so busy. “Are you liking the school?”

On top of all that, he feels obligated to welcome and make sure I'm all good. “Ya, I'm good thanks.” I tried to wave him off, but he was not having any of it.

How's your sister taking it all in?” Oh, I forgot to mention that since this is a private, Catholic school, it's got every single grade in it. Kindergarten to grade 12. We are separated, don't worry. “She's in grade 7 right?”

Yes, Jason she is. Thanks for your concern but I should get going.” I mostly just want to get away from him. “See ya.”

He just stood there; probably fully aware I was trying to get away from him. He still stayed cheerful and just waved as I made my way to the bus. I live close enough to walk, but this stupid school requires everyone to take the bus. I don't get it.

I got onto the bus and sat down right in the front beside the bus driver. Nothing says 'I don't want anyone to sit beside me' like sitting beside the driver.

Well, I thought it would, but some kid stopped and looked at me. “You're the new kid...” I nodded. He smiled and sat down. “Sitting up here is a pretty good way to make no one sit beside you. I'm going to ruin your plan.” When he sat down, that's when I got a good look at him. His black hair was skillfully placed to meet school regulations while being longer than the school allows. His blue eyes shined brightly with interest.

Thanks, I guess.” I chuckled awkwardly. “My name is Abel.”

Kyler, nice to meet you, Abel.” We shook hands and smiled at each other. “Got a brother?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, and I will make sure he doesn't kill me.” If you don't know, Abel was the son of Adam and Eve alongside Cain. Cain, the older brother, was the first born human and Abel was the first to die. It's a great tale to be named after.

Kyler giggled to himself. “Oh good, you have heard that joke before.” That was when the bus started on its way to drop everyone off.

It's hard not to when you're named Abel.”

Kyler rolled his eyes. “You're pretty chill; you know that? Want to hang out sometime, outside of school of course. These uniforms suck too much to be in for too long.” I chuckled. He was right; these uniforms were probably the worst part of this school. There's worse out there but nonetheless. “I don't get to wear my piercings with this stuff on.”

You have piercings?” He doesn't look like he has and, of course, I can't see his ears.

And just like that, he pulled his hair back to reveal little holes in his ears. “Ya, two each ear. One in the lobe and one up on the higher part of the ear.” He seemed quite proud of what would be his piercings. “I'm guessing you don't?”

I shook my head. “No, I asked my mom when I was little and was told a very stern 'no'” Well, to be honest, my mom went on a rant about how a body is a temple, and a piercing would damage it. The few hours it took for my mom to think she drilled it into my head enough were torture.

My parents are more lenient about the whole thing. Ya, I still go to church and all that stuff but it's not 'bible is the law' in my house.” The bus got to its first stop, and Kyler got up. “This is my stop. I'll talk to you later. Try not to let Jason bug you too much, he means well.”

You saw that!?” Kyler just laughed and hopped off the bus. He met up with an older boy; they looked similar just different ages. Before the bus took off, Kyler turned and waved to me. I returned the wave before he was too far gone to be seen.

I guess this school isn't too bad. There are people like Kyler around here, so I guess it's manageable. I have Greyson right down the road from home too. It could be worse I guess.


Greyson's POV

So Sky and I are very naked on my bed right now. Mom and dad are out for a date right now, so we took advantage of it. And currently, Skylar has my cream shooting into his mouth. “FUCK SKY!” I held him close to my groin.

Once my climax finished I let go of his head. “Damn, that was hot.” Sky was smiling; you could hear it in voice. “My turn?”

I retracted back a bit. “I don't know...”

Sky brought himself right up close and snuggled into me. “If you're still not ready that's okay.” He rubbed my chest. “I'll wait for you.”

It's not fair for you, though. I should have returned the favor to you by now. This is not okay with me, but I can't handle it.” He's blown me over and over again, and I've just given him a hand job. “What if... you find another guy to do it with until I'm ready?” I asked innocently.

Skylar didn't take it so innocently. His hand increased pressure on my chest, and his head raised up. “Greyson I am not screwing around with someone else. You're my boyfriend. Even if you gave me permission I would think of it as cheating. And I'm not okay with that.”

It was just a suggestion... I didn't mean to offend you. I'm sorry.”

For everything that blindness has caused me, this phobia of sex is the worst. I don't know what I'm getting into and to top it all off when I'm super horny I don't have the ability to use my other scenes. I just get overcome by everything and get into sensory overload.

When I get close, I just get overcome with everything and I freak out. Anxiety at its best, I guess. I just need to relax, I know Sky wouldn't do anything to hurt me; he would lead me the right way if I strayed from the right path. He's great like that.

You didn't offend me, Grey. I just wish you would try.” He snuggled right back into me.

I have tried... I get to anxious though and freak out.” Sky pulled himself close to me. “I'm sorry.”

Don't be, let's just go to bed. I'm settled down now, I promise.” Within moments, Skylar was softly snoring on my chest. And before long I followed him.

In my dreams, I could see clearly what everything looked like. Sky and I would make love for hours and hours; everything was fine, and I could do everything without a sweat. It was a perfect place... too bad it was a dream.


???'s POV

People are walking by not caring that I'm sitting by this side door. It's a door no one ever uses, so it's a good place to sleep at night sometimes. This jacket is decent for these fall nights. I don't think it will help on the winter ones, though.

Looking at my watch, only a few minutes before 10 am. I should get up and get some breakfast put get some food into me.

Wondering down the street, I would look at the people on their way to wherever. Some would return the look and give me a sympathetic stare and continue on. Some would offer a couple of bucks for food or offer to pick me up something to eat. Those were the nice people.

Watch where you're walking, kid!” Some snob pushed me aside, almost falling over. The guy huffed and continued walking.

I just glared as he gradually got out of my sight. “Fuck you too...” I swore under my breath before continuing.

When I reached the soup kitchen, they looked like they were just finishing serving. 10:33, yup they were just finishing up. “Hey, Carter!” The lady behind the counter called to me.

Hey... you're just finishing up, I'll get some somewhere else.” I turned around to continue my day. I bumped into someone, though. “Sorry, I didn't see you... Tre?”

Tre was the first guy I met on Grindr, and I stayed at his house for a little bit. He's a super chill guy and has the best sister and nephew. “I finally found you, Carter. How have you been?”

I have a bowl saved for you, Carter!” The kitchen attendant smiled and placed it on the counter for me before returning to the kitchen.

Tre and I took a seat as I ate my food. “Where have you been Carter? Have you done anything?”

I smiled at his concern. “I've been staying in my cousin's dorm room when I can. No, I haven't done anything stupid, I promise.” I ate through that soup so quickly; it was really really good.

Tre smiled at me. “Okay, I've been looking for you for two reasons. One, I've been worried sick since you left unannounced. Second I'm giving you this.” He plopped a cell phone down on the table.

I looked from the phone up to Tre and back down again. I grabbed the phone and unlocked the screen. Bars, actual cell signal coming to this phone!? Why am I getting this? “Why are you giving me a phone, Tre?”

I recently upgraded my phone and didn't have a good reason to keep this phone. So I got it on the cheapest plan that would let me keep in contact with you. I worry about you, Carter.” Tre has been a big brother to me for a long time. When I first realized I was gay, he helped me out BIG time. When I was kicked out, he offered me a room, free of charge.

He may seem really creepy right now, with all his concern, but he's a nice guy who cares. He does his best for what he has to offer. And wants what's best for me.

So this is my phone now?” He nodded. “I don't know what to say.”

Just don't use too much data. That would kill my budget.” I laughed. I couldn't do that to Tre; he's being way to kind to me. “If you want I can take you to my place. You can start school again and get back to living a normal life.”

As much as that sounds nice Tre, I can't. You still live where my parents and old friends are. It would be too painful for me. Sorry.”

Tre grabbed my hands. “Your parents are being investigated for child neglect and abuse.”

Wait... where's my little brother?” He's not my biological brother, but he's my stepdad's son. So Step-brother, I guess. He's become special to me too. “What happened to him?”

He's currently in foster care, with a very nice family, I promise. I helped pick them out with the social worker.” Good guy Tre, he's the best. “We can go see Cairo if you come with me. Cairo is a major reason I've been out looking for you when I can. Your brother misses you.” Cairo...

Chapter End.


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