Little Life of Nolan Parks

7. Long Lasting Effects - Hell is for Children

“See it's easy isn't it?” Justin smiled from the side of the pool.

I was keeping my head above water all by myself. Dylan was standing right there beside me but nonetheless, I was doing it by myself. I couldn't even touch the bottom of the pool where I was if I wanted to.

Henry had a huge smile on his face. “In just three weeks I got you in the deep end and treading water. I'm the best at this!”

Randy pushed him into the pool. “Ya, you should be a swim coach when you grow up!” Henry just stuck his tongue out as a response. “Why don't we try playing pass? It can help Nolan get used to moving around in the water.”

Everyone jumped into the pool to start playing but Justin. “You guys have fun. I'm going to practice that dive I've been screwing up on.” He got up and walked over towards the high dive.

Tobi shouted, “Fine we didn't want you wrecking the fun anyways.” Justin raised his middle finger and continued on his way.

It was fun playing pass in the pool. I moved around a bit and stayed above water the entire time. I did go over to the shallower end quite a bit, but man it was fun.

Tobi has started to be rather nice to me. He's gotten over whatever it was he didn't like about me. He's a pretty cool guy without the whole glaring thing. Tobi is fun to be around now.

On top of that, Connor comes and hangs out with me before the public swimming. We talk about just random things like normal friends do. He's into comics and talks all about Deadpool, his favorite character.

Life still has its ups and downs though. Paul still 'plays' with me whenever he gets the chance. It hasn't been rough, but it's still happening though. Tracy has only wanted to do stuff a few times, and I'm glad, I’m reaching my breaking point.

Swimming was fun and everything, but it didn't last long. In all the fun we were having, time flew by, and it was time for me to go home. Paul would be waiting for me at home; mom would still be at work.

I was the first one changed and out. I sat in the lobby for about 5 minutes before Connor came out. “You sure do change fast.”

My eyes went to the floor. “I'm kind of awkward in that kind of space...”

Connor laughed, “Ya I think most teenage boys are.” I looked up to see him smiling and scratching the back of his head. “I mean we are all wondering if we are changing right or not and we're worrying about it.” He started to blush.

“You're probably right.” Connor seemed really embarrassed for some reason. “Since they are on the swim team they are probably used to seeing each other... In that state.”

Connor nodded. “Ya, and there is a rumor about the swim club.” I looked over at him with a confused look on his face. “People are saying members of the club are gay or bi.”

“Like who?”

Connor bit his lip, “You didn't hear it from me, but the most common name that is brought up is Richie's. I don't know how truthful that is, but it's brought up around school a lot.” Wow... Richie being gay? Why can't I see that?

Richie and Randy made their way out of the change room. Randy spoke, “We'll see you guys at school on Monday, we got to get going. See ya later!” They left in a hurry, and we were once again left alone.

Justin made his way out and started talking to the receptionist. He was talking about something to do with his swim card. I think putting more funds on it or something. They seem to have known each other for a while; their conversation went on and on.

We were just about done when through the door Paul came in and looked around. When he spotted me and came right over to me. “Come on, we are heading out.”

“I'm heading over to Henry's; mom said I could...”

Paul sounded irritated, “Well mom said to come and pick you up, so here I am!”

“Mom is at work though...”

Paul rolled his eyes, “Just come on!” He grabbed my arm and started to drag me out. “Stop resisting and let’s go!”

“Excuse me boys!” There was Coach Williams booming voice. He walked up to Paul and me, “Could I ask you what you are attempting to do with Nolan, here?”

Paul looked at him but didn't say a thing. “My mom said I could go to Henry's but Paul says she now said I have to go home,” I told him.

“How do you know Paul?”

“He's my brother...” I shook my arm loose and moved to the other side of Coach Williams.

Coach looked at me and then back at Paul, “I think you should go Paul. Even with the possibility of you being right, Nolan doesn't look like he wants to go with you. I am not going to let you take him home. If he gets in trouble for not going with you, he will face punishment from your mother.”

Paul flared his nostrils and marched out. “Thank you Couch Williams...”

“Just doing my job, Nolan.” He walked off but stayed around.

Henry and Justin came out of the change room, and we were on our way. Connor, Henry, Justin and I spent the rest of the day just hanging out. We just were regular guys hanging out, playing video games and a couple of sports. We ended up spending the night and staying up until 2am. That's late in my books.


The next morning I was the first one to wake up. Henry's mom came in and woke me up. “Your mom is on the phone, dear.”

I got up and grabbed the phone in the living room, “Hello?” I tiredly spoke.

“I'm sorry Nolan; I got called into work today. Paul is going to come and pick you up at 10.” I looked at the time, 8:12am... “You'll be excited; Harrison is in town!” NO!!

And just like that I'm awake. “Oh... okay, have a good day at work.”

“I'm sorry; we're going to go out for dinner tonight though. You can choose, okay?”

“Ya... sounds good.”

“Love you!” She hung up, not knowing how scared I am of Harrison. He always appears like a buddy-buddy around my mom. In private though, it's a very different story. He's mean and controlling, not only that but he does what he wants when he wants.

I sat there for hours waiting. Connor, Henry and Justin were all still asleep, and I was left waiting for my imminent doom. I have just under two hours of freedom I can't even enjoy.

Connor woke up first, “How come you're already up?” He yawns and rubbed his eyes.

“My mom got called into work and my brother is coming to pick me up at 10.”

Connor looked at his watch, “It's only 9:09 though... When did your mom call you?”

“About an hour ago.” I could feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier by the second. “I'm pretty tired right now though.” I yawned. I felt I could fall asleep any second.

“Go back to bed. I'm awake; I'm not falling back to sleep anytime soon. When your brother gets here, I'll wake you up.” I was out in just seconds.

That sleep felt like it was only for a moment though. I was woken up by Justin, “Come on, wake up! Your bro is here.” I got up dazed and confused. “Here's your stuff, come on, let's go.”

I was lead out and to my brother's car. I didn't pay attention the entire ride home. I sat there just looking out the window trying not to think of what was going to happen next. When we did get home, I made my way inside and up to my room.


Once I set my stuff down I knew it would happen soon. I flopped down and looked toward my bedroom door. I was just about asleep when Harrison appeared at my door with a huge grin plastered across his face.

“Been a while little buddy. How have you been in a new town?” I remained silent as he came into my room. His hand rested on my chest, “Being quiet today, are you? That's okay, which just means you won't make much noise.”

His hand went down and stopped on my groin and squeezed. I laid there and let Harrison do whatever he wanted. I had no energy to try and stop him. There was nothing I could do to stop him. I had given up on everything.

I have no idea how long Harrison fucked me for, once he was done though he left like nothing ever happened. I lay there... Violated and alone in the world. Tears started to fall down my face.

“I'm pathetic!” I moved into a fetal position and continued to sob into myself. “Why do I just let him do that? I HATE HIM!”

I laid there for what felt like forever. Then out of nowhere Paul's voice came up, “What a baby. Crying in the fetal position. Be a man.”

I looked over at him; he was unclothed and hard. “Paul...”

He came up, onto my bed, “Oh, Nolan, just let it happen.”

I pushed myself away from him. “No, Paul go away.” I flailed my legs but for only for a moment. He grabbed both of them and pushed them against the bed. “Paul!” Screaming as he entered me.

In moments, a gag was shoved down my throat and tied around my head.

Paul held down my legs just behind my knees. Paul kept fucking me as I pushed and hit him. Paul slapped me, “Stop it! Just take it like a bitch!”

I didn't stop, even with his overwhelming strength. His hand pushed against my throat. I grabbed his wrist trying to push him off. He kept going and going. I began crying, losing air as I gasped for breath. With his hand and the gag preventing me from breathing. I began to lose my vision.

I felt him stop, but there wasn't the feeling cum shooting out. Paul got off of me, not caring about how rough he pulled out. I felt something fall over me.

I didn't notice, but my hearing went out while Paul was screwing me. It started to fade back in, “...fuck have you done! You should... ...fucking your brother!” MOM!? My mom came home and walked in on Paul rapping me!?

My heart rate rose, and I started to breath heavily. My hands and legs started to shake uncontrollably. I felt someone shake my shoulder; I couldn't move. My vision went black, my world... disappeared.


I awoke in a white room, my head booming. Like honestly everything was white. From the ceiling to the floor, it's weird... I started to get up, moaning and feeling my head. Bandages? Why do I have bandages on my head?

“It’s okay there Nolan, lay back down.” A kid... okay he looks older than me but still, he gently laid me back down. “You need to lay down okay?”

I blinked my eyes a bit more. His blue eyes looked very concerned for me, even though I don't know him. His brown hair, going down just past his eyes. “Who... who are you?”

“My name is Liam; I'm your cousin.”

“My cousin? I have cousins?”

He smiled at me. “Okay, just calm down... Just lie down and get some rest okay?”

“Why am I in a hospital?”

“Like I said, lie down and rest, okay? I'll be here if you need anything.”

“Water, please?”

He nodded, “Okay, I'll be right back. Just push...” He grabbed a button thing, “this if you need someone. I have to get a cup, and I have no idea where they are.”

I nodded as he left. Who is this Liam who says he's my cousin?

Chapter end.


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