Life of Phoenix

Chapter 16 - The Aftermath

Current Time: Lakota's POV

Oliver brought me back to his place after the dance; we were in his room snuggling on his bed. We had just woken up from our sleep; he spent the whole night with his head on my chest. It was like a dream come true to have him there.

Once Max and Nix danced together many of the gay kids in school said 'fuck it' and danced with who they wanted to. Turned into a really awesome dance because, everyone started dancing with everyone. Too bad it got shut down, stupid drunk kids.

But I guess it was a good thing because I got to sleep over at Oliver's. We wouldn't have slept snuggling together, and my hands would most certainly not be feeling up his ass at this moment. Oliver had these slight moans as I squeezed while he sleeps.

He eventually did stir from his slumber. Oliver looked up at me with a grin. “Enjoying my ass are we?”

I blushed. “Maybe a little.” It's not my fault he has a really nice ass to squeeze. Oliver rested his head on my chest, looked at my straight in the eyes with his brown treasures. “Do you like Canada?”

A small grin grew on his face. “I met you, didn't I?”

So there's no one or nothing at home you miss?”

Of course, there is, but I like it here. Plus I get to go back every once in a while, so it's not too bad.” I felt Oliver put his leg over mine and push his groin into my leg. I could feel his privates’ press up against me, slowly getting harder and bigger. “But being right here is perfect for me right now.”

My body began to shake a bit. I'm so nervous right now. This is the first time Oliver made any sexual advances on me... the first time we've done anything like this. When his hand moved my shirt and touched my skin, my stomach tightened. He placed his head back on my chest and began slowly rubbing my stomach as he dry humped me.

I could feel my dick start to reach its peak; my breathing became heavier and my body slowly loosened. “Oliver...” I finally managed to get out.

Do you want me to stop?” Truth be told, I have no idea if I actually wanted him to stop or not. As much I loved this interaction, I was nervous beyond anything ever before. Theo and I doing stuff didn't make me this nervous, so why am I so anxious about this? “I'll stop if you want me too...”

I shook my head. “No, I'm just nervous about it.”

Oliver stopped and was silent for a moment. “I am too, to be honest. You're the second guy I've ever done stuff with... and I've never gone all the way.” The way he sounded, he missed something. “Do you mind taking your shirt off?”

Sure.” I fulfilled his request. Oliver rested his head against my chest. His hair tickled me, causing me to giggle. “You're hair tickles.”

Oliver purposely shuffled his hair about. “Oh does it?”

Stop it!” I pushed him away from me. “You're a brat.”

Okay, I'll stop.” We got back into snuggling and ended up falling back to sleep.

I dreamt of spending time with Oliver everywhere. In class, the hallway, each of our houses and the mall. We would laugh and just be with each other. Then came the part of my dream I really liked.

We went from rolling around wrestling to being naked in my bed in an instant. I could feel him thrust his cock deep into my bowels. The way he filled me up, it felt better than Theo any day. The kisses, the everything I got from him... it was amazing.

Just as I was about to climax, I woke up. There was an obvious mess made in my crotch area. Oliver was still asleep, snuggled right up to me. I don't want him to see, let alone feel the mess in my pants...

I very cautiously moved leaving Oliver alone on his bed. Grabbing my sleepover bag, I went to leave the room. What stopped me was a picture on his desk. It was Oliver and another boy with their arms over each other's shoulders. They looked like they were best friends, like brothers almost.

Oliver looked like he always has, this other kid, though, he was cute. His blue eyes shined like the ocean, and his blonde hair was perfectly messy. He had a bit of dirt on his face, but that just made him look a little cuter. It looked like they were overlooking the ocean in the picture.

In the middle of my staring at it, Oliver woke up. “What are you doing?”

I... I have to go to the bathroom.” I said before quickly exiting the room. It wasn't long before I swapped out my clothes, took a piss and made my way back into the room. Oliver was sitting on his bed with the picture. “Who is that in the picture?”

He hadn't noticed me come into the room; his eyes shot up at me. “It's my best friend from England, Joshie. Everyone calls him Joshie he doesn't like Joshua or Josh.”

This is the first I've heard of him...”

That's because we sorta had a thing... and the only reason it ended was I moved.” Oh. I guess I've entered troubled waters. “Lakota, I don't want you to feel like I'm settling for less, which is why I didn't tell you.”

Oliver looked so sad. He was super worried about how I felt. I found it so adorable of him to feel that. “I don't feel like you're settling for less. If we're meant to happen we will, if not we'll find that right guy.”

Oliver sighed. “Well, Joshie will be here in a week for a visit.” Oh... well. “Does that change anything?”

I shook my head. “If you stay faithful it won't.”


Cooper's POV

I've been trying to call my brother for the past hour. We were planning on hanging out today. So here I am at mom's place to get him out of bed.

There was no knocking; I just grabbed the key hidden up in the plants and opened the front door. “Max!?” I called out into the house. I took off my shoes so I could advance in more. “MAX!? MAAaaaa...”

I stopped calling his name since he was on the couch. Under a Blanket. With Nix. Who was shirtless, snuggling up to my brother. This is a little awkward right now.

Max stirred from his slumber. “Oh hey, Cooper. What are you doing here?”

I tried not to act like by brother was in the situation he was in. I don't think I did very well. “Well, we planned to hang out today. So I came over to see why you weren't answering my calls.”

Max grabbed his phone and looked at the screen. “Looks like my phone is dead. Which would make sense why I'm not up.”

Nix groaned from his position. “Keep quiet; people are trying to sleep here.” I think that was when he realized exactly what was going on. He quickly flipped his head around and saw me. “Oh hey, Cooper.” His face turned as red as a tomato.

I just offered him a wave. The two of them quickly dressed and gathered themselves. Max went off to have a shower, and Nix went to the kitchen to start on some food. I followed Nix because I don't think following my brother is an option.

Nix grabbed some eggs from the fridge and started to crack them into a bowl. “Scrambled eggs?” He offered me.

No, I'm good.” He shrugged and started looking through the cupboards. “Pans are in that one.” I pointed to a cupboard. Sure enough, when Nix opened it up, there they were.

Thanks, Cooper.” Like that Nix went back to working on breakfast at 1 pm.

It wasn't long until he was done and taking a bite of his food. I've known Nix since I can remember. He and Max were always best friends, inseparable. Then Max entered high school and Nix kinda disappeared from my brother's life.

It's weird; I guess I was too young to understand back then. But I think I get why I wasn't so surprised to see Nix and Max together. Even when they were little, they had a thing for each other. I couldn't have told you then, but they most certainly did. It was something a little brother couldn't compete with.

What are you thinking about?” Nix asked me. I shook my head out of the trance I was in.

I looked down at my lap. “I was thinking about what you two were like growing up.”

He nodded. “Ya, I guess it's kinda a surprise that we're sorta together now.”

I shrugged. “In a way, I've known all along. Even back then you two acted closer than Max and I ever have. I guess it didn't help with how the divorce went.” Wow, I just made this super depressing. Great.

Nix offered me a huge smile. “Max loves you, dude. I know he does. He's just not one to let his emotions roam free.”

Ya, he's a lot like dad in that way.”

That doesn't mean he loves you any less. Or that you're lesser of a man because you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You just gotta keep knocking at the stone wall around his heart.” I guess I should take it from the guy who managed to get through that 'stone wall.'

Suddenly Max came into the room with just shorts and the towel over his shoulder. “I smelt eggs and had to come down.” Oh man, he is always a sucker for food. Through his bites, he managed to get out, “Did we make any plans at all for today? I'm sorry if I forgot them.”

I laughed. “Not really. You're coming over for dinner at dads that's all that was planned.”

There's a matinee of Avengers: Age of Ultron if you want to see it.” Max golfed down the last of his eggs and then set his bowl down by the sink. “Or we could go mini golfing or something.”

I like the Avengers idea.”

Max smiled. “Perfect. I'll get dressed, and we’ll drop Phoenix off at home, and we'll get there just in time to see it.” Sounds like a plan to me. Nix gave me a knowing smile like he was telling me he was right.

He might be, but that doesn't stop me from worrying... What will happen when Max tells dad that he's dating Phoenix...


Past Time: Oliver Age: 13

Oliver!” A young English boy called to his friend. The boy jumped up from a seat on his porch and bolted towards the new arrival. “You're late!!” He scolded his friend.

Oliver rolled his eyes. “Whatever Joshie, it's like two minutes after I said I would be here.” Refusing to hug his friend, he pushed past Joshie and into the home.

Oliver's mom called out to the boys as they went inside. “Josh, please send your mom out!”

Sure thing Ms. Luis!” The boy waved back at the adult behind him.

Both Joshie and his mother were in for some news in this meeting. Mr. Luis had been offered a job off shores, in Canada. After hours of discussing pros and cons of the move, it had been decided. The Luis family would relocate to the new country.

With Oliver turning 14, and still in school, the move wouldn't happen until the summer time. The family thought it was important to tell friends and family of their decision as soon as they could. Today was the day the mother and son would tell their best friends.

Joshie was speechless at the news his friend shared. “What do you mean you're moving to Canada!? That's like a whole world away!”

Oliver rolled his eyes. “It's actually only an ocean away... and a continent.” Oliver received a glare. “We're going to be moving to the west coast of Canada.”

Upset, Joshie snorted and crossed his arms. “This is unfair Oliver. I mean you're birthday...”

I won't be leaving for a while, not until summer time. It's February right now; that means we have six months together.” Oliver tried to soothe his friend.

Both boys were equally upset about the situation. Oliver liked his life in England, his friends and school was all great. There wasn't a complaint in sight. He could see his future here, and that was all being swept away from him.


Oliver had actually just recently come to terms with the move. Two weeks prior is when his parents informed him. He hadn't taken it well.

What do you mean we're moving to Canada?” Oliver looked between his parents wanting answers faster than they were being given.

His father tried to calm him. “I have been offered a very good job, and I plan on taking it. This unfortunately means that in the summer we'll be moving there.” Oliver only became more upset with his parents. “I will be going in about a month to start the job and find a house. Everything will be figured out before you even start packing here.”

Everything but who my new friends will be!” Oliver's bottom lip quivered. Close to tears, he bolted out of the room, up the stairs and to his bedroom.

He took the next couple of days off of school, barely leaving his room. As far as Oliver was concerned, his father was dead in those few days. Oliver would keep telling himself and his mother. “It's his fault... why can't we stay? I don't want to go.”

It wasn't until Joshie came over one day did Oliver's mood changed. It took a full 180; he was cheerful. Truthfully, though, he just didn't want his friend to worry about it. He lied, telling Joshie that he had been sick the past couple of days and was taking one more off just in case.

So what happens to us?” Joshie asked his best friend.

Just weeks ago their relationship had changed. Joshie took a leap and kissed Oliver. It turned into a make out session quite quickly. It almost went farther, but the boys were interrupted by Oliver's parents calling them down to dinner.

Oliver looked to the bed he was sitting on. “I don't know... We don't have to stop it, just one day we won't be able to anymore.” Joshie put his hand on his friend's thigh. Only then did he feel his friend shaking slightly. And like a dam, Oliver's floodgates opened up. “I don't want to move!”

Joshie didn't know what to do. He watched his friend throw himself over onto his bed and ball his eyes out. Joshie didn't feel sad for the move, not yet at least, he pained for his friend. Unaware of anything he could do to help he just sat there trying to hold back his own tears.

Just outside the house their mothers were sharing tears of joy and sorrow. Their best friends were moving away; it was a sad day in their lives.


Max: age 13, Grade 8

You're going to hang out with us after school right?” The leader of a small group of boys asked the young Maxwell Harper. “You said you would Maxwell.”

Max scowled at the sound of his full name. To him the only ones allowed to call him that were adults. Even when Phoenix calls him Maxwell, Max gets frustrated. These new boys, who he's only known for a little while, call him it all the time.

No, I gotta look after to my younger brother.” Max lied to them before leaving them without any more of an explanation.

Max didn't need to look after his brother; in fact, his brother wouldn't even be home when he got there. Today was the first day he would be spending away from his brother. His mother finally got a new place, and he had just moved in.

Max started to take his normal path home but quickly turned in a new direction when he got out of sight. After a few minutes, he reached a fork in the road, where another boy was making his way towards Max.

Hey, Max!” He called out towards the young teen.

Max felt his face turn crimson. “Hey, Scott...”

The young boy brushed his hair aside. Scott was a young fit soccer player. His blonde hair could only be described as 'a mop'. The wavy hair was usually a bunched up mess under a toque. His blue eyes would peek through his bangs he hid behind.

Scott bounced as he made his way towards his friend. “How come you're heading this way? Don't you live on the other side of town?” Max didn't respond. “What's going on Max? You're never this quiet.”

I gotta go, man. See ya.” Max started off towards home.

Scott grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around. “I'm here if you need someone to talk to Max. If you need to get something off your chest, I've been told I'm a good listener.”

Max looked at the smile his friend offered. “Thanks, Scott...”


Over the next few days, Max spent most of his time to himself. Even at school he wouldn't participate much in conversation. Scott would always pick up on it. The others would always poke fun at him.

Max would always just roll his eyes. “I'm fine, leave me be.” And the group would end up going back to whatever subject they were on.

He was about to head home from school when Scott appeared behind him. “Hey Max, want to walk together?”

It's okay, I'm good.” Max waved off his friend.

Scott walked beside him, keeping pace. “You sure? You live on my street dude.”

Max turned directly to Scott. “No, I don't!” He tried to lie, with no success.

Dude, just tell me what's going on. I won't judge you.”

So Max told him everything there was to share. How his parents began always fighting in their room. He would hear yelling at times, but never heard what they were saying. Cooper would sometimes wake up and find his way into his room.

They ended up sitting on a park bench as Max spilled his guts. Scott sat there listening the whole time to his friend. In his youth, Scott didn't know what he could do to help his friend. He just listened, and it seemed to help a little bit.

When Max finally finished his story, they sat in silence. Scott broke the silence. “I'm sorry for you. I wish I could do more to help you.”

Max shrugged. “There's nothing really you can do, Scott. But thanks.”

You're welcome to come hang out whenever.” Scott giggled before wrapping his arm around Max's shoulders. Max gained a slight grin as the two boys embraced.

Chapter End.


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