An Afternoon in the Park

An Afternoon in the Park

"Jimmy, be careful!" Grandma said as she turned to her friend, "It's tough watching over a six-year-old, he gets into everything. I love having him visit, but, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do it."

She watched her grandson playing in the green grass, hoping he wouldn't get too dirty. He was having so much fun! She talked to her friend for a bit when he came running up to her.

"Grandma, Grandma, did you see it? There was a bunny and I got to touch him!"

"That's wonderful, Jimmy, what did he do then?"

"He hopped away and I followed him, he went to some flowers and started eating them."

"What kind of flowers?"

"Um… I dunno... " he appeared to be searching the park and finally pointed and said, "like those, Grandma."

"Those are called tulips, Jimmy."

I saw his face brighten as he laughed at the name. It was such a joy for me to hear his laughter. 

"Jimmy, today's Easter, do you think that was the Easter Bunny?"

His eyes opened wide and his jaw fell, it was cute to watch. He then looked at me and asked, "Grandma, if that's the Easter Bunny, do you think he brought eggs?"

"Why don't we go home and find out." I took his small hand into mine and we walked home. He chattered on incessantly about all the wondrous things he saw, and even more that he imagined. When we arrived home he took off running around the yard picking up the colored eggs I'd laid for him as he napped that early afternoon when we'd returned from church.

Once he'd found them all, he came into the kitchen to show me. "Grandma! Grandma! I found a whole bunch!"

"How many, Jimmy?"

"Um… I dunno…… um… um.. oh yeah, ten..eleven...twelve! I found twelve, Grandma!"

"That's wonderful, Jimmy. Good boys who can find that many deserve a treat." I walked over and took down a box of chocolates and allowed him a piece. His eyes lit up like the Fourth of July at the sight.

--- ~~~ Jimmy (25 years later) ~~~ ---

I write this memory as it was told to me by my Grandma on my sixteenth birthday so many years ago and as I sit watching Eric and my adopted six year old romping through the park, and hope I can do as well for Jonathan as Grandma did for me.


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