Life's Revised Expectations

Chapter 6 - Coming Out

Shane Hearing – Age 13

With me basically coming out at school I thought it was time to tell Paula and Scott. “So... I'm gay.”


We had sat down for dinner and just started eating when I told the table I needed to make an announcement. I was straightforward about it. Larissa, who was visiting for dinner that night, was the first to smile at my announcement.


She got very giggly about it. “That's awesome!” and started bouncing in her seat. “Now I have someone to talk about boys with!”


“You're seven years older than the boy...” Scott gruffly spoke. It scared me that he referred to me as 'the boy,' that is. He rarely does that. “Whatever floats your boat, there Shane. Rules will need to change a bit though.”


Paula nodded. “Sleepovers happen in the living room from now on.”


Scott looked over at her. “What about my watching tv?”


“You'll have to move that to the room,” Paula spoke as she prepared her next bite of food. Scott growled but seemed content.


I turned to Noah, the one reaction I was the most anxious to see. He gave me a quick rub on the back and gave a huge smile. “Proud of you Shane.” I smiled to myself and leaned into my brother. We stayed snuggled up for the remainder of dinner.


So the reaction was a smashing success! It was like nothing had changed, and that's just the way I like it!

When we were getting ready for bed though, I had to pry into my brother's thoughts. “How come you said you were proud of me?”


Noah looked up at me confused. “Because I am. With everything that's happened to us you had the bravery to tell Scott and Paula you were gay, even before telling me. I'm so proud to call you my little brother!”


“Oh... okay.” I didn't know what else to say. I did feel prouder of myself for what I've done. It was a real accomplishment for me to admit that to people, especially Noah.



Gage Bells - Age 14

“So, what happened at school yesterday?” Dad asked me when I got home.


Mom knew everything that happened, I'm sure, but hadn't said a word about it yet. She works at the school, and now with dad asking, I'm sure they've talked. With him just getting into town last night, there hasn't been any chance for us to talk.


I guess now was that time. “I stood up for a kid who was being bullied.”


Dad lifted an eyebrow. “That's all that happened?”


“More or less…” his face told me he already knew but didn't want to force it out if me. “I made mention of my bisexuality if that's what you're waiting for.”


He returned to his papers. “Didn't matter to me. You could have said ‘yeah dad that's all, I'm a super cool hero now,’” he mimicked by voice. “And I would have left it at that. I'm proud of you, son, and we couldn't love you more.”


“Thanks, dad!” I grinned from ear to ear before running upstairs to my room. “As I thought, mom and dad already knew,” I said mostly to myself.


“Knew what?” Nick was laying on his bed as I walked into our room.


It took me a moment to process and consider telling him. “That I told a bully at school I was into other guys.”


Nick shot up staring at me. “You're the ‘gay high schooler’ I've heard about?”


“Either me or Shane, yeah.”


“What does being gay even mean?”

“First off, I'm bi. So that means I find both males and females attractive.” The teacher in me came out for a visit. “Being gay means you only like your gender.”


Nick interrupted me though. “Do you have a preference?”


That made me think for a moment. “Probably guys, honestly. But don't interrupt me when I'm teaching.” Nick rolled his eyes. “Being ‘gay’ is only being attracted to your gender. So, in Shane's case, he only likes other boys.”


Nick raised his hand and spoke instantly. “How would two boys have sex?”


“I assume you've learned sex between a boy and a girl?” Nick nodded. “So, with two guys, there's a bottom and a top.”


“Like a girl and a boy!” Nick cleverly exclaimed.


I shook my head. “Not really. Typically, guys don't like being referred to like that.” Nick seemed very interested in what I had to say. “The bottom... how do I word this? I don’t really know how to word this nicely…”


“Is there a video or image of it you could show me?” Nick looked at me completely serious. “They showed an image in class when they did sex ed.”


Grabbing my computer, I glare at Nick. “Mom and dad will not know I showed you this,” I told him in a very serious tone.


Nick smiled. “Brothers promise!” I accepted that and typed in ‘’ into the address bar of a private window. “We’re going to look at porn?” Nick whispered to me.


“Yes,” I softly replied. Checking my volume, I turn it down all the way to zero. “So they can’t hear it.” I find the first goodish looking video on the front page and click on it. Wait of it to load a bit, skip forward and pause.


I had stopped where the top’s cock was clearly seen entering the bottom’s ass. Looking over at Nick, he had this shocked look on his face. “The… is in his…”


“That’s gay sex.” I point at both participants individually. “He’s the top; he’s the bottom.”


“Have you ever done that?” Nick looks up at me.


I shake my head. “No, but I would definitely like to one day.”


Nick’s face reddened at my comment. “I would like to one day too. Bottom, I mean. I would like to know how it feels so good.”


I couldn’t help but giggle. “Is my little brother interested in gay sex, or guys too?”


He shrugged. “I don’t know, but this seems interesting. Girls don’t really interest me at all.” Did my brother just, in a way, tell me he’s gay? “Does that make me gay?”


I shake my head. “No, but you could be. As time goes on you’ll figure it all out, if you are or not. No rush though, just be the best little brother.” I gave him a big grin and ruffled his hair.


“Stop that! It was perfect all day!!” Nick swatted me away before walking away fixing his hair.


“How's Jake been recently?”


He sighed. “Little better but still not fun to be around. I think his brother has finally started to get to him or something.”


“Have you been standing up for yourself more?” Nick proudly nodded. “That could be helping too, you know. The better you can stand up to yourself the more he'll back off.”


“I guess, but it makes me nervous when I do stand up for myself.”


“Just keep at it, and that feeling will go away.” I gave him a reassuring smile. “I promise he will stop one day.”


Dad interrupted our brotherly moment by shouting, “Remember, Gage, you have a doctor’s appointment for your ears tomorrow after lunch! Be at your mom’s classroom by 12:30!”


I opened the door and called back. “Yes, I know. Thanks!”


Nick giggled. “Mood ruined.”


“You’re right; I hate you forever now.” Nick rolled his eyes before grabbing a controller. “Fight you in Storm?”


“You’re on!”



Isaac Adams – Age 12

“Why do you cut yourself? Parents still fighting at home?” Peter taunted me. “You craving that attention? Is that why you do it?”


He grabbed for my bandanas around my arms. “Go away, Peter. You’ve become such a jerk.”


He just rolled his eyes. “Oh, come on just swear already. Fuck, shit, bitch, ass. Just say one of them for me!”


“You’re a hopeless dunce, aren't you?” I turned and walked away as he tried to figure out what ‘dunce' meant. He'll have to look it up more than likely. Peter is an idiot.


All this happened as I was trying to go to talk to our teacher before class. I was asked to come early yesterday for some reason. When I made it to the classroom, there was Mr. Crossen reading something.


He noticed me as I walked in. “Isaac how are you this morning?”


“Tired, annoyed. Overall not terrible.” I shrugged and made my way to Mr. Crossen’s desk. “Why the early call?”



“I want you to answer these questions for me.” He handed me a worksheet with a couple of math questions on it. I answered them quite quickly and handed the paper back. “Thanks, stay while I mark it please.”


I didn’t have anything better to do. “those were easy, why make me answer them?”


"They are grade 9 questions Isaac, and you got them all right.” Oh… I guess that’s impressive. “Would you like to do grade 8 math? You can basically ignore math class if you do. You'd be doing it by correspondence, at your own pace, and if you finish it in time, you’ll skip into grade 9 maths next year.”


“Oh, yeah that would be cool.”


“We still have to confirm your parents are okay with it, but that'll be easy.” He chuckled and handed me a booklet of papers. “Just get one or both to look this over, and you'll be good to go.”


“Cool, thanks!”



After a boring day of school, and some more taunting from Peter, I went home and showed mom the papers. “Please, mom!”


“I don’t see an issue with it. It will get you ahead of the game, for next year.” I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.


“Thanks, mom!” I hugged her and went off to my room.


This was interrupted by my sister coming home with her new boyfriend, Adam. “Why do you look so happy today?” Her snarky attitude showed through.


“I get to skip ahead and do grade 8 maths and basically ignore the class.”


Adam chuckled. “We've got a nerd among us.” It was pretty clear to me that he wanted to insult me with that comment. I ignored the comment.


“Ooo lucky you, you get to skip a grade in math. Whatever.” My sister turned towards our room. “Stay out of the room.” She growled at me.


“What, why?”


“Said so, you runt.”


My mother cut in. “It’s his room too, Jennifer.”


With a scowl, she walked off, with Adam in tow. I didn’t go into the room anyway; pretty sure they were making out in there. Or worse… wouldn’t want to step in on them doing worse. It would scar me for life.


Though I could potentially compare to Adam… not worth it. Not worth it at all.



Lucas Bear – Age 13

“Lucas!!” my cousin came up running to me as I entered his house. “My room, now!”


Dad, Blake and I were all confused. He ended up pulling me into his room. “What do you want Annie?” His name is Anthony but likes being called Annie.


“Flare, out!” he commanded his dog to leave the room. She didn’t listen at all. Annie rolled his eye. “Fine, you can stay. So, are you the gay high schooler everyone is talking about?” he gushed his voice after closing the door.


“What!? No! Why would you think that?” I sounded way more offended than I should have.


Annie rolled his eyes again. “You and Shane were pretty close. Closer than any of my guy friends are to me. Thought it could have been something.” For being a year younger than me, he sure is smarter than me.


“The ‘gay high schooler’ you’ve heard about is probably Shane actually,” I admitted to him. “We almost had a thing, but it was to weird for me.”


“Could I date him then?” Annie shot out.


“You want to…” I realized I was yelling and stopped. “You want to date Shane?”


He shrugged. “I don’t know; I am very curious about gay sex though. Guys hella turn me on when we're getting changed for swimming or gym.” I noticed him tenting just thinking about it. “See!”


“Yeah, yeah. Keep it in your pants their kid.” I moved towards the door of the room. “You say nothing about this to anyone, including Blake.” I pointed at him as I spoke sternly.


“You got it!” He winked and followed me out of the room; Flare stayed behind. “Guess I’m potentially not the only gay kid in the family.” He spoke softly to himself.


“Okay, enough now.” He shot up and smiled. Help me God, for my cousin is the worst.



Zach Creston – Age 14

Here it is, the place that my mother and father had built for us to live in, so long ago. This house had been here for nearly ten years vacant. The house, among most of their belongings, were left to me in their wills.


The house’s exterior was entirely brick. It had a two-car garage and a huge back patio. Three bedrooms, all on the second floor, were accompanied by two and a half baths. What would have been my father's office was to the right and down the hall from the front door.


The common areas were huge. Separate family and living rooms were on either side of the downstairs. The kitchen met the dining room, with a complete view of the Livingroom. The back deck accessible via the dining room doors. It was their dream home until they passed.


What should have been a fun trip to Disney World turned into a nightmare. Mom had forgotten a bag in the car, so both of them went to get it. I was left with my Aunt until they came back. Of course, she was coming with us; mom always had a good relationship with her sister.


After twenty minutes passed, we grew impatient and went to find them. We found an ambulance with two bodies covered up. It turns out a driver drove WAY to fast in the parking lot. Mom and dad were struck and killed on impact. Needless to say, the vacation did not happen and hadn’t happened since.


I had now grown up since then into a fine, gay, fourteen-year-old boy. My blond hair went down to my chin but around my face. My green eyes are something you need to see. My body was average, nothing too fantastic though.


“It’s not as nice as I imagined.” Most of our stuff had been brought into the house already. Everything had a spot but wasn’t where it would end up.


“Zacharias!” My aunt smacked my shoulder. “We're barely in the house, and you’re already breaking your promise.”


I had made a promise not to be ‘snobby’ as she put it. “Sorry. When are you going to the school to get set up?”


“Not any time soon, we got to get this place in tip-top shape first!!” That comment started the day of setting up the house. The kitchen was the first thing on the list that was we could go grocery shopping tomorrow.


Once the kitchen was done, we did the living room and then went our separate ways to start our rooms. That was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Can you get that Zach? I'm knee deep in my closet.”


“Sure.” I darted down the stairs and nearly ran into the door. Opening the door, I saw a man and, I assume, his son. “Hello, how can I help you.”


“You must be Zach; my name is Kai James. I’m the gym teacher at the high school; I showed your Aunt the school when she came for a visit. This is my son, Kale.” He waved when his name was stated. “We thought you two would need some dinner since its move-in day.”


“Who is it, Zach?” Auntie called down.


“Mr. James and his son, they brought over dinner.” Kale was one hell of a looker! His brown hair was nice and short, probably so it doesn’t get in the way of sports. His eyes were a paler shade of green than mine and his body! His body had some definition to it, a healthy amount for a fourteen-year-old.


Auntie Liz quickly came out of her room and to the railing overlooking the entryway. “That is very kind of you Kai, excuse the mess.”


“Not an issue Liz, I expected as much. If you need some heavy lifting, Kale and I are more than willing to help.”


Auntie lit up. “We can get the family and dining room done tonight then!”


The four of us went into the living room and ate pizza. There were Pepperoni and Cheese to choose from, which weren’t bad choices. Would have liked meat lovers, but either way.


It turns out my thoughts on Kale were quite accurate. He was an active jock but liked video games. We found a common interest in Pokémon, which was enough to keep us talking all through dinner.


Once that was done we sorted out the dining and living rooms. It didn’t take long with Kale and Mr. James helping. We mostly decided where things go; they did all the heavy lifting.


When we finished, Mr. James went to take his leave. “I think we’ve taken enough of your time tonight, Liz. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask. If we can, we will help.”


“Thank you very much, both of you.”


“No problem, Ms. Albore!” Kale smiled. “We should hang out sometime Zach. I’m only here for the summer but have a pretty open schedule.”


“Sure, sounds like a plan!”


A couple more things of quick chit chat and they went on with their night. Auntie looked over at me after the door had closed. “You think he’s cute, don’t you?”

I turned away from her as fast as I could. “No!”


“No hiding it, I can tell. Just by the way you spoke to him.” It’s not fair, she’s had no children of her own, but she has the eyes and ears of a mother. Not fair at all. “Who knows maybe it’ll become a thing.”


“In your wildest dreams.” I went back up to my room to continue sorting it out. If there are more kids like him, then I’m all down to live here.


Chapter End.


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