The Date

The Date

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Ronnie Thompson and Keith Johnson are both fourteen years of age. They are both Freshmen the same high school and met at a meeting of the Gay/Straight Alliance at their school.

As they sat in the meeting both caught the other 'checking them out.'

KeithKeith ("Keith:Damn, he's cute as hell. I wonder if he… well, at least it's possible… Damn, he's looking over at me! Talk about BUSTED!")  looked over at Ronnie and smiled.

RonnieRonnie ("Ronnie:That guy was cute. OH MY GOD! He's looking at me. I wonder if he's gay… Damn, I feel myself blushing. How gay is that!"), noticing that the boy is staring at him blushes.

As the meeting progresses the two keep stealing glances at one another. When the meeting breaks up, KeithKeith ("I can't let this opportunity to pass me by, I'm going to go over and see what's what. I hope he's gay. Maybe I should just ask him out.") decides to go over and talk to the boy.