Love with an Out-of-Towner
Written by: Boi From Aus
© 2005 Boi From Aus

All Rights Reserved

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Prelude Part 2 - Dealing With It:

We awoke the next morning feeling upset and distressed. Tim was clearly depressed about the hospital visit and I was depressed about the feelings I felt. We both dressed and before we went down to breakfast, I gave Tim a hug, which he returned. After this, I gave him a kiss on the forehead, a common practice when we comfort each other. However, my cock started to get hard under my shorts. This only compounded my thoughts and insecurities.

Breakfast was a large cook up courtesy of Mum. Bacon, eggs, toast, OJ and muffins were spread out on the breakfast bar for the taking. Tim and I grabbed our breakfast and began to eat. Soon after, Dad came in from outside to get a cup of coffee and his breakfast and began to eat himself. Before we finished breakfast, Tim's parents walked in the door, joined us at the kitchen table and began to eat some breakfast. After we had finished breakfast, Tim and I returned to my bedroom to clean up. We took our dirty clothes to the laundry to be washed.

15 minutes later, Tim and his parents left to go visit Granpa Kevin in hospital. I only hope I can visit Granpa before he leaves us. Before he left, I hugged Tim and told him to be strong, and kissed his forehead and they left.

Soon after they had left, Dad came up to me and asked "Did you wanna have that chat now or later?"

"Could we talk in about 10 minutes? I need a drink and a shower."

"That's fine. Just let me know when you want to talk."

"OK. Thanks, Dad."

I went to the kitchen and had a glass of water, then went upstairs to shower. I turned the water on as while I waited for the water to warm up, I looked over myself in the mirror. 'I'll need a haircut again soon. Maybe this time I'll be allowed to go to a hairdresser, save me the embarrassment of Mum’s handy work.' I thought to myself.

The water soon came to temperature and I stepped under the shower and began to wash myself. I wet my hair and then grabbed my shampoo. It had the scent of peppermint and was my favourite shampoo. Soon I had it in a lather in my hair and left it there as I began to soap myself up. After a short time, I noticed that the water was started to run cold, so I quickly rinsed off, rinsed the shampoo from my hair and stepped out of the shower. I dried myself off with my towel and then, leaving the towel around my waist, I sprayed some Lynx Gravity deodorant on and walked to my bedroom. I dressed in a light blue shirt, with navy blue jeans and my white Nikes.

After dressing, I took my towel to the laundry and then went to find Dad. He was on the front porch, reading the Daily Telegraph and hadn't noticed my standing there, so I decided to play a trick on him. I raced upstairs, grabbed the cordless phone from my room, then snuck out the back door and around the house to the front yard and hit in a bush of Mum's award-winning roses. I dialled the number for my Dad's mobile phone and waited. Sure enough, his phone was in his and Mum's bedroom on the charger. His ring tone of "C'mon, Aussie, C'mon" soon rang through the house, grabbing his attention. He quickly got up and I watched as he entered the house. After 5 seconds, I hung up the phone and he came back outside, perplexed, but otherwise indifferent to the disturbance.

I dialled his mobile number again. This time, when his phone rang, he got up and mumbled what could only be a few choice words under his breath. I had to stifle my laughter to prevent exposing my location, and again, 5 seconds after Dad entered the house, I hung up the phone. He came back outside, looking a little flushed but otherwise fine.

I dialled his number again. This time, Dad got up from his chair and came over to the bush of roses I was hiding in and said "If you wanted my attention, you could simply have cleared your throat."

"How'd you know I was here?" I asked, shocked that he had found me.

"When I heard you stifle your laughter on the second call, you gave yourself away. Better luck next time, son." and with that he reached into the bush, grabbed me and threw me to the ground before pouncing on me and trying to pin me.

Soon we had both collapsed to the ground from laughter and Mum came outside, saw us and said "you'd think I had 3 children around here, what with Tim always being over and now my own husband." Dad and I looked at her and then started laughing even harder. I was beginning to forget that I needed to talk to Dad, but I knew I had to, 'cause I knew he could help me.

"Umm... Dad. Can we have that talk now?"

"Sure thing, son. Let's go to my office, shall we?"

We both walked into the house and then we entered Dad's office. This had a large wooden desk and a leather high back chair, as well as two smaller leather chairs and a leather loveseat. Dad is a family court lawyer, so he often uses his office to hold meetings with clients to discuss cases.

Dad took a seat at his chair behind the desk and I took a seat in one of the chairs opposite him. Then he looked over at me and asked "Now, what's wrong, son?"

I looked at him and I didn't know how to tell him. I sat there for a few minutes and then I said "Daddy," Dad instantly knew it was big, as I never called him 'Daddy' unless I was very upset and he instantly tensed up in preparation for what might be said "..Last night when Tim and I were watching a movie, I kept staring at Tim and thinking weird thoughts about him. Then when we wrestled before he got upset, my thing got hard and I think its cause there's something wrong with me and...." I couldn't finish my sentence, 'cause I had broken down into tears.

Dad came over to me, picked me up and placed me on the loveseat, and then he said to me "I'm going to get your Mum, 'cause she needs to know this, OK?" I nodded, knowing that both Mum and Dad cared for me.

Dad returned after 2 minutes with Mum following him, both with sad looks on their faces. I began to wonder what was going on. Dad pulled one of the low back leather chairs over to the loveseat, while Mum took a seat next to me on the love seat.

Dad spoke first "Son, before we say anything else, let me say how much we love you and are proud of what it took to come to us about this."

I looked at him and I said "It's nothing, Dad. You and Mum are the best people in my world. I know I can always turn to you for advice and help."

Dad spoke up again "Son, from what you just told me, it sounds as though you might be gay. Do you know what that means?"

I answered "No"

"OK. What that means is that you might like boys more than you like girls. Remember the talk on sex we had when your Mum found the dirty sheet you had?"

"Yeah. You said that the man puts his thing - his penis - up the woman's vagina and that allows them to make babies, but that the man can make the baby-making stuff on his own"

"That's right. Sometimes, however, boys like other boys, or men like other men. It's the same with women too. That's being a lesbian. Now boys and men can't make babies with other boys or men, but they sometimes like to pleasure each other to make themselves feel good. Have you ever done that with Tim?"

"Yeah, but now I get these weird feelings when I'm around him. It's been happening for a few weeks now, but now it's got me scared."

"Son, there's nothing to be scared about. Yes, life maybe harder for you because you might be gay, but your mother and I love you no matter who you love. And anyone who makes you feel happy is welcome in our house anytime."

I looked at my Mum and she nodded 'yes', then I broke down into tears and hugged Mum close to me. After my tears had dried up, my Dad continued.

"Now, there's no way we can be certain that you are gay, except past experience. What have you been feeling around Tim these past weeks?"

"I feel like I'm empty when he's not around, like now. And when he's near me, I feel happier than normal, like he lifts me up."

"OK. What about other boys? Does your penis get hard when you see other boys?"

"Sometimes, then I find myself thinking things like 'he's cute' and stuff."

At this point, Mum broke down in tears and hugged me tight, barely choking out "My baby boy's growing up."

After Mum had finished crying, Dad continued speaking "OK, well from the sounds of it, you are very likely to be gay. So now your mother and I know to ask if you have a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend, I suppose"

His joke had its intended effect and lightened the mood; we all had a good laugh before Dad continued speaking "OK then. Since we've sorted this out, how's this? I'm gonna do what I can to help you understand what this means. Tonight, unless Tim is here, we'll sit down together and research together online. OK?"

I smiled up at him and then jumped into his arms "Thanks Dad. You're the best ever!!"

Mum spoke up "OK, you two. Go clean yourselves up. We're going out for ice cream. My treat. Then we might go see how Tim and his parents are holding up."

Neither Dad nor I heard anything after that. We both ran out of the office at full-speed and raced up the stairs in friendly competition. I won, but then Dad grabbed me from behind and threw me into my room before claiming the bathroom for himself.

"Hey, you two. Behave, or there's no ice cream for either of you!! No roughhousing in the house!!! Especially you, James!!" Mum's voice said from downstairs.

"Yes, Mum" Dad and I chorused, then laughed.

10 minutes later, we were piled into Dad's Holden Commodore, on our way to the Ice Creamery. As the car traveled over the ripple-strips down the main street, I found myself more content then ever before. My parents knew of my problem and were gonna help me discover all I could about it. I also found myself missing Tim and hoping he was OK.

Dad parked the car and we got out and walked a short distance to the Ice Creamery. Being a sunny Spring Saturday, it was packed, and we had to wait a bit for our ice creams. I got a double cone with choc-choc chip and mint-choc chip. Dad got a single cone with boysenberry (as a joke against me I swear to this day, as when he ordered it, he placed special emphasis on the 'boys') and rum and raisin. Mum got a banana split (again to tease me I swear). We took our ice creams to the park over the road from the shops and sat down to eat them. As we ate, Mum and Dad would point out a few cute guys here and there and ask if I liked the look of them. It didn't take long for me to get uncomfortable down below, that's for sure!

We finished off our ice creams and decided that we would go visit Granpa Kevin and see how Tim's family was coping. We all returned to the car and Dad began the 15-minute trip north to Shellharbour, where Granpa Kevin's hospital was. When we arrived at the hospital, we all made our way to the ward where Granpa Kevin's room was. When we got to the room, we found Tim and his family sitting outside, all crying. I ran up to Tim and pulled him into a tight hug.

Tim, between sobs, managed to choke out "He's gone Ky. Granpa's gone." before collapsing into my arms and crying even harder.

Now it was my turn to cry. I had known Granpa Kevin for as long as I had known Tim. He was my Granpa too, and expected me to call him so. We had lost Granma Catrina 3 years before to a heart stroke and since then, Granpa seemed depressed and then was diagnosed with cancer. He seemed to give up the will to live. And now he was gone. Gone, and I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

Tim must have read my mind, as he suddenly blurted out "Oh my God! You didn't get to see Granpa before he died, did you, Ky?"

I shook my head 'no' and Tim pulled me in closer to the hug, and we both cried harder.

An hour and a half later, I was at Tim's house, watching the rise and fall of his chest as he slept a fitful sleep. I thought 'Why did God have to hurt this beautiful boy so much?’

We had been allowed back into Granpa's room to say a few goodbyes, but we declined, not feeling up to seeing the life sucked out of our favourite Granpa. So we left the hospital. I traveled home in Tim's Mum's Hyundai Excel, and when we got to our street, I returned home quickly to ask my parents if I could stay at Tim's for the night.

My Dad replied "Of course you can, Kyler. Remember I told you that you would have to be there for each other? This is one of those times."

Mum spoke up "Go to Tim's house and tell his parents to come over for some dinner. And here, take these plates for you and Tim. There's no point making Tim move. He's gonna be tired after today."

I kissed Mum on the cheek and thanked her then returned to Tim's house.

When I got inside, I found Tim and his parents in the living room, crying. I put the plates in the oven to keep warm, and then I sat down with Tim to comfort him and said to his parents "My folks have invited you over to dinner at our house. Tim and me have got a plate of food that Mum made already. Please go and enjoy yourself for a bit."

Tim's Mum came up to me hugged me and said "Thank you, Kyler. You are a very special friend to Tim. Never let go of this friendship." then she kissed me on the forehead, before grabbing Tim's Dad and leaving to go to my house.

I looked at Tim and asked "Are you hungry, buddy? Mum made us a couple of burgers each."

He looked at me and replied "Thanks, Ky. You’re a real friend. Burgers sound good."

I told him to sit at the table then I went to the oven to grab the plates. I then grabbed a can of Coke each from the 'fridge for us and returned to the table. Soon, we had both finished our burgers, and Tim was looking very tired. I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30. 'Wow" was all I thought. It had been a big day for me. First my chat with Dad then the park, and the hospital.

I led Tim up the stairs to his room, before stripping him down to his boxers.

"You must be getting lazy. This is the second night in a row I've had to undress you." I grinned.

Tim giggled and replied "Naw, you just like to undress me, ya perv."

This caused me to instantly go quiet. Tim noticed as he said "what's wrong?"

"Nothing." I replied

"Bull, I know you, Ky. There's never nothing going on in that mind of yours."

"Can we talk about it tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Sure, but we are gonna talk." He replied

"OK.’Night Tim. Sweet dreams" and I kissed his forehead goodnight, before cuddling up close to him, to comfort him in the night and protect him from nightmares.

"'Night, Ky. Love you."

I didn't fall asleep for I while. I lay awake, thinking of all that's happened and what the future holds. I had told my parents of my problem, and they were gonna help me figure myself out. I was now gonna have to tell my best friend, and I couldn't help but wonder what his reaction would be.

After a half hour of lying there, I drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

I awoke early the next morning, to find Tim missing from the bed. This was unusual, as I was always the first to wake and rise from bed. Tim was the more likely of the two of us to sleep-in late.

I got out of bed and pulled on a pair of track pants, then made my way downstairs to find Tim's Mum in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

"Morning, honey." said she in a forced cheery voice.

"Morning, Mum." I groggily replied "Where's Tim and Dad?"

"They're downstairs in the den, having a talk. Tim said he's scared you don't want to be friends with him anymore. Is that what's going on?"

"NO!! Tim's been my best friend since we were little. He's practically my brother. I could never, not be friends with him. It's me that's messed up is all."

"Anything you wanna talk about, honey?" she asked. At that moment, I came up with a way to make this easy for everyone in the families.

"Do you think you could call my parents and call a dual family meeting?"

"Is it serious? Usually we only have one of those for big changes."

"Well, this may be a very big change." was my reply.

Mum York came around the counter to give me a kiss and hug and said "Of course I'll call the meeting. Now go tell those two boys of mine that breakfast is ready."

"OK, Mum."

I went down to the den, which had been turned into Dad York's office and knocked on the door. Dad York answered "Yes?"

"Mum said to tell you that breakfast is ready."

Dad York called through the door "Kyler? Come in for a second."

I opened the door and saw Dad York sitting behind his desk and Tim sitting on the leather loveseat, looking like he had been crying. I instantly went to sit next to Tim and wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

Dad York asked "Is something wrong, Kyler?"

"How do you mean, Dad?"

"Between you and Tim. He seems to think you don't want to be his friend anymore."

I looked at Tim and said to both of them "That's not true. As I just told Mum, you are like a brother to me. Ever since I can remember, you have been by my side. I'd hate to lose that."

This caused Tim to break down into tears and he sobbed into my chest "Oh God! I thought you hated me or something, Ky. You seem to ignore me all the time."

"That's not what it is. I have a lot on my mind right now, but I've asked Mum to call a dual families meeting. I have something to tell you all."

Dad York spoke up "Must be big, to warrant a dual meeting."

"It is, Dad. I hate lying to you all and I've got something big to tell you about me."

"That's fine, son."

I looked at Tim "Still friends?" I asked.

"Always" he replied and we gripped each other tighter.

We all finished our breakfast and made our way to my house for the family meeting. When we reached my house, I pulled Dad aside and said to him "Dad, I want to tell Tim and his family about me. They love me the same as you and Mum and I don't like keeping secrets from them."

"Of course, son. I figured you'd want to tell them eventually. But are you sure you're gay?"

"After the park yesterday and how I've felt today, I'm positive."

"What happened in the park?" Dad asked, grinning.

"You know exactly what I mean, Dad. You and Mum are rotten teasers." I grinned back.

"OK. Let's get this started then shall we?" Dad asked.


Everyone was seated in Dad's office. Dad was in his high back chair. Mum and Dad York were in the low back chairs, facing me and Tim, who were sitting in the loveseat. Mum was in the kitchen, preparing a lunch for the families.

Dad spoke up "So, what has Kyler told you all?"

Dad York answered "Not much. Just that he's had a lot on his mind and that we needed this meeting."

Dad said "OK then. Tim, how much do you consider Kyler your friend?"

Tim replied "More than any other friend. As he said to me and Dad, we're brothers. I wouldn't be who I am today if we hadn't literally run into each other that day." This caused an outbreak of the giggles amongst everyone in the room.

When we'd calmed down again, Dad spoke "Well Tim, I'm glad to see you value the friendship that much, 'cause Kyler's going to need you to be there for him for a while. Kyler, is there anything you want to tell Tim and his parents?"

Taking that as my cue, I took a deep breath and said "Mum Y, Dad Y, Tim, I'm gay."

To say Mum and Dad York were shocked would be an understatement. Tim, however, had a confused look on his face.

Dad spoke to Tim and his parents "I hope this doesn't affect how you see Kyler. He is the same kind, caring boy as always."

Mum York spoke up "Oh honey. I'm so glad you could trust us enough to tell us." and with that she hugged me tight, along with my Mum, who I hadn't realised had secretly watched me from the door to the office. The two women said in unison "We're so proud of you." This brought tears to my eyes.

Dad York spoke "Well, I must say I'm surprised, but I'm happy you know yourself that well." and with that he hugged me too.

Dad spoke to Tim "What's wrong, Tim?"

Tim replied "What does gay mean? I heard some guys at school say it about someone, but I don't know what it means."

I spoke to Tim "It means I like boys instead of girls. If you want, Dad and me are gonna do some research on the 'Net tonight. Do you wanna join us?"

"Yeah. That'd be a good idea. But does that mean you like me?"

"Of course I LIKE you, but I think I also LOVE you."

"Well I love you too, bro."

"No. I mean like I LOVE you like you would love a girl. But I'm not gonna let that affect our friendship, and if you want, I'll stop hugging you and kissing you goodnight and stuff."

"No, Ky. I like when you do that. It shows you care about me. I know you wouldn't try and have sex with me."

"NO WAY! That'd be wrong. You're my brother. Still friends?"


Author's Notes:

This is the first of hopefully many chapters in the life of Kyler and his special family and friends. It is also the first story I have ever written that has been hosted. I would like to thank The Story Lover for going out on a limb and hosting my story on his site. Also, thanks to my sweetheart. Matt, your kind words incited me to put this story on the Board, and through that TSL asked if I would like the story hosted.

In case it wasn't mentioned and isn't obvious, this story is fictional. The only truth in this story are the references to the towns. I actually do live in Kiama, and it is a seaside town filled with LOTS of hot surfers. But I digress. Besides that, I'm happy with Matt. Love you, Babe.

These Prelude chapters set the background to the story. The following chapters will occur two years after these events. I hope that's not too confusing. As TSL and Graeme would probably agree, the originals were VERY hard to understand. Not my fault, hehehe.

Until next time, Peace and Prosperity to All,

Da Boi.

© 2005 Boi From Aus

Editor's Notes:

I thought this story and its author had a lot of potential and was worth hosting. On the editing side, please remember most of the conversations are between teenage boys and as such aren't meant to be grammatically correct. It is a great start and I am looking for even better things to come.


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