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November 21, 2017: Oh... Almost forgot!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear readers,

There is one last thing that we almost overlooked tonight. Now that Brynmor has his own site, it just makes sense to bring his work over as well.

So, the last project we will independently perform will be to launch one last new story and author! For those of you who have not been to the Corner Cafe, You really need to check out "Digital Refresh" by: Brynmor! In all honesty, this story fits in really well at The Annex as does it's author as your new webmaster. (Seriously, the badgering begins here and now!)

- The Story Lover ~ JeffsFort -

November 21, 2017: New Webmaster ~ Welcome to Brynmor
Posted by The Story Lover

We are very happy to announce that our own hosted author Brynmor, has agreed to assume the duties of Interim Webmaster to "The Annex" effective immediately. He has kindly accepted the job (read: was picked on until he relented. :P) and will ensure that our Fort Family Flagship keeps running and growing. We will still be around in the background and will assist when necessary. Brynmor will continue holding the keys until a permanent webmaster is determined (If we ever let him off the hook ;) or he decides to continue to take our ribbing and stay on perminantly as we revive a site that has been frozen in time in the absence of our former webmaster "Boy From Aus". Of course, we do miss "Boi From Aus" terribly and wish him the best in everything he chooses to do in the future. We absolutely intend to maintain a home for his work for as long as we have a presence on the web and should he ever return as an active author, hope to see his stories continue.

So please welcome Brynmor to the team and keep in mind that all mail sent to will now be going to a live webmaster (as opposed to everyone thinking the "other guy" was watching it).

Thanks, Brynmor now we can fully concentrate on completing updates to, and prepare for upgrading another one of the family sites. (More surprises on the horizon!)

Good Luck and Best Wishes Brynmor,

- The Story Lover ~ JeffsFort -

November 20, 2017: Idle hands and stuff
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd take a second to let you all know that I just imported some new work by "Silver Wolf" tonight. (I was supposed to be writing but, it was one of those nights O.o .) "Harry Potter - Hellion" and it's sequel "A little Devil at Hogwarts" are now live on The Annex. This series won the "2015 NanoWriMo Award" and should be a real treat for those of you who love alternate stories in the realm of Harry Potter. So, be sure to let Silver Wolf know what you think.

Happy Reading!

Until the next update - *HUGZ*

November 6, 2017: a new poem at The Annex
Posted by Silver Wolf

With the help of Jeff, I posted a new poem at the Annex: I am a Macadam Flower, dedicated to the memory of all those young child prostitute that end up dead in our big cities. It is in French, but there is an underlying English translation, for those who do not read the language.

Silver Wolf





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