Sentenced to Life


Sentenced to Life Cover

Meet Daniel, a man who throughout the course of his lifetime has endured growing up confused, and scared of life itself. He is a survivor and in many ways attributes the horrible events of his past with becoming the strong willed, caring adult that he is today, becoming a father figure and mentor to a 13 year old friend named Kevin. The two became inseparable until an unfortunate event separated them, forcing Kevin to make a decision based on blind love, to ask a friend to use Daniel's life experiences and incorporate them in the body of a 13 year old android boy, soon to be nicknamed "D.A.N.N.Y." after his Memory-Image donor.

Now eternally 13 years old, Danny is forced to watch as everyone he cares about, especially Kevin, age and leave him on his own with his memories...

Foreword & Dedications

This story is a work of fiction in an alternate universe with the sole purpose of portraying in an amplified sense the bitter sweet pains of being a mentor, when the day comes to step away and let that very person whom you directed so much love and attention to, spread their wings and fly on their own. It is based loosely on a relationship I had, to a friend who still to this day calls me "Uncle" and makes me more proud than I ever thought possible. His daily presence is certainly missed, which at times does in fact hurt. Just knowing that my being a strong fixture in his life at a time when he chose me to look up to and learn from, makes it easier to deal with, but no less missed.

A special thanks go out to my family and friends for their support and help while writing this story. Without you all, I would really have no need or desire to write it at all. Even better, many of those who have become my family over the years (and they know who they are) are also the ones I have taken under my wing in the past. Knowing how my just “Being there” for them when they needed someone, and now looking at the adults they have become or are becoming, fills me with a pride that is unmatched. Today, no longer beneath my wing but, flying strong on their own. I wouldn’t change a thing…

I also dedicate this story to two of my newest "Nephews", Logan and Coby. After recent events in Logan's life that caused his own father to unjustifiably subject his own flesh and blood to pains no 13 year old should EVER experience, Logan's Uncle allowed all of us to be there via our readers forum at a time when he needed friends to support and help him heal. I am honored to call you, and your friend/brother Coby, Nephews. I love both of you guys and will be right here should you ever need me, always!

Lastly, (and certainly not least) I owe a huge amount of thanks and gratitude to my "Family" in our readers forum. On a daily basis they have encouraged me to continue on with my writing. A.Christopher for giving me a home for my work, and ACfan & Akeentia for working with me every step of the way building a home for my ramblings. I love you all, and could never thank you enough!