My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 16 - Doomed - Foolin'

Noah's POV

I was just walking down the hall, passing by the living room when the news was on. Usually, I don't pay attention much but this one caught my attention. “Some people are saying we'll be facing the end of the world this Christmas.” The news anchor reported. “Based on the Mayan calendar, people believe that since its last recorded day is December 21st, we're finally going to see a calamity, destroying the earth as we know it.”

“How much truth is there to that?” I surprised my Aunt who was watching.

She held her hand to her chest, breathing deeply. “You scared me Noah. There isn't any truth; it's all speculation. It's a bunch of nonsense if you ask me.”

I ended up going online and researched it a little more. The more I did, the more frightened I became. So many people had different ways the world was going to end, meteors, the sun, black holes. On top of all that, there were so many things happening on the 21st that were out of human control.

The 21st was so filled with events. The winter solstice was happening and a galactic solstice of some kind. Mayan calendar was ending and so on and so forth. It was just... where was I for the past few years in this?

By the time I was done researching it, it was really late. Like, 2AM to be more exact. It was then I noticed how tired I'd become and fell asleep right away.


My alarm woke me up in the morning, “ Gaaah, school...” I moaned. Rolling over I turned off the alarm and got up. “I did not get a good sleep...”

I dragged my feet around as I got ready. Aaron kept poking me trying to get me to wake up. I had to deal with it since she was my ride to school. Can I go back to bed not? Mondays suck!

Aaron got to the school bright and early like always. “Have fun goofball!”

I groaned and walked off to my usual hangout before Aidyn gets to school. “Noah, how are you this morning?” I was joined by Markus, one of my classmates.

“I want to go back to bed,” I mumbled.

Markus laughed. “Like the usual Monday morning.” Markus was really bouncy this morning. “I'm excited! I get to meet my brother later this week!”

“That's what got you in a bouncy mood.”

He nodded fiercely. “My dad has seen him a few times but I haven't yet. I can't wait to meet him. His name is Leo.”

“Cool, I hope he's an awesome guy.” Our conversation continued as we walked. Markus is about the only kid in school who talks to me. It's usually only in class or the occasional early morning. He's an okay guy.

I got a text from Aidyn around 8AM.

Aidyn: Hey, I'm just pulling up to the school.

Me: Okay, be there soon!


I immediately made my way to the front doors. Aidyn was just walking into the school with his mom, Skylar, and Greyson. Aidyn was yawning just like me.

“Hey Noah!” Skylar shouted and waved in my direction. Greyson giggled and gave him a little push.

I returned his wave. “Hey Sky. Soccer practice is this morning, right Aidyn?”

“Well, kind of... It's more just the soccer team is just kicking the ball around a bit. We talked to the coach, and we're having regular practices in the mornings each week. Got to make sure we're in good shape!”

“Okay, I'll come watch and cheer you on!” I giggled a bit.

Aidyn smiled, and we made our way to the gym. He spent the entire morning playing ball with the rest of the soccer team. He was doing pretty good out there. Aidyn is no captain, but he's still great at the game.

They finished up just as the first bell went off. Aidyn came jogging up to me. “So how'd I do?” He posed in one of those superhero poses.

I giggled a bit, “You did awesome down there. You even had your captain on the run a bit there.”

“Awesome, I guess I'm getting better at this.” We started to make our way towards our first class of the day.

Now is a good time as any to mention 'the end of the world' to Aidyn. “So have you heard about the whole end of the world stuff that is said to happen this year?”

“Yeah, I heard about it a few years back when I was bored one night.” What what? “What about it Noah?”

“Do you believe it?”

Aidyn gave me the most skeptical look he's ever given me. “At the turn of the century did the world die from Y2K? Nope, we're fine. I think it's just another thing to get under our skins, what about you?” I bit my lip and didn't say anything. “You believe it don't you?”

I nodded, “ Yeah but that doesn't mean that you have to. If you think, its bull that's fine. I'm just thinking of, what if it's true...”

“And what if it's true?” Damn it I'm going to need to explain myself now aren't I?

I sighed, “I don't want to be in the closet with you. I want the world to know, Aidyn.” He kept looking ahead of us. “I want to be...”

“I got to go to class. I'll see you later Noah.”

“Yeah okay...” and like that, he was off. He's avoiding what I just said; he's scared. I don't blame him; he's a popular guy. Once it gets out he's gay, his reputation is destroyed. Even with all of that though, I would rather possibly die happily then be scared of what people will think.


After school, I told Aaron what I said to Aidyn. She smacked me, “Are you stupid!?”

“What?” Why did I get smacked?

“You tell Aidyn, one of the most popular guys in school, you want him outed because of the possibly that you could die in a month or so?” Okay, now that she put it that way, that's kind of dumb. “Do you realize how much pressure you just put on Aidyn?”

“I know I get that it's dumb of me. I still want it to happen...”

Aaron sighed and shook her head, “You do realize that you basically said, 'out yourself by this day or we're over.'”

“No I didn't, that's not what I said at all!” It's not, I swear it!

“Yeah, it basically is.” No, she's not right... “You first started with his family and now everyone. You got to go more at his speed, not yours.”

I threw myself onto the couch, “Aaron, what do I do?”

“Take what you said back.” That is not as simple as it sounds for me. When I say something, I mean it. There have been a few times where I take back what I say. It may have gotten me beaten up a few times.

“I can't just take it back and you know that!”

She rolled her eyes, “Yeah you almost got hospitalized last time you wouldn't take it back. Noah, you got to take this one back though. You're hurting your relationship with Aidyn.”

I guess she's right... I should take it back. “Okay fine, I'll tell him first thing tomorrow morning...” I walked off to my bedroom to start my homework. I don't want to take it back; I want to be out to the world, but Aidyn is too scared for that.

Chapter end.


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