Dash Cam

Dash Cam

Dash Cam

By C.J. Gibb © 2017

All Rights Reserved


Years ago John got a dash cam because he thought it would cool to have it just in case something happened. One night he was driving on a winding dirt road late at night. John had driven this road many times before day and night over the years. On one side of the road was a drop off at the bottom of the drop off was a swampy area. On the other side of the road was a big mountain. This was a favorite place of his to drive when he just wanted to get out and drive.  That night he couldn't sleep so he decided to go for a drive.


The road was known for a few urban legends though he never believed in them. But those who did never dared to drive that road at night especially alone. As John reached over to grab his drink he turned away for a second to look where it was. Even though it was dark he could see from the glow of the stereo.  He quickly looked up to check the road and saw a small boy. He slammed on the brakes and grabbed the steering wheel with both hands to keep from losing control. When the jeep came to a stop he looked in the rear view mirror, he didn't see anything. So he grabbed his flashlight to look for the child he thought he hit.  Panic struck him because he was alone in the dark and he thought he hit a child.  He called out hoping the child would respond back but he heard nothing at all, not even crickets.  Then he heard whispers. He called out again asking if anyone was there were they okay.


 He turned to look at his jeep there was the boy standing by the open driver's door. When John shined the light on the boy the boy disappeared.  At that moment John's blood ran cold. If anyone else was there they would have seen the blood drain from his face. He tried to scream but nothing came out.  He started to hear the whispers again which was the last thing he ever heard.


  A half-hour later a Sheriff deputy patrolling the area came across John's jeep. The deputy shined the spot light around checking for the driver. She didn't see anyone so she turned on her emergency lights and notified her dispatch what she came across and gave them the license plate number.  She then got out of her patrol truck and looked around the jeep shining her flashlight around hoping to find the driver. However, she found no one at which point she started to look for signs of the driver.


She noticed the skid marks in the dirt showing that the driver stopped suddenly. She looked around where the marks started. That is where she saw a puddle of urine. When she saw it she looked around more calling out for anyone. But all she heard were crickets and the faint sound of music coming from the jeep's radio.  With no answer from anyone combined with the jeep sitting in the middle of the road still running, the driver side door open and the puddle of urine she called for back up.  


Back up arrived several minutes later.  Several deputies came to help look for the driver. After searching until dawn they still hadn't found anyone.  A tow truck came and picked up the jeep.  That day while searching the vehicle the officers noticed the dash cam the owner had in the jeep. They played the video from the beginning but they skipped up to the point of the previous night. That night the cam started playing at 2:45 am. They watched the video carefully when the video reached 3:30 am they saw what John saw. The little boy standing in the road. The dash cam also had audio so they heard John scream "oh shit" and the jeep skid and the radio as well. They heard John calling out, then again asking if anyone was there if they were okay.


Very faint sounds were heard on the recording before John started talking again asking if anyone was there. The voices were heard throughout the recording for several minutes but no one noticed them.  Later playing the video again with special equipment they saw the movement of the boy even before the jeep had stopped, the voices could be heard more clearly now as well. The things heard were unearthly, things that left those that watched the video with some type of uneasy feelings. 


John was never seen or heard from again.  After his family heard of what was on the video they asked to not have his jeep returned. Why they weren't sure but they never wanted to see it again.  Later as the dash came video from the deputies truck was reviewed it also had the same sounds and voices as John's. But what scared them the most was the little boy that suddenly appeared on the video for one full minute. Not moving just staring blankly at the camera. Seconds before he disappeared he grinned in a way that gave any viewer of the video deep down chills.


John may not have believed in urban legends but he ended up becoming one that night.