My Secret Valentine

My Secret Valentine

February 1. I show up at work for my normal 1:00pm start. It's been a hectic morning. Running errands, banking, doing some grocery shopping...normal things that help pass the time.

When I arrive at my desk there's an envelope on it addressed to me, but with no return address. Opening it I found a card. It was a nice simple Valentine's card with a big red heart with an arrow going through it on a simple white background on the outside. When I opened the card, the printed inscription read: "Please be mine."

I looked at the inside cover and there was a handwritten inscription as well which read: "After today there are 13 days until Valentine's Day."

There was no signature, and I didn't recognize the handwriting. I looked around the office to see if any of my coworkers were paying much attention to me reading the card, but nobody seemed at all interested. I looked at the card again and wondered who it could have been. After a moment or two, I stood the card on my desk and got to work.

When I got home from work that evening, my best friend Jake was waiting for me. We entered my apartment and he immediately went to the fridge and grabbed a least he grabbed one for me too.

Jake and I have known each other since High School, he was actually the first boy I kissed. He was the first person I came out to. I guess you can say he's my confidant; I explained to him about the card as we sat in my living room drinking beer. I told him I had absolutely no idea who the sender was, but I was intrigued.

"Jim, don't worry about it. If it's meant to be, it'll happen."

"I know, but, when you think of it, it's kind of romantic. I haven't had that kind of romance in my life since I broke up with Eddie. I kind of miss it."

He smiled, finished his beer and said he had to go. I thought it odd that he'd just leave so abruptly. He hugged me on his way to the door to leave. As he did he said, "Wait and see what happens. I'll be by tomorrow and see if there are any developments."

"Yeah, you'll be here tomorrow to help me drink my beer. Love ya, Jake. See you tomorrow...but tomorrow, bring Pizza."

We both laughed at that and he was gone.

February 8. I have received something from my secret admirer each day this month. Somehow he knew my home address because the 4th and 5th fell on a weekend and the gifts showed up on my doorstep.

Each day the gifts became more elaborate, each day a card. In today's card the inscription read: "Six more days. Such a short time. By now you are trying to figure out who I am. Know that I have loved you from afar for a very long time."

Ok, this was starting to get weird, but on another level it was romantic as hell. I worked that Wednesday and on more than one occasion I wondered what would come the following day.

When I got home Jake was waiting. He had a bag with what I had to assume was food from the wonderful odor emanating from it. I unlocked the door and we went in. Jake told me to sit and he'd take care of it.

As I sat there I wondered who my mystery man was but was no closer to figuring out who it could be. Jake called me into the kitchen. I saw on the table a sumptuous meal. We sat, ate, and I told him about today's gift. He'd been by every day to hear what I had received.

February 13. Today I only received a card. Inside was written. "Inside this envelope is a key to room 7256 at the Ritz. If you would like to make Valentine's Day special, come at about six tomorrow evening."

"If we hit it off in person we can decide how we are to proceed. Either way, I will still love you." I was surprised to say the least. There is no way I would not go, but I decided to arrange with Jake a safety plan.

That evening while sitting in my living room I arranged that if he had not heard from me by six-fifteen, send in the cavalry. Jake, ever optimistic said, "I have a feeling that tomorrow you will find that one special person you have craved to have in your life."

February 14, Valentine's Day. Today's card was simple. "If you choose to decline my invitation; know that I will still love you from afar. I pray we meet at six."

This guy is probably the most romantic person in the hemisphere. Maybe Jake was right.

I buggered off work an hour early. I went home, showered, and dressed in my favorite outfit. Conservative but with a hint of slut. I nervously waited for my Uber. Parking downtown costs far more than a couple rides.

At precisely six o'clock I inserted the key to room 7256 at the Ritz. The light turned green indicating that the key was valid. When I entered I saw a table with a bottle of Dom Perignon in an ice bucket, but I saw nobody. On the table was a note. "I will arrive at 6:05. Enjoy a glass of wine, the bottle is on the mini-bar opened to breathe.

On the bar was a bottle of a 2009 Sequoia Grove Cambium, this red wine is an exceptional one and very rare. Whoever this is knows my affinity for good red wine. As I sipped the wine the clock ticked ever so slowly. At 6:04 a bell rang. When I investigated I found another note. "Please turn with your back to the door, I will be here in a minute."

I figured if he meant me harm he wouldn't spend $150 on a bottle of wine, not to mention the cost of this room. I turned around as I heard the locking mechanism in the door activate.

Nervously I waited as I heard the door open. Footsteps approached. I felt someone reach around me and gently hold me in a hug. I felt warm breath on my ear as he whispered, "Thank you for making at least part of my dream come true. Happy Valentine's day, will you be mine?'

I had to know. I could not tell who it was from the whispered comment but his smell was exciting me more than you can imagine. When I turned around I saw Jake. He asked, "Do I still need to call in the cavalry at 6:15?"

February 15. I called in sick to work today. I am laying in the bed Jake and I shared last night. If I'd known how good a lover he was this might have happened sooner. When I thought about it Jake must have gone through hell waiting for me.

My birthday is in April, I wonder what he'll do for me?


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