The Submariner

Chapter Ten: Surprises

Hennessey Venom

by Zarek Dragon

Man, that island was beautiful, I don’t think Zarek ever wanted to leave it. To be honest, as long as he was with me, I wouldn’t want to leave it either. Unfortunately, Frederick did finish his tasks and we went back to the main complex.

During our ride home, all Zarek talked about was the island and how much fun he had being with me there. He confessed that if he could only have one, he would choose me. His exact words were, “Paradise can be hell if you don’t have those you care about with you to share it.”

When we reached our house, there was a surprise waiting on us. There was a red Hennessey Venom sitting in the driveway. I looked at Zarek and he looked at me. Was this a gift? It was sitting in the spot reserved for Zarek and me once we get a vehicle. Ernie was with us, so we knew it wasn’t his. Mark had bought an expensive car and it was nowhere to be seen, so maybe he decided he liked this one better.

As we walked into the house, we were really surprised. We caught Lenny KingAnthony Stephen Henderson naked, sitting on the couch with a very handsome gentleman who had on only a pair of red briefs. The front was stretched to the max. Zarek surprised everyone with his first question after catching these two. He didn’t ask who the guy was or what they were doing, but he did ask, “Does that Venom belong to you?”

Lenny pulled on a pair of shorts as the guy on the couch responded, “It’s not blocking you or anything is it? Lenny told me that you were at sea but could be home any day.”

I had to ask, “And you are?”

The guy stood up, a full six foot four inches. I started wondering how he could fit into the car. He looked at me with eyes the shade of sapphires and smiled. My first thought was, 'This guy is almost as gorgeous as Zarek.' I don’t care how gorgeous a guy is; Zarek is the most gorgeous guy on the planet to me. Then he extended his hand, “My name is Anthony Stephen Hendricks. My friends call me Ash.”

We were all speechless. Lenny said, “Ash and I have been dating for a few months.”

Ernie asked, “So how much did that car cost?” I was dumbfounded, to say the least. Lenny just let us know that he was dating a guy and until now, we never knew his orientation and Ernie wants to know the value of a car?

Ash replied, “I couldn’t tell you. It’s one of my dad’s cheaper cars, so he lets me drive it.”

I think we all mouthed, “One of the cheaper cars?”

Lenny said, “Yeah, last week we used the McLaren F1 XP to drive around. I think his dad has like ten different cars.”

“TEN CARS!?!” Zarek asked, “What do you do?”

Tony answered, “Well, I just turned eighteen a few days ago. I’ll be starting classes in the fall. My dad is an investor.”

“Wait a minute,” I pleaded. “So, Lenny, you are gay?”

Lenny began to chuckle, “I hope that doesn’t bother you. I’ve known I was gay since I was thirteen, but I figured it shouldn’t matter until I found someone.”

Zarek replied, “You’re right, it doesn’t matter, but you know, you could have told us. We would never think any differently of you.”

Lenny simply said, “I know, you guys have been friends since we met.”

Ash said, “Lenny and I are going to Vegas for a few days before he has to go. Why don’t you join us? It’s on me, all you need is any money you want to gamble.”

I laughed, “I don’t think we’ll all fit in that car, and we don’t have one yet.”

“You don’t have a car?” Ash seemed puzzled. To our surprise, he pulled up his wrist, and spoke into his watch, “Dad, are you still looking to get rid of the Aventador?” We could barely hear him acknowledge that he was. Ash spoke again, “You know Lenny, my boyfriend, well I offered to treat his friends to Vegas and they just let me know that they don’t have a car. Would you be upset if I sold it to them for a dollar?”

I wonder if my eyes went as big as Zarek’s. We were surprised, to say the least. Or were we in a state of shock? Next thing I knew, Ash was asking, “Whose name should Dad put the car in?”

Zarek was quick to say, “Put it in Jake’s name.” I was almost as quick suggesting Zarek’s.

Lenny said, “Put it in Zarek Drage’s and Jake Daniel’s names.”

Ash told his dad and then informed us, “The Aventador will be here within the hour. It’s a nice car, but I rarely drove it. It’s blue and I prefer red. Len and I should get dressed; you guys should freshen up. Once your car is here, let’s go to Vegas.”

Ash and Len went into Lenny’s room. Ernie looked at us for a few seconds, I think it was to see if what happened really did. Zarek and I were speechless, but finally moved to our room to freshen up.

We were ready to go when Mark came home. He gave Ernie a kiss right away. Ash asked, “Would you like to join us? We’re heading to Vegas.”

Mark said exactly what I expected of him, “It sounds good, but only if Ernie wants to go. I’ve missed him so much. I don’t care where we are so long as I get to be with him.

Ernie giggled, "We're going to Vegas, babe."

Ash kidded, "OK, first stop will be one of the wedding chapels. If Lenny will have me, I'd like to marry him."

Lenny's eyes went big, "Umm, Ash, I love you a lot, and I seriously have considered what it would be like to marry you, but we've only dated a few months. Besides, what would your dad say?"

"Truthfully," Ash started, "he likes you a lot and is hoping that we eventually marry. I was only kidding, testing the waters, but I know that I am ready to be your husband whenever you are ready."

Lenny smiled and gave Ash a kiss. Then he replied, "Let’s start planning a wedding then, but I want a serious wedding and not something done at a Vegas Chapel. We have lots to discuss between now and the wedding, like where do we plan to live?"

Ash peered deep into Lenny's eyes, "I don't care where we live as long as I am with you. I realize some of your time will be on your sub, and I'm fine with that, but I just want to be with you."

"Sharing my room with my friends?" inquired Lenny.

"If that is what you want, it doesn't matter to me."

Zarek looked at Ash, "If Lenny wishes to stay with us, you are welcome to move in."

"And if you want to move out, Lenny," I started, "we'll understand."

Lenny looked at Ash, "We'll need to discuss that, but right now, I'd like to stay. We may eventually move out, but I'll feel better knowing Ash is with friends instead of home alone waiting for me."

"As you said, we need to discuss that, but I want us to discuss it as a group. If I am to move in, your friends need to be part of the discussion," Ash averred. "For now, let's go to Vegas and have fun.


AventadorAs we stepped outside, two vehicles pulled up; one was the Aventador. Zarek took one look at it and stated, "I'm driving." He definitely liked this car. Ash introduced us to his father and Zarek gave him the dollar we were charged. He handed Zarek the keys and Zarek offered me one. As Ash's dad drove off in the other car, we hopped in the cars and headed for Vegas.

Pulling in front of the Rio, Ash and Lenny exited the Hennessey and a valet parked the car for them. We pulled up and another valet parked the Aventador. Ash led us to the front desk to check in. The manager greeted him, "Mr. Hendricks…"

"Please, Steve, call me Ash," Ash interrupted, "all my friends do."

"OK Ash, what can we do for you, today?"

Without blinking, Ash stated, "My friends and I would like a suite for a few days, along with a thousand dollars in chips for each of them." Mark started to protest that he couldn't afford that. "I will start each of you off, anything above that will be your responsibility," Ash advised.

"I will personally bring the chips to your suite," the manager stated. He handed an employee the key card and told him to take care of us.

Arriving at our suite, Ash and Lenny took the main bedroom. I guess since Ash is paying for everything, they deserved that. Mark and Ernie grabbed one of the smaller bedrooms while Zarek and I grabbed the other. Ash suggested that we all get some sleep after that long drive. Zarek and I didn't take long to get in bed.

Three hours later, there was a knock at our door. Zarek didn't bother getting dressed, he just opened the door. Ernie was there, blushing, "Ummm, we're heading to the buffet in a few minutes, if you two want to join us…"

"Yeah, but I think we better get dressed."


After the buffet, we went to the casino. Zarek decided to try playing craps and he was having a hell of a streak. Before we knew it, his thousand dollars was built up to twenty thousand. I teased him, "You leave it ride, and win, then we'll hit one of the wedding chapels."

To my surprise, Zarek kissed me and let his winnings ride. On the pass bet, he rolled a trey and a one. On the next roll, he had double deuces. A manager walked over, grabbed the dice and studied them. He handed Zarek a different pair. Zarek rolled them and they came up double deuces again. The manager questioned him, "How did you do that?"

"To be honest, mostly luck," Zarek assured.

"You've been extremely lucky tonight. I need to ask you to step away from this table."

Not wanting to cause problems, Zarek did as he was asked. As we walked away, he looked at me, "You know that was pure luck, don't you?"

"I know you wouldn't cheat," I replied. "You took a hell of a chance, though."

"It wasn't my money to begin with, so if I lost it, I would merely be done. As for winning, if you seriously want to marry me, I will, but I won't hold you to what you said."

"I am ready to marry you any time you want to get married. If you want to marry in a wedding chapel here, I will, but I would also like to have a ceremony for family and friends. One where we plan every detail."

In that case, Jake Daniels," Zarek eased down to one knee there in the casino. "Would you do me the honor of marrying me here in Vegas and helping me plan the most spectacular wedding that these winnings can afford?"

"Zarek, ever since the first day I met you, I knew that we were soul mates. If you would have asked me then, my answer would have been yes. That has never changed. I love you more than anything and would consider it an honor to be your husband."

Zarek stood up and kissed me. He whispered, "I am the one honored. I will have the most handsome guy in the universe as my husband. Whether I deserve you or not is debatable; I am just glad that you love me enough that it doesn't matter."

"And I am glad that you feel that way, but I may debate you on most handsome husband. I think I win that." Zarek just smiled. I think he's finally feeling good about himself.

We gathered the gang and told them that Zarek and I were getting married in one of the chapels. Ash recommended The Little Church of the West. It has great reviews and four-point-five out of five stars. It's on Las Vegas Boulevard, so it was within walking distance.

At the church, we took care of the license and everything and when it was our turn to get married, I was so excited. Zarek looked like he was excited as well. Neither one of us questioned whether we were doing the right thing; we knew this was right. The preacher said his part and then asked if we wanted to say our own vows, or go with the standard.

Zarek began, "I haven't prepared anything, so I will speak from my heart. Jake Bartholomew Daniels, from the moment we met, you started taking care of me. When I felt inadequate, you lifted me high. You are my rock and I love you more and more each minute I am with you. I vow to be there for you in sickness and in health, for richer or poor, for better or worse until death takes one of us. I will show you how much I love you in ways we haven't yet imagined."

I looked at Zarek and could see the love in his eyes. Then I spoke, "Zarek Alexander Drage, from the moment we met, I knew we were destined to wed. You are the half I had been missing for the first eighteen years of my life. I vow to be there for you for better or worse, in sickness and in health until God takes one of us home. Even then, if He takes you, I will honor your memory, always."

The preacher looked at us and said that we may kiss. As we did, he pronounced us Zarek Drage and his husband, Jake Daniels. While we don't plan to hide the fact that we are married, we think it would be easier if we retained our own names.

We returned to the hotel and Ash told the manager that we just got married. We were given the Honeymoon Suite for the remainder of our stay. Zarek and I made good use of our time until it was time to head home.


Under Water

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