The Music in the Painting

Chapter Thirteen

Let’s get rid of this chlorine, I’m starting to itch, Bobby suggested.

Good Idea, besides I want a rematch, Drew smiled.

Bobby adjusted the shower and the two boys entered the showers spray.

Once they had rinsed the pool water from their bodies Drew faced Bobby and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He felt Bobby’s penis swelling between them to the point that it was lifting his scrotum.

Drew broke their kiss. He searched out one of Bobby’s nipples with his tongue and then circled it. Feeling it firm up between his lips and moved to the other. From the sounds Bobby was making he knew he was on the right track. When he decided it was time he pulled Bobby toward the tiled bench where he sat in front of his love. He grasped Bobby’s penis pulling back the foreskin the rest of the way. It throbbed in his hand as he gently stroked it. When he judged the time was right he leaned forward and encircled the glans with his lips seeking the hole with the tip of his tongue. The earthy taste of his love spurred him to slide as much of him into his mouth as possible.

He worked the sensitive underside with his tongue alternating between the tip and the whole tongue. The effect was immediate as Bobby moaned and then tried to warn Drew of his impending climax but Drew took no notice. Bobby rose to the tips of his toes and flooded Drew’s mouth with his semen. Drew milked the last drops from his lovers waning erection as Bobby returned to his senses.

"I can’t wait to get at yours," Bobby said groggily.

"That will have to wait, you need to show me your practice room and then I want a tour of the whole place.

Bobby sat next to Drew and said" Okay, but we can’t cover the whole place this afternoon."

"You’re kidding right?" said Drew.

"Actually no, can you ride a horse?"

"Sure if it’s fairly tame."

"Good, we can ride up to the falls and then around to the east trail and come back through the meadow."

"Wow!" said Drew, that sounds like it will take all day."

"No, if we leave fairly early we’ll be back around two, I’ll run it past Grampa at dinner."

While he was explaining all this he had shut off the water and handed Drew a towel, and having dried themselves sufficiently they returned to the bedroom where they donned their djellabas.

Bobby moved to a door way on the same wall as the bath and opened the door beckoning Drew to enter ahead of him. A second padded door was opened and they stepped into Bobby’s practice room.

Drew was amazed by the array of instruments that greeted his eyes. Violins and Cellos, Guitars of varying sizes and types. And a beautiful reddish mahogany Steinway baby grand piano.

There appeared to be a bench at the far end that held instruments undergoing repair. The room was half again as large as Bobby’s bedroom.  There were folding chairs enough for a large ensemble stacked in a rack next to a door that led to the hall.

A richly grained Cello sat in a stand in front of a sturdy wooden chair with a worn red leather seat.

"Is that the same cello you were playing at the Museum?"

"No, that one is back in the vault; it only comes out for performances."

"Would you play something on this one?"

"Of course, what would you like to hear?"

"What was the song you played after my favorite?"

"Oh, okay."

"Die Träumerei? Certainly." He walked to a cabinet and pulled out a score and placed it on the music stand. Then he sat in front of the cello and picked up the bow. Once he had checked the tuning he began to play. As he did Drew closed his eyes and swayed as he hugged himself.

Once he had finished Drew asked him why he got the music out, since he never even opened it.

"It’s a habit I’m afraid, just one of those rituals that I can’t seem to shake."

"Well it sounded great in any case."

"Would you like to try the piano?" asked Bobby. "I’ll get us something to drink. I have iced water or sweet tea and Pepsi and Bubble-up or there’s Yoo-hoo as well."

"What no beer?" Drew asked jokingly.

"If you really want it there’s Guinness in the bar fridge, and I’ve got a bottle of Asti Spumante here." said Bobby.

"I think a Pepsi would do just fine."

The boys continued to play and sing and chat for the remainder of the afternoon. And Bobby got his first taste of Drew. For his part Drew was impressed.

It had started innocently enough, they had finished a song together and Bobby had leaned over to kiss Drew and got a bit more involved than he intended. Bobby planted a number of kisses on Drew’s face and they engaged in tongue warfare for a few moments. Bobby shifted his attention to Drew’s left ear gently tonguing the perimeter and pausing to nibble on Drew’s delicate earlobes he proceeded to the neck and throat savoring the smell and taste of Drew’s sweat. Alas a djellaba is not ideal for seduction and Bobby had to have Drew stand so his could be hiked up around his ribs. Bobby had Drew stretch out on the piano bench on his back as Bobby planted his knees on the Oriental rug.

He began at the knee and kissed up the inside of the left thigh and proceeded to the right, kissing away beads of sweat as he went. After completing this task in his own meticulous manner he buried his nose in Drew’s scrotum inhaling a combination of Drew’s own musk and the scent of burnt orange from the bath soap. The he weighed each testicle with his tongue and then speared his tongue through the scrotum to apply pressure to the root of the penis; he continued this action behind the scrotum and down the perineum as far as his tongue would reach. Abandoning this endeavor he moved up Drew’s body to the point where the djellaba ended. From there he kissed his way down the center of his belly, he looked greedily at the pubic symphysis and planned his attack. He nibbled his way down one side and back up the other ignoring the visibly throbbing penis. Finally he began gently to circle the pulsing corona with his artful tongue.

Enjoying the taste and smell as well as the texture of his lovers beautiful organ. Pulling Drew’s hardness down towards him Bobby licked his lips and pressed them onto the glans and down the shaft engulfing nearly the entire penis. He washed his tongue back and forth across the underside as he withdrew and then plunged again sticking his agile tongue out and just grazing Drew’s scrotum. Drew, now breathing heavily; told Bobby that he wouldn’t last much longer. Bobby without a pause said something that sounded like Yum to Drew who ceased resisting and allowed the crescendo to arrive and carry him over the precipice; an animal growl escaped his lips as once again his entire being seemed to flow violently out his body pulse after pulse, it continued long after he was completely spent. Bobby kept his drooping penis in his mouth as he swallowed the last offerings. He teased gently at the shaft avoiding the hyper-sensitive head. Finally to Drew’s relief Bobby showed mercy to the beleaguered boy and his organ and released him from his wet warm embrace.

Bobby retrieved a soft towel from a cabinet and proceeded to wipe up a puddle of saliva that had formed under Drew’s soggy genitalia. He gently dried Drew as well, avoiding the most sensitive spots. Drew rose to a sitting position with a leg on either side of the bench. Bobby straddled the bench sitting behind his love and held him until he regained the power of speech.

"That was unbelievable," said Drew haltingly. "I don’t think I’ve ever had a more intense feeling. How did you learn to do that?" Instantly Drew regretted asking, "I’m sorry, that’s none of my business."

"It’s okay; there was a boy I got to know when his family rented one of the Forestry lodges. He was a pretty good rider and we met on the trail. I showed him the falls and we swam naked. We got out to dry and he started fooling around with me and well, it became a regular thing. His name was Monty. Well actually it was Johnny but you know, I should probably tell you I did it with a girl once too. Does that change how you feel about me?"

"No Bobby, I just haven’t got anything to compare with that."

"You never did anything with anyone else?"

"There was a boy who was going to stay the night with me and we had sort of looked at each other but he didn’t get to stay so it never happened. Then stuff happened and we moved," Drew said sadly.

"It doesn’t matter, this way I get to be your first and you’re the first boy I’ve ever really been in love with. I hope that helps." Bobby said while hugging Drew tightly from behind.

"It does" Drew said "It means so much I can’t tell you. I never really thought I’d find someone like you, but I did and I’m not letting go. I love you Bobby."

"I love you too Drew."

 After a while Bobby suggested they dress for dinner. "Jeans and Tee’s will be fine."

At dinner Bobby outlined his plans for Saturday’s activities to his Grampa.

"Be sure you take your Winchester, I saw Mountain Lion tracks on the trail."

Mac turned to Drew and asked, "Are you an experienced rider?"

"I was getting pretty good last summer; but haven’t ridden much since school started."

"Let’s put him on Gypsy, she’s a stable old girl and she won’t dump him off if you meet up with trouble. And if needs be, she can negotiate the pinch," Mac said. "And I suppose you’ll be riding Sherpa?"

"That is my plan, unless you think I should take another."

"Oh no lad, that’s fine. He‘s a great mount. I was just thinking of taking Boxer out for a good run tomorrow."

"I don’t want to scare you but the Rangers are after a Sow and two yearling cub Black bears. She’s been raiding campsites. I didn’t see any tracks on my last ride but she definitely visits our place. Dolly said she found a spot where something had bedded down for a bit. Maybe the cougar maybe the bear, but you want to be careful. Don’t be surprised if you find a big bear trap on wheels out there. I told them they could park one out there. If the gate on the trap is down come back right away and let me or Dolly know. We’ll call the Rangers. If a cub gets trapped the Sow will be close by and she’ll be very cross, so get out of the area. Sherpa will probably know about her before you do. Trust his instincts."

"I guess I should take the ’95 then. I’ll probably need something stronger than a .44-40 if I have to face an angry Sow," Bobby said thoughtfully. Looking over to Drew he noticed an expression of concern on his face, "Are you okay?"

"I hadn’t counted on Bears or Mountain Lions; that’s all," Drew said nervously.

"Relax; Grampa wouldn’t let us go if he thought we were in real danger. I have a smart horse and a good rifle. Plus I’m a pretty good shot."

"Okay," said Drew tentatively, "what’s a ninety-five?"

"That’s a Winchester model number. It’s bigger than my 73’ which shoots a .44 caliber pistol cartridge. The 95 is for bigger cartridges, mine’s a .40/72 smokeless. It’s a bit more manageable for someone my size, unlike Grampa’s .405, that thing will knock you on your butt."

"Have you shot a bear before?" asked Drew

"No, and I hope I never have to, there’s no reason unless they’re charging. Their meat is nasty and greasy. I won’t shoot anything just for a trophy. It’s not worth the risk of facing a wounded bear anyway. That’s why you have to know where to shoot them if it comes down to it. Same with anything, you want a quick kill."

Drew saw Mac smiling at Bobby in approval. He knew then that Mac had taught him how to survive in the wilderness and that he didn’t take killing an animal lightly. He and Bobby would be safe.

"Hey, what happens when they catch the bear? Will they kill it?" asked Drew a bit concerned.

"No they’ll take her to a more remote area and turn her loose, as long as she hasn't attacked anyone."

"I’m glad to hear that."

"They don’t put them down until they show up in their home range a third time. By then they’re usually pretty dangerous to campers. Pity is; it’s the campers to blame. They don’t store their food or dispose of their trash properly and it teaches the bears bad habits and makes them less afraid of humans," Mac said.

A bell sounded indicating a visitor at the gate. "That will be Walt" Mac said, as he pushed the button to open the gate. A few minutes later Walt was sitting at the table. He asked Bobby how he was feeling and greeted Drew as well. He and Mac talked about the developments in the museum case as they were now calling it. "We tracked the suspects to the Evergreen in Rosemead I think you’ll be annoyed by some of the surveillance photos."

Walt placed an eight by ten of a very recognizable Leonard Griffin who was speaking with the driver of the sixty-one Chevy they suspected was the work car the robbery team was using. When the car left the parking lot two Metro cars tailed it before losing it in freeway traffic near Alhambra.

The other two men walked to a Ford Falcon and were confronted by two sheriff’s homicide men. One of them was foolish enough to try and shoot his way out and received nine pellets of double-ought buckshot for his trouble. The second man had surrendered immediately.

Dennis the second man also proved to be quite talkative and gave up the whole crew. "There had been five, Jocko now deceased, Travis who was circling the drain himself, and Dennis. Their leader’s name was Art Sandoval. These guys were sharp; they had something on for tomorrow night, a gallery on Wilshire near the big Country club.

We figure Leonard is number five but Dennis doesn’t know him. Jocko was doing legwork for a job later in the year when there’s supposed to be a big Van Gogh and Monet exhibit."

Bobby listened for a while but when he noticed Drew fading he excused them both from the table and took their plates to the sink. The boys ambled up the stairs

After dinner Bobby took Drew to his room to familiarize him with his rifle. He led Drew to a tall cabinet with a keyhole. Bobby produced a key and unlocked the cabinet removing a large rifle.

"This is my Winchester model 95." proclaimed Bobby as he jacked the lever to open the action. After inspecting the chamber and magazine he handed Drew the rifle.

"It’s heavy," Drew said as he carefully examined it. "It doesn’t have a little door in the side like on "The Rifleman" and it looks a lot different than his."

"That’s because Lucas carries a model 92 like this one. It has a tubular magazine under the barrel and a loading door in the side of the action." Snapping the second rifle open and checking the chamber he traded rifles with Drew.

"Cool!" said Drew "this looks like the one John Wayne carries in Rio Bravo.

"Actually, that was a Model 73 like this one here," Bobby handed Drew another rifle following the same procedure. "This one doesn’t have the lever modified but they’re the same rifle," said Bobby

"So if that one doesn’t have the little door how do you load it?" asked Drew.

Bobby pulled a small leather cartridge holder out of the cabinet.

"These are dummy rounds, you can tell by the fired primers and the holes in the sides of the shells. This rifle is a bit more difficult to load so it requires practice. You place the primer end into the magazine with the bullet pointing up then slide it under these two little hooks and tip the shell down. It will hold five rounds. You should know how to do it in case I get hurt. "

Drew traded rifles with Bobby again and then began the loading procedure as Bobby had described.

"These bullets are bigger than my dick, I think," Drew joked.

"Not hardly," said Bobby, who then blushed regretting his choice of words.

Drew giggled but completed his task successfully. "Great now cycle the action and eject all those rounds. Then leave the action open and I’ll pull off the barrel and run a swab through it."

Drew did as instructed then gathered up the dummy rounds placing them back in the leather cartridge box.

Bobby pulled on a catch on the underside of the forearm; he twisted the barrel one hundred and twenty degrees and pulled it clear of the action. He pulled a cleaning rod from the cabinet and fixed an oil soaked cotton patch to the rod. Passing this through the bore several times he satisfied himself that the barrel was clean and clear. He reassembled the rifle and placed it back in the cabinet. Having secured the rifles he locked the cabinet.

"I keep this locked because my little cousins sleep in here with me sometimes and I wouldn’t want them to get their hands on these."

"Good Idea," agreed Drew.

"Speaking of sleep I think we should turn in early if we’re going to get enough," said Bobby. "We should brush our teeth and go down and say goodnight."

"That sounds good to me."

The boys found Mac and Davey going over old folders of documents and blueprints.

"Hello lads," said Mac smiling up at them. Do you fancy a bowl of you Gramma’s homemade ice cream?"

"Not for me Grampa, I’m still full of dinner," said Bobby

"Same here I’m afraid," Drew said.

Mac placed the back of his hand on Bobby’s forehead in a mock gesture of concern.

"Just checking to see if you had a fever, I never saw a boy your age turn down ice cream before," Mac laughed.

Bobby leaned in and gave first his Grampa and then Davey a kiss on the cheek and Drew followed suit, and with that they ran up the stairs to Bobby’s room.

"Affectionate little lads," Davey opined.

"Same as you at that age."

"That was your doing."

"Has it done you any harm?"

"Not a bit, Polly loves that I can kiss her in public and not blush," Davey answered. "I hope to carry on the tradition with my own kids. I’ve noticed that you and Aunt Kate still hold hands when you’re out together."

"Well she is’ the love of my life."

"I just wanted to say that you set me a good example and I try and follow it every day. My Dad didn’t have it in him to be a good Father but you really took me on through bad and good. Thank you for not giving up on me. I know I wasn’t easy to raise," Davey said, a bit teary now.

Every path has its puddles and every child has their challenges to go through. You went through yours and came out the other side as an honorable human being. What more can anyone aspire to?" 

"Well, thanks all the same," said Davey. "I do have something to ask you though. I’ve been invited to spend a semester in England studying the English Arts and Crafts movement and William Morris."

"That’s fantastic Davey! I presume you’re going of course," Mac said, "What city?"

Oxford said Davey dejectedly.

"What College?"  Mac asked, sounding impressed.

"It’s not part of Oxford proper it’s Harris Manchester. It’s just in’ Oxford. See my problem? The trust will cover my airfare and living expenses to a point. But there’s nothing I can afford anywhere near there. I’m just asking if you have any suggestions."

"I just might, you know Beryl don’t you? He’s Katy’s nephew. He’s moving to Dublin to teach so he’s giving up the Farmhouse in Iffley; it’s four rooms and very nice. Not luxurious but it’s solid and I paid to re-thatch the roof three years ago. Beryl’s been giving me status reports from the caretaker. You’ll like him; he’s the son of the previous caretaker. Anyroad the place might be just what you need."

"Is it close to Oxford?"

"Less than two miles, you can bike it or take the bus. I don’t recommend driving, parking is nonexistent. Besides you would have to learn to keep left and that takes a bit of time. Of course Polly could drive you, she can probably still qualify."

"How did you know Polly was going with me?" Davey asked, surprised.

"Oh come now, do you see her letting you go off on your own to be preyed on by the girls in Oxford? Not bloody likely."

"That was one consideration to be sure but mostly she didn’t want us to be apart that long."

"Well there’s a newer Morris Traveler for your use there." Mac said. "I bought it for the caretaker but he said it was impractical to haul the materials he needed. So I gave him a budget and he went and got a Unimog from an auction. He’s a smart lad. It’s an Agricultural tag so he can run it on exempt fuel.

He sent me pictures, the thing is a beast."

"I’ll have to talk to Polly about her driving there. That would be up to her," said Davey. "But I have to ask what the rent there is?"

"Oh I’ll give you the same deal as Beryl. Nowt now, and Nowt per month, just help the caretaker occasionally," Mac said. When you’re done with your studies there you should take the rest of the year and get over to Amsterdam and wander wherever else you fancy. And while you’re at it you should introduce yourself to Polly’s family in Skegness."

"Thank you Uncle Mac, you’ve already done so much for me. I can’t thank you enough," Davey said as he smiled at Mac.

"Your mother was my only sister, and for her children I would do anything I can." Mac said as he reached over and placed a huge hand on Davey’s shoulder. "And we’ll make sure you can afford to travel whilst you’re over there. You can get up to the Dales and see my brother for one thing."

"He’s not laid eyes on you since you were a bairn."

"I’d like that," said Davey "It’s a cinch he won’t leave that farm to visit us."

"True," said Mac "He’s a lot like my father; tied to that land, a dairyman through and through. I’m more like my Grandfather we both wanted grand adventures. I guess I’ve had a few and I know he did."

After a few more minutes of looking at blueprints Mac rose and stretched.

"Let’s call it a night for this lot Davey? Why don’t you call Polly and give her the news? I doubt she’ll miss working at that shop much."