Love with an Out-of-Towner
Written by: Boi From Aus
© 2005 Boi From Aus

All Rights Reserved

Edited by: The Story Lover


Chapter 1 – Love at First Sight and Love Lost


2 years later

I ran in the door of my house and upstairs to start getting ready. Our ‘gang’ had decided to go bowling and I had to be ready by 6, it was now 4, so I had 2 hours to get ready. Once I’d shut my bedroom door, I heard Mum’s voice drift up the stairs.

“Don’t run in the house, Kyler. You know the rules.”

“Sorry, Mum. I gotta be ready by 6. We’re goin’ to Strikezone tonight.”

“Oh OK. I guess you need to beautify yourself, huh?”

“MUUUM!! That’s not funny!”

Mum’s laughter rang through the house at this. I took this to mean that the conversation was finished and continued to get ready. I grabbed a towel and padded across to the bathroom. As the water came to temperature, I stripped down to my boxers. Once I was down to my boxers, I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I answered it to find Tim on the other side, towel and spare clothes ready.

“What are you doin’ here?” I asked, shocked at the sudden appearance of my best friend.

“I thought it’d be cool to shower together, just like old times. Whadda ya say?”

“Why? You’re not goin’ queer on me are ya? ‘Cause I don’t need anymore competition for the hotties.”

“You wish. You’d just like to jump my bones if I were.”

“Yeah right. Have you SEEN your reflection lately? Your attraction rating has dropped somethin’ severe!”

Our mock argument is interrupted by Mum’s voice “Boys, are you in the shower yet? Or are you wasting hot water again?”

“Sorry, Mum.” We chorus, then I strip my boxers off climb in while Tim strips down.

“Are you sure you’re cool with this?” Tim asks, concern evident in his voice.

I beckon him to get in, and after stripping down completely, he enters the spray and I wrap my arms around him and kiss him on the cheek. “Yes, of course I’m cool with it. You’re my best friend. I’m glad that my being gay doesn’t bother you. You’ve been the best friend I could ask for.”

Tim returned the kiss and said “Cool. I just remembered something. The anniversary of Granpa Kevin’s passing is in a couple of days. We gonna do something special?” The year before, we had visited Granpa’s gravesite for an hour, talking to him as though he hadn’t left, then we went to the restaurant he’d always take us to when he visited, in commemoration of the good times we had with him.

“Oh my God. I completely forgot. Of course. Let’s make what we did last year a special thing for the three of us. We’ll go to the cemetery and the restaurant again.”

“Sounds like a plan. But what do you mean ‘the three of us’?”

“Well you, me and Granpa Kevin. Just because he’s left us, doesn’t mean he’s still not here. As long as we keep him here,” and I point to his chest, above his heart, “then he’ll never be truly gone.”

“You’re right, Ky. He gives me the strength I need to get through the day.”

“No Tim. That’s your strength. Granpa just guides you through and helps you make the right decisions.”

At this, Tim began to quietly cry. I saw this and took him into my arms and began to calm him. “It’s OK, Tim. Kyler’s here to help you. Let it all out. Get rid of the hurt.” This caused Tim to cry harder into my shoulder. After 5 minutes of this, Tim’s crying had subsided enough for me to begin to wash him. I took the soap and the loofah and began to gently scrub at his neck, followed by his shoulders and arms, down his chest to his smooth flat stomach. After I finished these areas, I had him stand under the spray to rinse the soap off, then kissed his forehead and kneeled down to scrub his legs and feet. After I finished this, I had him rinse off and turned him around so I could wash his back.

After I had him rinse off the soap again. I noticed he had a hard-on from all this contact. I looked in his eyes, and the look I got back told me he was OK with what I was thinking. So I took the soap, gathered up a lather and began to soap up his cock, stroking him slowly and carefully. He didn’t last long, and soon, his seed was washing down the drain with the soap. Tim turned around kissed my cheek.

“Thank you. It’s been ages since you’ve made me feel that way.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me and held on for dear life.

“No worries, buddy.”

Tim began to insist that he repay me for what I gave him, but I told him to dry off and get ready. He began to argue, until he looked at his water-proof watch and saw that it was 30 minutes until we had to be at his house.

“Ah shit. Hurry up, Ky; Dad will be leaving soon.”

“OK. I’ll be out in a second. I just need to wash up.” I quickly soaped my self up and rinsed off before shutting off the water and stepping out of the shower. Tim was holding my towel open and wrapped it around me as I stepped out, before wrapping his arms around me for another hug.

“Thanks Ky; I needed that. Remember when we used to be upset, we’d shower together and the other would wash the sad one up?”

“Yeah. It’s a good thing you came over tonight huh?”

“Yeah. Let’s get ready.”

So we both got dressed. We were both wearing tight-fitting dark navy jeans, and I was wearing a light blue undershirt with a dark blue Quiksand button-up T-shirt. Tim was wearing a dark red undershirt, and a lighter red Billabong button-up T-shirt. I spiked my medium length brown hair and Tim gelled back his shoulder length platinum blond hair. All-in-all, I’d have to say we looked pretty damned HOT!!

We went downstairs after applying deodorant and brushing our teeth. Mum spotted us coming down and said “My little boys look so handsome” before taking a picture for the combined family album.

“MUUMM!!” Tim and I shouted, embarrassed by her antics.

“Sorry boys, but you just look too good to ignore.”

“I’ll be home around 11, unless I stay at Tim’s.” I tell Mum.

“Sure dear. I’ll see you tomorrow anyway. Don’t forget, we have to go to Shellharbour for your father’s interview with that new employee. Tim, you can come along too, if you want.”

“That’s OK, Mum. We’re goin’ to Wollongong to visit my aunt and uncle. I’m also taking my cousin out to the movies. He’s real excited about seeing the new ‘Harry Potter’. I guess I’m lookin’ forward to it as well.”

“Well, Tim. That’s very kind of you to consider your cousin like that.” Mum replied.

“OK, Mum. We gotta go now. Tim’s Dad will be waitin’ for us.” I say and give Mum a kiss and hug. Tim gave Mum a kiss and hug as well and then we left for Tim’s house.


An hour later, we had paid for our 2 games and were just getting ready to play, when Tim came up to me and whispered in my ear.

“Hey buddy. Look over at the snack bar.”

I looked where he pointed, and saw a 5 year old girl leaning on the counter, trying to get the attention of an attendant.

“What the hell is wrong with you, mate? Are you insane? Firstly, I’M GAY and secondly, she has to be 5 years old, dude!!” I say to him, wide-eyed that he would suggest such a thing.

“Not her, you dip-stick!! The guy who’s obviously her brother, shithead.”

I looked again, and after a few seconds, a boy, about our age, kneeled down to say something to the little girl. I took a close look at the boy – and what a boy! He appeared to be about my height, slim and slender build. He had shoulder length dirty blond hair, and a slight tan that looked perfect.

“Kyler?? Are you OK, honey??” Joanne’s voice pulled me out of my trance. Joanne was a hot girl. If I were straight, I’d definitely go out with her. She told me once that if I weren’t gay, she’d love to date me. Joanne is about 5’4” and about 70kg. Her long, sun bleached blond hair is always perfect, no matter the weather, and her makeup was always just the right amount.

“Huh? Uh… yeah, I’m fine.”

Joanne then looked in the direction of my gaze, and saw the boy standing at the snack bar. I know my face flushed right away.

“Awww… I see what’s happening. You LIKE him, huh?” she asked me.

“Maybe. But it’s not like he’ll like me, even if he’s gay.”

At this, Joanne lifted my head and looked me in the eyes and said to me “That’s bull and I know it. You are a wonderful, beautiful human being. If he’s not gay, then I know he’d love to be your friend. You are special. If he doesn’t like you at all, then it’s his loss. Understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am” I say sheepishly.

She kissed me on the cheek, and we all went into our lane to begin playing our game. Within a few minutes, I had all but forgotten about the blond cutie at the snack bar. After all, it’s not as though he’d be interested in me. I wasn’t anything special. A cute angel like that HAD to be taken.

So it went for a while. Eventually, I needed a drink, as did the rest of the group. So I was delegated the task of getting the refreshments, due to the fact that I was leading the game. I walked over to the snack bar, to find the cute boy sitting nearby with his sister, watching the bowlers. I walked up to the counter and ordered the drinks for the gang and turned around to check my lane to make sure the others weren’t taking my turn. When I turned around, I found the cutie looking at me!! He quickly turned back around, but he was looking at me. Not willing to read anything into this, I waited for the drinks. When I received the drinks, I walked back to the lane and thought nothing more of it.

After I finished up my last frame (still in the lead), I sat down to watch the others bowl their last frames. While I watched, I could see the cute boy walking towards our lane, holding his sister’s hand. As they neared my group’s lane, I could see him looking right at me. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dave getting ready to bowl.

Dave is a jock. However, he also has a big heart. When I came out to him, a few other kids had overheard our conversation and instantly began making jokes and wisecracks. When Dave heard this, he walked up to the kids and to them in a threatening way to leave me alone, and the consequences he named were very unpleasant indeed. Ever since that day, Dave has been one of my best friends, but not in the same league as Tim. Dave is also Joanne’s boyfriend. They’ve been together for 6 months, the record for relationships at our school.

As the cute boy walked past our lane, Dave’s bowling ball slipped from his grip, and came flying backwards, towards where I was sitting, on a collision course with the cute boy.

Seeing this, I immediately dove out of my chair and knocked both the boy and his sister to the ground. The bowling ball continued on it’s course, where it would have hit this boy in the head. As we landed, I found myself straddling the boy and looking deep into ocean-blue eyes that I was losing myself in. I remained on top of the boy, entranced by his hypnotising eyes until Tim’s voice broke me out of my trance:

“Uhhh, Ky? You gonna let him up?”

“Huh? Oh… uhh… yeah.”

I got up to allow the boy room to move. We stood looking at one another as we introduced ourselves.

“Uhhh… hi. My name’s Kyler, Ky to my friends.”

“Hi… I’m Caleb. Caleb Mitchells” The blond angel replied. Caleb… what a perfect name.

“Pleased to meet you Caleb. And who’s this cutie you have with you.” I wasn’t sure, but I could’ve sworn Caleb looked crestfallen when I called his sister a ‘cutie’.

“This is Katie. She’s 5. We’re here on a holiday with our dad, and he might be getting a job in the area.” Caleb said.

“Oh wow. What’s he do?” Joanne asked Caleb.

“He’s a secretary, for law firms.” Caleb answered in a subdued voice, almost as if he were ashamed of the answer. Seeing this, Joanne put her arms around Caleb’s shoulders.

“Hey, being a secretary is not a bad thing; at least he’s getting his money in an honest way. If he was stealing or bumming off of Government pensions, then you should be ashamed, but not if he’s making money to spend.” That’s Joanne for you. Never takes bullshit from no one, and always willing to speak her mind.

Caleb smiled after this. The rest of the guys wanted to keep bowling, so I told them to let Katie bowl for me, while I chatted to Caleb. This earned me a few grins from the guys and a shocked look from Caleb. Once the others had returned to the lane with Katie, I sat down on one of the benches. Caleb soon sat down next to me and we began chatting. I found out that he lived on the Gold Coast and his dad had recently lost his job at the biggest law firm in Australia. I also found out that his mum had died about 2 years ago, killed when a drunk driver ran up the sidewalk where his mum was walking. She and three other people had died in the incident. The driver was still in jail, and didn’t have a chance of getting out in the near future.

I decided to tell him all about myself. I started with all the boring stuff. I then decided to add the cherry to the top. “By the way, Caleb. You should know, being my friend now, that I’m gay. All my other friends know and I feel that since you're my friend now, that you should know.” That was the truth. I had come out to my friends about a year ago. At the time, I had a bigger group of friends I hung around with, but it didn’t matter to me. Many of my friends couldn’t accept me for who I was, but I knew that the friends I had now were true friends.

“Oh… wow. You're gay?!” Caleb asked.

“You just told him, didn’t you?” said a voice behind me. I turned around to see Dave standing there, a huge grin on his face. “Geez you're evil, Ky. Just look at him. You’ve fried his brain.” I looked to see what he was talking about and found Caleb sitting there, a blank look on his face.

Then all of a sudden, he began to tear up, and ran from the bench to the bathrooms nearby. Dave and I shared a shocked look, before I ran to the bathrooms to find out what was wrong. I found Caleb sitting in one of the toilet stalls, crying and trying to unsuccessfully wipe his eyes. I kneeled down next to him, put my hand on his back and rubbed it, asking what was wrong.

“Just when you told me you’re gay, it brought back a lot of bad memories. I’m gay too, Kyler, but that’s not the worst part of my life. The first is that I was raped by an uncle at age 8. I was staying at his house for the week, while my parents were on a second honeymoon. On the second night, he came into the bedroom I was using and back to rub my cock through the sheets. Soon, he was so aroused that he suddenly flipped me over and began to insert it into me. It hurt so much and I screamed. I screamed from the pain, and I screamed for him to stop, but he just backhanded me and kept going. As soon as he filled me with himself, he told me to clean up and called me a dirty faggot fairy boy. This happened every night after. When my parents got back, they asked him what was wrong with me. He told them I was coming down with the ‘flu. They found out the truth when he was caught with a local preschooler, and I had to testify in court against him.”

“Oh my God, Caleb. That must have been awful for you. I'm so sor-…”

“Don’t say you're sorry. Please. I hate when people say that. They think it fixes everything. Well in this case, it doesn’t. The second bad memory is from when my mum died. I told you she was killed by that drunk, right? Well the only reason she was walking on the sidewalk in the first place is because I had just told her and dad that I'm gay. She said she needed to go clear her mind. While she was doing that, she got run down by that bloody drunk. It was my fault she got killed, Ky. She was killed because I'm gay. God is punishing me cause I like other boys, Ky. It was my fault.”

“No, Caleb. It wasn’t your fault that drunk was behind the wheel was it?”

“No, but it hurts so much Ky. My dad’s become all depressed since it happened. He still loves me, I know, but he misses Mum so much. Katie does too. It’s been hard. Dad threw himself into his work. I had to look after Katie. He was never home…” Caleb rambled, until I silenced him by placing my finger on his lips. He looked at me, tears still streaming down his cheeks. I wiped away his tears and looked deep in his eyes. What I saw was a deep fear of rejection, as well as the pain of his life.

Caleb laid his head upon my shoulder and closed his eyes. I was absentmindedly stroking his hair and whispering soothing words in his ear. After a little while, someone walked into the bathroom.

“What’s going on here?” he asked, a disapproving look in his eyes.

I looked at the man and answered heatedly, and thinking on my feet. “My friend here was feeling sick. He’s got cancer, so he can’t hold his food down. He’s already depressed enough as it is, so he doesn’t need you judging him, simply because you have a closed and opinionated mind!!” Both the man and Caleb looked at me in shock. “If you are going to abuse us, at least do so knowing what is actually happening!”

The man opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, and if the situation weren’t so serious, the sight of this would have been extremely humorous. However, under the circumstances, it simply served to prove the man’s ignorance. I gave the man a sharp look and he turned around and left the bathroom. After he was gone, I helped Caleb stand and led him to a sink, where I wet a few paper towels and proceeded to wipe away the tear trails left on his cheeks.

“Thank you. No-one’s ever stood up for me that way before.” Caleb said softly, as he leaned his head back on my shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me and I began leading him out of the bathroom. We returned to the bowling lane where my friends and Katie were still playing. Caleb and I sat down on the same bench as before. Caleb sat right next to me and kept his arms around me. A smile crept onto my face because of the feelings provoked. Dave looked at me with a concerned, questioning look and I mouthed “Later” to him.

Caleb and I sat there on that bench, talking while my friends and Katie finished off the last frames. After they had finished the game, with Katie winning (we told her she won, but it was thanks to the lead I had built up), we all went to the snack bar to get some drinks. I insisted on paying for Caleb’s drink, while Joanne payed for Katie’s drink. After we got our drinks, we went to the pool tables and the boys split up into teams, Caleb and I against Dave and Tim, while Joanne took Katie to the arcade room.

3 rounds of pool later, Caleb and I had beaten Tim and Dave 2-1. After I had sunk the 8 ball, Caleb ran up to me and wrapped his arms around me in celebration. I kissed him on the cheek, then backed away, blushing. Caleb smiled a shy smile and I could see he was blushing too. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dave and Tim looking at us, shit-eating grins on their faces. I smiled and then said I had to go to the bathroom.

“I thought you already went. And you were gone for a while too. Both of you” Tim said with a grin. The grin disappeared, however, when Dave elbowed him in the ribs and shook his head at Tim. I looked and saw Caleb standing there, the sparkle in his beautiful blue eyes had faded somewhat. I reached over and squeezed his shoulder and he looked at me and smiled weakly.

I went to the toilet and went to the arcade room to check on the girls. I found Joanne holding Katie up so she could shoot balls in one of those ticket-spitting basketball games. I saw that they had already amassed a large number of tickets. I looked to Joanne and saw that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Joanne is one of those girls you just know will make a great mother one day. After watching them for a few minutes, I returned to the poolroom.

When I reached the poolroom, I saw the man from the bathroom standing with the boys, with a man in an employee’s uniform. Caleb was at the front of my group, with Dave and Tim flanking him, supporting him, which was evident from their body language. I ran up to the group and demanded to know what was happening.

“This gentleman claims to have caught this young man and another engaging in inappropriate behaviour in the centre’s bathroom.” The employee said to me.

Before I could open my mouth to respond, the other man butted in. “That’s the other little insolent brat! He’s the one that had the smart mouth on him.”

I looked at the man and said in a dangerous tone, “At least I have a SMART mouth rather than a septic tank for a mouth.” I then looked at the employee. “As I already informed this gentleman, my friend Caleb here has cancer, and can’t hold his food down. I had to take him to the bathrooms when he had a particularly bad case of vomiting. After he had finished, he became depressed about the fact that he is ill, and I had to comfort him. Caleb’s been my friend for years, so we’re comfortable with a level of contact that the gentleman clearly cannot handle, as he walked into the bathroom as I had Caleb’s head on my shoulder. Upon seeing us in the room, this gentleman proceeded to verbally abuse Caleb and I. When the gentleman had left, I helped clean up Caleb’s face and we rejoined our group. Nothing ‘inappropriate’ occurred in the bathroom. And besides, if this gentleman had caught a boy and a girl kissing in the lanes, he would not say anything. But because it was two boys, does that instantly make it ‘inappropriate behaviour’?”

The employee looked at me with respect before speaking. “Well, I can’t say that there is any rule of this centre that states that shows of affection are prohibited. Of course, there are limits to what acts can be performed, and we certainly don’t condone making-out, however, since it appears that there was nothing more than one friend consoling another, then there’s no reason for the boys to be removed from the premises. In future boys, just try to keep any shows of affection out of the bathroom. People can often get the wrong idea.” He said the last part while giving the other man a sharp look.

“What?! You’re believing this little punk over me? I want to see the manager. Obviously this centre doesn’t screen their employees very well.” The other man said.

“For your information, sir, I happen to be the manager of this centre. And I must inform you that we thoroughly screen all employees. Also, I’ll have you know that I watched the interactions of these two after another patron mentioned that one of them looked distressed. From what I saw, there was nothing other than a pair of close friends. Now, sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the centre. We don’t appreciate patrons creating problems for other patrons. If you refuse to leave willingly, I’ll be forced to contact the police to come and take you away.” The employee said.

The other man looked at the employee incredulously, before sneering. “Fine, I’ll leave. This is the last time I’m ever coming here.” And with that, he stormed off.

After the man had left, the manager turned to me and said, “Well, I apologise on behalf of the centre and commend you on your defence of your friends. I have seen that you two haven’t been friends for many years, but that’s beside the point. That particular gentleman has been a problem for this centre for many months now. I have a son who happens to be gay, and he’s no different than any other boy I’ve met, so I wish you both well. Come to the reception desk before you leave and I’ll organise a card tat entitles you to free games of bowling for a year, as a reward for your bravery.”

“Thank you very much, sir, but Caleb and I aren’t together. We first met tonight, and we don’t know if we’ll ever see each other again. Though I’d like to see him again.” I said, smiling shyly at Caleb, who blushed, then took my hand in his.

“I’d like that a lot too.” Caleb said softly.

“Well, enjoy the rest of your evening. I have to get back to the office. Don’t forget to collect that card before you leave. Is there anyone else with your group?” the manager asked.

“Just two more. One of them is Caleb’s younger sister. I’m glad she wasn’t here to witness this. The other is a female friend who that gentleman should be glad wasn’t here to see this.” I said with a grin.

“Okay. Well, as I said, enjoy your evening and I’ll see you at the desk before you leave.” And with that, the manager took his leave.

When he had left, Caleb turned to me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed me on the cheek and laid his head on my shoulder like before and whispered in my ear, “Thank you. I was freaking out there. You’re my knight in shining armour.”

I blushed and whispered in his ear. “It was nothing. Besides, I think my friends were about ready to jump down that guy’s throat. Anyway, I like you a lot, and you’ve been through enough and didn’t need that.”

“I like you too, Ky. But that hurts, ‘cause we probably won’t see each other again, at least for a long time.” Caleb then broke the hug and turned to Dave and Tim. “Thank you both for sticking up for me. You didn’t have to, but you did anyway, even though you really don’t know me.” He then gave both Dave and Tim quick hugs of appreciation.

“As Ky said, it was nothing. That guy was an asshole anyway. Besides you seem to make Ky happy, and for that, we owe you.” Tim said, giving me a look that said he would kick me ass if I argued, so I shut up. After he hugged my friends, Caleb wrapped his arms around me again.

Soon, Katie and Joanne rejoined the gang, Katie carrying close to an armful of tickets from the arcade machines. Joanne was smiling from ear to ear when she saw Caleb attached to me. Katie was also smiling, but I think it was more from the number of tickets she had.

“Hey Cal! Look how many tickets me n’ Jo gots on the machines. We got heaps, and Jo says I can getta BIG toy with dem!” Katie said with glee.

Caleb kneeled down to help Katie count the tickets, and Joanne sidled up to me and whispered in my ear. “So, he couldn’t possibly like you huh? Looks like he likes you a fair bit, buster.” She said, smiling. I blushed.

“I like him too. But we can’t get too attached to each other, ‘cause he’s from the Gold Coast, Jo.” I whined.

“Don’t worry hon. Things will work out for the best if you have faith.”

“I hope so. I want to get to know him a lot.” I said.

We all returned to the snack bar, and this time, Caleb bought drinks for both Jo and I. Dave and Tim complained about the lack of drinks for them, when Jo gave them both a sharp look and said, “Well I didn’t see the two of you buying drinks for Caleb or Katie.” This shut them both up. Anyone with a brain would avoid putting Jo in a bad mood.

After about 15 minutes, at about 9, Caleb and Katie’s dad turned up to pick them up. Caleb introduced us to his dad, whose name was Jim. He then introduced Jim to each of us. Jim shook hands with the guys and me, and kissed Jo’s hand like a gentleman, then said to Caleb, “Come on, mate. Time to head off. I’ve got that interview tomorrow.”

“Sure Dad. Can I just go to the bathroom? I had a bit too much to drink.” Caleb said sheepishly.

Jim laughed as he said, “Sure, we don’t want you getting the car wet now do we?” With that, Caleb turned a deep red, before catching my ey and winking before walking off to the toilets.

Joanne spoke next. “Mr. Mitchells, is it okay if I just take Katie to go get a toy? She’s got a lot of tickets and we thought it best to wait for you to get here so she didn’t have to carry her toy around.”

“No problem Joanne and please, call me Jim. And thank you for taking care of Katie and giving her a fun night. And to you, Kyler, thank you for making Caleb happy. It’s the happiest I’ve seen him in a long, long time.”

“It was nothing. He’s cool. I like him a lot.” I said to Jim and followed Jo and Katie. However, I left them and went into the bathroom.

I found Caleb standing at the sink, smiling shyly. “I was wondering if you’d realise what was happening.” He said.

I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. He wrapped his arms around my neck and our foreheads touched. We both sighed as we realised that this was likely to be the last time we’d see each other again. I suddenly felt emboldened and brushed his lips with my own. It was a fleeting kiss, but I instantly wished I hadn’t kissed him, for now I would never know anything as sweet as his full, soft lips.

We both looked into each others’ eyes and saw the love we felt for each other, but it was a forbidden love, and that hurt.

We soon left the bathroom and rejoined our growing group. Jim said he’d wait for Caleb and Katie while we went to collect the card promised to me. We went to the reception desk and were all shocked to see that the manager had organised for cards for the entire group, including Caleb and Katie. We all left the centre and said goodbye to the Mitchellses and waited for Tim’s dad to return.

Author’s Note:

Well there we go. Ky’s found his one true love. But how can they be together when they’ll be apart? Will Ky be able to move on? Or will Caleb’s kiss forever haunt him?

Thanks again to TSL for editing and hosting the series. I apologise for the delay between chapters. Halfway through writing this chapter, my mind was taken over by another group of boys that DEMANDED my attention. After discussions with the leader of this group of boys, we’ve come to an agreement that will allow me to focus on this series more than previously.

If you haven’t already, check out my other series, “Memories: Down Under”, the Australian spin-off of ACFan’s “Memories”.

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