Still Another Chance ~ Book Four of Another Chance

Reference Images

by Zarek Dragon



This is a sketch of Another Chance Ranch at the time Jim, Zac, Joe and Chris took possession.
It is just a rough sketch for reference and nothing definitive.


The dark green area is woods on the properties.

Medium green areas are pastures

The sandy colored area by the lake is sand.

With an exception of the property line between Another Chance Ranch and Another Change Horse Rescue, there are fences that run along the property line.

Planned Changes

Here are some of the changes going on or planned.


 This is a rough sketch of the cabin at the lake. The Lake As stated with the ranch property, it is not to scale, just for reference.

Jim and Zac's House


Jim and Zac's House

This is the house that Jackson had built after the tornado. It is now where Jim and Zac live with the boys.


Heather's Home

This is the first floor level of Heather's House,Heather Archer-Bolt's Housewhich she currently shares with Nick and Chris.


Her second Floor

Even though Jim and Joe no longer live at her home,Heather Archer-Bolt's Second FloorHeather, Nick and Chris have agreed to leave their rooms "as is."

Boys' Home Dorms

The Dorm Boys' Home Dormswas originally made to hold one hundred boys with two boys per room. When Maurice was hired on, Joe gave him one of the rooms. Now, the home can only hold ninety-eight boys unless more than two boys are placed in a room.

Maurice's room has been modified, giving him an outside entrance

Cafeteria / Classroom

This Cafeteria / Classroomis the lower portion of the building with Joe's residence minus the kitchen. Stairs up to Joe's place are in the kitchen This portion functions as both the cafeteria and the classroom. The boys use their laptops for class so the tables can be clear for lunch.


Palomino Separator

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