Sentenced to Life

Chapter 15 - All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1)

Portions contributed by ACFan, Akeentia & Darkstar

This chapter is dedicated to 5 Years of "Memories" by: ACFan...'s to many more!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm guessing by now some of you guys have figured out that anytime me or Mikey are allowed to address you personally, either something really good or really bad is about to happen. I can't say which yet but, I can tell you that we're in for a bumpy ride this time. So much has happened in the short time that has passed since Mikey brought me on as his assistant. Poor Pablito. I don't think he's closed his mouth since the situation our family stepped into was explained to us. Just like the living angels we watch over, we're gonna do our best where we can. I just pray it will be enough...


* * * * * * * * * * * *

AI Division - One minute later:

"...thanks Tommy." Danny said as he closed his communicator just in time for it to alert of another incoming call. "Danny here." He got out with a sigh.

"Danny, this is Jordy. We've got a youth AI in process of shutdown. We're bringing him in."

"We?" Danny asked as he rubbed his eyes with his free hand. "Dude, you come here and we're putting you to work. You know that, right?"

"You're getting sixteen unskilled sets of hands." Jordy replied. "Where do we need to go?"

"Beam to the Naval Hospital. Terra Main has the ER's coordinates. Just give us a few minutes before you beam in cause we aren't sure what the situation is yet." Danny replied before Marc nodded his head.

"Gotcha. Jordy out."

"Okay guys, report." Danny said as he closed his communicator.

"Hospital construction has been halted. Any construction crew with medical experience is now standing by." Marc quickly reported.

"Some of them have experience?" Danny asked as he tilted his head.

"If they can apply a band-aid, I told them to be ready." Marc shot back as he flipped open his communicator and wandered into the hallway leading into the living room.

"Right." Danny nodded as Caleb and Noah rushed into the room. "Did you guys raise Jerry?"

"No, we've been helping Billy get the transporters back online. They had some sort of surge that knocked them offline after he beamed in." Caleb replied.

"Wasted time." Danny grumbled, shaking his head. "Ark, can you hear me?" He spoke out loud.

< Of course I can Danny. >

"Oh yeah, dumb question." Danny sighed. "Ark, we have a serious problem."

"Several serious problems." Marc spoke up, as Caleb and Noah rushed past him and back out of the room.

< Understandable Marc. I have monitored 8 life threatening injuries, 4 confirmed casualties immediately being prepared for transport and your staff is having difficulty acquiring an acceptable number of medical personnel to assist. >

"Well, at least someone is on top of the situation." Danny sighed. "Ark, could you teleport my group to the hospital? Our transporters are down and we don't have time to address them."

< That would not be a problem. Would it also be helpful to teleport the staff your team has recently contacted to the same location as well? >

"You know it." Danny almost shouted. "Ark, I could kiss you right now!"

< If you think that will help. >

"You sure you aren't human?" Marc giggled.

< Absolutely not. >

"Just checking." Marc said as Noah and Caleb rushed back into the kitchen; each carrying medical kits. "Ark, do you have anyone available that could assist us at the hospital? We're really desperate for help right now."

< I do have one person available. I can have him on site when your crew arrives. How soon would you like to arrive? >

"Right now, if possible." Danny smiled. "Our crew is ready."

< Very well then. > Ark replied as the group suddenly found themselves in the lobby of the hospital.

"What the..." A boy wearing what appeared to be sub-zero gear managed to say as he toppled over. "Thanks for the warning, Ark!" He shouted as he sat up and brushed himself off.

"You okay?" Noah asked as he and Caleb helped the boy to his feet.

"Yeah." He replied as he quickly stripped off his hood and facial protection. "Ark! There'd better be a good reason..." He managed to say as Ark cut him off.

< Excuse me, Rylan. Marc you have an urgent message from Cory Short. >

"Thanks Ark, put him through please." Marc replied as the group began to gather around.

Just as Marc was about to open his mouth, Cory's voice abruptly cut him off. "Marc, you have critical incomings NOW! If you can't handle it find someone who can, immediately."

"Dude we'll be ready. How many?" Marc replied.

"It looks like ..." Cory started to reply, pausing when a bone-chilling Eagle war cry echoed over Marc's subvocal. As Marc's eyes grew wide, Cory continued. "It looks like more than any of us want to think about."

"Gotcha bro;" Marc replied softly. With a determined tone he added "Whatever you got, send them our way. We'll be ready one way or the other."

"Thanks." Cory whispered as the link went silent.

"Get ready, we have incoming." Marc said as the group rushed for the ER. "Start out by uncovering and testing the equipment!" He was barely able to get out as a scream from down the hall forced them to run faster.

"GET DOCTOR FURST! WE NEED HELP! NOW!" Nurse Patty's voice could be heard causing the group to break out in a full speed run.

Turning the corner into the ER, the group froze and gazed at something none of them could have been prepared to see. It was as if they had all just stepped directly into a nightmare as Nurse Patty was franticly working on an adult woman who appeared to have a gunshot wound to her chest. Without as much as a split second to notice the other bodies, more teleported in.

"Oh shit!" Marc gasped, as he rushed to a small child who had also suffered a direct hit to the chest. "Danny, grab a helper and get on the bleeders. Noah, try to find us some help. We need more hands. Caleb! If they're not bleeding, try to assess their condition. New guy, do you have a name?"

"Rylan." The boy replied as he finally dropped the last of his gear on the floor, training his bright purple eyes on Marc.

"Great. Rylan, work with Caleb." Marc shouted, as he waved to Dr. Herron who was already hefting an adult male onto a biobed. "What do you have Chris?" He asked as he rushed off.

"Call Aunt Teri. She might be able to help." Caleb said as he quickly gave Noah a hug.

"Yeah, good idea." Noah said with a shaky voice as he pulled his communicator out.

"FYS Director, Short." Teri's voice could be heard.

"Aunt Teri! Can Ark teleport you over here? We need help with the incoming injuries at the hospital; they're coming in too fast!"

"Oh my God .... can Ark find the people on the other end of the call I'm on?"

< I can Noah, and I have their current locations already. > Ark's voice suddenly stated through his subvocal device.

"Ark has their location." Noah replied. "Please, Aunt Teri?"

After a moment of silence on the other end, Teri replied; "Tell Ark to give me one minute to prepare the people on the other end of the line; as soon as I hang up with them Aunt Carrie and I are ready."

"Thanks Aunt Teri." Noah replied before closing his communicator. "Thanks Ark."

< I will monitor their status and teleport them as soon as they are ready. >

"Aunt Teri's on the way." Noah smiled as Danny waved to him for help, leaving Caleb and Rylan behind.

"You're with me, I guess." Caleb said as he handed the small boy a medical tricorder and they both rushed toward a small brown haired child. "You know how to use that thing?"

"I'll manage." Rylan replied, as he began tapping away at the unit's display. "This thing just scans, I think." he huffed as he looked at Caleb with an aggravated shrug. "Where are your Medbots?"

"Medbots?" Caleb asked in reply as he motioned to Rylan to help lift the child onto a nearby portable biobed. "You mean androids? Marc and Danny are right over there."

"Those aren't Medbots." Rylan sighed as he tossed the tricorder on a nearby cart.

"You don't need it?" Caleb asked as he scanned the small boy and began tapping on the biobed's controls.

"I can't read it." Rylan replied, as he quickly looked around the room. "Look, just tell me where your Medbots are and I'll get them operational."

"What the fuck are Medbots?" Caleb almost shouted, as another boy in the room, who was bleeding profusely from his arm, cried out in pain. "Look, what we have right here is all that we have for equipment. So; are you helping me or not?!?"

"I'll help." Rylan said as he stepped away from the table. "Ark, this team is understaffed for the situation and working with inadequate equipment. I don't have the time to deal with the rudimentary electronic toys they have, we need Medbots, at least 20 of them, as soon as possible."

"Toys?" Caleb just barely managed to say before a group of robots appeared and strategically spread throughout the room to assist or take over. "Whoah." He said, as one gently pushed him out of the way and began to work on the small child on the biobed.

"Does that help?" Rylan asked as he crossed his arms and smiled.

"Um... Yeah... Wow. What are these things?" Caleb stammered.

"Something that I can't believe I wasn't sent here with." Rylan huffed. "I'm not a doctor and I can't read your language, so your equipment is useless to me. I CAN work with these." He boasted as a Medbot approached and picked the child with the gunshot wound up off the floor. "Come with me and I'll show you what we need to do to maintain them. Number twenty five has a short in it's laser suture assembly."

"I'm with you then." Caleb weakly smiled. "I'm not a doctor either."

"That's obvious." Rylan laughed. "I'd guess you were a fisherman by the smell, unless your people have strange taste in body scents."

"Um... No." Caleb blushed. "I'll explain later."

"Danny!" Marc shouted, as he and nurse Patty worked frantically alongside a medbot on the chest wound of the adult male.

"Yeah bro?" Danny replied as he was replaced by another Medbot the second he stepped away from his patient.

"Unless we get more than these units can handle, we should probably focus on identifying some of these patients." Marc said without breaking his concentration.

"Sergeant Mike Reynolds of the Campbell County Sheriff's Department." Nurse patty said, causing everyone to stop and stare at her. "What? Don't you guy's watch the news?"

"Oh my god." Noah gasped as he rushed over to the table. "She's right. Marc, we saw him on TV the other day, remember?"

"The guy who those religious people were protesting against?" Marc asked as the Medbot attempted to push his hand out of it's way. "No no, tin can. You stay on the pulmonary artery." Marc said with a grin.

"I detect metal fragments throughout this patients entire chest cavity." The robot replied.

"Oh my god, it speaks." Marc said as he glanced down at the biobed's display. "Patty, we need to work faster or this guy's gonna bleed out."

"Excuse me." Another Medbot said, as it slipped into Marc's position and in almost a blur both began removing the fragments while Nurse Patty continued to perform artificial respiration.

"It would have stepped in sooner but it needed a repair first." Rylan said, as he and Caleb watched on with a smile.

"You're founder, aren't you?" Danny asked, as he tilted his head at the small boy.

"I am." Rylan smiled. "If I'm not mistaken, you are Council Scientia as well as this team's leader."

"You know who I am?" Danny asked as Marc waved them to an unattended patient.

"Sure I do, Ark has filled me in on recent events and your name has come up a few times, as well as the names of a few of your team members." Rylan said as he looked at Marc and smiled.

Just as Marc was about to open his mouth, Ark's voice came in over his subvocal. < Marc, I am holding injured attackers in my buffers. Do you wish to treat them also? >

"Oh god." Marc sighed as he looked around the bustling ER. "We have enough hands and bots to handle more incoming injured. Teleport them here and we'll handle them."

"Fifteen, eighteen and eleven, prepare for more injuries." Rylan shouted as he grabbed Caleb's arm and pulled him toward the idle Medbots.

"Marc, we have Jordy's team in Chicago reporting ready for transport." Noah said as he approached the group again.

"Downed android." Marc moaned. "I should take that one."

"Noah, Jordy's group is prepared to help out. Can you receive them and team them with members who have medical experience?" Danny asked.

"I can try. Don't forget, Aunt Teri is teleporting in still. I think she's bringing some help too." Noah replied before rushing out of the room.

"We can use all the help we can get, Dude. Let's get back to work." Danny said as a fresh group of injuries appeared and were quickly surrounded by the remaining three Medbots.

"Deceased, deceased, deceased..." Number fifteen said expressionlessly, as it began sorting through the bodies. "Critical injuries, head trauma, internal bleeding..." It continued to report, as other Medbots or people rushed to attend the injured.

"It passed right over that kid!" Caleb shouted, as he rushed to what appeared to be a 6 or 7 year old boy with severe injuries across his face and upper torso.

"Number fifteen! Why did you pass over this child?" Rylan asked as Caleb pulled the boy toward a biobed.

"Patient has a four percent chance of survival." The bot stated as it continued to sort through the recent injuries.

"I'll work on him!" Caleb shouted as he began scanning the boy for injuries. "Are you gonna help me?"

Rylan saw the tears welling up in Caleb's eyes before looking at the busy Medbot. "It says he's not going to survive."

"It said he has a chance!" Caleb barked before wiping away the tears with the back of his hand. "That machine doesn't have the right to dictate who lives and who dies."

"Help my son. Please help him." A man pleaded, gaining Rylan's attention.

"Well..." Rylan said, as he looked the man over. "There is very little chance your son can survive his injuries. Wait a minute, aren't you a part of the hostile party? How was your son even involved?"

"He had to see what happens to those who go against the lord's will." The man replied smugly.

"He wanted to be a part of this slaughter?" Rylan asked, as he knelt down next to the man.

"No, I made him come." The man stated as Caleb continued working on the boy. "He had to see what happens to perverts. He had to see for himself so, I made him come."

"You gave his life for your cause." Rylan said as the Medbot turned it's attention to the man. "Good job Daddy, good job." Rylan said sarcastically as he nodded his head. "Number fifteen, what is this man's chance of recovery without medical attention?"

"Percentage of survival, fifty two percent without assistance." The Medbot replied.

"Assist Caleb with the child." Rylan ordered the Medbot. "This man gambled with his son's life and lost, let's see how lucky he is now."

"You can't do that." The man said, as he began to cough up blood.

"I can't?" Rylan said in a dead serious tone. "We can raise your son's chance of survival by diverting medical assistance. That's what you asked me to do." He continued as he stood up. "Proceed number fifteen. Assist Caleb."

"AUNT TERI!" Noah cried as Teri and a group of people suddenly appeared in the ER.

After looking around the room, Teri hugged Noah before pulling Marc aside. "Where can you use us?"

"It might be a good idea if you put together a non-critical team and set up operations in the Emergency waiting room. That area is set up and has an operational triage." Marc said with a smile as Teri ruffled his hair.

"You heard him, let's get to work!" Teri shouted as the small group made it's way out of the ER seconds before Jordy and his team arrived with the failing android.

"Danny!" Jordy shouted as he almost lost his grip on the failing android.

"I got him." Marc said as he helped Jordy lift the android onto a gurney. "What's his name?"

"Teddy, we found him unable to remain conscious for more than a few minutes at a time. I knew what that meant so; we called you." Jordy said as Marc motioned to the far side of the room.

"Help me get him to the table and we'll see what we can do for him." Marc said as a loud crash made everyone in the room jump.

"Stay down!" Caleb shouted to the young boy's father who had attempted to stand up but was too weak and fell into a cart with supplies on it.

"I need help." The man cried.

"What's the status of your patient, Cal?" Danny asked, stepping over the boy's father without even looking at him.

"This child now has a twelve percent chance of survival." Number Fifteen stated coldly.

"Not good enough." Caleb almost whispered as he looked at Danny, his tears still staining his cheeks. "It looks like he got hit close range by a shot gun."

"I told him to stand back." The boy's father whimpered. "Little crybaby just had to run to see if the little fagot boy was hurt. Ran right in front of me."

"Wait a minute." Danny said, turning to acknowledge the man finally. "You shot your own son?"

"It was an accident!" The man tried to shout, before beginning to choke uncontrollably.

"If he survives, can I kill him?" Caleb asked with a stone cold expression on his face.

"No, don't." Rylan said as he patted Caleb on the back.

"I won't." Caleb sniffled before looking at the man. "Even if he does deserve it."

Rylan looked toward Danny with a dead serious expression. "Council Scientia; Does the Council still send criminals of this nature to serve on the moon outpost?"

"Moon Outpost? No clue, maybe it's something that should be discussed though." Danny replied as he looked at the man. "I'd personally like to see him survive to answer for all of this."

As the words were leaving Danny's lips, Austin and his group teleported in and took a good look around the room. "Dad, where can we help?" He asked as soon as he spotted Marc.

"Austin! Sweet!" Marc said with a smile. "Send your group to see Danny and have him get someone to help with those two injuries you brought with you. The rest can go help out your grandmother in the waiting room."

"Okay Dad." Austin said as he waved most of his group through the swinging doors before spotting Danny. "Uncle Dan, Matty and Sammy need help."

"I don need help. Timmy fixed my awm alweady!" Matty said as he raised his splinted arm proudly.

"He sure did." Danny said with a grin as he wiped off his hands. "Austin, there's an open biobed if you want to check out Matty, I'll have a look at this guy's arm." He said ruffling Sammy's hair.

"You're a doctor?" Sammy asked as Austin led Matty in the other direction.

"Yup." Danny said as he motioned for Sammy to take a seat. "I have to cut your shirt open, so I can get a better look." Danny said as he rushed to find a Med-kit that wasn't in use. Just as he was about to open the kit, he noticed the boy was craning his neck, looking around the room. The entire time clutching his arm in pain. "You looking for someone?"

"Have you seen my Dad?" Sammy asked, continuing his search.

"No clue, what's your Dad's name?" Danny asked as he started cutting the boy's shirt up the side.

"Mike." Sammy replied, still pulling against Danny's cutting to look around.

"I can find out for you, but first, I need you to sit still so I don't cut more than just your shirt." Danny said with a smile as Sammy looked at the scissors and then up at Danny. "Tell me his last name and I'll have my team try to locate him for you."

"Reynolds, same as mine." Sammy said as his gaze slipped toward the floor.

"I think I've heard the name." Danny said; remembering the condition of his father the last time he saw him was not good. As shouting near the doorway suddenly grew louder, he waved a Medbot over to take over before ruffling Sammy's hair and smiling warmly. "Tell ya what; I'll try to find your Dad for you but, you've gotta let our doctors fix you up first. Deal?"

"Okay." Sammy said in just over a whisper. "If you find him, can you come get me. I gotta see him."

"I promise." Danny said as one of the Medbots approached. "Gunshot wound." Danny said as he stepped out of a Medbot's path as it was going to take over. "I won't be far away, okay?"

"I NEED HELP HERE! NOW!" Marc shouted, causing Danny to turn and run.

"What do you have, Bro?" Danny asked as he met with Marc who was covered in blood and surrounded by Medbots.

"Three severe injuries, grenade explosion." Marc barked as Danny looked at the three new arrivals.

"Oh my god, Adam and Kelly." Danny gasped, once seeing the battered faces of the three boys as the Medbots sprang into action. "This isn't good, Bro. Our guys are starting to come in." Danny managed to get out as a Medbot left the group and rushed over toward Rylan.

"Sir, the three recent arrivals are too badly damaged to be treated in this facility. All three have suffered multiple lacerations on over 73% of their bodies as well as significant internal injuries. We estimate on average they have less than a 4% chance of survival in their current condition. This estimation is not in consideration to the amount of blood that has already been lost. How do you suggest we proceed?" The Medbot questioned.

"What are our options?" Danny asked when Rylan looked at him with an expressionless gaze.

"Suggest relocation to our facility to begin generation of replacement organs to increase probability of survival to 9%." The Medbot replied.

"Hardly seems like an improvement." Danny sighed. "Isn't there anything more we can do for them?"

"There is." Rylan shrugged before turning his attention to Caleb and his small patient. "Medbot, is Vifer an option in this situation?"

"It is, Sir." The Medbot replied. "All three would survive the procedure as well as have an estimated 93% chance of recovery."

"Vifer? Like , physically change them to be like Nyo?" Danny questioned as Caleb looked up from his small patient with wide eyes.

"Very much so." The Medbot replied. "The procedure would allow all three to heal at an extremely accelerated rate. At this time, none are strong enough to survive the healing process naturally."

"Your decision Council Scientia." Rylan stated, without turning back toward Danny.

"Gee, thanks." Danny shrugged. "Proceed Medbot, and thank you for the recommendation."

"What the hell?" Caleb nearly shouted. "Why can't they take this kid too? What, he's not important enough?"

"No Caleb, that's not why..." Rylan began to reply before Caleb cut him off.

"Danny! Make them take him too!" Caleb shouted, freezing Danny in mid step.

"That wasn't an option for this patient." Danny carefully replied.

"That's not fair!" Caleb cried as he looked at the small boy's face. "He's just a kid."

"He's too far gone." Rylan carefully stated. "You know that. He has severe damage throughout his head and chest. If he even survives, he'll have severe brain damage. You can see that yourself, you need to accept it as fact."

"I'll help him myself, then!" Caleb shouted before harshly grabbing the end of the portable biobed to roll it out of the ER. "You guys don't want to help me, I'll do it alone!" He barked as he pushed both out of his way.

"Caleb, wait!" Noah shouted as Caleb slammed through the doors and out of sight. "Should I go after him?"

"Do you think you can get through to him?" Danny asked, throwing his hands in the air.

"Not when he's like that." Noah sighed. "I don't think I've ever seen him like that before."

"I can respect his decision to try." Rylan said, looking back at the doorway. "Noble, even if it is futile."

"Can I get something for pain down here if it isn't too much to ask during this sweet little self back patting session?" The boy's father asked with a sneer from the floor.

"Oh. I'm sorry sir." Danny replied, over exaggerating his concern for the man's condition. "Are you in pain?"

"Are you really that stupid, Kid? Of course I am." The man barked just before being wracked with another fit of coughing.

"Sounds bad." Noah said, calmly, as he looked at Danny.

"Yeah it does." Danny replied, kneeling down next to the man. "Where does it hurt?"

"Right here." The man whimpered, pointing to the obvious wound on his chest.

"Here?" Danny asked sweetly, as he jabbed the spot hard with his middle and index finger; causing the man to yelp in pain. "I know what we can do for him." He continued as he dug in his pocket and pulled out a tongue depressor. "Bite down on this, when it hurts." He said with a smile, as he gingerly stuck the piece of wood in the man's mouth and patted him on the shoulder above the wound as hard as he could. "That should help."

"Very nice, Doctor." Noah managed to say without laughing. "I'll bring him a lollipop later."

"Guys?" Austin said as he rushed by. "Is it just me or, does it smell like tuna in here?"

"Oh." Noah finally laughed. "That's my boyfriend's new cologne."

"Okaaay, forget I asked." Austin said as Danny and Noah began laughing uncontrollably.

Just then Timmy and Antonio teleported into the ER, startling the small group. "Unca Danny!!!" Timmy almost screamed as he dove into Danny's arms. "Daddy's hurt!" He managed to get out before sniffling.

"Antonio?" Danny asked in question toward the expressionless gaze of Antonio.

"He's injured." Antonio said simply. "He sent us here where we'd be safe. Y'all need help?"

"We could use some help." Danny replied, tilting his head. "Wouldn't you rather go with Timmy to see Granma?"

"No." Antonio said after taking a deep breath. "I wanna work."

"Okay. Austin, could you team with Antonio while I bring your brother out to be with your Grandmother?"

"No problem." Austin replied as he hugged Timmy and covered his warpaint clad body with the lab coat he had just thrown on himself. "I'll come out and see ya as soon as I can."

"Otay." Timmy replied weakly as the gathering broke up.

Just as Noah was about to turn back toward the patient he was working on, his communicator went off. "This is Noah." He sighed.

"Noah, This is Jerry. what's going on over there?"

"Well, if you'd answer your communicator, you'd know that we're under red alert and buried in injured people." Noah snapped.

"Mom made me leave it in the room!" Jerry whined. "Look, I called because there's something wrong with Joey."

"What's wrong with him?" Marc looked up and shouted.

"Is he okay?" Noah asked walking closer to the table Marc and two Medbots were desperately trying to work on a small child.

"He won't stop crying and his face looks funny."

"Noah! Take over." Marc said reaching over and grabbing Noah's communicator. "Jerry, how does his face look funny?"

"He's red and puffy from crying but, it's like he's got streaks of other colors. Almost like he's bruising from the inside or something. I don't know whats causing it and he won't say anything other than he wants his brothers."

"Isn't KC with you?" Marc asked, scratching his head.

"Yeah, but he's asking for Timmy and Austin. I don't know what to do."

"Get him here." Marc said quickly. "His brothers are here right now. Besides, we need you and your family."

"Okay, thanks Marc. Jerry out."

"What else could go wrong?" Marc asked as he handed Noah back his communicator.

"More incoming wounded, these are our own guys!" Danny reported as he rushed back into the ER.

"You asked." Noah shot back, as more bodies appeared in the middle of the room.

"Jesus, those are our cadets." Marc spat.

"Clear the non-criticals, we need beds!" Noah shouted as everyone in the room scrambled.

"Broken Arm, deceased, internal bleeding..." A Medbot started calling out as each waiting doctor and Medbot received a new patient.

"Sit down." Noah said as he approached a uniformed teen with the broken arm.

"There was too many of them." The teen aged officer began to cry. "We couldn't hold them off..."

"Relax, Dude. You guys did your best." Noah soothed as he splinted the boy's arm and began wrapping it just as Cory appeared and plopped down hard in the seat next to where he was working.

"WHY!" Cory screamed in agony. "What the hell did WE ever do to deserve THIS?"

Noah turned from his patient and took one look at Cory before turning and shouting; "SHIT! DANNY! Get over here!!! Cory's bad!"

"NO!" Cory replied. "Don't worry about me; help the rest of these kids!"

"Yeah right." Danny said as he ran over and began scanning Cory. "Oh my god dude, you're a mess."

"I'm fine; take care of the guys who are really hurt." Cory argued.

"Number fifteen!" Danny turned and shouted. "Take Patriarch Short; sedate him if he resists." Danny got out as he turned back to look at Cory. "Argue with me Bro, I dare you."

"Oh shit." Noah mumbled. "You sure you guys aren't twins or sumthin?" He got out as the officer Noah was working on snickered.

Cory hung his head and began sobbing again. "Too many guys have died. I've lost a brother I promised would never get hurt ever again. I don't deserve a doctor."

"Lost a brother?" Danny questioned as he halted the Medbot's advance. "I haven't seen any casualties in close family yet and everyone has been brought through us, so far."

"Adam didn't make it here?" Cory asked through his sobs before painfully pulling himself into a ball.

"Oh." Danny replied as he put his arms carefully around Cory. "Ark, could you give me a status report on Adam Short and his team please?" Danny asked softly. "I'd like Cory Short to be able to here the report as well." He got out as Cory looked at him questioningly.

< Certainly Danny. Adam, Kelly and Dean are all in stable condition and will be undergoing their procedures individually. All three are expected to make full recoveries. Would you like a more detailed report? >

"Procedures?" Cory asked, moaning with pain as he extended his leg.

< Yes Cory. After the Medbots assessed their conditions, it was determined that they were in need of assistance beyond your modern medical practice. They are undergoing the procedure to make them Vifer to give them the ability to heal. >

"Nooooooo ....." Cory moaned. "I won't stop it, but I'm taking all the blame for this."

"Stop what?" Danny asked, as he held Cory at arms length. "Ark said they were gonna be fine."

"I broke my promise, Danny." Cory sobbed. "I promised Adam I'd never do nothin to let him get hurt ever again. Now he's gonna live almost forever and it wasn't his choice, it was my fault."

"Are you nuts?" Danny quickly stood up and almost shouted. "It's a frigin war out there and you DID NOT start it. These people would be dead if it weren't for you. Not recovering, DEAD! Every single one of us, including Adam was involved, not because you dragged us in, but because we chose to be here."

"Excuse me." A small boy with his arm in a sling softly said, instantly stopping Danny's rant. "Are you really Cory Short?"

Cory nodded weakly. "Yeah; I'm Cory."

"My dad is alive because of you, and so is the rest of my family." The boy began. "I'm alive because you came when I called and asked for help. He's sayin we'd be dead if you and your family didn't help. If you think it's all your fault then it is. It's all your fault that we are still here and not dead in our house right now." He continued, raising his voice a bit. "You help kids and people and if anyone should feel responsible it should be me, cause I called ya all but if you hadn't come...if you hadn't..." His voice trailed off as he looked toward the floor.

Cory tried to look at the boy talking to him. "I can't see you; my vision is all blurry. Who are you?"

"My name is Sammy" the boy said softly.

Cory winced as pain shot through his body. "Timmy and Austin got you guys out okay? I wish I'd known those bastards planned this; I woulda never let you get close enough to the house to get hurt."

"But they're part of what you do." Sammy said, looking back at Cory. "They wouldn't have come if you didn't show them the way. How can you think that? We wouldn't be alive if you hadn't come and if you hadn't taught them to care! And in case no one ever told ya, no one can see the future, so blaming yourself for not being able to is just stupid! Ah... sorry. I mean... you know..." He said, his face now blushing.

"He's right, you know." Noah said quickly as he continued to wrap the cadet's arm, which now had about four pounds of gauze wrapped around it since he wasn't paying attention.

"That musta been some wound." Sammy giggled, stopping Noah from working any further up the guy's arm.

"Nice job, bone head. Leave some gauze for the rest of the patients" Danny laughed. He then turned back to Cory. "So, you gonna let us work on you or do I have to have you sedated?"

"Please let em help ya, You gotta get better. You're really needed." Sammy said, as he stepped a little closer and placed his hand on Cory's shoulder.

Cory barely managed to speak; his voice betraying how bad off he really was. "Thank ... you ... Sammy. Danny ... I'm ... feeling ... woozy."

"Blood loss will do that to ya." Danny said as he motioned to the Medbot that was still standing by. "This guy will get you fixed up."

The Medbot picked Cory up, revealing a pool of blood from the wounds he managed to re-open on his leg. "Danny ... take ... care ... of ... Timmy." he managed to whisper before passing out.

"Oh shit he's bleeding out bad." Sammy said, looking at the shocked expressions on Danny and Marc's faces before turning to follow Cory.

"You shoulda just sedated him dude." Noah said, crossing his arms and watching the Medbot carry Cory's limp body to the biobed with Sammy trailing close behind.

"If I had, that little guy wouldn't have put him in his place and we'd have to do it on our own." Danny replied with a grin. "It was better this way."

"You sayin we wouldn't have gotten our way with him?" Noah asked.

"Yup." Danny laughed and turned toward the cadet who was still watching. "Noah, Let me know when the cocoon is finished."

"Should I keep going? I mean I have enough here to wrap the other arm too." Noah snickered, earning another laugh from his patient.

"OW! Don't make me laugh." The teen said as he wiped away his now drying tears. "Do you guys have any doctors here, or just comedians?" He asked with a laugh.

"Yes." Danny simply replied with a smile before returning his attention to his patient.

"Director Page, Doctor Owens and his family just transported in." Nurse Patty said just as the doors to the ER burst open.

"Dude, he needs help." Jerry said as he ran into the room with Joey in his arms; his parents and KC running along behind him.

"Okay, put him on the open biobed over here, and I'll get Marc or Austin on him." Danny said as he shrugged his shoulders seeing another Medbot in his place. "Or I'll just take him." He sighed as Jerry rushed to get Joey comfortable.

"When did this start little guy?" Danny asked as he looked Joey over.

"We wend swimmin an I fewd scawed. Uncah Danny, whewe's Dimmy an Ausdin?""We wend swimmin an I fewd scawed. Uncah Danny, whewe's Dimmy an Ausdin?" (&quot;We went swimmin an I felt scared. Uncah Danny, where's Timmy an Austin?&quot;) Joey asked through sniffles as he hugged his teddy bear tightly around the neck.

"Austin's down the other side of the ER and Timmy is out in the waiting room with your Granma." Danny answered as he looked at the biobed's readout and scratched his head. "Jerry, I'm not seeing anything unusual except a slight elevation in his body temperature and heart rate."

"That could be caused by the crying alone." Mary said out loud to no one in particular as KC wandered over to a stool and plopped down.

"That's what I was thinking." Danny replied with a sigh before leaning over the bed and kissing Joey's forehead. "We'll get ya fixed up buddy, don't worry."

"Can I see Ausdin? Pwease Uncah Danny?""Can I see Ausdin? Pwease Uncah Danny?" (&quot;Can I see Austin? Please Uncah Danny?&quot;) Joey whined.

"I'll go get him." Danny replied before turning to the rest of the group. "You guys okay to go to work?"

"Where can we help?" Mary asked with a tired smile.

"Jerry, we need all the help we can get in here. Would you be okay with taking on some of the injured?" Danny asked with a concerned look. "Or do you want to stay here with Joey?"

"I can work." Jerry said walking over to the bed. "You'll let me know when you find out what's wrong with Joey, right?"

"Duh!" Danny laughed. "The second we know, you will. I promise dude." He added as he looked back at Jerry's parents. "Jon, you have any medical training?"

"Yup." Jon replied with a grin. "First response EMT. It's required training for all rangers."

"Sweet." Danny smiled. "Cory's Mom has a small team working out in the waiting room. I know she could use some help in triage."

"Then she has some help." Jon smiled before turning to leave the room.

"That was easy." Danny laughed before looking back at Mary.

"Put him in any situation and he rolls with it." Mary laughed. "How bout I recall some people and get the cafeteria up and running. With this many people we're gonna need food. You think O'Keefe can transport the contents of my freezer to our kitchen here?"

< The food supplies are already at your location Danny. >

"Jesus Ark." Danny gasped. "We're gonna owe you a box of cookies when this is all over."

< I do not eat cookies, Danny. That fact should be fairly obvious. >

"Oh." Danny giggled as Mary tilted her head at him in question. "Can I have them then?"

< Is that a serious question? >

"No." Danny giggled before looking at Mary. "Do you think it would be possible to make up a small box of cookies for Ark?"

"Um... Sure." Mary replied. "You feeling okay Danny?"

< That would be a serious question. >

"I knew it, a sense of humor." Danny laughed. "Okay. Mary, Ark says the food is in the kitchen already and we need to make it some cookies so I can eat them."

"Sure he did." Mary replied before turning back toward the doors. "I'll be in the kitchen." She continued as she stifled a snicker.

"Unkah Danny, Gwamma dhinks you'we dawkin do youwsewf.""Unkah Danny, Gwamma dhinks you'we dawkin do youwsewf." (&quot;Unkah Danny, Gwamma thinks you're talkin to yourself.&quot;) Joey said just above a whisper.

"That's okay." Danny loudly whispered back. "As long as we get the cookies." He got out finally getting a giggle out of Joey. "KC, you wanna hang here with your little brother while I see if I can free Austin up?"

"Whatever." KC huffed as he crossed his arms and sighed.

"You okay dude?" Danny asked as he ruffled Joey's hair and hopped off the bed.

Joey sniffled once again before saying in a raspy voice; "Daddy's mad ad Casey and said some mean sduff do him.""Daddy's mad ad Casey and said some mean sduff do him." (&quot;Daddy's mad at Casey and said some mean stuff to him.&quot;)

"He did?" Danny tilted his head in question toward Jerry who was still standing next to the bed.

"No worries dude." KC said rolling his eyes. "Just don't leave me alone with Joey too long. You know, so I can't be too much of a bad influence on him." He managed to get out as Austin came into the room.

"Oh please." Jerry growled. "Like you care what I think."

"Guys, I wanna talk to you later okay?" He said before looking back at Austin. "I was just coming to get you."

"Yeah, I heard Joey wasn't feeling too good." Austin said as he glanced at Joey and grinned. "He's fine."

"Well... Um... Yeah, the biobed says he's fine but look at his face." Danny said getting a giggle out of Austin. "What?"

"Have you looked at my face? Or maybe Timmy's?" Austin said pointing at his freckled, war paint covered face." "It kinda runs in the family now, doesn't it?"

"I god face painds?""I god face painds?" (&quot;I got face paints?&quot;) Joey asked as he ran his fingers across his cheeks.

"Yup." Austin laughed. "You have my DNA and I have Timmy's. Maybe we should get you out there with Timmy. He can probably explain better than I can." Austin said before turning toward KC. "You look pissed. Everything okay?"

"No." KC said as he quickly stood up and walked over to Joey. "I'm goin for a walk little guy. I'll catch you later on, provided your dad lets me." He got out before kissing Joey on the forehead and rushing out of the room.

"Oh, please..." Jerry moaned.

"What's that all about?" Austin asked as he lifted Joey off the bed.

"Daddy's mad ad Casey cause he dwied do go cwimbing and he cawwed him names. He made Casey sad.""Daddy's mad ad Casey cause he dwied do go cwimbing and he cawwed him names. He made Casey sad." (&quot;Daddy's mad at Casey cause he tried do go climbing and he called him names. He made Casey sad.&quot;) Joey answered as he wiped the tears off his cheek with the back of his hands.

"That's not good." Austin said looking toward Danny. "I'll have to talk to your dad later."

"Austin could you get Joey out to the waiting room and make sure they're all set?" Danny asked as he stepped out of the doorway.

"No prob." Austin replied as he grabbed Joey's teddy bear and tucked it under his free arm. "Let's go see Timmy and Grandma."

Jerry watched Austin leave the room with Joey before scowling at Danny. "He's trying to get Joey killed."

"Who? KC? I doubt that." Danny started as he leaned up against the biobed. "I've seen them together, KC loves the hell out of your son. It's pretty obvious."

"Yeah right." Jerry huffed as he folded his arms. "He might be okay with being put back together every other day but I won't let him..." He got out before Danny put his hand up.

"Now isn't the time Jerry." Danny sighed as he walked toward the door. "After this is all cleared up, we can all sit down as a family and talk about it." He said turning back to face Jerry. "I need 'Doctor Owens' in this ER right now not an angry eleven year old. It'll give you some time to cool off and think before you two end out in a fist fight. Trust me, KC would never let anything or anyone harm your son. I believe that and so should you."

"Whatever." Jerry sighed. "I'll let it go for now but..."

"No buts." Danny cut him off. "We have patients that need us. You with me?"

"Yeah." Jerry said under his breath as he rushed passed Danny and out of the room.

"Ah, there you are." Rylan said, quickly stopping in the doorway as soon as he spotted Danny. "Council Scientia, Ark has just given the word that more injured are being teleported in and your medical director is looking for you."

"Thanks Rylan." Danny shook his head. "And will you just call me Danny? Please?"

"I'm sorry." Rylan smiled. "I wasn't aware that you preferred to work informally."

"Now you are." Danny weakly smiled. "Unless we're in a formal setting, first names or nick names are all we use. It helps to break the tension."

"Sounds good." Rylan smiled as the hall began to get louder. "I believe we're going to be needed."

"Deceased, deceased, multiple lacerations, head trauma, deceased, deceased..." A Medbot announced passively as he sorted through the new arrivals when Danny and Rylan arrived.

"Number fifteen, what percentage of arrivals have been teleported in here deceased?" Rylan asked, as he placed his hands on his hips.

"Approximately seventy five percent, with more on the way," The Medbot answered without even pausing in its work.

"That's what I thought," Rylan said as he looked at Danny, who appeared to be deep in thought. "Sorting them this way is wasting time." He managed to add before a second group teleported in. Again mostly deceased.

"Ark." Danny said out loud. "Is there any way to sort our people from the attackers when teleporting them in?"

< Would that be preferable? >

"It would." Danny said as he nodded to the security team that was leading the hostile patients out of the room to be transported out. "Um..." He began as he got distracted by the sound of crying children, yelling adults and bustling staff and Medbots. "Let's do this; only send us our people, alive or not, and the critically injured from either group. Hostile patients that are non-critical can go directly to the security team outside the ambulatory reception door. That should help the staff focus on the patients they need to treat."

< What would you like me to do with deceased from the attacking party? >

"Ark, to tell you the truth, I really don't care." Danny said coldly as he scooped up a small child. "Loose them somewhere, anywhere but here."

< As you wish. >

"That should help." Rylan replied as he rushed by with one of the Medbots, performing a repair as the unit continued to work.

"Additional Security to the waiting room! Shots fired!" Danny's communicator announced, as he coordinated the bustling activity in the ER.

"We're on it!" A security officer shouted as he grabbed two officers and rushed out of the ER.

"God, please help us." Danny sighed as he carried a small bleeding child away from the noise of the open ER.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile: AI Division Compound

"How's everything going in here?' Scott asked as he entered the living room where Benji and Sammy were flipping through the channels on TV while Sebastian worked with Eli on his physical therapy exercises.

"Okay." Eli smiled as he gripped a small rubber ball with his new right hand. "Look what I can do." He boasted before dropping it to the floor.

"You're s'posed ta hold it." Bastian scolded before picking the ball up and placing it back in his boyfriend's hand.

"Sammy! Go back one channel." Scott asked quickly as he sat down on the arm of the couch.

"...happening as we speak. We now take you live to the Charleston, S. Carolina police department where a statement is about to be issued."

"Issuing a statement? That can't be good." Scott mumbled as the television scene shifted to a rather old looking gentleman in uniform who was preparing to address the large crowd that had gathered around the steps of the police station.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for joining us. I have an updated announcement to make and then I am prepared to answer a few of your questions." The man began, as he shuffled a few papers on the podium that had been set up. "As I'm sure you are all aware, earlier this afternoon CPD, in conjunction with our local division of Clan Short of Vulcan, responded to what appeared to be an act of aggression in the state of Montana regarding the personal attack of a Montana, Campbell County police officer's family by a rather well known religious organization. What appeared to be a minor incident, at first report, has become a full out act of terrorism and has totally overwhelmed supporting entities. I don't appear to have an actual report regarding loss of life but I am prepared to state that many casualties have been reported. As of 1:27pm, S. Carolina officials have elevated police action at both the Clan Short outpost on Sullivan's Island as well as their newly founded medical facility at the former Charleston Naval Hospital...."

"Elevated action? What's that supposed to mean?" Benji asked looking over to Scott, who had his eyes glued to the screen.

"It means our reports aren't accurate." Scott growled, as he pulled out his communicator. "Shannon to Fraser."

"Eddie here, what's wrong, Scott?"

"Nothing at either location with the exception of local police beginning to swarm the area. Why aren't we getting any intelligence reports?" Scott asked as he stood up and walked out into the kitchen.

"You have the same information we have."

"That's bullshit, Ed." Scott barked while at the same time lowering his voice to a whisper. "You know just as well as I do, anytime a press conference is held on the front steps of CPD, fires are being put out."

"Because they don't have the answers, Scott. That's all that means. The press is pushing for answers and CPD is acting as a smoke screen."

"Not if they're rolling units, it doesn't. Read into it dude. We're a potential target right now." Scott hissed.

"They're playing it safe; chill and let them do their jobs, Dude."

"Eddie, I've lost fifteen cadets in the past hour because they were dispatched to the front line. Untrained rookies, which means they're scraping the bottom of the barrel, now. Add to that CPD rolls extra units to both of our locations. They make both calls."

"So, what are you getting at?"

"They ARE gonna pull more." Scott whispered. "Look, they need trained officers. I'm combat ready and have my guys in place here. Let me go."

"No, you're two months away from being combat ready. If you go anywhere, it will be here to take over for me so I can go."

"That's stupid. You have more experience than I do in Clan Security. How the hell am I supposed to take over at CIC?" Scott asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"The same way you did there. Look, your orders are to remain on site there unless I move you. No arguments. Besides, as long as any official action doesn't go any higher than state police you have very little to worry about. Okay?"

"Aye sir." Scott sighed. "AI Compound out." He said through clenched teeth before walking back into the living room. "What's going on?"

"They were answerin' questions and then some other guy came in and stopped it." Benji replied without looking away from the screen.

"Wonder what that's about." Scott managed to get out before the crowd on the television began to quiet down.

"Ladies and gentleman, I have just received information from our officials in Columbia. As of 1:32 pm, S. Carolina is cooperating under the flag of the planet Vulcan. State officials are to be dispatched to aid in maneuvers of local law enforcement. The National guard has been placed under alert and will aid in securing our borders. This is the only information I am authorized to release at this time. Thank you for coming."

"Will more children be sent into that battlefield? - Is Clan Short an intended target? - What involvement does the Federation hold in all this?" Questions from the crowd started being shouted.

"I'm sorry, I'm unable to comment at this time." The older gentleman said before retreating into the building.

"National Guard?" Benji asked as he looked over toward Scott. "Is that bad?"

"Yeah Benji, It's bad." Scott said, as he once again pulled out his communicator.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Need some help?" KC asked as he poked his head into the only lit room off of the hallway.

"Oh, yes, please." Caleb replied with streams of tears freely running down his cheeks. "The stupid biobed can't stabilize his heart rate and I don... I can't get..." He managed to get out before he began crying uncontrollably.

"I'm here for ya dude." KC replied, in just over a whisper as he came the rest of the way into the room and rushed over to the biobed. "Why are you treating this little guy separate from the rest?"

"N... no one wo... would even try." Caleb managed to get out as he struggled to get himself under control.

"Let me see your tricorder." KC said after punching a few commands into the biobed's controls. "This poor kid." He hissed as he looked at the results of the first scan. "He's lost way too much blood. Can we replicate more?"

"I did." Caleb said with a sniffle. "He's losing it faster than I can get it into him."

"Okay." KC sighed as he set the tricorder down. "Looks like his face, brain and chest are loaded with buck shot. I can try to extract it all but..." He began before the tears in Caleb's eyes began to flow again. "You just keep supplying him with blood, I'll do my best."

"O... okay." Caleb replied, as he added another bag onto the little boy's IV.

"So um..." KC began as he slipped on a pair of gloves. " gonna share that sandwich? I didn't get to have lunch."

"I don't have a sandwich in here." Caleb tilted his head and scowled as he watched KC start in on the child's wounds.

"Could have sworn I smelled tuna. I guess I'm just hungry." KC laughed before shaking his head. "Dude, how long have you known Jerry?"

"Not too long, a few days I guess." Caleb replied as he dried his eyes again before scanning the bed's readout a second time. "Why?"

"He hates me." KC answered without looking up. "Thinks I'm tryin to get Joey killed or sumthin."

"Jerry? Nah, you must have misunderstood something he said or sumthin." Caleb replied as he rushed over to the replicator and started the unit.

"Right." KC shot back as the sound of a piece of buck shot being tossed could be heard on the floor. "How do you misunderstand being called irresponsible and a bad influence?"

"He actually said that?" Caleb asked as the hum of the replicator grew louder.

"That and more." KC said, finally looking up. "I've never had a little brother before. I didn't know he was gonna try to do everything I do. It's not like I'm gonna let him get hurt or nuthin. I really like the little monster."

"I don't see why he'd get that mad though." Caleb mumbled as he brought another bag over to the bedside. "I mean it's not like you jumped off a bridge or sumthin and tried to get him to follow."

"It was a cliff." KC half smiled. "I told him to get back but he wanted to climb it with me."

"I thought you guys were goin to the Grand Canyon. There's no place to go climbing there. I don't even think they allow it." Caleb said as he lifted the bag onto the IV stand.

"No way. The cliff at the sight seeing area we stopped at was perfect for climbing." KC grinned. "Mrs. Owens caught me cause Joey tried to climb under the railing to follow me. She gave us both hell and let it go, but Jerry won't give up."

"Oh." Caleb said as he stopped to run his fingers through the little boy's hair, starting the tears up again.

"Grab some gauze and see if you can help keep this area dry for me will you?" KC said quickly, diverting Caleb's attention. "Anyway, the only thing that stopped him from telling me to get out of Joey's life was Joey."

"You're his brother." Caleb sniffled as he dabbed a piece of gauze around the open wound. "He loves you."

"Yeah." KC said as he retrieved another piece of buck shot and tossed it to the floor. "I don't get it"

"Don't get what?" Caleb asked as he quickly wiped a stray tear off on the shoulder of his shirt.

"Having a brother who loves you but having to shield him from life. I mean, do we have to stop doing stuff cause Jerry's nervous about it? The poor kid'll never have any fun experiences with Dr. Preschooler constantly trying to keep a protective bubble around him. I really think I love the little guy too, but come on, he's gonna hate me if I start saying 'hey you can watch but you can't do this cause you might get hurt' all the time." KC said without losing his concentration on his work.

"Maybe you need to stop doing so much dangerous stuff, then." Caleb mumbled. "I mean you gotta try to at least meet him half way."

"I can't help it sometimes though." KC said as he stopped what he was doing and looked directly at Caleb. "It's like what we're doing right now. I'm not a doctor. Hell, I've never done anything like this before in my life but, as soon as I needed to, I just could. It's in my programming."

Caleb shrugged his shoulder before replacing the gauze he was using. "You're more than just programming. Change it like a human would change a bad habit."

"I guess." KC answered with a sigh. "It'll just be hard to just ignore core programming just to have to give everything I have fun doing."

"I never said all of it bro." Caleb shook his head. "Look, you sort of take calculated risks because of the way Marc programmed you, right?"

"That's kinda how it works, yeah." KC simply answered before the ticking of another piece of buck shot could be heard.

"So, why can't you do the same when Joey's with you. Just consider the risks you take to be higher in his case and apply it to yourself when you are both together. We do that all the time. Play, but play nicer when it involves the littler ones." Caleb half smiled. "I guess that could be the android way of playing safer."

"I guess you're right." KC said with a smile. "But Jerry won't trust me anymore."

"That'll take time. Just give him some space." Caleb replied before looking at the biobed's readout. "Blood pressure is way low and his heart rate is all over the place."

"Keep working and praying for this little guy. That's all we can do." KC answered as another piece of buck shot went to the floor.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Noah!" Danny shouted as he almost tripped over a rolling cart. "Ark just reported more severe injuries on their way."

"MORE!?!" Noah huffed as he dropped his arms to his sides. "We're already overloaded!"

"I know. Regardless, more are on their way in." Danny replied just as a small group appeared near the entrance way.

Noah just barely advanced on the new arrivals before Kyle shrieked, "JAMIE!!!" causing Noah to break out in a full run in his direction. In the two seconds it took to get to that area, he and Jamie were nowhere in sight.

"What??? ... Where'd they go?" Noah gasped as he screeched to a halt.

Levis frowned, "I...I'm not exactly sure...I...he shifted I think but I really don't know where to."

"Shifted?" Noah asked. "He disappeared with one of my brothers who was injured! Can you find them?"

Levis closed his eyes and transformed back into his energy form and took a deep breath. The aura around Levis began to expand and fill the area around him provoking a stunned look from Noah and quite a few other onlookers. "He doesn't have an anchor point directly, I can feel his pattern but it's not linked to any object, but it feels like he's linked to..." Levis opened his eyes, "Where's Tyler, he's linked to Tyler."

Noah's eyes were opened almost as wide as his mouth at the sight before him. "Th...The waiting room. Um... Look in the waiting room." He stammered as he took two large steps backward; almost tripping on his own feet in the process.

"I'll bring him here then," nodded Levis as he got brighter for a second. Suddenly Tyler appeared a few feet from Levis with a confused look on his face. "Sorry for not warning you, Tyler but I need your help."

Tyler shook his head to clear it. "Okay I guess Levis; where's Kyle?" he replied once he got his bearings.

"That's what I need your help with," said Levis as he closed his eyes again and allowed his aura to expand to touch Tyler. "Someone that was injured badly was teleported in; he shouted, 'Jamie' and then both Kyle and the boy disappeared. The only thing he left behind was a pattern that only I can see, the pattern tells me that he shifted dimensional planes but it doesn't tell me to where he shifted. Kyle didn't set up an anchor point before he left, but he does have a link to you, a very strong link, actually. I'm going to follow that link to find him."

"Crap!" Tyler exclaimed. "If Jamie's hurt, Kyle's gonna be a mess! If he screwed up, please don't say anything right away; he poured his heart out saving those twins and I know it's gonna hit hard."

"The only way that Kyle could have messed up is if he shifted into a dangerous dimension," replied Levis. "I'll keep that in mind though. We'll be back." Levis pulled his aura back into himself and suddenly vanished.

"What did we just see here?" Noah looked at Tyler and asked.

"It's hard to explain. He's gonna help Kyle though, that's all I care about." Tyler replied with a sigh.

"But, what about Jamie?" Noah asked, as suddenly Jamie and Kyle reappeared on the floor between the two.

"What about me? What?" Jamie asked in confusion. "Wait a minute! How the heck did I get here!? Why's Jacob askin' if I'm okay? When did you get here Kyle, and why is everyone lookin at me funny?"

Kyle barely gave Jamie time to speak before pulling him into a tight hug.

To the shock of every person with any sort of telepathic ability within his newly extended range, Kyle blasted out with a Kylegram stronger and louder than any he had ever done before. "Jamie's ALIVE and OKAY!!!!!!!" Kyle then kissed Jamie's forehead. "I'll explain later, angel brother. For now just understand that something happened and I had to do something I've never done before."

"Yeah, like give half of us a heart attack!" Danny yelled from the nearby open doorway through a stifled giggle. "Now get outa my head leech, I've got work to do here!"

"Way to go Kyle." Noah said, before grabbing Tyler's arm and whispering; "You're gonna explain what just happened, right?"

"Um... Sure. Once I figure it out, I guess." Tyler laughed as the group began to break up.

"Sir." A Medbot said as it approached Noah, with Rylan following on behind it.

"What's up number fifteen?" Noah asked, freezing when he saw the serious expression on Rylan's face.

"Sir, we are running dangerously low on medical supplies, treatment space and recovery areas within the defined uncontaminated areas within this building."

"Wonderful." Noah shrugged. "Well for right now, it looks like we're doing okay. I guess we can just make due with what we have for now."

"That's not why it's reporting Noah." Rylan said, shaking his head.

"What do you mean?" Noah asked, tilting his head.

After wiping the sweat from his face, Rylan sighed and replied; "Ark reports more incoming. The same if not more than we already have now."

To Be Continued...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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Notes from our guest editor & assistant archivist:

I was informed that I could put in some notes here. This chapter has some really startling events. You also need to know that there is much more to come. Be warned; I have to wonder what will happen to the little boy, the son of the church guy. Will that son of a... survive? For that matter, will Jerry ever trust KC again? Joey loves his brother, and I think he will be able to convince Jerry that KC would never let any harm come to him. We'll have to wait and see.

Darryl, aka The Radio Rancher