Alex's Angel

Alex's Angel

Walking down the sidewalk on an early spring afternoon his mind drifted back to when he was younger and thought of the boy that caught his attention the boy he thought was from heaven its self with his black hair long enough to reach his shoulders and the most amazing green eyes he had ever looked into.He had never seen the boy before maybe he had just moved to town was his thought as he kept looking at this angel in front of him. The new boy looked lost maybe even out of place people walked past him like he wasn't even there yet he was at least to one person. Looking around trying to find his place maybe or where he should go Alex caught the look of this angel and for what felt like minutes but only seconds Alex looked into those amazing green eyes he saw something he wasn't sure what it was but something familiar. Later that night at home looking in the mirror he realized what it was I saw in those green eyes. It was fear mixed with loneliness and the need to feel accepted.

Alex always knew he liked boys for some time but that day he felt he really only wanted to be with a guy but not just any but that one the one with green eyes and black hair and the heart-melting smile.
For weeks all Alex could think of was that boy that smile those eyes he could get lost just thinking of them. He never did get a close look into those eyes just a look from a distance.As time went on Alex saw this mystery boy more and more where ever he went school the store even for his daily walks this boy would appear even if just briefly.

But one day at school he realized the boy wasn't there. He didn't see him for a week then one early Monday morning as Alex was crossing the street to get to the school there he was getting out of an old beat up car. Alex could tell something was wrong there was no smile, not bright eyes but dark circles around what once was bright green eyes. As Alex walked closer he could see the wrists of the boy was bandaged up. Alex knew what was wrong somehow he knew he knew that angel hurt himself because he didn't want to live anymore. Of course, Alex had no idea why someone so beautiful would want to kill themselves. All Alex did know was somehow deep down he could have prevented it. All he had to do was talk to this beautiful boy.

Once he was in the schoolyard he watched the old beat up car drive away with a woman behind the wheel. And watched the boy walk with his shoulders hunched over and trying to cover the bandages with the sleeves of the black hoodie. Alex shivered he wasn't sure if it was because of the cool brisk autumn air or the thought of seeing his angel like this. For the whole day, all Alex could do was think of his angel looking so sad and lost walking hunched over. At lunchtime, Alex saw the boy again eating in a corner all by himself. Alex wanted to go say hi but for some reason, he couldn't do it.

Alex was late leaving school because he stopped to help one of his teachers carrying some things. When he was a few blocks from school he saw something in the distance curled up against a tree as he got close he could see it was a person wearing a black jacket. As he neared the person he realized who it was, it was his angel sitting against a tree with his arms wrapped around his knees and his head down. Alex felt a sharp pain in his stomach and sadness for this angel curled up.This time without even thinking he sat down next to the boy he longed to be near for so long and wrapped his arms around his angel. Tears started rolling down his cheeks as he felt pain for this beautiful boy that sat curled against a tree.

The boy turned to Alex with tear soaked eyes and he said: "Thank you".

Alex looked up as someone grabbed his hand looking into the most beautiful green eyes he kept walking on that early spring afternoon with his angel by his side.
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