Duty Roster ~ Earth

Duty Roster


This is a list of the characters mentioned in Voyagers who were left on Earth. You may print this list, so you can reference it when trying to figure out who is who. As the authors, we may feel a need to look at this list so we can remember who belongs where, and we know some readers will be wanting a list as well. Again, you are welcome to print this for your own personal use.

The names below are listed as they were introduced into the story. They are broken down by the chapters in which they were first mentioned. Upon launch, many of these characters will not be mentioned again, but some may.

Introduced in Prologue

Fleet Admiral William "Bill" Mirah

The Admiral in charge of "The Project."

Mr. Albers

Principal at Dave Bowman's school

Commander Marco Ramius

Recruiter for David Bowman

Lt. Commander Fries

Officer-in-Charge of housing for the academy

Introduced in Chapter One

Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Heather Blackwell

Jace Blackwell's parents

Colonel Javier Savage

Recruiter for Jason Blackwell (and Connor in Chapter Three)

Captain Tekia

Recruiter for Jordan Rivers

Dr. Picardo

Physician at The Academy

Mr. and Mrs. James and Jessica Rivers

Jordan Rivers' parents

Introduced in Chapter Two

Dean Pollock

Dean of the Academy Prep School

Commander Hanson

Astrogation Instructor

Wade Bailey

"Friend" to Robinson

Rear Admiral M.C. Minor

Academy Superintendent

Admiral Gregory Robinson

Kyle Robinson's father

Mr. Clark

Prep School's English Teacher

Admiral Jones

Superior to RADM Minor

Dr. Lawrence

7th year Advisor and Counselor at the Academy

Captain Forrester

Recruiter for Kyle Robinson

Derrick Lewis

Roommate to Kyle Robinson

Rod Greely

Basketball Teammate to Kyle Robinson

Introduced in Chapter Three

Commander Tom Collins

Recruiter for Aiden Douglass

Bertha Cringe

Social Worker in Charleston, South Carolina


Fourteen-year-old boy in one of the foster homes Aiden was in.

Melissa Gebhart

Secretary at the Academy

General Savage

'Red Dragon' in Shadow Ops, and Colonel Savage's dad

Darla Savage

Colonel Savage's wife

Phil Collins

Commander Collins' Husband


Waiter at The Golden Triangle

Introduced in Chapter Five

Christmas Blackwell

Baby brother to Jace Blackwell

Monsieur Douglas

Maître de at French Restaurant

Henri Angèlo (Deceased)

Former employer to Mr. Rivers, he taught Jordan French

Introduced in Chapter Six

Danny Harper (Moved, is now aboard the ship)

Boy caught naked with Kyle Robinson. Transferred to the Sooloo in Chapter Eleven.

Lieutenant Davenport

Kyle's Baseball Coach

Mr. James

Kyle's Basketball Coach

Commander Rogers

Leadership Instructor

Chief Petty Officer Cabrera

Admiral Robinson's "Secretary"

Captain Chu

Admiral Robinson's Aide

Introduced in Chapter Seven

Captain James McCutchen Chief Academic Administrator, working under Admiral Minor in the Space Academy.
Morgan Academy Senior at the Observatory's Help Desk
Grant Stewart The Chief Navigator on the "Ronald Riker,"

Introduced in Chapter Eight

Lt Commander Richard Fries

Chief of IS before Kanye. Fries was fried.

Introduced in Chapter Nine

Inga "Mama" Tietokone

Hal's mother

Grandpa Jake Blackwell

Jace Blackwell's grandfather

Uncles Leo and Ashton Blackwell

Jace's uncles, they are a gay couple.

Captain Dae Ho Choo Pilot of the Shuttle that took Admiral Robinson to the Sooloo

Introduced in Chapter Ten

MattooMattoo Blackwell Leo and Ashton's Son

Introduced in Chapter Thirteen

Bryce Turner Boy at Summer Camp that helped Danny Harper.

Introduced in Chapter Thirty-One

Ronald AbernathyEnsign Ronald Abernathy At the age of fifteen, he is the newest and youngest member of Admiral Mirah's staff. He has a brother, Christian David Abernathy, serving aboard a ship.

Introduced in Chapter Thirty-Three

Admiral Logan Davis Admiral in charge of Space Transportation Services

Introduced in Chapter Thirty-Four

Admiral Theodore Darrow Head of the Space Fleet Judge Advocate General or JAG

Introduced in Chapter Thirty-Six

Danielle Crusoe Will's mom, although her first name wasn't given. She had trouble accepting Will's orientation at first, but she does love her son.
Robby Crusoe Will's younger brother. He was rude to his brother when he first discovered that Will is gay, but he came around to accepting Will.
Commander Worth Steve's Homeroom, History and Math teacher
Carla Jenkins Randy Jenkins' mom
Fred Jenkins Randy Jenkins' dad
Gordy Jenkins Randy Jenkins' younger brother
Vern Dude who taught the community center cooking classes.

Introduced in Chapter Thirty-Nine

Miriam "Mia" Robinson Mia was Kyle's mother. She was critical injured in the car accident that took the twins' parents, and later she succumbed to her injuries.

Introduced in Chapter Forty-A

Bob Adams First driver for Kyle Robinson
Corey Adams Bob Adams' son
Alicia Gordon Admiral Robinson's housekeeper
Maureen Gordon Alicia's daughter, and a student at the University of Nevada, Vegas
Edward Gordon Alicia's oldest son. He is an Ensign at the Tiberius Space Port in Vegas, Nevada.
Sharonda and Latisha Gordon Edward's twin daughters, Alicia's granddaughters.
Matthew Luke John's Luke's younger brother
Carlos Santana Second driver for Kyle Robinson

Introduced in Chapter Forty-B

Lindy Gordy Jenkins' girlfriend
Makena Brad's fifteen-year-old cousin
Sajan Brad's ten-year-old adopted brother
Kelvin Brad's fourteen-year-old cousin
Adam Luke John Luke's father
Sarah Luke John Luke's mother
Uncle George Randy Jenkins' uncle from his dad's side. He married Uncle Lou.
Uncle Lou Randy Jenkins' uncle from his mom's side. He married Uncle George.
Jae-Ho Korean Shuttle Pilot
Robert Kanye Brad's Dad
Paul Rivers Jordan's Uncle
Juanita Rivers Jordan's Aunt
Jon Kohl Tom Kohl's Father
Jax Thompson Randy Kohl's father, he is in prison and Randy disowned him.




End Notes:

This is currently incomplete and as new characters are mentioned, they will be added.

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