My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 2 - Noah's Aftermath - Wide Awake

Aidyn kissed me on my lips as he did up his belt. “Where's a piece of paper? I wanna give you my number.”

“Oh... ummm,” Where do I keep my extra pieces of paper? “Here!” I handed him my phone, “Just punch in your number and I'll text you saying it's me. That way I don't have an excuse not to text you.”

Aidyn smiled and put his number into my phone. “I even sent myself a text already.” His phone went off and he showed me the message, 'You're good in bed' is what it read.

I blushed, “I guess I'll see you at school...”

He kissed me again and turned to the door, “Noah, I really do like you, but keep this on the down low, please. No one knows I'm gay.”

“Okay... See you later.”

“See ya.” And like that he was gone. I went out into the hall and he was already gone by the time I got there. How did I end up in the same room, let alone bed, as Aidyn Scott!?

How did little nobody Noah Wesley get that far, in one night, with Aidyn Scott? Aidyn isn't the best jock but he's pretty damn good. I mean, he holds his own in the tougher sports and rules the lesser ones. He's a master at soccer, in my opinion.

I could go gaga over him all day, but of course Aaron has to stop me, “What was all that? How did YOU get Aidyn Scott into bed with you?”

Aaron is like my big sister but she isn't really. She's actually my cousin from my mom's side. We've been like best friends since we were little even with the one year gap between us.

“I didn't... He kinda got me into bed with him.” Aaron's face went from shock to a shit eating grin, “You have to keep it quiet though! I promised him I would and you're not ruining this for me!”

She rolled her eyes, “Fine but I'm having my own talk with him. Now help me clean up this mess of a house before mom and dad get home.”

“Still getting those games right?” She groaned and threw a garbage bag at me. “Good!” We started our an almost 4 hour cleaning montage.

I guess I should explain why I live with my Aunt and Uncle instead of my parents. See they both passed away when I was younger, shortly after my brother did.

Noah Wesley was born into a family with an already existing 2 years older brother, Ryan Wesley. Ryan as a big brother was amazing. He was the best big brother a guy could ask for. He always had my back.

When I turned 11 though everything kinda changed. Ryan became a teenager and didn't want anything to do with me when his friends were around. It was even worse when mom and dad would be out. I would go to bed and hear him and our babysitter staying up and having fun without me.

Then suddenly at age 12 he was gone. My mom found him in the basement with a noose around his neck. I didn't understand why he would do that.

Worst part was it was a domino effect. Dad was part of the army... and he was called to go to Afghanistan. Within the month of him leaving we got news of his death. In less than 6 months I had lost both my brother and father.

My mom fell into deep depression. So deep she would be drunk almost every day after I come home from school and hung over when I woke up. Then one day she overdosed on her anti-depressants... She was gone from my world with the rest of my family.

Aaron was at my house when I got home from school that day. Her dad told me the news. He told me how I'd be living with them from now on. He promised me no one else would die on me. He's always kept his promises.

I entered counselling by request of Aaron. I told the lady everything I knew... which wasn't much. Soon enough the appointments would slow down and eventually stop. Since then I've always wondered why this all started... Why did Ryan kill himself?

“There, all done... finally!” Aaron tossed the last beer can into the recycling bag. “It wasn't that bad, told you it would only take 4 hours.”

I rolled my eyes, “Lets get these bags into the garage and then we can say were done.”

On the way there my phone went off. As soon as I got my bag in there I looked at the message. It was from Aidyn. I opened it immediately.

Aidyn – Aaron knows doesn't she?

Me – Well she kinda walked in on us...

Aidyn – What did you tell her?

Me – The truth. That you got me into bed with you. It surprised her, now she wants to talk to you.

Aidyn – okay... I guess that couldn't be avoided.

Me – Sorry, if I could have avoided it I would have.

Aidyn – I get it, have you told her not to say anything.

Me – Yes and she promised she wont. She's good for her promises like her dad.

Aidyn – Thanks. Hey wanna hang out before school starts?

Me – Sadly I can't. I have last minute school shopping to do tomorrow. Aaron's parents have been busy all August. I wish I could.

Aidyn – It's okay, I'll see you at school. I promise I won't be a stranger.

Me – Okay see you then.

Aidyn - <3


HE SENT ME A HEART!!! You see that right? He sent me a less than, three together sign. Or in other words a heart!

I must have been drooling over this conversation cause Aaron was watching me the entire time. “Aidyn?”

“Maybe...” I wooed. I couldn't help it Aidyn is so sexy!

He's just perfect! He's got the perfect amount of muscle to be good at sports. He didn't look too bulky. His sharp blue eyes would shatter glass if they tried. His black hair was oddly great! It was longish in most parts but his 'side burns' went almost all the way to his collar bone! I liked how punky he looked.

“You know I've had a crush on him for the longest time.” Aaron looked off into dream land, “Too bad he's gay right?”

“You know I was serious when I said tell no one, right?”

She waved it off, “Of course, I wont spread it around. When have you ever known me for gossip?”

“Almost never, unless it's to me... or really juicy.” She smacked my shoulder. “It's true.”

“You don't need to say it though.”

I smiled, she lead herself into a trap. “You asked me about it.”

“It was rhetorical!”

“Big word for your little brain.” She rolled her eyes. “So when are your mom and dad getting home?”

“Tonight sometime. I've been told to take you shopping... I don't know how though. I mean I'm too young to drive, so you are too.” Aaron never goes to the mall I go to. It's only a couple of minutes away by walking.

Once I convinced her that it wouldn't wreck her social status we made our way over. My first stop, EB games. Aaron had to pay her dept to me. Next few stops: bluenotes, stitches, and wearhouse one. Grabbed a couple of shirts from each and like four pairs of jeans from wearhouse one.

I was happy with my prizes. Aaron kept asking me why I wouldn't buy name brand clothing. I kept saying the same answer, “I bought everything you bought for half price and it's just as good.”

When we got home I rushed to my little den and turned on my new games. What I mean by 'my den' is: My room, my bathroom and this den were my Aunt and Uncle's guest part of the house but I took it over when I moved in.

You'd also be surprised by what's in my den. I have everything a little nerd like me could ask for. All the game systems I would need, a wii, Xbox 360, PS3, a computer I built myself. I would have a WiiU but it's not out until September.

With all the money I get from my Aunt and Uncle I spend it on video games. At least I'm not spending it on clothes and booze like Aaron. She always wonders how I get so many nice things when she has nothing. Then i remind her about her spending habits.

Once I got settled down and playing my new games I lost track of time. I was busy saving cacoon from the evil pope-king-bird-bitch-baby. Or in other words the final boss of Final Fantasy 13. I like the game so much!

When I finally beat him the final cut scene was interrupted by my Uncle coming to the doorway and knocking. I turned around, paused my game and ran over to give him a hug, “You're home!”

“Yes we are. We got back about ten minutes ago.”

“That's good, I missed you.” I gripped him even tighter. He was only gone for a business meeting but I was worried.

“I know you did Noah. Now we need to have a little talk.” I looked up at him and blinked twice. It was my way of asking 'why' when I was nervous or scared. “It's about this boy, Aidyn. Is that his name?”

Aaron told on me!? “What about Aidyn?” I backed up and lowered my head.

“Aaron told me, you and this boy had a very good time last night.” I looked toward my bedroom and started biting my lower lip. “I wanted to tell you that even if you are into boys, safe sex is still a safe practise. If you boys get serious at any point don't be afraid to ask me to pick up some things for you okay?”

'Things'... Oh god my Uncle doesn't know what we've done. Just that Aidyn and I got to 'know each other' last night. That's kind of a relief. It's good that he doesn't know I'm sexually active, right?

“Thanks... I'll tell you if I need anything.” He smiled and left me to finish watching a cut scene I've watched like 30 times before. Before I knew it it was 11pm the night before school started. Time to hit the sack.

I'm a teenager though, so when I say hit the sack, I mean jack-off before bed. Tonight my jack-off session featured Aidyn as the centre point. I mean who wouldn't when you had a night like last night with a sexy boy!

I was hard by the time I got into bed and beating off moments afterwards. In my head Aidyn was kissing all over my neck. I was stuck underneath his perfect frame as his crotch gridded into mine. I shot like five minutes after I started. It was amazing.

I grabbed my towel and cleaned up, falling asleep into a deep sleep. I slept soundly that night. First time in a long time I got two good night's rest in a row. I guess my tides are turning.

Chapter end.


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