My Life Started at the End of The World

Chapter 29 - Good Things... - We're Not Gonna Fall

Aidyn's POV

Noah's wounds healed up pretty fast, at least his black eyes did. The rest are still there but going away slowly. He said he was good enough to go back to school, so here we are. Aaron and I aren't letting him out of our sights.

“Has anyone seen Leo around?” I asked the group, which consisted of Bryce and Chance.

Noah informed me on what he knew. “His brother said something about going back home for something important. That's all I know.”

“Damn we could have used him here to keep an eye on you.” Yes, I'm a worrisome person, but its Noah we're talking about here, I have a right to be worried. “I hope it's nothing too bad for him.”

“Markus didn't say anything else, and I can fend for myself, thank you.” Noah sounded offended. I know he's a confident kid, but he's injured. I gave him an 'I just care for you' kind of look. I think I sent that kind of look. I hope I did. “Okay, fine. But only for right now!”

As if on cue Jackson spoke up. “What's wrong Noah? Trip down some stairs?” He asked as if Noah was a child. It pissed me off even further.

Noah got to reply before I could. “No, you and your shitty friends beat me up for no reason!” He glared at Jackson.

Jackson was prepared for such a response. “Do you have evidence to back up your claim Wesley?” Noah stood there defeated, without letting Jackson know he was. His glare looked as if he could light something on fire.

Jackson and his crew made their way by, laughing as they went. One of these days I'm going to fucking kill him, I swear! No one like him should be allowed to exist.

While we were standing around trying to calm down, Brailyn and Colton walked up. I glared at Colton. “Okay, before we try and kill Colton, let me explain,” Brailyn spoke, preventing me from knocking this kid's head off. “Colton had zero to do with what happened to Noah. He and I were practicing down at the soccer field when it happened.”

Got to say, having Brailyn as an alibi is pretty solid in my books. “Okay, so I won't kill you. Did you know anything about it?”

“Not a thing. I got text messages from the guys asking to meet up at DQ, but I was busy practicing.” I stood there expecting a longer explanation. “We can get them though.”

“What do you mean we can get them?” Noah asked.

Colton took out his phone. “They sent me a brief video of it. Telling me 'look what you've missed.' I couldn't even finish the video.”

“We plan on taking it to the coach,” Brailyn told us. “Don't come with us, okay? Just be there for practice after school. Trust me.”

I nodded. “I can trust you. Noah?”

“Ya, go do your stuff.” Noah smiled as they walked off towards the gym.

Aaron chuckled to herself. “What did they get themselves into?”

“Deep shit,” was my only response.


The rest of the day was pretty chill. School was pretty normal, dirty looks from Jackson every once in a while but normal. Noah really didn't need our protection; since he and I came out, he's gotten a lot less slack from people.

Today would be the... well, I don't know what to expect from this practice. I mean, the coach might do something about the whole Noah situation, or he could do nothing. It could end up being a normal practice for all I know.

Noah and I walked into the gym together. There were most of the people who were here last time, a little bit less. Jackson's crew was there, but no Jackson. We walked over to everyone; Bryce stood up. “Coach wants both of you in his office immediately.”

We looked at each other and made our way to his office. Apparently today was going to be the day this gets dealt with. As we walked up to the office, we noticed Brailyn and Colton standing outside. As we got closer, we heard yelling from inside the office. Sounded like a teenager, Jackson maybe?

Colton offered a wave. “Jackson is in there claiming he's been framed.”

I shook my head. “Are you surprised?”

“Not in the slightest. He's always blaming others for his bad plays.” Brailyn isn't wrong on that. I've been blamed at times too, and I was on the other side of the field. “The principle is in there too, and, of course, his parents are in there. Haven't heard them saying anything though.”

Just then the Coach opened the door. He closed it behind him before speaking. “Colton, could I borrow your phone?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Open it up to the text message, please.” Colton did as he was asked, and the coach went back inside with the phone.

Barely a minute passed, and all we hear is Jackson yell out. “I'm being fucking framed! How many times do I have to tell you!?” A few seconds of quiet and then another eruption. “I'm not going calm down! Aidyn Scott is trying to fucking frame me!” Wow, he threw my name under the bus. Now I'm probably going to get brought into the room.

And then the principle came out, just slightly. “Aidyn, could you come in here, please?”

“Of course.” If Jackson is going to say I'm framing him, he better have a good base for it. When I walked in Jackson had this glare on his face. He was standing between his parents, who were both sitting down. He had a chair behind him, but Jackson was never a kid to stay sitting when he's angry.

The Principle went around the Coach's desk before speaking. “I think it's safe to assume you heard the accusation from outside Aidyn?” I nodded. “Okay then, Jackson, what's your proof that Aidyn is setting you up for this?”

“That's probably his cell phone. He somehow got mine and got the video from somewhere and sent it to himself.” First defense and he's already sunk himself.

“And how do you respond Aidyn?”

I took out my cell phone. “Well since my phone is in my pocket, I don't see how I could use my phone as evidence and still have my phone.” He had no idea Colton double crossed him; I love it.

Jackson was flabbergasted. “Then he got someone else to do it. He had to of!” Dude, you're done, just stop throwing rocks into the boat.

His parents shook their heads. They knew he was done just as much as I did. “So you're trying to convince me, that Aidyn got someone to record you beating up his boyfriend and send it to someone else?” Jackson's father asked.

“No that's not it.” Oh god, what is he going to think of next? “Someone recorded the video and sent it to who's ever phone that is. They told Aidyn and he... he got them to send it from my phone to that one!” Running in circles, throwing rocks in your boat Jackson. Just give up.

“Sir, I really don't have a response for that. If I were to go through all that trouble to get Jackson caught, there would probably be a missing phone report in the office.” Our school is pretty awesome. We have a missing phone report we can fill out. It helps in some situations, such as this one.

The principle nodded. “For this to have happened as you describe it would take a lengthy amount of time and effort. Enough time for someone to notice their phone was missing.

Jackson went to speak again. “No, son, we're done hearing your stories. I think it's time we watch the video and see exactly what it contains.”

I raised my hand; the Coach acknowledged it. “I wish to step out of the room. I don't want to get angrier than I already am about the whole situation with Noah. I do not know what is on the video, but I also don't wish to see it.”

“Principle?” The Coach asked.

He nodded. “I think that is fine. Just stand outside the door in case we need you.” I nodded and walked out of the room.

Noah, Brailyn and Colton stood there looking at me. All I could do was laugh. “If anyone in that room is convinced of what Jackson is saying, they're dumb as shit. They are watching the video now, which is why I asked to leave the room.”

We sat against the wall waiting for the inevitable. The Principle, Jackson, and his parents walked out of the room. Jackson hung his head in shame. When he saw Colton, it turned into a glare before he went out of sight.

The Coach came out of his office. “So the video was clearly Jackson. His name was mentioned more than once, and it was certainly his voice. Two others, who were obviously in the video are also being taken to the office and are off the team. Don't spread this like wildfire boys.”

Brailyn smiled. “Don't worry sir, we won't. It's still going to though.”

“Of course it is. Jackson is facing expulsion, as well as the other two. Now, why don't we get to practice.” The Coach led the charge back into the gym. God today is a good day! Now it's time to sweat a bit.


Skylar's POV

It was after school; mom had to stay longer than normal for some reason or another. So it was Greyson, my dad and I at home, which is awkward to say the least. I mean he said and shown he was sorry, but there is still a little bit of tension between us.

Greyson walked perfectly up to the house. He opened the door and everything, it was epic! “I did it all by myself!” He was super excited about it.

“Go Greyson!” I cheered for him. Dad chuckled from behind me. “Can you get down to my room, without crashing, though?”

“Challenge accepted!” He turned to start going into the house.

I went to catch up with him. Well I did, that is until dad interrupted us. “Actually boys, could you stay upstairs. I want to talk to you two for a few minutes.” I don't really know what to expect from this...

We sat down in the family room, which is the room just off the entrance way. It doesn't have a TV, just a couch, chairs and a coffee table. It's what makes it a family room! Greyson and I sat down on the two chairs; dad sat down on the couch.

We sat there waiting for Dad to start. After a few seconds he did. “I've talked to Skylar and Aidyn... as well as Aidyn and Noah but not you two together. I feel like I need to, which is why we're talking right now. I want to express again that I am deeply sorry for my actions the day after New Years and say that whatever you two become, I fully support it.”

“Thanks, dad...” I couldn't help but blush. I've told Greyson all about that day, cried into his shoulder every time.

Greyson had a smile on his face. “I know you are Mr. Scott, and I know you've gone to meetings to help you with it. I appreciate that you wanted to apologize to us together, but we don't even know what we are.” He's not wrong... we're never really had a talk about it.

“Well, if you two need help with anything, I'm here for you guys.”

Greyson looked over towards me. “Sky... can I ask you something?”

“Of course!” Oh dear god don't ask me out in front of my dad. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

Greyson went to speak but stopped and thought for a moment. “Skylar how much do you like like me?”

Oh god, he's doing it! “Umm... you’re really fun to be around and a great person. I would say that I like like you a lot.”

“Same...” He realized what he said and awkwardly tried to recover. “I mean that I like like you a lot. Not that I like like me a lot... That would be weird.” I couldn't help but giggle.

“You’re awkward right now!”

Greyson blushed. “I know, shut up!”

Dad chuckled. “Okay boys, you two can go enjoy yourselves now if you want.”

Greyson was up and out of there as fast as he could be. “Thank you Mr. Scott!” I quickly followed him. He barely passed a few objects, almost knocking them over or crashing. He made it all the way downstairs without knocking anything over. I was impressed. “I made it downstairs by myself, what's my prize?”

“Hmmm... THIS!” I pressed my lips against his. I grabbed hold of his hands as we kissed. Our lips moved in perfect unison like they were meant to be together. His lips, just like the rest of him were perfect.

We released from our kiss, both of us had red cheeks. “I like that prize. May I have another prize?”

“What the kiss isn't good enough?” I jested.

He shook his head. “No, but I think I deserve two prizes.” He grabbed my cheeks and made us kiss again. I wasn't complaining. Kissing Greyson fills me with joy; it sends shivers down my spine. Kissing him... it's just perfect.

Chapter End.


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