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What Is A Name?

What Is A Name?

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What is a name?

While the eyes are the window to the soul,

A name is the key to the soul,

That simple one or two words is the essence of a person.

A name is important because not only does the soul reside in it,

So, does the Id.

Without a name does a person really exist,

With the wrong name does that same person exist?

Calling a person, the wrong name damages a person,

And damages their soul!

A name describes the inner being of a person,

Not the exterior shell.

For a person to truly exist their name must match the being inside,

It must match their soul, and the Id.

The wrong name or a misapplied name turns a person into an empty husk,

An empty shell with no soul,

An empty shell with no essence,

An empty shell with no Id.

Without the right name, there is no person,

With the wrong name, the shell may just disappear.

The right name is powerful,

The right name is life,

The right name has soul,

The right name has essence,

The right name is a whole person.

Use the name that is right for a person,

Use the name for the person inside the shell.

Give life to a person, use the name that is truly theirs.

A name is all, it is everything,

The wrong name wounds.

Use the name that is true,

Use the name that is right.

The gender of the shell has no meaning,

The gender of the Soul is all,

The gender of the essence is all,

The gender of the Id is all.

A true name means LIFE!




I wrote this as a tribute to Patrick from Camp Refuge  by Wayne Gray,  if you want to see why I wrote it click on the following link Camp Refuge Chapter Thirty~One,


Please let me know if I captured the spirit of Patrick's plight by emailing me at The Story Lover