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Local Falcon Health Technology Entertainment Queen releases "Face It Alone", a rediscovered song with Freddie Mercury Packers fall to Giants

Mikyvis Chronicles

Honeymoon Chapter One: Adjustment

Note to readers: This series happens immediately after the end of Memories Book 3. The events which are covered here are intended to lead into Memories Book 4 and CSPRD Book two.  We hereby disclaim any responsibility for headaches, vision issues, or mental illness brought on by any Time Loops which may or may not have or will happen. Please read at your own risk of insanity.

Archnania, Royal Palace:

DJ and his new family appeared with Timmy and Ricky in the Great Hall, much to the surprise of all eight of them. Other than four sons grabbing onto the nearest parent, nobody had time to react before Cameron's voice echoed through the room. "All present please stand for the arrival of Princes DJ and Tanner Wagner with their family, Squires Warren, Wesley, Hank, and Pierce Wagner. They are accompanied by Prince Timmy Short with his Bonded, Prince Ricky Michaels."

"Cameron!" DJ exclaimed with a growl, "If any of our sons so much as pee themselves because of you, I'm setting The Don AND High Priest Dave loose in your main core! Cut the crap; these guys don't need any more shocks any time soon."

"Sorry, Deej," Cameron's voice replied.

Tanner looked around the large table near them, then said "Thanks for the honors. Please be seated, our boys don't deal well with surprises, so it'll take us a few minutes to calm them before we introduce all of you."

By this time, King Harroldo had joined them, keeping enough distance to not spook the boys any further. While Timmy and Ricky collected their required arrival cuddles from the King, Harroldo softly stated "DJ, Tanner? Why don't you take your sons to my chambers for a few minutes. I'll ask Chance and Ezraka to join you to answer questions, that way you can prepare your sons for their adventure."

"That sounds good, Grandpa; thanks," DJ replied.

As Harroldo explained the delay to the guests, DJ led his family, along with Timmy and Ricky, into the King's chambers off to the side. By the time they entered the room, Chance, his boyfriend Ulysses, Ezraka, and Ezraka's adopted son Syminel were waiting for them.

Seeing the four scared boys, Syminel spouted "Dad? Did Uncle DJ and Uncle Tanner make their bad guys go away like Uncle Quint did to mine before he gave me to you?"

"I'm sure they did," Ezraka replied.

Syminel nodded before jumping off of his Dad's lap and joining the now-seated pile that was DJ, Tanner, and their sons. As soon as he found a seat in the pile, he stated "You ain't got to be afraid no more, Uncle DJ and Uncle Tanner are awesome at making sure nobody hurts you. I'm your cousin Syminel, and I got my daddy because of a bad man that got caught too but now the bad man can't touch me no more 'cause he's dead. You gotta be special 'cuz Uncle DJ and Uncle Tanner have had lotsa chances to adopt kids but they never done it but now they adopted you."

"Sy, you can take breaks to breathe while you are talking, munchkin," Tanner grinned.

"Daddy? Where are we?" Warren asked softly, the strange kid who thought he was their cousin distracting him from his panic.

"We're on a planet called Archnania," DJ replied with a smile. "It's a pretty special place. Time here doesn't work like it does back home; we could stay here for a hundred years and wouldn't get older. When we go back home, it'll only be a second or less after we left, so we won't miss anything. Sy has learned a lot from his Dad since Ez adopted him, so I'll be willing to bet that he's gonna invite you to join the Scouts here. We're here a lot to practice for the band, so you can make friends and do things without worrying about if you're coming back. One thing that is going to surprise you when you first see it is that a lot of plants can move around, and once you're taught how you'll be able to understand just about everything on the planet. Even though we're going to be doing a lot as a family, I want you to spend time with your Uncle Timmy, Ricky, and Sy to learn about the stuff that they've discovered that your Pop and I haven't found out about yet."

"What if a bad guy finds us?" Warren asked.

"The last bad guy on the planet was terminated by your Uncle Quint," DJ explained. "The people here became special like Dylan just after him, Quint, and Bryce found them. Now the bad thoughts are caught before they can actually be bad, and the people around the one who had bad thoughts help him become un-bad. If they can't, then he's sent somewhere that he can't be bad in that way."

"Are there girls here?" Wesley asked, his tone suggesting that he was hoping for a negative answer.

DJ grinned. "Knowing your cousin here, you'd find this out soon. Sy, if you want, you can go ahead and show the boys how you're normally dressed after I answer. Wesley, the answer is yes and no; that's because there are not boys and girls here, Archnanians are both at once; they have all the parts to be either part of making babies.You guys are going to want to check out their parts sooner or later just like all of your uncles did, the same rules go for here and at home; ask first, and no means no, there is no trying to talk them into it."

"Are you done answering yet?" Sy asked impatiently.

"Yes," DJ laughed.

Sy jumped down, and within seconds was totally nude. He climbed back up, giggling at the shocked looks of his new cousins. "You can look and touch," he commented with a smile, "I know you ain't being bad, you're learning."

"If you're interested, go ahead guys," Tanner stated. "We did it just after we arrived, it's normal to want to know how someone is different from you. Most of the time you couldn't do this as easy, but part of the job of Archnanians is to gain and share knowledge. Due to that, this kind of thing is considered part of learning, and at some time after you're comfortable Sy is probably going to want to see you to compare to other humans he's seen."

Taking Tanner at his word, Hank and Pierce climbed down and got into a position where they could have a good look. "Pop?" Hank asked, "Why does he have a butt above his weenie and a butt below it?"

Trying very hard not to giggle, Tanner replied "That's not a butt above his weenie; that is a vagina. On humans, that's where the man puts his weenie when he is trying to make a baby with a woman."

"Girl parts are weird!" Pierce giggled as he poked and prodded the area in question with his finger.

"That tickles!" Sy laughed.

Pierce pulled his hand back, then asked "Pop, why is my weenie stiff?"

Tanner quickly had to decide just how detailed to get, but after a few seconds he figured out a reply. "It got stiff because your brain saw you playing with the privates of someone near your age, and it wanted your weenie to be ready if your friend wanted to explore it."

The answer satisfied Hank and Pierce, but gained Tanner knowing looks from the twins, looks that told him without words that they had been told different. The looks also showed that they approved of how he'd protected the innocence of their new little brothers, instead of leading them down the same path the twins had been led down.

"Dad? Can we get nude like Sy?" Hank asked.

DJ considered it for a few seconds, then replied. "You can, but all three of you need to be on the floor in front of us so that you don't make your big brothers uncomfortable. If anyone thinks you're doing anything that you're too young for, they're going to tell you to stop. That means immediately, and then you wait to do anything until they explain to you why you needed to stop."

"Okay," Hank replied as him, Pierce, and Sy followed instructions. Once all three were nude, they sat cross-legged facing each other and began talking about things that interested them, occasionally reaching over to 'tag' each other as they talked.

"You don't care if they're nude?" Wesley whispered to DJ. "That means they're gonna do sex stuff!"

"No it doesn't," DJ replied back softly as he shook his head. "Your little brothers are still innocent; their abuse didn't include sex, so the most they'll do is normal exploring. I hope one day you guys are able to forget the bad stuff and learn to enjoy being nude again; there are lots of places in the Clan properties that you can be nude and safe, but you only need to be nude if you are comfortable doing it."

"Promise?" Wesley asked.

"Not only do I promise, but I'll fill you in on something," DJ replied. "Your Uncle Timmy is famous for being nude no matter if it's the right place or not. Despite that, he's also the best person to teach you to respect your body and take ownership back of it. He's been doing that since before the Clan even started, and all of us trust him to never lie to someone we send to him for help."

"But he's a little kid!" Warren piped up, obviously tied into the convo by his brother.

"He's killed multiple people for trying to hurt his family, and him and Ricky are Spirit Guides for Camp Little Eagle, which is across the street from our place," DJ explained. "William and Duke ain't pets, they're the Spirit Guardians of the camp. If you see Timmy and Ricky in warpaint, it's not something they put on, it's their skin changing when there is danger. Don't make the mistake of thinking because someone is young that they are clueless; a lot of the kids you're gonna meet are special in ways that you'd never expect."

The twins twisted to stare at Timmy, only to have their jaws hit their chest when Timmy giggled and showed them a flash of his eagle wings.

"Get over here, Gizmo!" DJ sniggered.

"What?" Timmy giggled with an innocent look before pouncing the chair with his brothers and nephews in it.

"I saw you and Ricky plotting," DJ replied. "Before you two teach our youngest pair all of your bad habits, do you think you could help these two with undoing the damage from their former life?"

Timmy grinned before lifting up enough to give his twin nephews sloppy cheek kisses. "Warren an' Wes are my neafews, I ain't gonna let noone else help 'em! Sy's gonna teach Hank an' Pierce sos they can help if I ain't there. You worry 'bout the big goofs, we got our neafews covered!"

Figuring it best to clear the air, Tanner added "Guys, we're not trying to get rid of you. When you get older, you think differently; we learned that it works better if Timmy and his team help you with the things that we can't understand anymore, while we help you with the big things that only someone older than you can understand. We want you to feel safe and confident as soon as possible, so we're going to ask for help if we see that we need it for you. That's what a family that cares does; we learned that after we were saved ourselves."

"What do you mean, saved?" Warren asked, his suspicion evident in his tone.

Before Tanner could reply, Timmy stepped in. "The butthole that thought he was Deej's father tried to rape them. Him and Tan's family were sellin' pictures of Deej and Tan doing normal naked stuff to put on the innernet. Tan hit the bad father with a bat, so him an' Deej escapedid. They was runnin' 'way but the bad parents followed them. Deej an me is brothers, but my daddy was Federashun an' was doin' time movin 'sperements, so he broughted me back with him. Deej's my big lil' brother, an' him an me feel each other in our heads. Daddy Cory saved me when my old Daddy was killed, an' when I feeled Deej' bein' hurt an' scared I told him an' he made it so we could save Deej and Tan when it was Time. They was at a bus station wit' two friends they made when the bad parents found them. Tan called Grandma, he'd seen a newspaper thingie about her, but the phone was set to go to my Daddy and Poppa on the shuttle Poppa was flyin'. Poppa flew real fast, an' we saved Deej, Tan, Beau, and Toby and then Daddy made sure the bad parents couldn't be bad to Deej an' Tan no more. Deej was shot by his bad father, so we got to take him to the Entr'rise to get him all fixded up!"

DJ knew without asking that, somehow, Timmy felt the detail was needed. Reading the faces of the twins easily, he stated "Every single bit of that is true, guys; the parts Timmy didn't cover we'll cover as a family. One thing he didn't mention is that I tried to blame myself for everything, and almost managed to kill myself because of it. That's when I learned about real family, because people I hadn't even met yet made sure I knew that I was no longer in the past, and that I had people who really cared, with no strings attached, who were willing to help me through recovering enough to be called a survivor. Tanner and I are going to do everything we can think of so that one day, you'll be able to call yourselves survivors too."

Now knowing that their new parents really did understand, the twins relaxed into their respective parent's arms. "Pop" Wesley asked, "Are the people out there gonna be mad at us for making them wait?"

Tanner shook his head. "Not at all, your Uncle Chance has been helping us. Dylan taught him how to make Time Bubbles, which is a funny way to say we're living at a different speed than everyone around us right now. It works weird here, but Dylan figured it out so that things like this can happen." Turning his head, Tanner asked "Hey Chance, what's our offset right now?"

"About a minute and thirty seconds by Alpha Prime time," Chance replied with a grin. "By the time we get my nephew and cousins dressed again, we should be about right!"

The Next 'Morning' (According to human body clocks):

After sharing a bath to 'recover' from their first night as a married couple, Tanner and DJ pulled on some shorts and headed out of their bedroom into the common area of the honeymoon suite. To their surprise, their two youngest were standing fully dressed outside the bedroom they had shared, while the twins were sitting and watching suspiciously to see what was going to happen.

As Tanner headed over to the twins, DJ walked up to the pair of redheads who were nervously waiting for something. "Good morning guys, how'd you sleep?" DJ asked with a smile.

"Good," Hank replied as he exchanged confused looks with Pierce.

Recognizing the onset of culture shock, DJ started to walk his youngest pair through the changes in their lives, knowing the oldest pair were listening as well. "Why don't you tell me what you are expecting to happen right now, guys?"

"You gotta inspect our room," Pierce replied carefully. "You gotta make sure our beds are made, our dirty clothes are put in the laundry, and that we're wearing clean clothes!"

DJ tried not to groan; obviously the last foster parents these two had suffered through were controlling pricks. "Guys, part of being a family is trusting. Unless you prove otherwise, I'm going to trust that you did those things without having to be told to. If we have visitors, you should have your bed made; otherwise all you need to do is straighten it out. You're both old enough to take care of your clothes, so there's no reason we should have to check on you. If you're not done with a toy, there's no reason to put it away. Most of all, you don't have to wait for me or Pop to start your day; I'd be a lot happier if we woke up to the four of you watching cartoons, playing games, or any other fun thing. In fact, if you ask Timmy, I'm sure he'll explain to you how to properly wake up parents who sleep longer than you think they should."

Tanner added his input after being filled in by the twins. "Also, if you need to be dressed a certain way for something, we'll tell you. Otherwise, all we want is for you to be comfortable. Your big brothers told me that you insisted they needed to be fully dressed, when they were just going to wait for us to wake up while sitting in their underwear. Your Dad and I put on shorts because we didn't think you guys would be comfortable yet if we walked out nude. When it's just us, we want everyone to be comfortable; if one of you needs time to adjust to little or no clothes on someone, just ask nicely and that person will work with you to decide on what you can deal with."

Nodding his head, DJ finished, "I think for our first full day as a family, we should start over and really start the day as a family. Tanner and I are going to go back into our bedroom for about ten minutes. When we come back out, we want to see four brothers who are comfortably dressed and are getting to know each other better while doing something they enjoy. Any clothes that you guys just put on this morning are still clean, so if you decide to take something off, put it in your clean clothes. How does that sound to all of you?"

"Okay!" four amazed voices chorused.

"Cam, if these guys need anything, hook them up!" Tanner added as he rejoined DJ.

"Gotcha, Tanner!" Cam's voice replied over the room speakers.

Ten minutes later:

 Just as they were getting ready to head back out, DJ and Tanner were surprised by Cory calling them on their subvocals.

'Hey guys! How'd you like your first night sleeping together as a married couple?'

"Different," DJ admitted. "I wasn't feeling like I had to prove to Tanner that I wanted him anymore. I could show him I loved him without pressure, I guess."

"Yeah, it was totally different," Tanner replied, "but in a good way."

'I was hoping that you guys would catch that,' Cory replied. 'Sean and I noticed it too when we got married. It gets even better, and I'm glad you guys finally get to see that. I wanted to let you know that Kyle's letting me borrow a couple of rooms in his head, so if you guys need anything at all just have Cam pass it through Kyle; he'll let me and your Pop know and we'll be right there.'

DJ and Tanner exchanged amazed looks. "Thanks Dad, but why did you decide to do that?"

'Because I'm not going to let you feel like you have to figure everything out on your own now,' Cory replied. 'Mom didn't have Kyle to help her know when Sean and I needed help adjusting to married life. Sean and I fully intend to be there for you just like Mom tried to be there for us.'

At that instant, any lingering doubts either boy had about their place in the Short family were permanently erased. They finally fully accepted that they were in no way part-time Short family; Cory had finally got through to them that they were equal to their Short-family sister and all of their brothers.

"Thanks, Dad," DJ and Tanner replied, both using a tone that made it clear just how much this meant to them.

'I love you guys, don't ever forget it,'  Cory stated. 'Just so you know, Antonio is on standby if you need him for your Acadian sons; all four of them are probably going to be the biggest challenge you've ever faced. You guys are handling them great, but Antonio thinks he should be up there just in case any of them crack once you've proven that their lives have really changed. Kyle noticed that they're not bouncing between their actual age and apparent age even in their heads, so he checked with Antonio, then Antonio got all the info he needs from the Acadian Council. He's ready as soon as you can convince them to let him check them, but their's also a really good chance it isn't anything physical and your love will heal them.'

"Tell Antonio to drop in after breakfast," Tanner replied with relief, one of their worries about their new sons obviously being handled by experts. "We'll dunk you later after we thank you for the help in person!"

'Kyle's passing the word, he says Chris is coming along. Good luck guys. Love ya, and let me do the work while you and the boys enjoy your honeymoon."

"Okay, Dad!" both boys giggled as they heard Cory disconnect.

DJ took Tanner's hand, leading him out to see just how well they had convinced their new sons to relax. They smiled as they spotted all four on the couch, obviously shirtless from the view they had from behind. The two youngest were sitting on their brother's laps, all four watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

"Good mornin' guys," Tanner announced. "I see you taked Cam into showing you his Looney Tunes collection!"

Noticing the movements of all four, DJ added "You don't have to get up, guys. If you don't mind, I think we can watch a couple of them together before we eat breakfast."

Four smiles were all the answer that DJ and Tanner needed; seconds later their sons had a parent on each side of them. By the end of the second cartoon, the four youngest had relaxed; seeing their new parents laughing and commenting about what they were watching proved that they were nothing like the previous families they had suffered through.

After the third one, DJ commented "Let's watch one more, then we probably should get some food."

"Dad?" Wesley asked uncertainly, "You said that you like being nude, but you're still wearing shorts. Why?"

DJ smiled. "Because all four of you feeling comfortable is more important. If I'm wearing shorts, I know we can cuddle like this without you feeling threatened. When that changes, all of us will know it, and then we'll be watching cartoons nude just like our sons."

"We kinda did it because Hank and Pierce did," Wesley admitted. "We ain't never done this before."

"Thank you for telling me that," DJ replied. "Since this is new to you, I'll give you the same advice I've had to give to your uncles at one time or another. First, just so we're all aware, the medical name for that normally-floppy thing between your legs is a penis; any time I'm helping you learn something I'll try to use the right name for it. First thing is, no matter what anyone has ever told you, your penis getting stiff, which is called an erection, does not mean that you're wanting to do anything involving sex. Sometimes, it'll just get an erection because you're talking about it, and there are even times that it'll do it just because it wants to. When you first try being nude a lot, it'll happen more, but as you get used to it, it won't happen as much."

"Why's Wes' 'recton so warm?" Hank giggled, causing Wesley to blush.

"That's why I warned you guys, Wes," DJ smiled as he gave Wesley's shoulder a squeeze of support. "Little brothers ask questions even if it is embarrassing; part of your job as a big brother is to answer if you know it, or ask one of us if you don't so that you can explain it to your brother." DJ then answered Hank, "To make an erection, your body fills up the penis with lots of blood, which is really hot. Since the skin on a penis is so thin, you can feel the heat more."

"Okay," Hank replied, "it feels nice! Wes an' War can get 'rectons anytime I'm sittin' with them!"

"Me too!" Pierce giggled.

"One thing for you little guys," Tanner added. "If you wiggle around on their lap or touch your big brother's penis when they have an erection, you can accidentally make them have feelings down there which will make them feel really bad after it has happened. Even here, there are some towels in the tables by chairs and couches; if you can't keep from wiggling around, or if the person whose lap you're sitting on asks, you need to get a towel to put between you and the penis."

"Is it bad that I don't care if I get tingles because my brother's on my lap?" Warren asked.

"As long as it's not the reason that you had him sit there, and as long as he's okay with it happening, then letting that happen occasionally isn't generally bad," Tanner replied. "What he's talking about is called an orgasm, guys. That is what the body feels when older guys shoot out sperm to make babies in a girl. Hank and Pierce, what your big brothers had done to them before we adopted all of you means they learned about orgasms before they normally would have. If either of you two are going to allow what Warren asked, the rules are that at no time does the penis enter any part of your body, and the person under you is not allowed to ask you to do anything. One more limit is that if the person has any hair growing around their penis, the answer is absolutely NO until you have hair too, and at that point they can't be older than you unless we say that they are close enough to your physical age to be okay."

"That means no more adults, Wes and Warren," DJ confirmed. "You won't be doing anything with adults for a long time, not until you're an adult yourself and can choose on your own what other adult you want to share your body with."

"Thanks, Dad and Pop," Both boys replied.

Warren then told Pierce "I think I'm gonna get tingles if you don't get up, lil' bro."

"Me too," Wes added. "All this talking about it's makin' it happen."

Showing that he'd really paid attention, Pierce commented "I wanna let you have good guy tingles!" To prove the point, he actively began to wiggle around on his brother's lap.

"Me too, we gotta help our big brothers!" Hank added as he mirrored Pierce.

DJ and Tanner didn't have time to reply, as the actions of the redheaded five-year-olds almost instantly sent their seven-year-old big brothers over the edge. Within seconds of the older pair collapsing against the couch, Hank and Pierce had spun around and were chest-to-chest with their big brothers in a loving hug.

"You better now?" Hank asked Wes as he snuggled in tight. "That was nice, you made my belly feel really happy."

"Yeah, my heart got all tinglie when your penis started jumpin'," Pierce added as he snuggled Warren.

"Why'd that feel totally different?" Warren asked softly as he returned the cuddle.

"Probably because your brother loves you already, and he made it clear that he was helping you forget what you've lived through," DJ explained. "On top of that, you are all pretty close in age, and neither one of your little brothers is demanding anything in return."

"Did talking about this stuff made you stiff too, Daddy?" Wesley asked carefully.

DJ nodded. "At your Pop and I's age, erections happen a lot more than yours do. The grownups joke that we get erections any time the wind blows."

"Is it bad that I wanna sit on you with Hank cuddling me and feel you like he felt me? I don't even care if you squirt stuff."

Realizing the tightrope he was being asked to walk, DJ replied "It really matters why. Since we're both thirteen, your Pop and I really are not adults physically, but we're now your parents, so that means we have some different rules that apply. I'm pretty sure I know why you are asking, but I need you to tell me yourself before I can say yes or no. I promise that I won't get mad at you for telling me why."

Wesley thought about how to reply for a full five minutes, at times obviously comparing notes with his twin mentally. Realizing what it could mean if both brothers had to discuss it, Tanner commented during the deliberations "Guys, I'm going to be agreeing with whatever DJ's answer is. We won't make you go through this twice if that's what is wanted."

Warren shifting to cuddle closer into Tanner's side wordlessly let them know that the unity was appreciated, no matter what the answer.

Wesley finally hesitantly replied. "We ... I mean I ..."

"If you're speaking for both of you, you can use 'we'," DJ stated softly. "You're not the only twins that can talk in each other's head. We're both used to it already."

The surprise of DJ and Tanner so easily accepting another of their deepest secrets calmed Wesley's worry slightly. "We kinda wanna know how it feels for someone we trust who is bigger than us to hold us and have a stiffy. We ain't never been held like that without the big person puttin' it in our butts and callin' us nasty names while he made his stuff inside us."

"We wanna know you ain't like them," Warren added, earning him a glare from his twin.

"Don't kill your brother just yet," DJ sniggered. "He was being honest, which is what we want all four of you to feel comfortable doing. To be clear, are you just wanting to feel an erection, or are you planning on doing what your little brothers did and cause an orgasm? The way you put it, it could be either."

Wesley shrugged. "I dunno yet."

"Me either," Warren added.

DJ nodded as he considered the situation. Tanner spoke up while his husband thought, "Thank you for being honest, guys; 'I don't know yet' was a valid answer to that question. If you didn't notice, your little brothers have been watching closely to see just how you're handling this. As we're showing you that we'll listen if you're honest with us, you're showing them that they can trust you to be honest. Lies hurt everyone, so you are starting things off really good."

"Guys?" DJ added, "I thought it over, and here's what I came up with. I'm not saying no, but there's a better way to do this. Right now, both of you older boys still have the chemicals in your blood that the brain makes your body put out when you have an orgasm, which could cause you to do things you'd regret later. Instead, before we all start to get ready for bed tonight, your Pop and I are going to sit in a chair nude, and if either of you still feels they want this, you can sit with us as we listen to some music. If anything happens, it happens... but we're not going to allow forcing anything to happen. Hank and Pierce, if your big brothers decide to try that, I think they'll need your cuddles as support. While we both want you guys to recover from your abuse, please let us slow you down if we think you're going too fast, okay?"

The twins easily picked up on what was not said; DJ had gracefully given them a way out if they were testing their new parents, yet still left it open if they really needed that type of help. What it did prove, however, is that neither one of the twins needed to worry about being a plaything; none of their other caregivers would have passed up the chance like that.

"Thanks," the twins chorused. Noticing the confused looks of their brothers, Wesley added "I'll explain later, bros. It's good."

Unknowingly verifying that DJ and Tanner passed their first test, Warren and Wesley wiggled around until they were on their closest parent's lap, somehow keeping their little brothers cuddled up to their chest. For the first time in their memories without outside people watching, all four boys let their guard down completely as they snuggled in the arms of someone older than them.

Within a minute, four soft snores indicated that there was going to be a slight delay for breakfast, as the four boy's bodies recovered from the restless night that none of them even realized that they'd had.

'Antonio says he'll see you at lunch,' Cameron stated softly on DJ and Tanner's subvocals. 'You need more rest too; I'll wake you if the boys need something.' he added as the room began to dim.

An hour later, Wesley regained consciousness long enough to realize the room was now dark. He traced the arms holding him and his little brother, and smiled as he found that the hands were nowhere near his little brother's butt. 'It's real, we're safe!' he thought to himself before once again closing his eyes; the smile on his face not fading in the least.

The boys did not disappoint their parents in the least as they got their first look at the Archnanian outdoors. All four little necks got a major workout as they tried to take in everything new all at once, their mouths open in awe at just how different everything looked.

Tanner felt a nose poking at his arm, and turned to find a familiar furry face looking up at him. Smiling, he giggled "Hey guys, Jessup wants to meet his new grand-nephews!"

Four heads twisted to look at their Pop, only to freeze with wide-open eyes as they saw the deer-like creature stretching up to give Tanner a lick of thanks.

DJ grinned at their response as he did introductions. "Guys, this is Jessup; he's a Darmi and a really good friend of your great-Uncle Quint." DJ pointed to each boy as he continued. "Jessup, these are our new sons Warren, Wesley, Hank, and Pierce. I don't think Timmy's taught them Archnanian yet, but he's up here somewhere so they'll probably learn it today."

Jessup nodded his thanks, then proceeded to join the boys, who were frozen in place with shock. After giving their cheeks a gentle nuzzle, he used his body language to coax them into petting him.

"How'd I know Jessup would find them?" Antonio giggled as him and his brother Chris joined the group. "He never waits for Timmy!"

"I think he picked the perfect time," DJ replied. "They're doing their best if they get to adjust in small doses to their new life."

"You're good at that," Antonio grinned. "Now if we could just get Timmy to slow down to Warp Ten..."

"It'll never happen!" Tanner laughed, which got the partial attention of their sons; the rest of their attention was on petting their new friend. "Who's that?" Hank asked.

"These are your uncles that are also doctors that we were telling you about," Tanner explained. "This is Doc Antonio, he's the one that grows slow like you guys do, and this is his brother Doc Chris."

"We ain't gotta go get zaminined now, do we?" Hank asked, obviously not looking forward to the possibility.

"Not for a while," Antonio assured him. "Even when we do, it's nothing like any doctor's visit you've ever had before. We hate the old ways doctors did it too."

Not sure if he should trust this new kid, Hank shrugged his shoulders then returned to the important task of getting to know Jessup.

"Don't worry bros, they don't trust anything or anyone until they see for themselves," DJ advised softly.

"I've been there, don't worry," Chris smiled. "I'm still learning too."

"The way they're responding to you is a good sign, though," Antonio stated, obviously in doctor mode. "That's already knocking a few of the worst possibilities off of the list."

"Elf time until you're needed, bros," Tanner instructed with a grin. "I want our boys to meet our favorite elven nutcases who like to play doctor in their free time."

"Hey! We only play doctor in the shower!" Chris replied with his hands on his hips.

"CHRIS!" Antonio exclaimed as he began blushing bright red.

Chris stuck out his tongue, then began giggling. "You asked for it, bro!"

"That's better!" Tanner laughed. "Now get over there and meet your nephews right, Jessup still has areas that ain't being petted."

"You guys are mean!" Antonio giggled as him and Chris joined the four boys.

Tanner and DJ watched carefully as Antonio and Chris joined their sons. Both boys openly talked about their history as they gave Jessup attention, which began to cause the other boys to warm up to them once they understood that Antonio and Chris were rescued too.

"How's the honeymoon going, guys?" an early teen Archnanian voice asked from behind them.

"Chek!" DJ and Tanner exclaimed as they spun around. "Where've you been?"

"Taking care of my little guy," the Archnanian boy replied. "Guys, this little guy is Davner. Dav, the blond is your Daddy, and the redhead is your Poppa."

"Really, Mom?" the three-year-old sized boy asked excitedly.

"CAM! GET US OUR KITS!" Antonio ordered seconds later as him and Chris started running towards the pair of thirteen-year-olds who were now passed out on the ground.

As the medical bags appeared by DJ and Tanner, Antonio and Chris quickly grabbed their hyposprays and dialed in the needed dosages to revive their patients. Antonio glanced up at Chekrolo and stated "You better hope this wasn't a prank! Once these two are awake, you're BOTH getting a full checkup."

Chek nodded, "Deej and Tanner need you to do that anyway; you'll see why when you scan Dav."

By this time, all four of DJ and Tanner's official sons were gathered around, their worry obvious in their eyes even though they didn't vocalize it. They gave audible sighs of relief when they saw their parents moving, and they piled into a group cuddle as soon as they saw that DJ and Tanner were okay.

"You two sit and cuddle, we will discuss this once Chris and I find out what the fuck is going on," Antonio ordered.

Chris pulled out his tricorder and immediately went over to the unusually strawberry blond Archnanian that had been introduced as Davner. "Hi Dav, I'm Doc Chris. I'm going to use this to scan your body so that I can have answers to the questions everyone has. It don't hurt, but you still need to stand still to make it easy."

"Okay, can I see it when you're done?" Dav asked hopefully.

"Sure, I'll show ya," Chris replied with a smile.

Meanwhile, Antonio was preparing to scan Chekrolo. "You're gettin' a full scan; I don't have any idea how in the hell what you just said could happen, but I'm damn sure going to find out RIGHT NOW."

"I'll explain what we've figured out once you're ready," Chek replied. "Scan Deej and Tan too; we are guessing on a few things until you've checked from your end."

Everyone watched as Antonio and Chris ran their scans on everyone involved ... six times. After the last try, Chris shook his head in defeat. "If this is some fucking Angelic prank, I'm gonna de-feather that asshole one feather at a time."

"This shit ain't possible!" Antonio added. "There's no way in hell this can happen genetically!"

"Could one of you two shitheads fill the rest of us in?" DJ finally asked in exasperation.

"BEFORE we kick your skinny asses!" Tanner added.

"Both of you can stuff it," Antonio growled with a frown. "We'll tell you once we've figured this shit out. Right now, all you three horndogs need to know is that you two humans are both somehow the daddies of Davner, and Chek is the mother. After that, who the fuck knows."

Chek carefully decided to add what he knew, hopefully not drawing the wrath of the doctors in the process. "Doctors? What we've figured out on our side is that somehow the mixture of sperm from DJ and Tanner were able to mix and come close enough to an Archnanian sperm to produce a viable fetus. Our testing with other Alpha Prime sperm that was volunteered for testing can't duplicate it, so we are guessing that the time that DJ and Tanner have spent on Archnania might have had some effect. The only way to tell if that's what happened would be to compare with a scan from before they first came here."

"Cam, get me the first scans Doctor McCoy took of DJ and Tanner," Antonio barked. "There should be no way that a species with twice the chromosomes as a human should be able to be impregnated by humans, no matter how many different ones screw them!"

"While Doctor Potty Mouth and Doctor Toilet Breath figure it out, the rest of us need to talk." DJ stated. "I think the two doctors might work better if they did it OUTSIDE the hearing range of our sons, UNDERSTAND?"

"Whatever," Antonio shot back before motioning for Chris to follow him. "Cam, where in the HELL are those scans..."

Once he was sure the two doctors were out of hearing range, Tanner commented "Don't let the fact that those two teach sailors new cuss words affect what you think of them; they're really great doctors. Dad's trying to calm down, so I'll start things off. Warren, Wes, Hank, Pierce? Davner is you guys' little brother, which makes Chek a Mom to all of you if you want it. Dav, we don't care how it happened or why, but you're our son just like these four are, so why don't you come on over and cuddle with your brothers while Deej, me, and Mom sort out the details of what happens now."

"Pop?" Warren asked, "Do we get any say in what happens?"

"Absolutely," Tanner replied. "I'd be surprised if the five of you didn't make your own choices. What will happen is that we'll compare what we decide would be best with what you guys want, and then we'll sort out any changes that need to be made to make it work for everyone."

"Okay," Warren replied with a small smile, looking forward to seeing if they were really going to have a say.

To be continued ...