Life's Revised Expectations

Chapter 3 - A Few Steps Forward

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Nick Bells – Age 11

“I don't want to go to school,” I told my mother. It was the first time I'd be going to school without Gage. He was starting high school today, which left me in elementary school mostly alone.


Mom handed me my breakfast. “Tanis will be there for you. It won't be as bad as you think.” I could see from my mom's face that she was concerned about it. Jake would be worse than ever before.


No matter how many times his big brother hassles him for bullying me, Jake just continues. Colby is friends with his big brother, but I don't think that's a good thing at this point. It's not helping stop Jake bullying me.


“Tanis isn't going to make Jake stop. Nothing will.” I dropped my head, looking down at my lap.


Mom lifted my chin up. “Hey, we'll get it figured out. Promise.”

“Okay.” I started to slowly eat my breakfast. At least I was getting mom's homemade pancakes on the first day of school. It was the start of a long day.


The first time taking the walk to school alone. First time waiting for only Tanis and not Tanis and Matt. It made me anxious thinking about just us being at school together.


Tanis was there waiting for me just outside school grounds. “Ready for a whole new year of adventure? Just the two of us!?” His enthusiasm was not shared. I stayed stone-faced the entire time. “Someone isn't excited.”


“How can I be excited?” I spoke frustrated. “Jake is just going to bully me even more now that Gage isn't here.”


Tanis got all macho. “I'll protect you, Nicholas!”


I rolled my eyes and walked onto school grounds. “No offense, but you haven't been much help in the past,” I grumbled head hung low. It wasn't Tanis' fault. He has done many things to try and help. Jake just is an evil person.


“Ya, but you and I can last through it all! Jake's got nothing on our friendship!” Tanis made me smile for a split second. Then the bell went, and we regretfully headed inside.


There was Jake right at the door, seemingly waiting for me. “AHHA!” He pointed at me. “Nick and Tanis are finally here and without their big brothers to defend them.” His smile was this cocky, shit eating grin.


“Go away, Jake,” Tanis growled at him. “We don't need your bullshit on the first day of school.” Tanis shoved passed him, I followed right behind him.



The school day went by without much worry. There were two grade 6 classes. One split with some grade 7s, and one that was purely grade 6. I was lucky enough to be put into the class with Tanis but not Jake. This made class time mostly peaceful.


Recess and lunch weren't so great though; Jake went out of his way to get to me. At recess, it was a simple joke from afar. At lunch, it was shoving me out of my spot so his friends could sit where I was. Tanis and I ended up eating on the other side of the cafe.


When the day was finally over, I was overjoyed. I basically ran home away from Jake. Gage was home, moments later, got home and shook his head. “Rough first day?”


I nodded. “Jake is going to be a problem all year, I know it.”


“You can figure it out.” Gage encouraged me. “You and Tanis will figure out a way to make him stop. Clearly telling his brother isn't going to work.”


“I don't even know any way to go about it.” I sighed before throwing myself on a couch. “It's hopeless.”


Gage offered me a 'big brother' smile. “I know you, Nicholas. You'll find your way over this wall.” Easy for you to say, you've never been bullied, Gage.


Guess I have to figure out how to make Jake stop. So basically it's hopeless, he's never going to stop.



Shane Hearing – Age 12

“Hey!” Noah called out as he stuck his head into my room. “What are you doing?”


I stared blankly at him. “Homework...” Like, I had just gotten home from school, what else am I to do? I could play Connor's Xbox, but I'm not huge into games. Studying and homework are basically all I do. “Why?”


“Alice is going to be here soon with news, don't you remember?” I shook my head. “Oh, come on, get out here.”


“Okay, I'm coming, I'm coming.” I set my pen down and got up. Noah was already out into the living room watching the TV with Scott. “Who's playing?” I ask, noticing hockey being played.


“Vancouver and San Jose,” Scott spoke with gruff. “Vancouver is currently loosing.”


I smiled. “Go, San Jose!” Scott glared at me before chuckling to himself. We stayed there watching the TV until Alice arrived. She spoke with Paula in the kitchen quietly first. “What are they talking about?” I softly spoke to Noah.


Scott got this grin as Noah answered. “No idea, we will have to wait to find out I guess.”


“Or we could just go out there?” I got up and headed straight into the kitchen.


Before I could even fully get in the room, Paula caught me. “Could you wait in the living room while we finish our talk, Shane?”


“I was just thirsty. Can I quickly grab a drink?” With a sigh, Paula nodded in agreement. So I quickly grabbed a glass of water and went back into the living room.


Noah laughed. “How did that go?” I just rolled my eyes and took a sip of my water.


It was close to half an hour later when the three of us were finally called into the kitchen. “Okay boys, can you come out to the kitchen please.” Noah and I both got up and went out. When Scott didn't come out immediately, Paula spoke again. “Scott, you too.”


We heard a grunt just before he came around the corner. He joined Paula and Alice on the other side of the table. Alice was the one to open the conversation. “So Paula and Scott have been talking with me for a while now about something. More so Paula, but we have Scott's full support in this correct?” Scott gave a silent nod.


Paula continued. “With your permissions, we would like to adopt you into our family. We understand that you've been with us for barely a year, but we think that you two need a stable home. We hope we can be that for you two, but if not we understand.”


Alice finished off the explanation. “We have gone through all the necessary hurdles, and all that's left is you two to say yes. Then we sign a few papers and its official. Take your time before you make a decision.”


Noah and I looked at each other for only a moment. I could see it in his eyes, and feel that his answer would be the same. With only a nod, we turned back and smiled. “YES!!”


The room erupted in laughter, and the papers were signed almost instantly. After the paperwork gets filed properly, we would be officially adopted by the Abriel household. Noah and I decided to keep our current last names. We didn't feel like it would be right to change them.


“You're fine with all of this?” Noah asked after Alice had left. “I want to make sure you're fine with it all.”


I nodded. “Ya, I like the idea of being their adopted son. I'm very happy with it.”


Noah smiled. “I'm glad; I like it too. That means Connor and Larissa will be our adopted siblings. Maybe she will start picking on us too.”

“NO!” I laughed. “Maybe she'll pick on you, but never me.” I boasted at him. “Larissa thinks I'm too adorable.”


“Oh ya, whatever.”



Sam Small – Age 13

Welcome to the Small household. It's not much, but it's a place to live. Dad usually isn't here, working out of town and all. Mom is always here since she's a teacher at the high school. Then my little brother is the worst.


Peter is so arrogant and a show-off. He's part of the hockey team in the winter and the soccer team in the spring. He thinks he's all that and then some, but in reality, Peter should probably just get a smack or two.


“I win again!” Peter showed his excitement as he beat me in the latest hockey video game. I still had no idea what I was doing in it, not even sure how to pass the puck. “You gotta get good Sam!”


I just rolled my eyes. “If I knew how to play, it would be more evenly matched.”


He laughed. “Ya, but then I doubt I'd win every time.” Peter had a cheeky grin. He laughed before turning off the game. “Well that was fun, let's do it again sometime!” I just rolled my eyes and started back to my room.


The front door suddenly slammed shut. Confused I called out, “Mom?” When there was no answer, I investigated the house. Mom was out picking dad up from the airport right now, but she would be back within the hour. When I found that the door was Peter going out to play with friends I decided to take advantage of it.


The house empty and computer free meant there was porn to watch. Pulling my pants down to my knees, I opened up Google. I typed 'gay porn' into the search bar. Pulling up I went on a search for something good to watch.


I found a good video and started to play with myself. It was only recently that I discovered sex. Dad was having 'the talk' with me, and he mentioned it. He told me about porn and stuff, and from then I've had my fun.


It didn't take long for me to figure out that girls weren't what I was into. One or two videos and I was more interested in the cocks. When I found out two boys can have sex together, I searched it and found gay porn. And it's been amazing ever since.


When I released my load finally, I carefully cleaned myself up and deleted the search I just did from the browser's history. Then I started surfing the web, playing games and stuff to pass the time.


Next thing I knew the front door opened and slammed again. I turned off my games and went downstairs. Mom came from the entryway with a smile on her face. “Sam! How was your time with your brother?”


“Lame, he beat me in his hockey game again.” I sighed and shrugged. “And then Peter went out; I don't know where.”


Dad came around the corner and looked directly at me. “Where's Peter?” He sounded impatient and angry. “Sam... Where is he?”


I shrugged nervously. “He went outside; I don't know where Peter went, he didn't say.”


He sighed. “Can you go find him please, Sam?”


“Sure.” I quickly went up to find my jacket and then went out on my search for Sam.

I checked all his usual spots. His friends in the area, and even the park behind the house. He wasn't at any of them. I knocked on all his friend's doors. Every time their parents told me they were out playing somewhere.


It took me half an hour for me to find Peter. He was coming down the sidewalk, ice cream in hand. “Peter!” I called out to him.


His eyes perked up, but just for a moment. Then he got his staple attitude going again. “What do you want Sam?”


“I've looked for half an hour to find you. Mom and dad are home and waiting for you to get back.” I don't think my 'older brother shamming younger brother' voice works on him, but I tried it anyways.


Peter just rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I guess I'll see you later guys.” He waved to his friends and started to jog back to the house. I didn't have much energy to keep up with him, so Peter made it home long before I did.


When I made it to the house, Peter was getting in shit by my dad. “You don't just leave without telling someone where you went. What if something happened to you? How would we even know where to start looking!?”


Peter lowered his head. “Sorry, Dad.” He turned and scowled at me.


“That's enough of that!” Mom glared at Peter. “Do not blame your brother for your mistakes, Peter.” Then she just pointed, and Peter went up to his room.


Welcome to my family. Where my mom loves me, my dad is always angry, and my brother always thinks everything is my fault. Gotta love 'em right?



Isaac Adams: Age 11

“Come on! Get your butt moving!!” My sister yelled at me. We were walking downtown together to meet up with mom. I kept flinching at all the dogs barking behind fences and not moving afterward. It was getting on my sister's nerves. “Why do I have to be stuck with such a scaredy cat little brother?”


“Sorry, Jennifer!” I booked it away from the fence I was staring at. Once I caught up with her, I stayed a little closer than she would have liked. She huffed and started walking even faster widening the distance between us.


I walked at a steady pace behind her trying to keep up. She could walk much faster than me though, and I started getting left behind again. Older sisters suck when it comes to being petty.


Just when I was about to go into a sprint to catch up, a dog and his owner came out from between houses. They were right in the middle between Jennifer and me, and they were heading towards me.


I stopped, frozen in place. “JENNIFER!” I yelled for my sister.


She probably rolled her eyes as she turned around. “WHAT!?” And then she saw it and for sure did an eye roll. She started towards me shaking her head. “Sir...”


The man turned to her voice. “Yes?”


“My brother is very afraid of dogs if you would let me just get him that would be great.” She wasn't happy about doing this; you could hear the discontent in her voice.


My eyes didn't leave the animal. It stayed sitting, as his master commanded of him, panting and looking right at me. The dog wasn't scary in itself; he didn't even move. It was the fact he could move and attack which scared me.


When we were well and clear from the dog, Jennifer started walking fast again. I couldn't keep up with her speed and left me behind. I tried my best to keep up, but to no prevail. Before Long Jennifer was out of my sight.


I took my time, knowing that she would be in trouble no matter when I got there. I started to wonder a little off the path to mom, which will probably get me in trouble. Oh well.


Wondering through some backwoods, that would take me downtown, I came across another kid. “Oh hey!” He waved to me.


“Hi...” I awkwardly waved back to him.


“Ember no!” He randomly called out. Suddenly I felt a push from behind me and a bark. I scurried across the dirt and bolted out of the other end of the trees. “SORRY!” I heard the kid yell from behind me.


I didn't stop running until I heard my mom's voice. “Isaac!” Then I stopped and realized I had a couple of stray tears. Wiping them away my mom started her rant towards me. “Where have you been? You should have come straight here and not gone off on your own adventure....” She continued on and on until I apologized and told her what happened.


Still in trouble, but not as much as Jennifer we did what we were planning to do downtown. Why does this town have so many dogs?


Chapter End.


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