My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 15 - What I Want... - I've Got the Music in Me

Aidyn's POV

God damn; last night was a blast! I've been lying in bed with Noah snuggled against me. He was sound asleep laying back into me resting his head on my shoulder and hugging my arm. I couldn't resist it; I started spooning him.

We just laid there for what felt like forever. It was a good forever, just that feeling of just laying there and taking everything in.

That is until Aaron quietly opened the door. She smiled at me and stepped inside. “He's so adorable when he sleeps.”

“He really is.”

“He’s even cuter when snuggling his boyfriend.” She giggled slightly as I felt my face heat up. “It's amazing how he's doing after the news of his brother.”

“Ya... He's doing great; I love this kid.” I brushed his hair out of his face.

Aaron rested her hand on Noah's. “He loves you too. Noah wants you two to stay together forever. He also wants PDAs to be a thing in your relationship.”

I nodded, “Ya I know. I'm just scared of that.”

“The great Aidyn Scott scared of something? Is the world ending!?”

I rolled my eyes. “It happens more than you think.”

“The immortal king jock of the tenth grade afraid. Everyone always assumes the jocks are just that, immortal kings. In the long run, those who get caught up in it all, become lost in life. It's a shame; a nerd is the way to go.”

“You're such a looser, talking like this.”

“I'm not lying!”

“I know. Now go get cleaning, I think a few more people met your toilet.”

She got up shaking her head, “More than just a few. Get Noah up and get cleaning.” Aaron looked back. “Or he's already up.”

Noah giggled, “No I'm not.”

“Oh, shut it! Get up and get to cleaning!” Aaron left and slammed the door.

Noah turned over, pushing me over so he could snuggle into my side. “You're too comfy to get up.” He pushed his face into my chest and closed his eyes.

We stayed like that for close to another half an hour. Lying together without a care in the world.

My mind went back to the first time I saw him in the hallways at school. Noah was being verbally attacked by another guy on the soccer team. He was being called a nerd, a loser, and all kinds of names. I was standing there with Bryce and Chance just listening to this guy attack him.

Noah didn't say anything back, however. He sat there and took every ounce of insults thrown at him. People just walking by letting it happen to him. I had finally reached my breaking point when I heard, “Come on, do something you little faggot!”

I shot forward towards them. Bryce was in the middle of telling us a story too. “Okay, come on, that's enough. Get on your way now; there is no need to continue whatever this is.”

“What do you care Aidyn? This kid means nothing to you?” He had this stuck up face that was telling me too 'fuck off'.

“Just go!”

He rolled his eyes, “Whatever” and marched off.

“You okay?”

Noah nodded, “Ya, thanks.” And that was that. Noah took the insults like a champion and then acted like it didn't even happen. He's such a strong kid; it makes me jealous.

Noah knocked me out of my trans. “What are you thinking about?”

A grin formed on my face. He was resting his chin on my chest looking up at me, “You. Specifically the first time I met you.”

“Oh? When was that?”

My eyebrow raised, “You don't remember?” He shrugged, “You were being made fun of in the hallway, and I made the guy go away. It was last year.”

Noah thought about it for a moment. “Oh ya! That time!”

“What other time do you have in your head?”

“You bumped into me in the hallway a few times.” That makes sense; I usually just say sorry and continue on my way. “That is probably the first time we met met.”

“We should probably get up now.” Noah groaned. “Okay, first though, you want me to come out?”

He slowly nodded. “We just... you know, and I want to be able to snuggle you whenever. I love the feeling of snuggling you. I want to be able to love you whenever.”

“I don't know Noah, I mean telling my parents was hard enough.”

“Aidyn, please? I hate seeing girls flirt with you talking about watching you play soccer and basketball. I want to be able to scream at your games that you’re my boyfriend. There are things we can't do with you hiding...”

“That's a whole lot of 'I's in there Noah.”

“I know, I'm selfish but you have to come out eventually.” He's right; I won't be able to hide that I'm gay with Noah in my life. He's just too good of a boyfriend.

“GET OUT OF BED LAZY ASS!!” Aaron slammed on the door.

Noah sighed, “We're coming, we're coming. Think about it okay?”

“Of course Noah, I always am.” Damn it, how the hell am I going to come out of the closet? Just telling my parents and close friends made me cower in fear. How am I going to muster up the courage to tell anyone?


Greyson's POV

I regained my consciousness from sleeping. My eyes fluttered open; yes even though I'm blind my eyes still flutter. I could feel a pressure going from my chest all the way down my right side.

I moved my hand down my chest until it made contact with hair. Slowly I felt the face lying on my chest. Skylar! Swiftly I moved my hand away from his face, and it fell off the side of the bed? No Couch. We fell asleep on the couch, and we have a blanket? When did we get a blanket?

With all of this it was safe to determine, I was stuck. I don't even know what time it is, and my watch is under Skylar. Why do I have to be so nice to him?

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Good morning!” I hope its morning.

“Not much of a morning left Greyson.” That gruff could only be Mr. Scott. “How was your night of sleep?”

“Very good sir. Could you tell me what time it is?”

“11:24” Wow that's probably the longest I've ever slept in! Wow.

“Thank you.” Mr. Scott went into another room and did something I couldn't hear.

I was just laying there for a good half an hour, maybe? It was a comfy feeling knowing Skylar was asleep lying on my chest. I couldn't help but start rubbing his back. He cuddled into me more releasing my arm from behind him.

Sky began to move more. I heard a yawn from him, “What time is it?”

“I love how you ask the blind kid.” I giggled. “It's like noonish.”

He smacked me on the chest. “You have a talking watch; you have the answer. How long have you been up?”

“Only a little while. I liked you snuggling up to me.”

“How'd you know it was me and not someone else?”

I giggled, “Well I fell asleep on the couch last night, so that was a good first clue. The second was your hair.”

Even though I couldn't see him, I could imagine that confused look on his face. Eyes wide open, mouth slightly ajar and his eyebrows raised. Just adorable to me. “What do you mean my hair?”

“Well, your hair has this feel to it that I've never felt before. It's just different.”

I felt Skylar shrug his shoulders. “I think it's about time we got up. Oh hey, we never finished the goodies we made last night!”

He got up swiftly, “What do we have left!?” I screamed at him. “Any Unicorn stuff?”

“No...” His mouth was full with something. “Not anymore...”

“I'm going to kill you!” The whole house could hear me chasing after Skylar. Well, until I got to the living room. I don't know their living room very well right now, so I had to slow down.

Once I had 'calmed down' Sky brought me to the kitchen and got our breakfast all figured out. We were just sitting down and eating our breakfast when I decided to ask, “Skylar, would you like to go out on a date with me?”

Nothing was said for a moment. “You asking me out?”

“Ya, why not?”

“I don't know... I just didn't expect that. What would we do?”

A huge grin formed on my face, “Leave that to me! I'll plan everything!”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” I HAVE A DATE!! I can't wait for it! I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I want it to be perfect! I need to figure out what we're going to do!


Chapter end.


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