Informational Segments



Danny once was a lost soul he partied and played like it was his calling.

His family showed him love and support over the years.

When he messed up, when he failed, and when he hit rock bottom.

They were there to help him back to his feet.

His father would always tell him to get back up on the horse and try again.

His father passed a few years back and we know it hit hard for Danny.

He hit the hard drugs after the funeral.

Began stealing and robbing from others to support his habit.

But then someone entered his life and he wanted to change his ways.

He became the rock of the family the brother to call for help.

He stayed off the drugs for a little under a year.

Then all came to an end.

His mother went into the hospital with Covid-19.

She is currently in a deep coma.  

The person whom he straightened up for left him.

He left this world without a word to anyone.

His sister April was the person to find what he left behind.

Danny, your family misses you!



Please, do not be Danny,

If you are hurting please reach out to friends and family.

Do not leave this world behind without a fight!

If you have no one to call:

The National Suicide Prevention Line


If you feel you are a danger to yourself call 911 or go to your local hospital.

Do not leave, your life has meaning!

You are special!